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2022 U-17 WAFU B Final: Ghanaian Referee To Officiate Golden Eaglets Vs Burkina Faso

2022 U-17 WAFU B Final: Ghanaian Referee To Officiate Golden Eaglets Vs Burkina Faso

Ghanaian referee Julian Nii Nunoo has been appointed to officiate the final of the 2022 U-17 WAFU Zone B tournament between the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria and Burkina Faso on Friday, according to ghanasoccernet.com.

Nii Nunoo will be assisted by his compatriot Roland Nii Dodoo Addy and Komlan Domenyo Adiwotso of Togo.

The Match Commissioner will be Naa Odofoley Nortey from Ghana.

The final of the regional tournament will take place inside the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

To get to the final, the Eaglets topped Group A after wins against hosts Ghana and Togo.

In the semi-final, they came from a goal down to beat Côte d’Ivoire 3-1 thanks to goals from Emmanuel Michael and Abdullahi Idris.

And in the second semi-final Burkina Faso pipped Ghana 1-0.

Both Nigeria and Burkina Faso will represent the WAFU Zone B at next year’s U-17 AFCON in Algeria.

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  • Self Made and Mr Yaw, I saw what you did here behind the scenes but I must tell you, you will not succeed. How WAFU can agree to your request of the final match between Nigeria and Burkina Faso being officiated by Self Made’s uncle is beyond me.

    But Nigeria shall prevail all the same.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Tomorrow my bro deo u ll see how old the burkina GRAND DADDIES are haha 

      After the match, tell me frankly how u see the burkinas tho 

      I ll come and read ur post match reviews 

      Wishing u nothing but the best DEO!!  …. 

      Suck a rare SPORTS GEM DEO is !!

    • @deo, boss I beg leave me out of this. May the best over aged team win…lol

  • Five Factors That Propelled Nduka Ugbade’s Fabulous Eaglets To Wafu Final

    The Golden Eaglets will look to lift the Wafu Zone B U-17 trophy when they square up against Burkina Faso in tomorrow’s final.

    The teenage proteges (with exciting players like Michael, Abdullahi, Williams and Azeez) have been nothing short of sensational in this tournament having ravaged all the teams that stood their way with a brand of football that is way beyond their years.

    Having made light work of noisy neighbours Ghana in their first match, they then breezed past Togo in their last group stage encounter before thrashing Ivory Coast in the semi final to set up tomorrow’s epic finale.

    I now look at 5 factors that contributed to their fairy tale journey to this Wafu B U-17 final.

    1, Compactness: as seen particularly in games against Ghana and Togo, the Golden Eaglets hardly broke ranks. They provided minimal gaps for opponents to exploit. They hone in to defend and maintain their shape to attack which helped to create plentiful goals scoring opportunities to which they took bountiful advantage.

    2, Set Piece Efficiency: Emmanuel Michael is undoubtedly the standout player of the team with his remorseless set piece deliveries. Whenever Nigeria earns a freekick in promising locations, the players will already start celebrating a goal because Emmanuel scarcely fails to deliver! Although Nigeria fans find this hilarious, it was not a laughing matter for Ghana and Ivory Coast young defenders. With no less than 3 successful freekicks in 3 games (100% success rate) set pieces have served Nigeria well in this tournament.

    3, Ruthless Streak: ten goals in just three games are a chilling testament of how merciless the Golden Eaglets have been in front of goal. These ones are definitely not a shrinking violet. They approach opposition 18 yard boxes with fiendish intent and they end up leaving devastation in their wake.

    4, Resourcefulness: having come back from a goal deficit to decimate a determined Ivory Coast in their semifinal triumph, the Golden Eaglets showed their character. It was always a worry whether Ugbade’s protégés would be able to claw their way back from a losing position as they never had to do that in the group stages. Those fears have been laid to rest.

    5, Superior Tactical Approach: it is quite unusual to see a Nigeria team that does not rely on speedy wingers. In fact, most of the Golden Eaglets forwards are not at all pacy. But they do not need it. The tactical and methodical way in which they build up to goal scoring opportunities aren’t reliant on brute speed. Rather, effective communication, compact coordination, neat touches, choreographed movements, a killer instinct and excellent positional play have all been deployed to devastating effects by the Golden Eaglets. Kind of like the Italian national team which did not need speedy wingers and forwards to win the 2021 European Championship.

    Although Burkina Faso are expected to be formidable foes, Ugbade’s Golden Eaglets have enough artillery in their tactical arsenal to lift the trophy.

    • Tristan 2 years ago

      After today we will no longer refer to Ghana by name instead, we will call them our “noisy neighbours”!

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Tomorrow y’all ll see how old the burkinas are lol

      U ll see the real age cheating 

      • Olujjjj 2 years ago

        Y is it that Ghanaian makes too much noise wen speaking their language? .. and u can never Dem mix English with it .. not a word . Even to pick from there line of thoughts wen dey speak..

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    It is as good as burkinabee is referee. WAFU while do you choose anti- Nigerians? Even burkinabee referee is better.

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    Thanks @deo. While I agree with most of your points, I disagree with point number 3. The Eaglets are profligate having lost more scoring opportunities than they scored in every match. Again, the coaches need to tell the boys to minimize clumsy tackles in their vital area because three of the four goals they conceded so far in the competition came from fouls committed in their vital area, two penalties and one spot kick just outside the box, even though that Ghanaian penalty was controversial.

