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WAFU Zone B Tourney: Flying Eagles Edge Côte d’Ivoire In Semi-finals, Seal 2023 U-20 AFCON Ticket

WAFU Zone B Tourney: Flying Eagles Edge Côte d’Ivoire In Semi-finals, Seal 2023 U-20 AFCON Ticket

The Flying Eagles of Nigeria have qualified for the 2023 U-20 Africa Cup of Nations taking place in Egypt.

In the second semi-final of the WAFU Zone B tournament in Niger Republic on Tuesday, the Flying defeated Côte d’Ivoire 2-1 after extra time.

Daniel Daga gave the Flying Eagles the lead in the first half but the Ivorians equalized on the stroke of half time.

After both teams failed to find the winner after 90 minutes, the game went into extra-time with Ibrahim Yahaya scoring from the penalty spot to earn the Flying Eagles the win.

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The Ladan Bosso-led side will now take on Benin Republic in the final of the regional competition on Friday.

Benin Republic beat Burkina Faso 2-1 also on Tuesday to qualify for the final and also next year’s U-20 AFCON.

Both the Flying Eagles and Benin Republic have booked their place at next year’s U-20 AFCON in Egypt.

The top four teams will from the U-20 AFCON will qualify to the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Indonesia slated for next year.

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  • Professor 2 years ago

    This is a great one…..they should keep it up and go for the cup. We are aim at the world cup trophy not nation cup again we are bigger than that. One love Nigeria

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      This isn’t a great one 

      See this OLD CHEATING BOKOM player who was asked to SHAVED HIS HEAD to look under 20 but still look older than TAIWO haha 


      Does this dude looked like under 20 to u? 

      No wonder in three years time, all these BOKOM GRANNIES ll fade completely from the system 

      Shame on Nigeria apuu!!

      Stop the cheat!! 

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        This happened in the Zoo of a league called Ghana. https://youtu.be/PwStcrqPBDs

        Mark my words you’ll go naked in the streets soon because you’re showing signs of Bipolar disorder.

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago


          Who ll mark the words of an BOKOM CHIMP who went to GHANA of all places to hustle haha 

          u BACKWARD, uncivilized and uncircumcised IGBO bitch haha

          The last time I checked, u said u are coming to Ghana to so come and I ll do this to ur THIEVING ighbo self 


          Like BUKOM BANKU did to this NIGERIAN boxer 


          U have an iq of a CAGED BOKOM baboon lol

          God is not a Nigerian to LISTEN to curses from a hustling IGBO who BLEEP all the edo ashawos in ghana 


      • Godwin 2 years ago

        Ghanaians are mostly enemy of progress. They will always hate you when you win.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Leave completesports alone lol


        U silly idiota ..:: 

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Am still here and complete sports didn’t blocked me haha

        U know why? Because cs want me to be here to teach u BOKOM IDIOTS some lessons haha 

        They reported me to the administrators but am still here 


        Cs want more Ghanaians to be here to cause more traffic 

        U think they give a shit about u CRIMINAL BOKOM idiots hahaa 

        • See this Ghanaian slave. Odate Lamptey started it all at Ghana U17 or you think we have forgotten so soon?
          So so funny that a Ghanaian slave will come here to talk about cheating….pot calling kettle black

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          If human beings are talking, who invited this ABOKI baba too!!

