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Onyeka Doubtful For Midtylland’s Champions League Clash Vs Atalanta

Onyeka Doubtful For Midtylland’s Champions League Clash Vs Atalanta

Nigeria midfielder Frank Onyeka is doubtful for FC Midtylland’s UEFA Champions League home clash against Serie A club Atalanta on Wednesday, Completesports.com reports.

Onyeka sustained a knee injury on international duty with Nigeria and missed Midtylland’s 3-1 win against OB Odense last weekend.

The 22-year-old has been listed as doubtful for the Group D clash against Atalanta by UEFA

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The talented midfielder played a key role in Midtylland’s progress into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for the first time, scoring in the play-off round 4-1 win against Slavia Prague of Czech Republic.

He has made four appearances for the club in the competition this season with a goal to his name.

Aside Onyeka, Kristian Riss is another Midtylland player who could miss the game as a result of injury.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • This lad, I watched again and again. He is not really a bad player but just not his time yet with SE. You can see the huge potentials there. A move to a more competitive league will norture that potential to its fullest. Definitely one for the future. Not yet a deserving SE player though lolzz, but surely one for d nearest future if only he keeps working hard. Watch more of Mikel broda man. If you can add your good shots and score goals along with those fantastic Mikel’s keeping the ball ability, man dem, the Chelseas, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc will be lining up for you.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      What a load of trash. I watched the same guy and I believe that he is 100% ready for the Super Eagles. His only problem is competition. Who will you drop in the midfield for him when all the big guns are back?
      You are just an armchair pundit who spews rubbish. Deserving players??? Deserving players my ass.
      You said he should watch Mikel but add goals and shots to his game, have you completely taken leave of your senses? Was Mikel known for goals! You play football with your legs but analyse with your brains. You seem to struggle to make that distinction. Lolzzzzzzz

      • Even if you don’t agree with his submissions how does it now call for such vitriolic diatribe? Is everyone no longer entitled to their own opinion?As much as I love reading top notch analysis from brilliant fans here, na personal attack spoil am. You guys like going for one another’s jugular instead of tolerating and even possibly learning the other person’s views.

        Kudos to those who dish out beautiful analysis base on their own convictions without attacking turning it into a battle field.

        • KING TUOYO 10 months ago

          I am really surprised everytime I read some persons comment my broda. Wat do they really want to achieve by trying to bully each other?
          I want to believe that everyone who visits this sportsite is an adult and therefore know the type of words to use.

  • Hahaha haha. The stray dog Igbekun Abo cannot be set free from the chain I put around his neck. Another evidence confirmed above. Follow me stray dog I command you. Lolzzz. Trained dogs Understand English but stray dog ( Igbekun Abo) don’t comprehend English. Add your shots and goals; as stated in my comment, simply means as stated, that Mikel was not known for both but stray dog who only feeds on T junction sacrifice oooo walahi Talahi, can’t understand. He only Understand Naaawaooooh.. lolz.

    • Also d idiot is saying we already have players in Onyekuru’s position, then I ask does that not tell d fool that there is no position deserving of Onyeka at the moment? Your foolishnes is monumental. I am a child that never lets mama sleep lolzzz cos I don’t sleep. I will keep hitting you hard every now and then. It’s pain you so much I have ruined business lolzzz and trust I n I, I ain’t gonna stop.

      • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

        Hahaha…. I see you have time to type this evening. A very good effort but a worthless piece of shit nonetheless which is no different from what you are.
        So you have ruined my business, your delusional reason knows no bounds. My business… My business is to attack fuckin delusional bullies like yourself. I know you will not change.
        Efforts to give you home training failed it is now left to others to teach you a lesson.
        Son of a bitch

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Glory Gorilla. A stray dog that follows your institutions only goes to show how stupid and dull that you are. Stray dog that hounds an idiot like you is anything but “stray”, fool.
      Whilst intelligent youths are putting their lives on the line to help fight the menace of SARS in Nigeria, a fuckin idiot like yourself is busy here on an internet site chasing imaginary agents of evil. Fuckin reprobate like yourself!!!!
      This stray dog as you put it is on your case. If stray dogs hit their targets like I am doing wiping the floor with you, then most dog owners will want their pets to be stray.
      Hopeless bastard.
      Shay you want to fight evil, don’t worry, evil will visit your door and will never depart your home, that way, you will fight the evil tire whilst hard working youths are fighting real evil in Nigeria.
      Glory and Bingo, how many letters make each word? Work that out and then you will finally realised that you are more of a junkyard dog than you realized.

