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2022 WCQ: Draw Against Cape Verde Like A Win For Eagles – Rohr

2022 WCQ: Draw Against Cape Verde Like A Win For Eagles – Rohr

Gernot Rohr says the Super Eagles 1-1 draw against Cape Verde in Tuesday’s Group C 2022 World Cup qualifier feels like a win for his team.

The Eagles got off to a perfect start after Victor Osimhen opened scoring under one minute after a poor clearance by a Cape Verde player.


But the visitors equalized on six minutes from a corner through Stopira.

The draw saw the three-time African champions qualify into the play-off round with 13 points.

AFCON 2022 Zabira

And fielding questions after the game, Rohr praised his players for holding out after failing to get the winner.

“First of all, a draw can be like a victory, for today because we wanted to qualify and knew that a draw means qualification. It was not an easy game because Cape Verde are a good technical team and they scored in the moment we believed we had the match in our hands.


“But we missed a lot of chances in the first half especially, we deserve to score a second goal but it didn’t come so we had to defend and the players did it well.”

Odion Ighalo made his first appearance since coming out of international retirement as he paired Osimhen in attack before being withdrawn.

And Rohr feels he needs time due to the fact that he has been away from the team for over one year.

“We need a little patience with Ighalo. He was not with us for more than one year and we need time to find the harmony and I think he did some interesting things with Osimhen who will grow and learn a lot.

“Now for the AFCON we can prepare, today was like a final, very special game so what we ask for is little patience, give us a little time to work on the two of them then the goals will come again.”

And when asked where the Eagles need to improve ahead of next year’s AFCON and the play-off in March, he said:”The improvement I want to see in my team is for them to exploit their scoring opportunities, to be more effective offensively.

“Also I want to see them play quicker from behind it’s still too slow from behind for me, I want to have quicker football with one, two touches, our central defenders still take much time to bring the ball forward, So we have to work on it, we had 13 points from six matches which is not bad.

” So after this group stage we can be optimistic, now we have the time to prepare for the AFCON, some of our players are coming back from injuries , Ndidi, Chukwueze. So let’s give our players time to be better.”

By James Agberebi

Photo: By Ganiyu Yusuf

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  • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

    Atleast he realizes there’s a slow movement from the center backs……. but guess what next match it will be the same bs he can never bench Ekong. Other teams will read our games and God help us in the next round. If you notice the Caoe Verdians always bum rushed the defence when long balls were launched into our vital area…… This tells me that the defence has been figured..

    • Saturday 2 months ago

      Bile People’s Association, (BPA).
      What were you expecting? You needed just a point and he delivered. Besides, yesterday’s game was an improvement over the last game. Rohr is grooming this set of SE.

      • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

        If you like change your name to Sunday your retarded writing will still give you away as osengiobor obo(monkey) 85% of soccer loving Nigerians know Rohr almost fucked up today and we were lucky and his substitutions and tactical awareness is questionable. Idiots like you will celebrate anything below average…and shy from the truth. That’s why the whole Nigerian system is fucked up.

        • Saturday 2 months ago

          Hahaha! And he doesn’t change handle… Another BPA rearing to go. So, BPA, do we change from Nigeria to another country or simply improve on what we have? You needed to qualify to another round, here you are, so, why are you bitter? Pls let’s be patient. Coach Rohr is an on going concern and the NFF is aware of that.

          • Steve O 2 months ago

            Patient for six going years under Rohr?..if na your failed for exam in six years , will you still pay his school fees?….if Rohr did not win the Afcon ,he should
            be butted out for a new coach to take us to playoff and world cup !!

  • dominic 2 months ago

    Rohr just keep quiet for today you gave many of us high tension in today match

    • Tope Adeola 2 months ago

      No bi small my brother.

    • Omoatama 2 months ago

      Something is not right here, is Gernoht Rohr for real, what is the gaffer saying, we need to be patient with an aged and tired Ighalo ( with 36 caps to his name ) who is past his prime, he still says he needs time to settle into the team because he haven’t being with the team for a more than 1year and needs to find a harmony, Jesu!!!!,that is the most sickening excuse I have heard in donkey years, I almost puke reading that, but a young and vibrant Awoniyi that has just joined the senior national team set up and had a more imposing presence and more shots on target in his first Super Eagles debut was labelled inexperienced and wasteful, Mr Gernoht Rohr that is double standard by all ramifications, obviously Ighalo was not called on merit, still the Ighalo we know, just this time he is a lot off the mark than before because of he is aging.