  • Obest 2 years ago

    Self made idiot and yaw yaw, where are you? Your baby black shirt stars faild woefully right at your back yard. Get ready to cry more for your senior black shit starts. They would be trashed at the world cup.Trust me, your team will be disbanded after the wWorld Cup, why? They will chop many goals

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U seems retarded tho 

      Lol ….. 

      Apuu Ghana has won the under 17 tournament twice and we don’t want it again lol

      We have won the fifa under 20 too 

      We are looking at the the senior fifa worldcup which we are going to win for Africa 

      All these UNDERAGE tournaments aren’t fair anyways and tomorrow u ll see how old the burkinas are!!

      Ghana is going to QATAR and that’s where our concentration are!!

      If aren’t a BROKE dude BET against Ghana and let see lol

  • Ayodele Oloyede 2 years ago

    Non partiality is assured since both countries eliminated Ghana. Goodluck to the Golden Eaglets!

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U very smart dude!!

      This is the kind of Nigerians we want to see not the lying idiots apuu 

  • 11 against 13 (plus the Referee and the Ghanaian fans).
    ” When Fear knocks at your door, send faith to open it, then u shall find no one there”. The cup is ours anyways. They (B

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      There are more Nigerians in Ghana than burkinas so what u talking about!!

      There are more Nigerians living in cape coast where the finals are being played and more in sekondi so u have no idea of what u saying 

      Btw tomorrow u ll see at first hand how old the burkinas are lol

  • Coache 2 years ago

    See hate and conspiracy against Nigeria at West African level. I am not interested in the outcome though, we have qualified for Algeria. IMHO

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Where is the hate?

      Is because a Ghanaian referee is going to be the center man?

      Stop with the bullshit!!

      Tomorrow y’all ll see how old the burkinas are lol

  • 11 against 13(Plus. The Referee and the Home Fans).
    “When Fear knocks at your door, send Faith to open it and you shall find no one there” The Cup is ours anyways. They can only try.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    It is well.

  • Why Ghana???????

    Stupid man! Go away we don’t want you. Why should CAF appoint this stupid ghana must go?

  • Ghana ke!!!! Nigeria should forget it. We’ve lost the match already.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      What should that u have lost the match? 

      Is the Ghanaian referee not part of caf or Ghana is not part of Africa!!

      U have started ur excuses!!

      Tomorrow u ll see how old the burkinas are lol 

      • Who is this stupid man? Am I talking to you? Black idiot monkey.

  • EZOMO 2 years ago

    Both teams beat the starlets of ghana 8n fact when the golden eaglets beat 5hem they still managed to qualify but when the bukinas beat them they left the competion so no cause for alarm in fact it favours the eaglets more than burkinas

    • Kunle 2 years ago

      Ezomo, I live in Ghana, forget about whether burkina also beat them or not. Nigerians are number one Ghanaians enemy on earth.  Just watch the match  you will see.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        U live in ghana and why would u live in a country where the citizens hate u anyway!! U confused idiot!! 

        U see ur comments shows how shallow minded u are because u can’t live peaceful in a country where the citizens see Nigerians as their enemies! 

        U lying Nigerian bastard!! 

        U not only shallow but u are a big liar too!!

        This lying attitude of Nigerians is why a lot of people hate Nigerians for real!!

        Stop with ur bullshit 

        • Is he not stupid? If you feel hated pls go to your country. Kwasia!

          • Kunle 2 years ago

            Nigerians will leave your country if only you people don’t go to other’s country. If you want to live alone you have to go to another planet.

        • Kunle 2 years ago

          Nigerians is your number 1 enemy, you people look innocent but devil heart. Nigerians are open minded people.

  • John-I 2 years ago

    By his name, he’s from the GA-Adangbe tribe. They, Ewes and Northern Ghanaians aren’t that nationalistic or chauvinistic. The GAs have a lot in common with Yorubas. I’m sure he’ll officiate the game will.

    Nonetheless, the main focus should be about the game itself and not officiating. Like I said in previous post, Burkina Faso is the best team so far. I watched all their games, very robust, skillful and technical side with a lot of flair. Ousmane Camara (the left-footed #7) is a great talent.
    In the game between Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, the Ivorians took a 2-goal-lead but Burkinabes swam on them like angry bees, equalised 2-2 and went ahead to win. That was a classic game.

    Although every game has its dynamics but the Eaglets must be on top of their game to win. Good luck to them.

  • Supatemmy 2 years ago

    I don’t think the referee will want to spoil his reputation on international stage, I know there’s rivalry in sport but this ref will work professionally and will like to officiate other great matches.
    Moreover Nigeria only beat them in group stage and they still qualify, but BF stop them from facing naija in final, so the man suppose to be bias to them than us… But anyway it is, Nigeria is winning this one… Though the match will be tough but we can win it

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    If the Eaglets can take all their chances by reducing profligacy in front of goal and be disciplined by ensuring minimal clumsy tackles around the vital area, you will be shocked at the final scoreline

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    A Nigerian ref would been on the side of the ghanaians if it were the other way round. I remember how we Nigerians supported Ghana when they won the u20 world cup and supported them in their quarter finals match against Uruguay . U could clearly see that we wanted them to win from the depths of our hearts as our African brothers but the same can’t be said of them if it were Nigeria. They just hate us with passion that can’t be quantified. Even when we are ahead of them, they’ll always try to dent our image to pull us down. That is wickedness. The young lads should just take their chances early and decisively as they come whilst having at the back of their minds that they are playing against 13 men. God speed be with you.

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