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SERIE A: Osimhen Inspires Napoli To Reclaim Top Spot After Comfortable Win Vs Bologna 

SERIE A: Osimhen Inspires Napoli To Reclaim Top Spot After Comfortable Win Vs Bologna 

Victor Osimhen played a key role for Napoli who returned to winning ways with a resounding 3-0 home win against Bologna on Thursday night, Completesports.com reports.

Napoli reacted to their disappointing draw with Roma at the weekend as they returned to the top in the league table. 


They have same point as AC Milan (28) but are ahead on goals difference.

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Osimhen was involved in Napoli’s first penalty awarded as he challenged for the ball in the air with Gary Medel.

The Chilean was initially awarded a free kick in the duel, but VAR called the referee to look at the situation and he saw Medel using his arm to reach the ball before Osimhen.

Medel was booked for dissent after his reaction to the decision, before Lorenzo Insigne converted the penalty after 41 minutes and gave Napoli a two-goal lead at half-time.

Once again, Osimhen was  involved in Napoli’s second penalty of the night, as he was brought down by Ibrahima Mbaye in the area when the two were battling for the ball in the 59th minute.

Napoli skipper Lorenzo Insigne stepped up for the second time in the game and smashed it into the bottom corner to make it 3-0.

Spanish midfielder Fabian Ruiz had opened scoring for Napoli on 17 minutes after smashing his effort into the back of the net when he bent his strike around the defenders and past Skorupski from 20 yards.

By James Agberebi

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  • Gowetok 1 month ago

    Osihmen was responsible for the two penalties insigne scored to bag a brace. If Osimhem should be taking some these penalties his goal tally will have been at least 7.

    • Each team have there penalty taker, because osimhen is our don’t mean the rule should change or bend, but we’ve seen where the main taker allow the next guy take it, Expecially in a situation you leading with 2 comfortable goals and the very guy made the penalty happen in the first place, we all know insigne for whom he is, VO should sha continue doing what he knows best, if the Bayern or any other offer from all this big teams come, he should just move.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Exactly my thoughts he should move and stamp his authority so they don’t have to share penalties with him. Lorenzo has no desire to let go even one ball talkless of penalty. Man is seriously greedy like something else!

  • pompei 1 month ago

    Usually, after a Napoli goal, you see Osimhen celebrating with the goal scorer. Often, he seems to be celebrating the goal even more than the goal scorer 🙂
    Today, after Insigne grabbed the 3rd goal from a penalty Osimhen won, we saw a different behaviour from Osimhen. He just turned away in anger, and walked back to the center circle.
    Napoli were up 2 nil, and were comfortable. Most other players would have allowed their top striker to take a penalty he won by himself, just to help boost his confidence. Not Insigne!
    The greedy little fellow insisted on taking both penalties!
    Tomorrow, Insigne’s name will be on the front page of Napoli newspapers. Good for him. He obviously prefers that to sharing the limelight with his team mates!

  • Insigne is just greedy and understanding player he should start respecting VO cus i am not impressed with his behavior this season i don’t see him as a captain.

  • Chibuike 1 month ago

    His a big player in that club and italia international, also Mafia in the team

  • Coache 1 month ago

    Whenever and wherever you are with short people, they are just competitively jealous. I am not surprised at all. Encountered two of such idiots in real life. The way to handle them is to continuously been good and SEE THEM AS FAR MENTALLY LOWER THAN YOU. Overlook their stupid mannerisms of inferiority complex.

    • Lmao…! “Short people are usually competitively jealous”. Lols.

      That really cracked me up.

      Anyway, I’m quite disappointed that he didn’t score against Bologna last night, but even more disappointed in his reaction. He is in the limelight now and therefore needs to thread more carefully cos all of his spoken or unspoken reactions will not go unnoticed.

      He should keep his cool and focus on working for the team. The team should come first in his mind. His goals will still come. He may even end up being top scorer in Serie A despite not taking penalties. But he has to keep being professional. He must not succumb to his emotions like Insigne and the rest, and then he’ll remain above them.

      I hope someone professional is advising/mentoring him really, because these little things can smear his reputation and potentially turn a section of the fans against him.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Slave comment!

      • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

        Slavery in your vein

        • Dr Banks 1 month ago

          @Massimo10 that was a great talk and a good advise bro. Never mind this 2 guys above who see themselves as slave hence their defensive stance. Osimhen really need to gel with the team and needs not get into unnecessary squabbles with his team mates.

          Insigne is the appointed penalty taker and that’s agreed with the team and coach, it’s the standard practice in most big clubs…….Jorginho for Chelsea, Salah for Liverpool, Fernandes for Man U, Kane for Tottenham, Onuachu for Genk etc. Another player will only take the penalty when the designated player is off field. So I don’t know why you all believe that Insigne was being selfish by taking the penalty.

          • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

            Do you even understand the meaning of slavery? Another slave comment here, you think if Ronaldo was domant he would reach the position he is at now? Slave mentality, when neymar went to psg, he caused trouble for his own sake, did he get killed? Was Ronaldo better than pjanic at taking free kicks? See Napoli fans this days only care about Osimhen, why? Because these days he gives them a chance to dream, you can’t rebel against the fans favourite, because they will always give excuses for him, and when things go wrong, it is insigne they will go after because they aree not blind. Be there and be doing smer smer, your hardwork and someone wants to take your shine, no o, don’t agitate, be calm and let them use you finish.
            This is the time for osimhen to grab all the limelight he possibly can, the fans were screaming his name even after firing wild numerous times

  • Kunle 1 month ago

    People, please if any one of you can reach Victor, he should not worry, that he should play maturity, it is painful but nothing you can do to avoid jealousy people, the only way you can triumph is avoid grudges, be patient and treat your enemies maturely. Love every players in your team without discrimination, God would surely fight for you.

  • Yinkus 1 month ago

    @caoche !!!! Haba. Lol it is not all short people ho bikonu that behave like this.

    Make una leave insigne, osi ma te last last ni.

  • 1. Oshimen needs wisdom now.
    2. He is playing in Italy where mafia is real and threatening.
    3. Insigne has been a leader in the team for long.
    4. The bible says deal with them according to the god in their heart. Deal with insigne the way he is. You can’t crack his hold on the team overnight. He can cause oshimen lots of trouble off the field which can affect him on the field.
    5. Oshimen can score lots of goals even without penalty. He should trainn himself to score half chances.
    6. He should continue to play for the team. To win Italy yo himslef, he has to do two things: one, win scudetto or two win highest goal scorer. So both are important.

    7. Continue to play for the team. Leanr to cinvert half chances and you will achieve your aims and goals

  • Baba na baba 1 month ago

    Last season he was taking penalties, what happened this season guys?just asking.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Insigne is a Neapolitan tru and tru…..he was born in the hoods of Napoli, grew up in Napoli, started playing in Napoli since he was a kid, grew through the ranks at napoli from the U17s to making his senior team debut almost 10 YEARS AGO, has over 400 senior caps for napoli with close to 200 goals and assists despite being a winger, clearly one of the most experienced players in Napoli and also the club captain….a SENIOR MAN in every sense of it. He even at a time drew comparisons on the streets of Napoli to Diego Maradona.

    Anyone who thinks he will just relinquish his penalty taking duties for years, to a 22 year old Osimhen who is just in his 2nd season at the club is just being plain naïve.

    Osihmen should just play his game and not dabble into what doesnt concern him. He should not get involved in squabbles that dont matter. He cant win a supremacy battle with a “son of the soil” and “club legend”. Insigne is more powerful at Napoli than even the coach. He can rally his teamates to get any damn coach fired.

    Victor should just be patient. Just like he said Ighalo told him at AFCON that “no worry, you see this national team, you go play am sotey you go tire”. Same thing with playing penalties……he will still play lots and lots of penalties in his career (God willing), both for club and for national team, and score lots and lots of goals till his legs cannot carry him anymore.

    He needs to understand he is just a young officer in the midst of generals. When his time comes he will even command the entire army.

  • How many penalties has awoniyi taken this season yet he has scored about 12 goals in all competition. He is a goal threat whenever he plays.
    Its not about who takes the penalties but about the team winning games.
    Osimhen should keep doing what he is doing and work on his finishing. The goals will come.
    As for insigne allowing him take penalties, that could only happen if he is injured or just feeling generous.
    Insigne is the main man in napoli, having played there for years and he is an Italian hero, he won the last European cup with italy. He is like the jayjay okocha of napoli. Nobody takes penalties when jayjay is on the field. So lets just chill on this. I know we all want Osimhen to score in every game he plays but that won’t happen. Let him keep on performing the way he has been doing and he will get the goals.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    What is all this talk about Insigne being the main man of Napoli?
    If Insigne likes, he can take over from Luigi De Magistris and become the Mayor of Napoli. He should have allowed Osimhen to take that 2nd penalty, given the circumstances of the game.
    Napoli were 2 goals up and in total control of the game. That penalty was never going to decide the ultimate outcome of the game. The game was already done and dusted. And the likelihood of Osimhen missing the penalty is just about the same as Insigne missing also. So it was the same risk.
    Yes, he’s the official penalty taker of the Parthenopeans. Nobody is trying to take that from him.
    But in this scenario, it would have been a good gesture for him to allow Osimhen take the penalty, and thus give him a chance to get on the scoresheet.
    Goals are the lifeline of a striker. You do whatever you can to boost the confidence of your top marksman. Osimhen is under so much pressure to deliver, with all these comparisons to the best strikers in the world. Would it not be helpful to give him a chance to score against Bologna, and thus keep his good run going, and his confidence levels up?
    My opinion has nothing to do with Osimhen being Nigerian. This is just good business practice. A football club is in the business of winning matches and trophies, and a confident top striker can help you achieve those goals. So naturally, I want to give my top striker as much confidence as possible. If we find ourselves in a situation were we are 2 goals up in the 62nd minute, in a game we are controlling, and Osimhen wins a penalty out of nothing, I would have no problem whatsoever with Osimhen taking that penalty.
    Most strikers would have given the ball up, but Osimhen kept battling in the box until he was brought down. Reward the man’s effort and let him take the penalty. You are 2 goals up and controlling the game. If it was 0-0, or Napoli led by just 1-0, then it is understandable. But with a 2-0 lead and 22 mins to go, come on! Osimhen should have been allowed to take that penalty.
    Yes, the team result is what matters most, but helping Osimhen increase his goal tally also helps the team, because it increases Osimhen’s confidence levels.
    Anyway, it’s the past now. Osimhen should keep his head up and keep working hard. With his aggression and hunger, more goals will come. No need to make enemies at this fledgling stage in his career.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    Main man my foot! A player’s status as main man should come from his contributions on the pitch, and not nepotism. Whether he is Neapolitan or from Oshodi is not the issue. What is his contribution on the pitch?
    Napoli are title contenders this season, but for me, one of the biggest obstacles they need to overcome is Insigne’s selfishness. He is so selfish, he has become predictable. He gets the ball on the left wing, and 99% of the time, he will try to cut in on his right and curl the ball with his right foot into the top or bottom right corner of the opponent’s goal. Pass the ball, he won’t pass. Cross the ball into the box, he won’t cross.
    Talking about main men, I would rather give that title to Koulibaly. Now, he is almost indispensable for Napoli.
    If I had my way, I would bench Insigne for Mertens, even though Mertens is 34 yrs old. Mertens is a much more productive player. Plays with his head up, always ready to make the pass or cross the ball, and is also a good finisher. And he qualifies more for the “main man” title, with 233 goals and 178 assists from 651 career matches in total.
    Insigne has good stats from the past, but his recent contributions do not qualify him for main man status. He is far from indispensable. He is well advised to play for the team, and not for himself in future games.