          Na kidnapping be ur job lol

          Haha haha 

          Football doesn’t concern such a dirty ABOKI like u haha 

      • Supatemmy 2 years ago

        You’re a big fool without full stop ….. Shebi you’re shouting that your Ghana will qualify and be in the final…. B/Faso you cannot beat… Now you’re talking jargons.. go and sleep mumu

  • Well done Bosso for making our Ghanaian squatters and interlopers go to bed in tears. I am very very satisfied.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Dubious penalty 

      Overaged players 

      Look at the dude that won the game for Nigeria 

      Dude is like 38 years 

      No wonder AFRICA players retired so early 

      Where’s this cheating OVER AGED player 


      He won everything in the age tournaments but faded out 

      This is what happens when u used OVER AGED BOKOM DADDIES haha 

      • Emecco 2 years ago

        @ Selfmade,Same as Domnic Adiyiah, Nii Odartey Lamptey, etc, Ghana uses extremely overaged players also, When you guys won This tournament Last year, you didn’t sing this overaged bla bla bla, now you have crashed out by losing both to Nigeria and Burkina, you are busy crying, You are so irresponsible, when Nigeria Lost the W/C ticket to Ghana, we comgrtulated you, now instead of you to accept that your u20team This Year isn’t good enough, you are busy ranting, imagine your coach claiming that the weather in Niger made you to lose, ?? What a pathetic set of losers, you will still blame weather again for losing to Portugal and Uruguay at the World Cup, Everyone going to the World cup is preparing, you guys won’t, instead you are pursuing Salisou, Hudson Odoi and Nketiah all about, Even Nigeria that aren’t going to the w/c are attracting Grade A friendlies with Ecuador and Mexico, continue to disgrace your self in a Nigerian forum

        • Abdul 2 years ago

          You guys should stop replying those idiots. It doesn’t worth it. They are just pained…

          • Godwin 2 years ago

            Simple! Because they lost he is now resorting to name calling.

            His initial plan this morning was to come and shame us if we hadn’t qualified.

            Ghanaians are pretty hateful and jealous. it is natural to them.

  • I still insist that this qualification format should be revisited. Africa will never have quality representative.Wjat sort of qualifiers will the strongest teams eliminate themselves before the tournament proper? Senegal, Ivory coast. Ghana.Both in men and women game.This is foul play by CAF

    • Helius 2 years ago

      Ah swear which kind qualification format be dis na? Why would the big guns in West Africa eliminate themselves so Africa will be under-represented by tournament minnows not cool CAF

  • Congratulations to the Nigeria U20 for qualifying for the final. I would not have blamed the coach and his players one bit, if they had failed to. He [Coach Bosso] was set up to fail either wittingly or unwittingly. Basically, what the NFF do with majority of the homegrown coaches they hire. Going forward, I would advise the coach to invite the likes of young defender/defensive midfielder Victor Eletu of AC Milan U19 youth team, Malcolm Ebiowei of Derby County, Destiny Uche Obiogumu of Hoffenheim U19 youth team, that is if Germany have not capped him already at their youth level, and a few more others to strengthen the team. Since West African FAs seem gullible or unwilling to, I suggest fans protest this unfair format of lumping strong West African national youth teams into one group just to give East, Central and Southern African national youth teams arguably undeserved representation at the U20 World Cup. If CAF claim to be doing this out of fairness, why aren’t they using similar format for CAF club competitions to give West African clubs who are not as strong as their North African or South African counterparts fair chance of reaching the latter stages of their various competitions? Regardless of all the back and forth on this forum, Ghana remains a formidable side with high pedigree at the national youth team level. It is unconscionable to lump these strong West African teams into one zone to basically eliminate each other and pave the way for less deserving teams to represent Africa at international competitions. Since West African FAs seem unwillingly or are compromised or are gullible, I suggest, fans of this region protest this unfair format. If CAF claim to be doing this out of fairness or giving opportunities to teams from the weaker regions, why then haven’t they implemented such format for their CAF club competitions to give clubs from West Africa who aren’t as strong as their North African and South African counterparts a chance to get to the latter stages of their various competitions? Pressure should be put on CAF to restore the former practice of home and away legs to both the U20 and U17 competitions.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      They came up with that format because the other AFRICA federations saw that NIGERIA were using OLD AGED PLAYERS lol

      Until the day ghana and Nigeria stopped using OVER AGER DADDIES, this format wldnt change!!