      Corruption has taken centre stage in Gernoht Rohr mind, the man has been psychologically cloned to think like all failed Nigerian politicians who always shamelessly validate their failures with long speeches and baseless excuses, the NFF is the biggest culprit in all of this, Rohr is just a tiny part of the problem, why owe a coach a back log of salary and not expect him to invite players who can offer him money to meet his many financial worries, the gaffer has clearly outstayed his welcome, with him in charge I see no significant progress in this team because he have lost sight of his goals for the national team and his more focus on making megabucks from the mediocre players before the expiration of his contract, I have completely lost faith in him with this sham of an excuse he just gave for Ighalo’s fluffed chances, it reeks of hypocrisy.

      • You’ve made sense. They are making a fool of themselves thinking no one is aware of what is going on internally!

    • Saturday 2 months ago

      Another BPA, how market. You can make a post without sounding abusive. Yesterday’s game is gone, coach Rohr and the boys are already in the drawing board, that I can assure. Our only option is to be patient. It’s well.

  • Sean T 2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up Rhor. I wish NFF can replace you with Luis Felip Scolari. He’s the only quality coach available. NFF go source for fund and hire him b4 December. Rhor is a poor Manager and will never win a tea cup if given extra 5 years to manage the team

  • Oga Rhor we need a working Midfield…..We need a vibrant Midfield…..Cape Verde just can not be running the midfield against SE na!…..I don’t know how you will do it but our Midfield needs to be fixed…..The Midfield is the engine room of a football team.

    • De Star 2 months ago

      @Omoatama; I cannot agree less with you, many forum members were castigating only Rohr of inviting the likes of retired Oga Rohr who are buoyant to bribe their way into SE and Eyimba displaced reserved goalkeeper John Noble .
      Why leaving out the NFF that is owing the poor coach backlog of unpaid salary?

      Rohr as human, would surely had his own resistance elasticity, in view of the fact that , he has some bills to pay back home ( he who lives in abroad would understand better) , would have no choice , other than to live at the mercy of some players that can either compromised or pay their way .

      As a human , it is therefore natural ; Rohr would either walk away , resigned honourably or do what some other compromised Local coaches do to survive on the job by comprising on the choice of his players selection; and unfortunately, till date Rohr did not help himself by going for refresher course as recommended by his business partner NFF after he was tutored by Algeria Local coach Belmadi at the last Afcon , and his employer too useless NFF are only after their pocket without ensuring Rohr embarked on the recommended refresher course.

      The only solution that can stop the invitation of the likes of retiring Ighalo and Noble is for NFF to pay the coach his dues and also stop interfering in players selection; while we then hope for the best from the merited players to translate their great exploits in their clubs into the SE irrespective of technical differences of Oga Rohr

  • Oakfield 2 months ago

    Rohr should shut up, rohr should go and sit down, rohr should this, rohr should that. I hope the Algerian fans are abusing their own “world class “coach just like us after they were gruesomely held to a 2-2 draw by burkinafaso of all countries. Cape Verde Is a more stronger and organized team than burkina, at least the former have defeated notable football teams in the world than the latter. And to those who said he hasn’t won anything, even a tea cup, remember that a bronze afcon trophy currently sits in the glass house courtesy of the “stupid” good for nothing coach in his first competitive attempt with a team that was akready in irreparable shambles. You don’t know what u have until u lose it. Congrats genort rohr. It can only get better.