  • Everytime I mention evil, it hits him because he is pure evil but I m here to crush and trample upon every your evil devise. I don’t come here seeking thumbs up or down. I care less. Someone sensibly asked who I refer to evil here, and I explained, can’t remember his name now, as I don’t carry anyone in my head after a comment. Anyway that was an honest person but this primary 3 foot match evil ( Igbekun Abo) is so pained because evil people don’t like when the light is out to reveal them otherwise if you are not while not just stay clear? I know how to put him out as the evil one here on this forum, He is possibly here to discredit DESERVING PLAYERS LOLZZ TO MAKE WAY FOR PLAYERS HE AND THE CRIMINALS HE IS WORKING FOR, MAY HAVE COLLECTED BREAD N BREAKFAST FROM. O BOY E NO GO WORK HERE AGAIN OO, AS LONG AS I REMAIN ON THIS FORUM.
    You don’t need to see the fish swimming in the waters to catch it. All you do, is just throw your net or hook / bait, ( my loud shout of evil people), and gbam, there you go, the fish is outta d water with mouth wide open. And if only one could understand fish talk, I m sure d wide open mouth is crying, seeking for support anywhere it can get one just to get outta d hook or net, no way man. But for you the fisher man forever happy days with lots of laughs. Lolzzz.

  • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

    Glory, for the first time, I wasn’t even sure whether to respond to you or not because, what you wrote above actually made me to have genuine pity for you. It is really sad that anyone can come up with such absurdity and expect to be taken seriously. You are too hopeless and your cause is way lost.
    For all the junk that you wrote above, you are nothing but a deluded bully who will harrass anyone based on your paranoid beliefs. Well, mother fucker, me I am here for you. If you think criticising players you like make people have hidden intentions, then you are just mad. You are, for all intent and purposes a fuckin mad man.
    So, by your own admission, you are here to harrass anyone you believe has evil intentions based on allegations you can not substantiate as a result of their opinions, does that not sound stupid to you? I was starting to have some pity on you because a dog that will be lost will be deaf the warning whistles. Maybe in 10 years time you will revisit trash you wrote up there to realise how dumb you were when you typed it.

  • Look at mere stray dog Igbekun Abo, asking for something different LOLZZZZ OMG. You not worth anything more than street junction sacrifice stray dog Igbekun Abo. Let that sink in n in n in. When you come here to bark, just think of your street junction sacrifice meal and you will have it nice . Lolzz. Loving this.And please apologies to forumites here, This stray dog is being barking for days now. I can only apologise to anyone offended, I have got my chains around its neck, just to make sure everyone is safe from contacting rabbies from its bite as it’s pure evil.

  • Edoguy 10 months ago

    For the SE, I think Onyeka did not succeed because of the instruction he received from Rohr. Against Algeria, Onyeka was always pushing up chasing the ball, trying to press high. He doesn’t do that for his clubside.

    Why on earth did Rohr not allow him seat in the midfield?

    • Proudly 9ja 10 months ago

      Edoguy correct, u said it. That is why I tot GR knowing fully well he is playing Onyeka in a position he isn’t used to should have been coaching him more during the game from the touch line. He (onyeka) could have done well in training playing in dat unfamiliar role but in a competitive friendly game (against algeria who were playing to move up the fifa ranking to avoid meeting teams we are also avoiding) it will be totally different which it was. To me ooo, if Ndidi can’t make it, and we can’t get that Luke Amos boy, GR would be smart to bring in Onyeka and Azeez to battle Etebo. Semi just doesn’t do it for me as a holding midfielder. Azeez himself was played as a right full back in their last game b4 the international window if am not mistaken. I will give Azeez the edge only based on experience not workrate. Just my tot. If anyone has a chance, just Google “leeds Murder ball”. This is how a team with not too well known players can compete at the highest level against teams that have abundance of talent. It requires athleticism, fitness, speed, teamwork and players buy-in. This is the only way 9ja can compete with the big boys like Belgium France, Spain, Germany etc. Again just my view.