      Look at the this DUDE .. haha 


      How can this OLD MAN who’s BALD under 20? Lol

      Am telling u, this dude is even older than most of us here!!

      Is a shame that because Nigeria want to win by all means, they ll FORGED the ages of these players to compete!!

      How come Nigeria has won the under 20 seven record times but has no fifa trophy because ideally these player should have graduated to the  senior SUPER CHICKENS but the opposite is the case!! Why? 

      Because these BOKOMS are cheats and they aren’t causing anyone but themselves 

      I can bet anyone that this OLD BALDED MAN in the video above  can’t graduate into the SENIOR SUPER CHICKENS!!

      Stop the cheat!! Apuu 

      • Sore loser! So your dwarfish kenke eating Ghana Black Sattelites known for Age cheating, many of whom gave been banned at Age-grade football don’t cheat with their age?

        Yeye Ghananians interlopers who cry at every success Nigeria records. It’s just football- stop whinging.

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          We are going to the greatest THEATER on earth and we didnt cheat but did this to ur BIG FOR NOTHING and overrated cows in ur ZOO hahaa


          Hahaha …. Who cares about a cheating AFRICA under 20 

          I hope u cheating BOKMS doesn’t take this old CHIMP to Indonesia 


          His head is even OLDER than TAIWO hahaa 

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    How can a 20 years player and probably more younger than 20 so BALDED hair like this haha 


    So are they taking this old cheating BOKOM SUGAR daddy to Indonesia lol

    This is indeed a disgrace!!

    Africa is indeed a BIG SHIT HOLE..

    This dude is almost 38 years!!… am been generous!!

    He even looked older than BASSEY!! haha 

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Even if NGR had won with primary school children, you will still be hurt and find fault! You are so broken, not because of age-cheating beibg alleged by you (you can’t swear with your life that all the players your stupid coach brought o the tournament were within the age bracket), you’re hurting because Ghana did not only lose to Nigeria disgracefully, your stars were also eliminated in the first round! Your obsession with Nigeria and your notorious inferior complex are becoming a real nuisance to your nation. You’re really dying within seeing Nigeria thrive in this competition, reason you’re looking for every avenue to denigrate them. Bigger heart attack is coming. Nigeria will defeat Benin, become the champion of Africa, win 2022 WAFU B competition, do well at WYC, push these players to good clubs in Europe and he same players you’re accusing now Will come back to destroy yoiur Black Shit, few years to come.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Who will buy this OLD BIG HEADED cheating BOKOM haha 

        European team aren’t stupid like u haha 

        Do u think they don’t know that the Nigerian team is old and OVER AGED!!

        Look at this guy in this video, dude is ALREADY BALD haha 


        If this dude is under 20 to u, then I have a painteD YAHCT in a basement at Alaska for u to buy haha 

        GROWO SOME BRAIN CELLS because European clubs aren’t STUPID 

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Please why is selfmade aka dr dry so upset, we kno who you are. Are you not those that complained that Bosso will mess up in 3 weeks. And he has proven you al wrong. Abeg go eat dunkunu and hot pepper wit fish, you will be fine

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      The guy is dying within. He needs help

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        U have nothing else to say lol

        Crawl back into ur DIRTY eba filled apartment  lol

        U dirty bokom chimp hahah 

        • Papafem 2 years ago

          The way you’re going about Nigeria issues, I mean like your whole existence depends on it, you’ll end up taking banku with sniper, because Nigeria won’t stop doing well no matter what, and you won’t stop hating on them, no matter what

        • Akosa Ike 2 years ago

          Those alleging use of overaged players must have mental problem. Are they not aware that the use of MRI has been introduced decades back to detect and disqualify players who are above the age limit?

          • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

            I have MENTAL PROBLEMS haha 

            If u don’t have mental issues, u ll clearly see that this guy is OLD AGED 


             Does a 20 years old guy looked like this to u?

            No wonder Nigeria is messed up because everything is NA CONNECTION hahha 

            This guy is a PRODUCT OF NA CONNECTION….