    • Your Mama 2 months ago

      We are not Algeria you fools should stop.comparing us with others. Atleast Algeria are African champions and had a long streak of good games. Fools like you celebrate Mediocrity and you should shut up too. Idiot! Can you beat your chest and say we’ve played well in the last 10 games…. Yes some games will be hard and boring but not last 10 games including a stupid loss to CAR and I know what a fool like you is about to say…. yeah yeah yeah he qualified us with 2 games to spare and good put us in good standing in the Fifa ranking. No be person put Naija for 5th in the world in 1994. So shut the fuck up. You don’t love the eagles mote than the average Nigerian..Fool

      • Oakfield 2 months ago

        Your mama na fool. Your papa na lunatic who has given birth to a miserable idiot. U think football nowadays na beans or you to think say na only u wan go world cup?? Fool! . Tell me why on earth should algeria play out a draw with burkina? They arent in the same class but algeria but it goes to show u that these small teams are very troublesome. But your pychopathic sorry self wouldn’t undersatnd that. Na too play like brazil and lose na that one u like abi? . Stupid idiot! I’d rather pitch my tent with a coach that plays biz like football and wins matches than a coach that plays like brazil and loses crucial matches. The man u want his head appears to be the best coach that nigeria has ever had in history. If u doubt me, check his stats and compare it to other coaches that we had before him. It is results that matter in todays world of football than performance. Morinho won the champions league with chelsea and other clubs not bcs they played entertainment football but meant biz by getting the desired results and it is on record that he is one of the best coaches in the world. History does not record performance but results and achievements. Hence, if this man has been able to give us the desired results and will still give us more, then so be it. Ewu gambia.

    • NAIJA 2 months ago

      You are a bastard! With the kind of hypertension people almost had…. you come her to spew rubbish. YOU MUST BE A MEDIOCRE IN LIFE TO CELEBRATE SUCH MEDIOCRITY AND FAR FROM THE TRUTH….Bastard

      • Oakfield 2 months ago

        @naija, ur mama na bastard. In fact, na a bastard mad man give ur mama belle to born you which invariably means that u come from a generation of bastards.

  • JimmyBall 2 months ago

    @Oakfield shame no catch you, you come the compare Burkina Faso and Cape Verde to justify Rohr and his ineptitude… oya. Who will you compare now with Central African Republic that beat him at home? Guy shift…

    • chuxs 2 months ago

      You dey mind that ass-licker, where is his boss to comment. They were just lucky to have scaled through with a draw. Me am waiting for who the pitching us against

      • Oakfield 2 months ago

        @chux, if them like let them bring brazil or egypt, we shall scale through. I no dy fear. One thing ive observed about rohr and his team is that they play biz like football and deliver . Their performance may not be entertaining most times but they get the desired results which matters most. Like i usually say, stats and history do not record whether u played like brazil or argentina but the number of games which you’ve won and lost, hence, it doesnt really matter whether we play like brazil or not, all that matters are the results. @jimmyball, it is u wey shame go catch bcs ur belmadi thin god whom u usually exalt above rohr or use as a yardstick to judge rohr played out a draw with a team way below the standards of cape verde. I was hoping ur belmadi thin god would’ve spanked them with goals but they scraped through by just not an ordinary draw but a 2-2 draw which means that burkina faso could have beaten them yesterday. The reality is that football has changed from what it used to be.

  • Only individuals brilliance can save this eagles at playoff stage.

  • Felix 2 months ago

    #Rohr out

  • Larry 2 months ago

    Sharapova Dumbo Rohr.!
    Do what your mind is telling you: Resign and file a lawsuit to get whatever is owned by nff. You will have my respect and majority of REAL global soccer lovers
    You know you do not have the wherewithal to reach the final of next ANC talk not of winning as stipulated in your current contract..
    To all your asslickers, Do you still believe in Dumbo Roar ?
    To those SE die-hard fans who are currently diagnosed with heart related diseases, please do not raise your expectations at ANC. If you are expecting SE to win anything under Dumbo and Roaring Roar,REMOVE such expectation from you heart or STAY-OFF YOUR TV DURING AFCON..
    To you betters, be smart with your bettings..
    Roaring Roar resign and save this nation of intending soccer related breakdown/agonies.

    • Oakfield 2 months ago

      Uggggh….. Yeah, go and sack him nah. Ungrateful wretch like you. Since u have failed to appreciate a man’s handwork nobody would ever appreciate yours. It’s the simple law of karma. Even if rohr kills himself, most of you idiots would not be happy. U want our team to play like brazil and fail to qualify. Miserable people all over the place. The good news is that we shall qualify and he (rohr) would take us to the world cup whether u like it, hate “him” or not. So, go hang yourself if u aint satified. Ewu gambia.

