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Onuachu Proud To Help Genk Set New Club Record

Onuachu Proud To Help Genk Set New Club Record

Nigeria forward Paul Onuachu is delighted to help Genk set a new record in the Belgian Pro League, reports Completesports.com.

Genk defeated Antwerp 4-2 at home on Sunday, with Onuachu netting a brace in the encounter.

It was the seventh consecutive league win for John Van den Brom’s men, the first time they will be achieving the feat in the history of the club.

“ I am happy, also because we now have that club record. That was a theme in the dressing room this week, so it is very good that we succeeded,” Onuachu told hln.be.

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“That second goal? We trained on that, good work from Muñoz as well.

“I was an offensive midfielder with the youth, yes, but then there was a growth sport and I started playing in the striker. That past as a midfielder also helps me now. ”

Onuachu also praised his manager den Brom for his role in the team’s impressive run.

“Football is up and down, but since his arrival he has given us a lot of confidence,” stated the Nigeria international.

“He helps us to play free and you see that work. Now we focus from match to match, reaching the top four is our first goal. ”

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  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    One minute they say you are Richard Owubokiri who is not a national team material, the next minute they will be giving you advice on how you can be a national team material, how laughable. PAUL ONUACHU, JUST CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU DO BY SHUTTING THEM UP WITH QUALITY GOALS WEEK IN WEEK OUT. We know thier intentions and they will fail. When they go low, your goals will lift you high. The same fingers that called you Owubokiri will call you delightful names because of your delightful goals and it has started happening. The intentions of these selfish lot will never be realised. They and thier agent-friends have no more hiding place. They claim to promote players welfare but it is their deluded view of the world and their selfish motivates that is their true driving force. They will fail.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Lol… That will tell you the level people will descend to just to justify whatever peanuts they get just to muddy the waters when they see anything that will act as an indictment against Rohr’s incompetency.

      One person said that Onuachu should go and “beg his village people” then you begin to wonder the soundness of such commenters, or commenters who either hauls insults or spend time crafting well detailed lies just to defend mediocrity.

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      For me let him remain playing for his club. All those who don’t see him has national team material can take his place. When he was banging in goals in Denmark na fluke, now he is doing same in belgium, they making excuses. My brother just focus on your club matches and let those who know about the national team keep screaming

  • I want to see him play against Cameroon Ghana ivory Coast be4 I can rate him.

    • Adeniyi 4 years ago

      Make this guy just focus on his club career and forget the Super Eagles…i am happy that he is getting goals for his club but whenever he plays for the Eagles, he becomes and eyesore…all those people throwing jabs at Onuachu’s critics because he is scoring goals now…i have a question for you….has Onuachu done well in Super Eagles colors since he has been getting the call up? Please answer with your full chest and dont be beclouded by any sentiment…..He is doing well at the club level but turns to be very ineffective in the NT.

  • pompei 4 years ago

    Onuachu and Dessers are good to have alongside Osimhen in the SE. Dessers in particular should be given more opportunities. That guy is quality.


  • nnamdi 4 years ago

    continue to wait for him to play against ghana camerooun and ivory coast before you can rate him okaaaa i like your faith good son of his father

  • Mehn not taking away anything from the goals scored by our players but to be honest the defenders in this league no be am oooo. Belgian league isnt the strongest, not even among the top 5 but it is a good place to sharpen ones skills before moving up to one of the big leagues.
    Both paul and desser are doing great. They deserve more encouragement.

  • pompei 4 years ago

    The Belgian league is not as strong as some other leagues. However, it is a good league, and a top scorer in that league must be good! Remember the goal this same Onuachu scored against Egypt on his debut for Nigeria. Egypt is a side with a very stingy defense. If he can score against Egypt, he can score against anybody, if the conditions are right. Fact is, we have a weapon in Onuachu. We just have to figure out how to use him.
    The only advice I have for him is that he should be more energetic. Instead of standing in one place like landlord waiting for rent, he should be more active off-the-ball. Make runs, bully your defender, press the ball. That would make him more valuable to the team.

    • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

      Bro no disrespect but scoring against Egypt once does not mean you are a skilled striker….not saying it was a fluke but that yardstick is wrong. Till Onuachu impresses in National colors he will still not earn the respect. Tosin dosunmu was also a top goal scorer in the Belgian leage same for Akpala….but how were their performances when invited. Sorry to say the Belgian league is good but not a strong league

      • pompei 4 years ago

        Footballfanatic, I agree with you and I liked your comment. Onuachu scored a wondergoal against Egypt. Perhaps it was a fluke. But it showed that potentially, Onuachu can score international goals. The question is, what is stopping him from doing what he is doing regularly in the Belgian Pro League? Is the Sierra Leone defense stronger than the average defense in Belgium Pro League? Can our players try to give him more crosses and passes, instead of dribbling excessively, or holding the ball for too long? Can Onuachu himself be more active, energetic, off-the-ball?
        As you said, Onuachu has not impressed enough to earn our trust. But the potential is definitely there. Not too long ago, people said Ighalo was useless. They said his China league was not good enough. Then Ighalo exploded, and became one of our most important players. Could Onuachu’s case be histroy repeating itself? Time will tell!

        • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

          From the highlights I’ve watched…..I can say Onuachu scores alot of goals with his head so that might be a clue to what might work and to be honest strikers in modern day hustle for the ball too…a full 90 or at least 60 minutes on a good pitch is needed to asses him closely but till then I will keep my criticisms minimal. 14 goals in 14 games in the Belgian league cannot be written off….but I’m not impressed with his performance for the National team.

  • pompei 4 years ago

    To properly judge Onuachu, I want to see him and the rest of our players on a WORLD CLASS PITCH first. How can we say a player is not good when most of the games he has played for us has been on poor pitches? This is another reason I am being slow to condemn the guy.
    I will rather put heat on the NFF than on the players from now on. The NFF is mainly responsible for a lot of the problems we’re having. It is inexcusable that on 11/13/2020, the NFF failed, yes failed woefully, to provide our national team with a good pitch to play an Afcon qualifying match on. Inexcusable! That to me is the bigger issue. Put our boys on a good pitch, and they will show their true worth!
    The current admin of the NFF must work to ensure that we have multiple good pitches available in Nigeria going forward. This should be among the very top items on their agenda. Quality pitches, quality support staff, including medics. Create an environment that the players can be comfortable in, an environment that is close to what they have at their clubs.
    After all these are provided, then we can judge the players’ performances.

  • All ur write up are good. I will continue to wait until the game against cote de voir coming up in the world cup group in Africa to access is quality ás Nigeria 9.

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