            Most of the Nigerian players ll FAILED THE FIFA MRI SCAN  if they failed to do the right thing 

            Am 100% certain that this BALD HEADED  cheating player isn’t going to INDONESIA hahha 

  • @TONY I like that your submission. More supplements to your brain and blessings go locate you and your family ja re brother. More from where it came from, no be all these regressive insults and curses we dey see here.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    “No wonder we keep on winning”

    So “we” meaning you’re Nigerian after all pretending to be Ghanaian.Dude slipped up!haha..
    I knew you are a Nigerian probably one of us in this forum who choose to have fun by having a dig at our national teams.
    However,you have being exposed with this blunder,you have given yourself away as a bonafide Nigerian!No Ghanaian would have this time to taunt her opposite fans non stop days after winning against them,no one will have that energy,this must be a regular forum member with a different alias!

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Greenturf, you don catch am. That “WE” has let the cat out of the bag.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Who is a BOKOM hahha 

      “ we” means both GHANA AND NIGERIA”

       Ghana and Nigeria has the highest number of championship between them in the underage competition in Africa and even in the world but we have done nothing at the SENIOR wc because we cheat to win 

      Am not like u SILLY ULTRANATIONALISTS who supports these kind of CHEATING even if y’all know that ur country is using OVER AGED PLAYERS…. 

      Look at this dude and tell frankly if he isn’t over aged


      If a 20 year old BOKOM player looked like this guy and u SILLY idiots can’t see nothing wronged with it, then am right to INSULT u thieving bastards here 

      Is shame that Ghana and Nigeria ll always CHEAT other AFRICA nations!’

      Ghana also uses OVERAGED players but at least we are condemned our authorities unlike u BOKOM COWARDS who can’t 

       Is this kind of attitude that has MADE NIGERIA THE BIGGEST SHIT HOLE in Africa !! 

       Corruption has DESTROYED this BIG FOR NOTHING ENCLAVE called Nigeria apuuu

      Stop the CHEATS!! The Ivorians really looked like UNDER 20 and no wonder Ivory Coast has produced SUPERSTARS and world class players in various European countries 

  • When Ahmad Ahmad, the former president of CAF from Madagascar was frosting this format on Africa to favor his region, was Amaju Pinnick and other West African and North African FA presidents not there?

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Ask them. It’s total nonsense. They are simply jealous of West Africa and her achievements. It won’t take Africa anywhere. Since they introduced this useless system, the continent hardly send dull strength teams to the WC.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        They aren’t jealous of west Africans 

        They simply got tired of CHEATING NIGERIANS AND GHANAIANS simple 

        Most of the other AFRICA federations uses the right age players unlike Ghana and Nigeria !

        Y’all know what am saying is the truth 

        Have u ever asked urself why Ghana and Nigeria has the HIGHEST number of laurels at underaged competitions but choked at the senior level?

        Is simple, because we are more concerned at winning these GOOD FOR NOTHING aged competitions without thinking about the future of our national teams!!

        In two to three years time, these old cheating daddies fizzled out so quickly simply because they cheated 

        But what we diont realized is that, we spent a huge sums of our national scarce resources on these teams but they failed to glitter at the most crucial end 

        Until the day we stopped these kind of cheating and invest in the right players, we aren’t winning the senior wc!  

        Just look at this dude and tell me if I’m two years from today, he ll stepped up into the SUPER CHICKENS… tell me frankly 


        The reason why caf changed the format is because of cheating players like this dude in the video …. 

        Stop the cheat 

        Stop the corruption 

        Invest in the right players and in three years time, they can step up with their right ages!!

