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Omeruo Allays Fears Over Injury

Omeruo Allays  Fears Over Injury

Kenneth Omeruo has allayed fears over his fitness ahead of Nigeria’s second group Group D game against Sudan, reports Completesports.com.

Omeruo was substituted in the second half of the 1-0 win against seven–time champions Egypt on Tuesday.


The Leganes defender trained separately to the rest of his teammates on Wednesday casting doubt on his availability for the clash with the Lions of Jediane.

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The 28-year-old is however confident he will be available for the game.

“It’s just a minor injury, I feel okay at the moment and should be ready for the game against Sudan,” Omeruo told Completesports.com.

”I hope to train with my teammates tomorrow (Thursday).”

By Adeboye Amosu in Garoua

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  • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

    We thank God….. Please can NFF cancel Peseiro’s contract or has it been signed? We dont need a manage that has no knowledge of African football to start all over again and then the WV play offs is just too serious to gamble with a manager who has a poor track record.

    • @Kasali Njoku don’t mind that fool @Footballfanatic fine the boys played well but this is still group stage na him dem dey jump up and down.

      • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

        Your generations are fools lol….That is why you open your mouth as such.. If you were not a fool you won’t come in like that… Have a great day no time for back and forth..

    • Greenturf 4 months ago

      @Footballfanatic I would prefer a foreign coach despite the good work by Eguavoen so far,reasons because had Eguavoen gotten the job before the Afcon playoffs,probably may not have even qualified not because he isn’t a good coach rather he wouldn’t be able to assemble a winning squad like the one he has now.
      Eguavoen will be influenced by the football authorities,agents on the inclusion of their wards.Himself out of sentiments will bring forth the likes of Nwakali,Shehu Usman,Olusesi of Rangers of Enugu,Friday Nwankwo of Nasarawa United and co all this factors will seriously defy any progress in his quest for success despite his coaching prowess.
      Eguavoen regretted not having enough time to include 5 home based players in his team at the expense of who?Maybe Olusesi for Aina and Friday Nwankwo for Awoniyi this kind of decisions was responsible for Keshi not able to qualify us for the nations cup despite his egghead as a coach and Eguavoen toed that line by including slow Nwakali whose presence almost cost us the victory we had yesterday.
      The success we are enjoying today was the handwork of Rohr putting together a winning team a formidable squad built on transparency no hanky-panky.
      Eguavoen could be a better tactician but can we trust him in all honesty in care of the super eagles??

      • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

        I agree with what you said. A foreign manager will be hard to influence and will choose players based on merit. This has always been the bane if Nigerian coaches……Being easily influenced.

      • Victor 4 months ago

        You got it right. If nwakali was good enough, he would already be playing for a club in a top tier. Selection to the national team should not be based on sentiment but meritorious performances that can be seen by all.

    • Michel 4 months ago

      I learnt the contract has not been signed ,amokachi confirmed it today on his radio program,we don’t need another journey man that knows nothing about our players and start making all kinds of excuses, become afraid of every team in Africa including sychels . eguavon should continue plz

    • Bolaji 4 months ago

      Haba, my naija country man , just one match , we already thinking Austin E is the messiah. Yes I was absolutely impressed on the team performance yesterday but it takes more than just one match or few games to make a conclusion. I hope he will not be infiltrated like typical naija coach .

      • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

        You’re right I think it’s the euphoria but I have a guy feeling Peseiro is just not the right one for the job so if I had to choose I will stick with someone who still knows the players and understands the system..

  • Kasali Njoku 4 months ago

    Go and sit down my friend. What of the time when your own could not qualify for back to back Afcon? Rohr did it with games to spare. He even gave Nigeria on of the best afcons in history in 2019. Eguavoen was lucky against Egypt. Wind go soon blow for us to see the yansh of foul. Gernot Rohr is far better than Eguavoen.
    The gbaruf football that the Super Eagles played against Egypt will fall to pieces against teams like Gambia, Sierra Leone or Seychelles.
    If you no sabi football just eat dust. Stop yearning okpas.