  • If you are not a compound FOOL Igbekun Abo, when I mentioned evil people, did I mention your name first time. On a more serious note, you must understand you dealing with someone that had been in d midst of what’s going on about in some of our national teams, even though not very directly but have lots of people giving us information about various kinds of people with their own vested interest derailing our national team project all for selfish reasons. They use all kinds of machinations; media men, criminal politicians, idiotic traditional heads etc to want to influence almost everything happening to our national teams. I saw lots of these dirty happenings during keshis reign. Your getting angry at me attacking these kinds of people leaves me with no choice but to believe you work for them. Have you forgotten that they tried to paint Ekong as disrespectful, the Iwobi they were shouting it loud, that he is only good for championship is the Iwobi churning out quality PERFORMANCES today. Nothing will ever make me stop doing what I am doing,because everytime nigeria plays and we win, I am all too happy to see those suffering Nigerian WIDOW’S, struggling men and children dancing and happy. Those criminals working behind the scenes trying to rob these nigerians of the only thing that makes them happy will continue to receive attack from me. They ARE EVIL, AND WILLING TO EVEN POISON DESERVING PLAYERS IF ONLY TO MAKE WAY FOR THEIR MEDIOCRE PLAYERS WHO ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR PLATFORM TO SELL THEMSELVES. NO MORE SURE PLATFORM WITH OUR SE. SE IS ONLY FOR DESERVING PLAYERS. MYSTERIOUSLY CARL IKEME WENT, VICTOR MOSES COMPLAINED, THEY TRIED IT WITH BALOGUN AND MANY MORE AND YOU EXPECT ME NOT TO TALK. I WILL TALK, WRITE AND SHOUT. I CARE LESS. IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM, THEN STAY CLEAR. THEY KNOW THEMSELVES, AS OUR EYES ARE ON THEM.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Actually I am speechless. Carry your crusade against evil people wherever it takes you however, if I sense you bring it near me when I criticise players or when I belong to a cohort of fans offering criticisms, then we have a problem.
      Your predicament is too dire and quite frankly, you can take your paranoid crucase wherever it takes you. Clearly, there are innocent folks out there who will fall victim to your paranoia but if you bring your shit near me, I’ll fuck you up.

  • @ Igbekun Abo, the stray dog, I will forever come to trample on you,if there is a smell of evil in any of your comment. Have problem with me? OMG LOLZZ. YOU SURE HAVE’T PACKED OUT YET FROM YOUR FOOLS PARADISE. HEAR THIS LOUD N CLEAR, I ENJOY SUCH PROBLEM. YOU NOR REACH AT ALL AT ALL BRODA MAN. SEE EGEDE JUBILATI..ABI YOU DEY CRAZE SEF?

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      GLORY,Listen bitch. You don’t have to wait to smell evil from my post, all I need to do is wait for you to unleash your evil on others due to your paranoid schizophrenia and then you will hear from me.
      Motherfucker, shey you have gone kuku (mad), there is a cage big enough to hold a lunatic like you where I come from.
      Since you enjoy such problems then I enjoy dishing them out. It is clear to any sane mind reading your comments that you and reality have parted company.
      It is a pity because such a civilised platform like this does not deserve to be polluted by the brainless crusade that you have chosen to embark upon.
      You say I no reach am. Only time will tell na.
      Me I am in it for the long haul.

  • Edoguy 10 months ago

    Whoever just watched the 2nd goal Club Brugge scored…thats what we call inplay attacking tactics. this is where Rohr is lacking. Under Rohr, we would not score enough goals. Alot of times, Chukwueze was in that position, we didnt do anything with it. No movement from the attackers!!

  • A common stray dog already under my captivity yaffling baffling waffling telling I n I you give me problem. Lolz. Just can’t stop laughing. You know what,I will put you between my palms and mould you into some nice tennis ball, use a tennis bat to bat you n your evil cohorts into exile forever. Skippy like you.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Really??? If you can see me now you will see I am shaking like a leaf because of your empty threats.hahahahahjahahh!!!
      But should I be surprised? Paranoid schizophrenia caused all sorts of hallucinations. Like I said before, your case is beyond redemption and you only confirm that time and again. Mother fucker.

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    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      And I am actually responding to this rant from a raving lunatic. I never said you attack people without reason, fool! The reason you attack people is because your cognitive abilities does not stretch far enough to process views which you fail to grasp. Does that make sense to you? I guess not. Once you have reached the limits of your quite limited comprehension, you then revert to process the information based on the only way you know how, which is to ascribe ulterior motives to innocent people’s posts.
      I said it and you confirmed it which is you will surely rot in hell. But before you reach that hell, evil will befall you here. Son of a bitch.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Glory gorilla. Not only do you listen to raggae music, you also smoke igbo and indian hemp. Little wonder your hallucinations have got the best of you. Not that there is anything good about you because even at your best, you are a fuckin waste of space. Fool.