        Ghana and Nigeria stop this shit 

        No wonder AFRICA IS A BIG SHIT HOLE because everything NA CONNECTION 

        • Saintcrest 2 years ago

          To be fair we the the Age grade tournaments as it favours Nigeria, you’ll all agree with me that the likes of Siasa, Ugbade, Kanu, Oruma, Babayaro, Godwin Opara, Ahmed Musa, oparaku, Obi Mikkel, Taiye Taiwo, Ogbeiche Bartho, Osimhen, Iheanacho, Ndidi, Nwakali, Chukwueze, Shehu Abdulahi and a host of others who featured prominently for both club and Country at very Senior level is a testament to affirm the gains to Nigerian football especially. If the aforementioned players had cheated, they wouldn’t have had such a remarkable career.

          Even in the South American region, most players that excelled at AGE grade level never progressed to UEFA or even their National Team. Just a few.

        • Papafem 2 years ago

          Not surprised, you’ll always be against what Nigeria stands for, even if what we stand for and could fight for, will rub off on you and your country positively. If you support the current system of qualification in certain categories of FIFA and CAF competitions, just because your number one enemy here, Nigeria, stands against it, shows how retarded and pitiable envy and jealousy have turned you to. Continue supporting CAF’s conspiracy against West Africa, just because Nigeria hates the same conspiracy. Ghana will be the one to miss out and it has started already.

          We bundled you out of AWCON and by extention, WWC. We kicked you out of AYC, and by extention WYC. Our U-17 will still stop you from African U-17 championship and by extention world cadet competition. Those competitions you would be attending, that is, World U-17 women championship and World U-20 Women Championship were possible because FIFA took you out of West Africa for qualification. You could have as well lost out too, coming up against Nigeria again.

          The long term implication here is that you won’t have teams and players good enough to replace ageing ones, and your players’ marketability in Europe will take a hit. We really enjoy the hate, as long it is pushing us to do better and breed more players from the junior teams. By the time scale of envy falls off your eyes, you’d have a lot of catching up to do.

          • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

            Ur garbage doesn’t make sense!!

            Read it again and make sense out of it!!

  • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

    The Flying Eagles did well. It was not expected as Bosso is not a very good coach. There is no standout player here.

  • Fetch 2 years ago

    Let’s compete fairly for once, and know the true strength of the African youth. These age fraud is sometimes embarrassing. The Europeans and Asian truly present teens and we always defile them and even with all the cheating Africa has only won it once. This shows playing fair brings better results and also goes on to show how Africa’s problems isn’t only political. Let us all advocate for fairness

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      They are so desperate after Ghana eliminated them from the wc and they want to appease their fans for this blunder and hence they have went ahead to bring these old players as under 20 


      Look at this guy calling himself under 20

      Is simply an embarrassment 

      Is not surprising that, Nigeria is messed too because they condoned corruption 

      • Ndubest 2 years ago

        This is how madness starts @Selfmade. Why are you pained. Becareful before HBP will kill you.

  • Top it 2 years ago

    Africa has come of age to still condone and glorify age cheating in football. It renders these under age competitions useless

  • It is immensely backwards. Until you develop true compassion for the opponents Africa meets at the FIFA under age competitions, you will never feel how pathetic this age cheating thing is.

    • You Ghanain impostors can cry, whine and lament as much as you like but it would change nothing. Your team got beaten fair and square by Flying Eagles (whom the likes of @Yeboah, @Selfmade and other Ghana hate merchants and mercenaries here called Babe Chicken to be roasted on the early hours of 8th May, 2022 before their meeting) and by Burkina Faso, dumping your poor lads from a group stage of WAFU B level, not to talk of AFCON 2023.

      Now its excuse upon excuse from inconsolable Ghanains- from “bad whether,” to over-aged players, and now “referee assistance” That you have majority of dwarfs in Ghana don’t make your players younger than Nigerians.

      Just admit you were thoroughly beaten by two better teams in Nigeria and Burkina Faso and go and rest. Simple!

  • Badge 2 years ago

    The world knows Africa cheats. They are well aware Africa parade 30 year Olds as teenagers to compete with their lads

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