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Super Eagles Drop Again In FIFA Ranking

Super Eagles Drop Again In FIFA Ranking

Super Eagles of Nigeria dropped again in the latest FIFA world ranking that was released on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

The ranking which was posted on FIFA’s website saw the Eagles drop from 30th to 38th in the world and fifth in Africa.

Ahead of the Eagles in Africa are Morocco (1st), Senegal (2nd), Egypt (3rd) and AFCON champions Cote d’Ivoire (4th).

The Eagles’ drop could be attributed to their poor outings on matchday 3 and 4, in Group C of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic.

After a 1-1 draw against South Africa inside the Godswill Akpabio Stadium in Uyo, the Eagles lost 2-1 to Cheetahs of Benin Republic in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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While South Africa maintained 59th spot in the ranking, Gernot Rohr-led Benin Republic move to 91.

With four games played in the qualifiers, the three-time AFCON champions are in fifth place on three points.

They will be back in the World Cup qualifying campaign in March 2025 against Rwanda and Zimbabwe who are in 131st and 129th positions respectively in the latest ranking.

Meanwhile, the top three, however, remain unshakeable. Argentina (1st) retain their place at the summit, with France (2nd) and Belgium (3rd) hot on their heels.

But there is movement behind them, as Brazil (4th, up 1) and England (5th, down 1) swap places.

Meanwhile, Portugal (6th), the Netherlands (7th) and Spain (8th) consolidate their spots in the top ten, whilst Croatia (9th, up 1) overtake Italy (10th, down 1), who nonetheless hold onto a place among the leading pack.

The next FIFA world ranking will be published on 18 July, 2024.

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  • Nigeria is pissing me off really, after all these Shambolic leaders Why will we not drop did I not say we will be 100 in the world soon? lol oya na keel going NFF and Ex Footballers (Especially that Nonsense class of 94), Some People still don’t feel shame opening mouth wide waaaaaaa! to proclaim giant of Africa. shameless country. Sometimes, I wonder Why I was corn Nigerian!. Mtcheeew!!

    • Eno David 1 month ago

      Very painful…and the same Segun Odegbami and the 94 set will open mouth that we should give another local coach chance.

  • Nigeria is pissing me off really, after all these Shambolic leaders Why will we not drop did I not say we will be 100 in the world soon? lol oya na keel going NFF and Ex Footballers (Especially that Nonsense class of 94), Some People still don’t feel shame opening mouth wide waaaaaaa! to proclaim giant of Africa. shameless country. Sometimes, I wonder Why I was born Nigerian!. Mtcheeew!!

  • Shege luzzy 1 month ago

    Special thanks to NFF and all mighty Finidi the tactician

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    GENERAL ROAR you no try abeg… lmao

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

      Enemy of progress lol, typical jealous ghanaian – it is the tools that give you space to pollute the air on this Nigerian site that I blame not you – for you? silence is best lol!

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    See what Osimhen’s lack of commitment has caused….??? LMAOOoo

    He could have made the friendlies against and the WC qualifiers even with his injuries.

    So says the Judas that has dragged us 10 places down the FIFA rankings within 4 months.

    • Amadi 1 month ago

      Can you just shut up already. Leave Osimhen alone.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Hahahaha…who is this frustrated lunatic…? Why are your barking at your shadow…?

        Who should leave Osimhen alone between you + his detractors and I…?

        Are you tired of throwing Osimhen under the bus for the woes of the SE….LMAOOo???

  • It was a forgone conclusion that Nigeria would drop in Fifa rankings.

    It is sadly one of the mementos left behind by Finidi George’s unfortunate reign as Super Eagles indigenous gaffer.

    Despite the fact that there were some positives from Finidi’s reign, sadly, the negatives will always outweigh any positives.

    The 1994 World Cup hero restored faith in the midfield department of the Super Eagles. He revived belief in indigenous players in underwhelming leagues as Tanimu put up a performance worthy of a Super Eagles defender despite being based in Tanzania meaning, Nigeria still has untapped talents in average leagues. Nigeria played a vibrant and uplifting brand of football and Nwabili showcased his skills as a modern-day ball playing goalkeeper.

    But, Nigeria slumped in the world cup qualification table and now in Fifa rankings. The Super Eagles looked like a ship without a captain on the pitch. They were disjointed and lacked organisation leading to the 3 goals against South Africa and Benin.

    And, unfortunately for Finidi, somebody took his statement out of context and leaked it to the media, drawing the ire of star striker Victor Osihmen who appears to have been nursing a grudge for sometime against a section of the fans, media and coaching crew of the Super Eagles.

    Nigeria needs an indigenous coach but most of the ones available are not ready for the tasks on hand so we have to go foreign for the foreseeable future.

    Julius Aghaowa – who is an advocate for more indigenous players in the Super Eagles – would have been delighted by the sterling performance of Tanimu. I too hope the next technical advisor will unearth more rough diamonds like Tanimu in future. Instead of this obsession with NPFL players, perhaps the scouts should scour average leagues in Europe or even Nigeria for such hungry and technically gifted players.