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    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Just shut your face, fool! You have said it all. When you ‘spot’ evil, you will pounce like a demented swine that you are. When you read between the lines.. Oloshi oloriburuku. It will not be better for you. When you read between the lines then you start to bully innocent people, hopeless Bastard. When did Balogun and Iwobi make you their Advocate? When did Complete Sports Nigeria appoint you as the Detective of Evil Comments? why have you taken it upon yourself to stress people out with your fuckin bullshit? son of a bitch. So long as you are out there sniffing out evil comments so you can torture innocent victims so I will always be on your case. Will you change, no, will I change, maybe but while I still have the strength and I will dish it to you fresh and hot.
      You really don’t know what you do to people and you don’t know how deep you have hurt people. No wahala, na me and you for this site. This your crusade against evil comments has brought you my way. You hate evil doers (who reside in your imagination), I hate bullies who harass people simply because of they fail to comprehend what their victims have said.
      Men, I despise you and will battle this with you all the way… Bitch.

  • Kingston 10 months ago

    I believe onyeka has quality, you can’t deny that. let facts speak for themselves. and we can’t use one game to say he doesn’t have SE quality or better still, SE style of play. this guy is just 22 and is rising fast. let’s cut him some slack, besides he already has ndidi as a competition to face. my love for super eagles will always make wish the best for every single SE players all the time. and good is Luke Amos? SE has a lot of quality

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Very well said. You know people who know football not Armchair coaches like Glory who came out to say Onyeka is not yet a Super Eagles material. I am beginning to wonder whether this Glory does not have evil intentions. He is trying to discredit Onyeka so he can smuggle his own players into the Super Eagles.
      Since this is how he reasons, we might as well give him a piece of his own medicine.

  • De Star 10 months ago

    Gentlemen @ Glory and @ Igbekun Abo , you people are supposed to be gentlemen , matured as adult ; If I may ask are you people really using your real aliases or name in this forum , are you not conscious of other silent  members in the forum that are your close associates that you may not be aware of their presence in the forum , many of which are looking up to you as a worthy role model and inspiration personality that should affect your environment positively? How would you expect them to feel or what impression would you expect running in their minds, reading their role models being called unpleasant names as son of bitch , mad man, mad dog etc   would you not be ashamed of yourself and the output you are both ditching out here ? I have at one time passed through this senseless and stooping so low in reaction for being attacked over my view on deficiencies of Rohr and his then contracts that has now been corrected accordingly, I was ashamed of myself then , with imagination of such thoughts from my professional colleagues and those that are looking on to me as a role model. We should be the best of friends in this forum , to learn from each other and become friends even outside the platform if possible ( the last time, I contributed in the platform, my group one of our member that we tagged ourselves “ the progressives @ Goal made a comment that he missed me and wait again my once member of the then rival group tagged @Pro Rohr “ Ayphillydegreat was also made similar remarks , my spirit was high that day with one love , that is how we should relate with one another) .

    I implore both of you to stop making this forum uninteresting and absurd with all manners of gutter languages that would expect half baked educated ones in the motor parks ditching out .

    You are both intelligently brilliant in all your analysis if you don’t add abusive,  insult and fouls languages on one another , let us learn to accommodate others opinion, without having to bully one another into accepting our view and we should be civil and comport ourselves. Two wrongs can’t make right , let us cultivate the likes of @Mr Hush ,  @ Goal , @ Larry Etc always entertaining     Us with brilliant analysis devoid of uncultured foul languages. 
    As in the western world we copy , they have utmost respect to one another in any forum but would criticize anyone in the position of authority, football administration and coaches ( you see Americans, British , Canadians etc  insulting their Presidents , football coaches, because it is such criticisms that would make them to improve and to be on their toes because to whom much is given much is expected , but in relating among themselves, it is the other way round , given themselves maximum respect) using fuck , mad etc are forbidden.

    Please , kindly calm down, calm down and embrace each other , without you regular posting and analysis in this platform together with the likes of @ Dr Drey  ,@ Omo9ja, @Mr Hush @ Larry and others this platform would have not been active and interesting.