    • pompei 1 month ago

      Additionally, Mertens has 135 goals and 87 assists from 365 games for Napoli so far. Insigne has 114 goals and 89 assists from 410 matches. So, Mertens has contributed more to Napoli from less games. So what is the basis of Insigne’s main man status?

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        So why was Insigne appointed the captain of Napoli instead of Mertens…? Or why is Insigne the designated penalty taker for Napoli and not Mertens…?

        Being 2 goals up with 30 mins to go is never an excuse to spun an opportunity for a 3rd goal. Some teams wake up from their slumber in the 80th minute, score from a corner kick in the 85 minute and equalize in the 93rd minute against the run of play. Its football….its like biscuit…you never know where it will crack. A team can control a game perfectly and still lose it in the end. Such instances abound. The sight of Sammy Kuffor crying profusely after Bayern lost a game they controlled in the last 3 minutes of the game is still fresh in memory.

        A 2 goal lead is often regarded in football as the most deceptive lead. The 3rd goal is often regarded as the one to kill off a game. It was still essential for Insigne as the “trusted and designated” penalty taker of the team to still take that penalty before doing charity. Better be sure than be sorry.

        If Napoli earns 10 penalties in a game and Insigne decides to take all 10, its his business…that is why he is the “designated penalty taker” in the team…..and he owes no one any apologies for that. Everyone should face what they have been “designated” to do on the pitch.

        We can choose to be sentimental all we can. It would have been a different case if Insigne wasnt the one designated by the coach to take penalties for the team.

        Osimhen should wait for his time…..it will surely come. There was an era when Insigne too would win penalties but have to hand it over to someone else to score.

        Life na turn by turn.

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      @pompei I was a bit disappointed in your comments above, it doesn’t appear sensible enough but purely sentimental. Do you know that Tammy’s problem in Chelsea started from his on-field squabble with Jorginho when he insisted he wanted to take the penalty ahead of Jorginho before the captain Azpilicueta retrieved the ball from him to give back to Jorginho.

      Decision on who takes the responsibility for penalties are agreed on by the whole team as a result of performance in training, hence every member of the team abides by it. Each team has 1st in line, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in line player for penalties. Do you know if Osimhen is even on that list at all?

      And mind you, every player in a team needs goals to boost their confidence so it’s not all about the strikers only. Osimhen can score loads of goals in open play so doesn’t require the benevolence of penalties to reach the highest level.

      • pompei 1 month ago

        If my comments do not appear sensible to you, Dr. Banks, that’s fine by me.
        I refuse to keep repeating myself just because you lack the intellect to grasp my point.
        Go and read my comments again. Go thru them with a fine toothcomb, if you must. If your English comprehension is anywhere near a doctor’s level, you will see that my argument is not, and was never, about usurping penalty taking responsibilities from Insigne. Hopefully, you will finally understand my point.

        • Dr Banks 1 month ago

          The problem with you is that you are too FANATIC, go google the meaning in case you don’t know, and you’ll see how that simple word describes you totally.

          • pompei 1 month ago

            I am too fanatic? Nitori Olorun.
            What does that even mean?
            Most excellent doctor Banks, it’s not my intention to give you such a big headache. After all, this English language of a thing is not out mother tongue.
            I hear you. I will try not to be TOO FANATIC next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • JimmyBall 1 month ago

    Honestly I thought out of maturity and love… that Insigne will hand Osimhen the ball to take the second penalty that will not even threaten the result of the game even of Victor miss am… shortman still go collect ball play despite Osimhen winning both penalties… shortmen too greedy!