    We now hope the NFF gets the appointment right this time so we can have a foreign technical adviser who will nurse our world cup ambitions back to health and help us climb in fifa rankings with a healthy assortment of technically gifted indigenous and dual nationality players, regardless of where they play their football.

  • Diran 1 month ago

    Thanks to Segun Odegbami, Julius Aghahowa and the useless 94 set of Eagles players who want a home-based coach instead of a TECHNICALLY AND TACTICALLY SOUND foreign based coach. Nigeria is not a serious country. At this rate, we would soon drop to 100 on the FIFA men soccer rankings.

  • Dennis 1 month ago

    Where’s jimmyball who said let us fail with our own? The last 2 local coaches we’ve used have underperformed. Infact make that the last 4 when we include oliseh and siasia. Jimmyball said it’s better to miss the AFCON with our local coach than come 2nd or 3rd with a foreign coach

  • Air Vice Marshall Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    Nigeria will be great again. This FIFA rankings means nothing

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

    Bastard Dogshit lool

    no one with flawed dna like you can ever be accepted into the corps

    backdoor bandit

    dead man walking kkk

  • pompei 1 month ago

    Before nko?
    How dem no go drop for ranking?
    And our single biggest problem remains woeful administration.
    We have some of the most clueless administrators in the game of football on planet earth.
    Their decisions have landed us in this mess. They let the coach go, but they are still there causing confusion.
    Instead of looking to hire the best coach our money can buy, they want local coaches. Unqualified, incompetent, bootleg coaches is what they want for the SE.
    No money. No money. Where is the $4m Afcon money? Where are the rest of the funds received from FIFA in recent times?
    Even Aghahowa, an individual I used to rate highly, has joined the calamity bandwagon, insisting that we should “look inward”. What if our best are not inward?
    Maybe all the somersault he used to do as a player has short circuited his brain.
    Instead of making the player invitation strictly merit based, inviting only the best of the best wherever they may be found, they are insisting on home based players, as if home based today will not become foreign based tomorrow.
    When you look at the situation, perhaps it’s a waste of time being a SE fan. Las las, our officials will do what they want, and we the fans can all go to blazes, for all they care!

  • Codex 1 month ago

    Willful ignorance is worse than acute blindness…. its even more worse if supposed leaders are both.

  • For the Super Eagles of Nigeria to qualify for the
    2026 FIFA World Cup from their current group
    standings, given that every team has six more
    matches to go, the following scenarios must

    1. Win Their Remaining Matches: Nigeria must
    win all six of their remaining matches. This
    would give them 18 additional points, bringing
    their total to 21 points.

    2. Improve Goal Difference: Nigeria currently
    has a goal difference of -1. They need to not
    only win but win by significant margins to
    improve their goal difference. This will help in
    case of a tie on points with other teams.

    3. Favorable Results from Other Teams:
    – Rwanda: Rwanda should drop points in
    several of their remaining matches. Ideally, they
    should lose both home and away matches
    against Nigeria and drop points in others.
    – South Africa and Benin: Both teams need to
    drop points. They should ideally lose to Nigeria
    and drop points in their other matches against
    each other and other teams.

    4. Finish in 2nd Place with the highest point
    possible: The four best 2nd placed teams
    across the 9 groups in the competition will go
    for a knockout phase which will determine CAF
    sole representative at the intercontinental

    Detailed Breakdown of Necessary Results:
    – Nigeria’s Matches:
    – Rwanda vs Nigeria: Nigeria win
    – Nigeria vs Zimbabwe: Nigeria win
    – Nigeria vs Rwanda: Nigeria win
    – South Africa vs Nigeria: Nigeria win
    – Lesotho vs Nigeria: Nigeria win
    – Nigeria vs Benin: Nigeria win

    – Key Matches of Other Teams:
    – Rwanda:
    – Lose to Nigeria (both matches)
    – Drop points against either South Africa,
    Benin or Lesotho

    – South Africa:
    – Lose to Nigeria
    – Drop points against either Rwanda, Benin, or

    – Benin:
    – Lose to Nigeria
    – Drop points against either South Africa,
    Rwanda or Lesotho

    1. Win All Matches: Nigeria must secure
    victories in all their remaining six matches to
    reach 21 points.
    2. Favorable Outcomes in Other Matches:
    – Rwanda, South Africa and Benin need to lose
    or draw multiple matches, particularly against
    Nigeria and each other.
    – Nigeria must defeat each of these teams in
    their respective matches.
    3. Goal Difference: Nigeria needs to improve
    their goal difference significantly by winning
    their matches with large margins.

    Nigeria needs to win all their remaining matches
    and improve their goal difference, only then will
    we give ourselves the best chance to qualify for
    the World Cup. We must also rely on key rivals
    dropping points in their matches to ensure that
    the Super Eagles tops the group or secures a
    playoff spot as one of the four best 2nd placed
    teams across the 9 groups in the competition.

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