    One again CALM DOWN 

    • @ Dr star, if you are honest enough, you would have noticed, I kept quiet for almost 3 days now,ignoring this STRAY DOG IGBEKUN ABO ONLY GOOD FOR T JUNCTION SACRIFICE. I did, purely for the regard I have for other forumites here but this evil dog, went about barking constantly and non of you guys could help it from waffling. Lolzzz. Now with my chain around its neck you complaining. Chekenna nbros su. Lolz. I have bulldozed all their evil machinations against innocent footballers reason he is so pained. What he is doing is make me look bad before others thinking that will get O n I to stop making comments here. Lolzzz. The monumental fool Igbekun Abo will continue to wait. I AM HERE AND WILL CONTIONOUSLY ATTACK ANY SUSPECTED EVIL PLOT AGAINST PLAYERS.

      • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

        Woof woof woof! What is mother fuckin name? Glorydoggy doggg…. Lolzzzz. Keep barking, bitch, keep barking. Ignoring me will never work. You can never escape from your destiny which is to be exposed for the gutless, worthless, hopeless swine that you are. You prey on innocent people simply because of your insecurities. Well, your moment of reckoning has come. You want to fight evil but you are hopelessly ill-equipped. Mother fucker. Since it is evil you want to fight, then I have given you something to do. Now do it. Biatchhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      @Destar, please avail me this opportunity this one time. For no crime other than offering an honest critique as we see it, this bastard called Glory embarked on a campaign of terror that lasted many months. It’s fuckin pay back time. To you and others, I come in peace, to Glory the gorgeous gorilla , IT IS TIME FOR WAR!!!!!!!

  • This stray rabbies infected dog IGBEKUN ABO MUST HAVE BEEN PICKED AS A CHILD FROM IYA BOSE PIT TOILET. COMPLETE LOCAL CHAMPION, struggling to impress in that Nigerian show off empty vessel style of having ability to speak. You want me to come join in that nonsensical show off style on public forum here to get a clap? Forget it man. I don’t enjoy showing off, You can Continue to display your height of emptiness / stupidity, I care less. From million miles apart you ooze total failure in life so pained by what has befallen you, hence the smell of jealousy/ envy all over every of your single comment here. But you know what stray dog IGBEKUN ABO,I am enjoying this, and YOU WILL BE THE WORST IDIOT IF YOU EVER STOP. THIS HAS BEEN A REALLY NICE WAY TO CHILL OUT AFTER ATTENDING TO OTHER IMPORTANT MATTERS. COME WITH ANY EVIL COMMENT HERE, NOTE IT TODAY, I AM GONNA ATTACK YOU HERE ON THIS FORUM. YOU, NEVER DO WELL MUST GO SORT OUT YOUR INCAPABILITIES IN LIFE AND STOP POURING OUT YOUR FRUSTRATION IN LIFE ON INNOCENT FOOTBALLERS, ALL IN THE NAME OF CRITICIZING AS THE NORM. IGBEKUN ABO ONLY GOOD FOR T JUNCTION SACRIFICE, THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE FOR YOU, FOR I HERE TO STAY LOLZZ.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      So much content, yet so much bull shit. How many times did you call my name? Yeah baby, that is what I am talking about, fool. I love your threats, in fact, that is what I have prayed for all along, just you and me, bitch. You have opened the Pandora’s box, now it’s show time arse hole.I wish i could address most of what you said up there but they are worth less than a hand full of dust and so are you. Keep addressing to important matters and then come back here where I will be waiting. A fool at 40 is a fool forever. You, GLORY GORILLA was born a full and you will die in your T-junction as one.

  • De Star 10 months ago

    @Glory , please pardon me , I have not followed the trends , just getting to read all the stuff today . 
    I must be candid never once seeing you in this unpleasant bad form.

    Nevertheless, you will do me a favour, with your last two vituperation agin , to start with , please apologize  and embrace your Naija brother @Igbekun Abo in a one Naija spirit, you will leave to see a wonderful show of love ❤️ from @Igbekun Abo probably tomorrow when next he comes to the platform ( average human being have momentary madness in us and get released when we are c carried away in a boiling point environment, like in the past Lagos madness driving in hell like traffic bumper to bumper, on the football pitch as in the head butting of Zidane in the WC etc ) .  We need to move forward and start enjoying the forum from the big players like you , @ Oakfield @ Igbekun Abo himself and other 1st eleven active players in the platform.

    Please CALM DOWN !!