  • Larry 2 months ago

    Sharaap Dumbo Roar***

    • Saturday 2 months ago

      That’s unfair. Let’s be objective, we needed a point
      Coach Rohr did delivered that’s what the NFF has counted. So, this set of SE needs time to acclimatize, be patient and remain quiet.

  • Johnson Chima Onyeagoro 2 months ago

    I think the draw for the play off will be made by the ending of this month. The least ranked team will play home first. If we are to meet any of the following countries: Algeria, Senegal,Tunisia or Morocco, we will play home first as we are ranked below them and they are ranked above us. Nigeria is ranked 5th in the last fifa ranking in October. But the remaining 5 countries that made it to the final round will play home first if we meet any of them. I hope the November fifa ranking will push us up the ladder because in this kind of final match, it is good to play the second leg at home. Nonetheless, a good team can win any of the fixtures, Home or away

    • benakay 2 months ago

      Good thing is the only other country that could displace us for 5th place (Egypt) had a similar record – a win and a draw.
      So hopefully, Nigeria should end up as the 5th ranked team in Africa come the Nov FIFA rankings.
      This will help us avoid Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Algeria, as the top 5 teams will be seeded.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      The draw for the final playoffs will be held in January 27th next year.

      • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

        Nope the draw for the play offs is Dec 18…. Confirmed

    • Presh 2 months ago

      Nigeria will qualify to the World Cup, don’t mess with our lads, they know what’s up. Business done, unto the next,

  • So this coach is literally telling us he love what he was watching? I mean why allow Simon Moses to continue the 2nd half, he was injured in the 1st and he is doing next to nothing in the whole 1st half, if not that he got stretch out, Paul and kelechi would have been our only sub @ 80 minutes, that’s why I ask if it means the coach was actually enjoying the match nii, NFF need take quick step now, the SE fear factor is gone, only osimhen and ndidi look like they need the World Cup ticket to me, God pls preserve this osimhen boy for us.

  • FARUK 2 months ago


  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    This man needs a brain check , ur team is playing rubbish thanks to ur technical deficiency and u ve the gut to be running ur mouth. I ve told u guys many times Rohr’s playing to lose . Folks please pay attention to this man something is not right . Look at his substitutions, look at is selections.

    • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

      I started thinking that today….. It seems like he is trying to Sabotage us. Why not bring Chukwueze to run down an already tired CV defence but you bring out our strongest point and bring in 2 sluggish players and then shehu for Aina……. This looks like a systematic sabotage..I’m finding it hard to think he is that inept.

      • No one listens to noise. Stop it. @Saturday, a BPA is spotted.

      • Henry 2 months ago

        You are the one sabotaging yourself. We only needed a draw and got it. We should be glad there was no injuries. Rohr is ok.

    • Gabriel 2 months ago

      A BPA sported. @Saturday, that was a very good acronym, BPA.

  • Kennedy 2 months ago

    You abuse the NFF, abuse the Sports Minister, abuse una Roar’. Now you want NFF to bring new coach in place of Rohr, are you not stupid? Rohr said be patient, so while the noise? Even bitter in qualification, that’s what @Saturday is saying.

  • Chris 2 months ago

    Even me just dey read, unless it is not your country. Your country qualified and you are bitter? I can’t see any justification unless there’s something else. Cry me another river.

    • I don’t know what will happened to the man if cape Verde had difeated us. The man suffered from the hand of football fans in Nigeria. What I see is transfer of aggression. People are simply not happy about the government in power . Stop calling this man all sort of names.

  • Henry 2 months ago

    When is the next round of qualification sef?

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    @ Footballfanatic, thanks bro for not sugarcoating calling these corrupt people out is an act patriotism. Rohr needs to be investigated he can’t be this daft or inept something fishy going on, I know the combination of Pinnick, aigbogun, Eguavoen and Dikko would doom our football, these axis of evil would do anything for money. The other day one clown claimed Pinnick was a billionaire before he became nff chairman, lol .

  • Presh 2 months ago

    You guys yelling, Rohr this,Rohr that, you qualified, he’s done it, am tired of Nigerians fans who can never coach when given that chance. We qualified. It’s not easy.