  • Four four two 4 months ago

    Fireboy, losing 4 nil to Mexico does Not about the win yesterday even though it matters but the playing style. When last did u see moses Simon playing that way under Rohr? Did u notice Joe Aribo’s movement. How about Okoye’s confidence. Even Ekong and Omero were not jittery as usual . Egu must have psyhe the boys up with good pep talk to toughen their mentality. That’s just the difference. Under Rohr we lose matches before even entering the pitch because he keeps reminding the boys how they are not playing in Liverpool and the ilks like Senegal or Eygptian players and makes them feel inferior. See what Egu achieve with 70% debutants. Mr Rohr must be reeling in shame now.Though did not qualify for two AFCONs he is far better than Rohr. The records are there for all to see. Not just the records but playing style. Kechi’s team play the Nigeria way same has Eguavuavon. I’m fully in support of the continuity of Egu has SE coach except t
    NFF can hire a foreigner in the class of Pep, Anceloti, Mancini and the ilks

    • Danny 4 months ago

      Your last sentence echoes my thoughts

      You see,Nigeria can dominate the world of football if they can get some things right and are ready to spend some shikini money. Let’s have a set up like this
      Manu Garba=U20
      Sunday Oliseh=U23
      Equaveon= Home based Eagles
      Coach of Pep,Tuchel caliber =Super Eagles.
      Pay them well. Give them free hand to operate
      We will dust every tournament or atleast we go reach last 4
      P.S: It’s a country’s job,nobody is bigger than any role

  • I just hope this coach wins the afcon and the new coach contract is cancelled

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    @Kasali Njoku na you dey waste time answer those morons. They all sound like underaged from their comment.

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      Na your papa be underage idiots…..I’ve been commenting since then time of kickoff Nigeria Ibet your stupid ass doesn’t know when that was. Bastard somebody! All these weird ass names popping up are probably the same person. Tou folks are quite mad that your wish for the eagles to fail yesterday didnt happen……Imagine the bastard above saying foul Yansh go soon open, meaning u are waiting for the eagles to fail.

      • Hmm…I was surprised too O. Foul yansh go soon open. How some ppl here can be so unpatriotic baffles me. I seldom comment but this @ kasali…U can do better. It’s shameful. The world over agreed that the team played, they have positive vibes going for them. Even the best teams would not vehemently ascertain a positive result in their next match, so the negative energy from U is what I don’t unds. If U are wishing the team I’ll luck, then I’ll luck is at ur door step

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      This fool is answering himself. Idiot! Change username but can’t change pattern of writing. Fool!

  • Monday 4 months ago

    Where is @MONKEY POST and @DR DREY the most gallant Rohr supporters/ass lickers. Especially that MONKEY POST. Pls let someone check on them before they jump inside lagoon o.

  • John-I 4 months ago

    What’s the connection with the headline and the actual content? Mtcheew

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    My brother @John-1 help me ask am o.. the headline is about Omeruo and the fools are talking about Rohr and who should take the team to W/C.

    But meanwhile I wanted to ask too. where is @MONKEY POST and @DR DREY? Especially that MONKEY guy please let a good Nigerian check on them o before they drink sniper. Lol.

    • Danny 4 months ago

      Dr Drey is just a passionate Nigerian who wants the best for the country. He has congratulated the team on another thread yesterday. Nobody loved the way the sacking was done but it is what it is.Let’s allow peace to reign.

      And I have been following comments since the days of Kickoff Naija

      I swear if na say I get money I for don create a forum for football lovers to argue and talk their own. I always enjoy the comment section here

  • Rohr is awfully stupid. He is not supposed to coach any side. He lacks the right mentality.

  • Mali vs Tunisia
    It’s not yet over it has been confirmed it would be restarted. Ps: not from the beginning

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    Get your stupid self out of here. “What is commenting since then time of kickoff Nigeria Ibet” an adult can’t make a clear sentence and is giving advice to NFF.lol how can they read it?

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      Your papa never hear of typo before? Bastard!

      • Bro pls lets calm down it’s enough for tonight no vex boss I beg

        • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

          This guy can barely have a common argument about football without being a piece of shit. Imagine wishing someone injury because you don’t want him invited? Since that day I have know that this mofo is evil… If we check am well the fool might be some stupid lol kid

          • Let’s not quarrel but happy together. Our prayer should be, our solid defender K Omeruo should be fit enough for the next match.

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      I dont expect much from an evil mofo like you who was wishing injury on a player. I hope you’ve heard of Karma you stupid bitch!

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      And while you’re at it change your username to Kasali again you fucking dunce….English professor.

  • Me am not a fool o, someone can’t be cursing me over stupid matters the rhor some people want to die for sef se the rhor know any of your family members

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    Very good the typing in pidgin English will help cover up for your illiteracy.Lol. Fool don’t know the difference between typo and grammatical blunder. Lol. You call kickoff Nigeria a typo? and you had to make the kickoff one word instead of two different words? Lol. Please go back to school and leave this toutish life.lol. Infact all Eguaveon suporters need to go back to school even your coach that doesn’t know anything about FIFA rules needs to update himself I mean with some FIFA’S coaching courses so all these global embarrassment will stop. Lol.