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      @Destar, this guy needs to be taught a lesson. He cannot go about unleashing terror on people simply because his life experiences makes him think their harmless comments mask evil intentions. Go back and read his comments, he said it himself. He admitted to doing this in the past and he is well committed to doing it in the future. Well, that will always set him on a collision cause with me. I woke up the other morning only to find this idiot raining abuse on certain people who criticised Troost-Ekong (WTF). If those people are too scared to talk back, I am not!
      He has unleashed terror on people for months, I mean, months, calling them various names simply because he thinks they are evil.
      I am sick of that. Nobody came here to be terrorised. To others here, I have utmost respect, to this scum, I am ready for him.

  • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago


    • Hahaha haha. Hear this phlegm from a tuberculosis infected stray dog IGBEKUN ABO teaching someone a lesson, You idiot will never stop amusing me. You are always claiming beating, killing, teaching someone a lesson lolzzz while the person is enjoying himself. What a coward you are. Despite all your vain claim, I carry on doing wah me doing. Does that not tell you, that you’re such vain in all your rant. WATCH ME ATTACK YOUR EVIL COMMENT HERE AND I CHALLENGE YOU TO TEACH ME THAT LESSON. You smelly T JUNCTION SACRIFICE.

      • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

        Mr War of Attrition, where were you all night? Let me guess… Making love to a prostitute. I thought you like to exchange words all night, mother fucker. Idiot that does not know the difference between threat and action. I am not threatening you, I am leaving up to my decision of making sure you feel my presence, hopeless moronic bastard that you are.

      • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

        Woff! Woff! Woff! Keep barking, bitch, keep barking. Your motherfuckin name is Glorydoggy dog!. You worthless dog-leftover. I have seen better dogs than you eating their own faeses. Dick head like you.

  • I was encouraging Ekong performance, this compound FOOL IGBEKUN ABO,who only come here to copy and paste words/phrases without understanding their contextual usage is here claiming I was attacking people. Not surprised though, cos he truly lacks good understanding of the English language as confirmed my his wield first response to my very first comment here. Go back and read your response and tell me how it correlates with everything I said about Onyeka. Speaking or writing English is not a must afterall you only a stray dog, only good for T junction sacrifice and waffling. Stray dog IGBEKUN ABO kindly copy and paste that my comment on Ekong to justify your warped claim. People keep you quiet here because they understand your game. You just fooling yourself. Great minds call me to just ignore your foolishness. They wonder why it pains you so much, that I critisize irrational comments with such air of evil and they have started getting the point. You will soon be getting barrage of attacks here mark my words but don’t call it bullying yeah, for you unconsciously gradually revealing the evil that you are but I will crush you and whatever evil you bring. How strange, albeit it expected of an evil person,You, that is not worth a thing to yourself talkless of offering anything to nigerians, get so angry at being critisize but you n your never do well cohorts go about pouring out vertuperations on hard working innocent players. May the Alpha take up your case and visit it’s repercussion on you in due course.

  • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

    Here is my evidence.

    GLORY 9 hours ago
    Just a shame to read comments from so called “know it better than everyone” that Ekong is not a good defender. Comments that clearly shows how shallow such persons are in football matters.


    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      ‘Shallow minded’, ‘Mr Know it better than everyone’.

      Are these nice things to say? Are there friendly things to say? These are veiled unprovoked attacks on innocent contributors.
      Those are just a few of the insults you have gently poured on the heads of people in recent weeks who have shared veiws at odd with yours.
      I have noticed several of these but I just chose to ignore you because, like you say, you will never change. You yourself said it several times that once you spot what you believe to be evil comments, you will bully that contributor, you will attack that contributor, you will harass that contributor. Glory, who gave you the right? You have hurt people because of your misconceptions and it is now payback time.

  • Hahaha OMG. Where I was? I didn’t have to bother much cos I got me chain around your neck and properly had you locked up in your cage. So I was sure you not gonna start spreading your rabbies all about and with that assurance, I went,slept wellaa . Lolzz. Now I m back. I told you from hencefort,I m gonna be doing this as past times cos I am honestly loving it. I have spoken to few here to just let us be while others I have no way to communicate with, please pardon us and just kindly allow us enjoy this ride. I tried to ignore this FOOL but he kept barking. Now I m fully into him. My search light is now ever focus on this phlegm drooping stray dog only good for T JUNCTION SACRIFICE IGBEKUN ABO.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      I know you love it. It is common knowledge that you love absurdity. At least your crimes have been revealed. Lolzzzzz

  • Fool Igbekun Abo, was your name there or any other that you know. Have others on this forum not being making such general statement. Was there not a report that Ekong was so disrespectful, was Ekong and Balogun not declared as not strong enough? Two things are definitely true here, either you are totally an idiot or truly working for those evil syndicates aggressively working to use SE platform to sell mediocre players. That I can confidently tell you is past yeah, no longer business as usual for you guys. I will keep attacking you lots.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Now that I have provided you with evidence of your crimes to you, I am tempted to leave it at that…….