    • William d conqueror 2 months ago

      Please my naija people, let us support the team irrespective what rohr does. Before yesterday I want the team to fail so we can get rid of this clueless man, but when match start I couldn’t bear the team to lose.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    See this Criminal Rohr saying Ighalo needs time but Awoniyi Dessers and others he didn’t even give them time. Ighalo has started missing glaring chances again yet you open your mouth and say he needs time but never gave others time. It is obvious that Rohr is taking us for fool Alongside Picnic. I will not follow Eagles match with interest or put my money on them as long as this thief is the Gaffer! Shameless old bastard i wish the judgement of the lord upon you for using our national team for personal Gains. Before March you all will see what will happen to Rohr as long as I serve the Living God. Halle Yaweh!!!

  • Nosakhare 2 months ago

    The “static” Ighalo could not perturb the Cape Verde defenders even if he was surrounded by the 11 players its inconsequential. Go and check how Osimhen has always been policed in our matches lately and even in club side yet he still give them serious headache plus big trouble and even score goals. Ighalo could not head in the fine cross from Osimhen yet you claim he was policed.

    By the way, was Ighalo expecting Victor to gift him that ball for a cheap goal at the 1 minute of play? No way nah, Ighalo should hustle for his goals as Osimhen equally need goals for his career profile. Nonsense!!!

    Did the ineptitude Gernot Rohr give Awoniyi sufficient time as he gave Ighalo? Go and check that match again…. Awoniyi was more mobile, hungry, gallant, and almost scored but for the fine defending from the opponent.
    Clueless Coach Rohr (Gather and Play gaffer).

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Terrible changes most especially when I saw Shehu I was struck dumb. What is happening to Nigeria have we lost it? I can say boldly that this Rohr eagles will be severely beaten by Saudi Arabia and Iran. No jokes I’m just been sincere here because these are countries with Zero talent but due to their honesty and highly technical bench they’ll play us squarely and shame this Garbage Coach. Pinnick should not think he is safe for all this mishaps happening in Nigeria let us loose Afcon first that I’m sure we can’t win with this idiotic coach then he will understand what’s up except if Nigeria youth are dumbasses!

  • Mr Hush 2 months ago

    Firstly,while I feel a bit disappointed that we couldn’t take out Capeverde at home ,I believe congratulations is in order. Congrats to Nigerians and the Team for qualifying for the playoff stage.

    We all got different perspectives on the Eagles development baring in mind our state of play. Notwithstanding a corrupt and inept
    FA; in football,the buck always falls on the Coach.
    Results says Rohr has performed positively. But results could just be paint covering up the crack on the wall which is a disjointed style of play cause by the inefficiency of the coach’s selection and tactics.
    By a man’s mentality, you know who his personality. Rohr broke after the CAR defeat,so he acted cowardly in the last round of matches. We could have done better.

    The question are; what was the need for Ighalo? What did he do that an Awoniyi couldn’t do?
    And don’t tell me experience; the man could barely hustle. Experience is as good as what you do with it. Ighalo isn’t a young bull anymore. The few chances set up for him ,he fluffed. Awoniyi was crucified for less.Ighalo’s mind is there but his body is getting weak.
    Going forward, Ighalo is simply not needed anymore. So is both Musa and Shehu. They place in the team can’t be justified anymore.
    With all due respect to Onuachu, he shouldn’t be in the team either. He brings nothing to the team. His style simply doesn’t suit ours.

    We have so many light weights that we have to look for better replacements; Ekong,Balogun,Collins falls in these category. Iwobi needs a challenge. He can’t be given the full responsibility of creativity, since Aribo hasn’t been much help either.
    I hope players like; Dennis, Akpoguma,Awoniyi, Dessers ,Amoo, Onyedika (and when cleared), Lookman, Ejaria; are given their chance fairly. And trusted servants like Aina and Zaidu are not thrown to the wilderness for players that they’re better than.

    With the Afcon and qualifiers in the horizon, tougher tasks lies ahead. No more playing emotions over logic. Our choices must be made on rational grounds; emotions do no good here.

    • Ighalo can be a super sub but he needs to work on his fitness and pace. Too heavy for modern day striker

      People like Emmanuel dennis , awoniyi , okereke should
      Be brought to fight for shirt

      Good thing is Nations cup is 28 man

      Nigerian politics is there from NFF that’s y Rohr can remove miss

      People blame Rohr but trust their is imposition from NFF.

      Rohr is a gentle man