    • Education never stops every day you learn new things so we are all still in school one way or the other, I no get why you guys they fight but this is what makes the forum interesting

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      You are just a sour bitch and a an evil minded person. I did criticize Eguavoen for certain names but the match yesterday was something we haven’t seen in a while but evil minded bastards like you will never see anything good hence the reason for wishing a human being like you an injury…. Over Westin now. People like you can poison others over hatred. Seek spiritual help cuz u seem possessed. Piece of shit!

      • Boss na under my section you replied to na, but it’s enough already

        • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

          I’m sorry bro …. This guy is a bastard and I’m sure he is evil…..pure evil piece of crap!

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      Waiting for the retard to switch to Kasali Njoku what a name. You think people here are fools not to see you reply to ur own same shit…..How stupid can you be??

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      Same way you wished injury on that individual so shall injuries beckon on your life…..You fucking piece of shit! Bastard!

  • I don’t understand your name if I am a newbie here I would think you will be a fan of the Nigeria coach, “let us fail with our own”? I don’t care about that coach all I want is gold. Awfa that stuff na maybe na the thing dey work the Benin magic lol

  • Four four two 4 months ago

    We need a coach better than Eguavon and with the right mentality to take over from Evaguavon. It doesn’t matter WHR he comes from ; Black or white. All we need is a coach with the Nigerian Mentality and never say die attitude towards winning. Not some one like Rohr ..he is the worse Coach ever hired by Nigeria in terms of philosophy and mentality. I remember how in Algeria 1990 Professionals refuse to come play for S.E and that promted Westerhof to good round the streets of Nigeria and picked boys who played to the finals and won silver even though they lost 5;0 in the first game. From the way Rohr talks he will never have achieved such feat with home base players. How about Kechi who took a team with 90% debutants to AFCON and won it , after qualifying Togo to the world cup with a team composed mainly of home base players. I was a fan of Rohr until yesterday when he made that comment before the match between SE and Egpyt. He said ‘ Nigeria don’t have stars playing in Bayern , Mancity, Liverpool and Barcelona and therefore cannot compete with Egypt, Algeria, Senegal et all. For goodness sake how can a Coach have such mentality. He stated further that the S.E class of 2000 had 3 former African footballers of the year compared to The present .The stupid man forgot that S.E made those players and not the other way round. Who was Finidi when Westerhof brought him into SE . Who was Amunike when Westerhof brought him to S.E. who were Omokachi, Okocha, Taribo when they came to SE..so you see Those players did not expose or made S.E rather S.E made them ..A good Coach is one who is adepth at spoting good talents and brings them into his team , then turn them into world class. E.g Alex Fugerson, Pep Guella, Mancini , Anceloti, Morinho and the ilks..Rohr is the biggest error and backward steps ever taken by the NFF because of his mentality

    • God bless you with this write up. I was diehard fan or Gernot Rohr until the match against Cape Verde when he said SE got the needed result in the match fans were not happy but yesterday when I read his comments undermining the prowess of SE, I thank God that he’s been sacked because negative would have been the result of SE against Egypt had it been he was in charge.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    Yea @Danny the same as everyone else in this forum if you talk about the passion. Even @MONKEY. It’s just that most times @Monkey tends to over react and let his emotions and displeasure for how NFF do their things control him. I was surprised when I saw his congratulatory message after the game yesterday.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 4 months ago

    “stupid Lol kid” Lol. Was that a typo again? Lol. Fool.How can you call someone stupid in a sentence and then
    Lol will come before kid? Oga kickoff Nigeria this is how it goes: stupid kid.Lol. The laughing out loud should come last in that context. Lol.I guess
    Fools like you don’t know that football analysis or arguments has gone beyond just knowing names of players and formation. Oga kickoff Nigeria, people want to see your clearity in English and use of vocabulary (that could be your selling point) when making those arguments too, so you don’t confuse fans(cos this is global platform). Imagine paul marson from sky sport reading through this platform now. What image are you giving Nigeria as a whole? Oga kickoff Nigeria Please next time you post your rubbish, tell your neighbor who is okay upstairs to help you proofread before posting or better still, stay off. Lol.

  • Bayos 4 months ago

    Rohr has a wrong mentality,never confident of anything.Against Algeria after 10minutes I knew we will loose because we gave the Algerians too much confidence which shouldn’t be so.