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Glory, you said you never launch unprovoked attacks on commentators on this platform, we all now know that it is a lie.
      I provided you with evidence above of where you ridiculed people by calling them ‘Know it all’ and by claiming they are ‘shallow minded’ simply because we criticised Ekong.
      Now you are calling it a ‘general statement’. Repent of your sins. I am willing to put this particular matter to rest. But, if you insult me and my friends again, you will be smiling at the other end of my boot. Lolzzzz.
      Let me tell you a secret, you say you love our exchanges, well guess what, SO DO I. Lolzzzzzz. 🙂
      All you have to do is attack contributors because of your paranoid schizophrenia and I will be back. Your crusade against evil spirits have no place in a civilised platform. I hope you get it into your head. Lolz

  • Gideon S 10 months ago

    Is very simple if one should go silent, the other become a fool…

  • The stray dog Igbekun Abo, gets angry at being attacked but yet attack hard working footballers disguising his evil attack on these players as mere critisicm. The idiot that came on here to type rubbish that IWOBI should be dropped from SE has yet to say anything about Azeez who has been struggling to even get on the bench on match days. I honestly don’t wanna bring Azeez into this as I could have done long time before now. Because I understand these things happen and that doesn’t mean he is bad player. This is the way to go with our players that are experiencing difficult times. Allow them be, the difficult moment will run its course and they will be good to go again. Not a case of using that opportunity to whittle their God given talents down, just so
    fans will lose faith in them, so that this evil dogs like Igbekun Abo can now force the mediocre players they have collected money from on the manager. Reading such persons comment it’s easy to see this pattern: they keep waiting for deserving player to make a fault and gbam they are pouring all kinds of attack on such player while at the same time suggesting another sub standard player to take his place quickly. They did that to Victor Moses, did that to Balogun, tried to that to Alexander the king Iwobi, doing that now with Ekong… etc. My point has always been, fair to critisize but who are you to tell the coache what/ who to play, and even when you do, while getting so bitter when others oppose it? If not that you have some hidden agenda. You know what, its for that reason,I m on this forum, to trample on all such evil veiled agenda, Nothing you can do to stop I n I from rendering such plan useless. You can call me names, call me a bully, hug a live wet transformer, eat all the street junction sacrifices, I care less. What did I say? I care less.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      You never fail to produce reams and reams of rubbish based on your paranoid schizophrenia. Little wonder you are isolated. You waited in vain for help to come but the help never arrived because no one wants to be associated with a lowlife scum like yourself in this matter. Yes I will call you a bully because that is what you are. I will even go one step further by calling you a brainless bully, bitch. It is not even prudent of me to address the bulk of what you wrote above because they are the vomit of a deranged lunatic who is looking for an ally in his deluded war against evil doers.
      At some point, I started feeling pity for you but I thought to myself, what about your victims? What about the victims of your deluded crusade against evil doers, who is fighting for them? Like I said earlier, others might be willing to overlook your lunacy but me, no no no! I will shove it back at your stinking fetish face you hopeless moronic son of a bitch.

  • Hahaha haha. Moke Una come see a mere stray dog IGBEKUN ABO talking about civilize world yet can’t comprehend simple English, evident from his attack on my first comment on this story on Onyeka. It’s easy to make statements but it’s application to support ones understanding demands more, herein you have clearly and constantly proven your way too backward, being a stray dog, reason you kept barking for more than 3 days without me replying you. Stop decieving yourself idiot, dogs like you made it easy for our forefathers to sell out slaves without conscience. Will be difficult to blame them anyway after reading comments from nincompoop like you, By now it would have been a case of the white slave masters doling out cowries on you whilst you locked up in the cage with chains around your neck. Wha me even saying, they would have happily given you out for free just so they are saved the agony of living with such phlegm drooping stray dog IGBEKUN ABO.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Clap for yourself. A worthy effort at scoring points but a waste of time nonetheless simply because it exposes you as a worthless spineless pig that you are. If you believe I don’t understand English after wiping the floor with you then your case is more hopeless than I thought. Son of a bitch, bastard motherfucker. There are better human beings than yourself waiting on deathrow in American prisons. Your career of bullying and harassment has found you out. By replying to me, who is doing whose bidding? Hopeless buffoon.

  • Hahaha hahahaha. Just can’t stop laughing. The idiot is gone possibly trying to get some with those rotten teeth oozing terribly offensive smell. I honestly feel pity for any woman sleeping close to this rabbies infected STRAY DOG IGBEKUN ABO. Anytime anyday, I m forever here waiting for you n your likes . Lolzz.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      And we shall not disappoint you. As you forever wait, as you forever bully and as you forever harass people because of your insecurities, you will be called out for the lowlife scum that your are. And idiot who cannot tell the difference between a bitch and a prostitute simply because you are a bitch who fucks prostitutes. Son of a bitch.

  • Iiiigbekuuuun Aboooo. Ever here that sound, look not far, a rabbies stray dog is hanging near. Lolzz

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Woff! Woff! Woff! Woff! What is his mother fuckin name? Glorydoggy doggggg!!!!!.
      On the way to work this morning, I came across some kids singing, ‘There was a farmer who had a dog and GLORY was his name o, G – L – O – R – Y, G – L – O – R – Y, G – L – O – R – Y, and Glory was his name o…..
      Hahajajahahjaahaj!!!! I am so loving this is. 🙂

  • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

    Come out of your cave glory bitch and let’s speak the only language you understand. Fuckin arse hole.

  • Oooooh phlegm drooping stray dog IGBEKUN ABO. Lolzz Thanks for letting me know how it’s hurts you really bad everytime, I decipher and ATTACK evil comments. You will forever recieve more and more from I n I. Hahahaha. Igbekun Abo the stray dog has murdered sleep and you will sleep no more. EEEEEWELLE. EGEDE suegbe. You have honestly helped my conscience by stating you enjoying this too. Cos for what I represent. I was almost feeling guilty for causing you pain. So let’s ride on , it’s nothing personal, just banta trip. Okpemu.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      Fantastic . Just the response I wanted. After you have fucked your prostitute, you then come to comment. Hopeless bastard motherfucker. You actually think you are the one enjoying this…….hahahaha. Bring it on bitch. There is a room waiting for you in hell fire. At this s rate you will go there sooner rather than later.

  • Stop consoling yourself when my response take a bit of time. I am forever here. You are now my captive. I know I have got you stray dog IGBEKUN ABO in the cage. So no need to worry, as I will always meet you there anytime I want to whip your Godforsaken life of stray dog.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      And that is good. Worry, me worry…. Bingo glory, I advice you to check out the meaning of the word worry in the dictionary. Then you will realise that it is hopeless bastard motherfucker bully like yourself who has much to worry about. Worthless dog-leftover.

  • Think well Igbekun Abo and you be rest assured you have suddenly actually become a stray dog. The evidences are herein well noted. I HAVE YOU UNDER MY CONTROL AND YOU MUST FOLLOW MY DICTATES. I USE WORDS HERE YOU COPY… I MAKE COMMENT you follow. Lolzzz.

    • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

      @FrankL, can you now see why I dish it like it is hot to this bastard called Glory. Like I said FrankL, my respect for you and others remains unshakable. But for this bitch, I have his time all day long.

  • Nigeria Bebeto 10 months ago

    You people should continue am enjoying it ..two big adults coming online to lay curses on each other …am ashamed of you two ….Godforbid ..even after Deo pleaded …I shame for una the way I shame for this country ….you can attack me because I know you guys will do it …you have no shame nah

    • KING TUOYO 10 months ago

      I shake my head for both of them. What a shame and embarrassment to both of their family. How can two adults be dragging each other online for the past 24 hours all in the name of catching fun or making a huge fool of each other. No na, una don pass this level of my bros them.
      The nation is currently on her knees begging for survival and one unifying factor amongst us is football and football related matter.
      But here, we have 2 adults who doesn’t know what to write at this time of our nation’s survival struggle but foolish each other. No problem o, una hear me very well. You can continue until you both have realized the level of stupidity displayed and seen by everyone here before putting an end to it.