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2022 WCQ: Ighalo Keeps Eagles In The Dark

2022 WCQ: Ighalo Keeps Eagles In The Dark

With just four days to the crucial 2022 World Cup qualifier against the Lone Star of Liberia at the Grand Stade de Tangier, Al-Shabab striker, Odion Ighalo is yet to announce when he will storm the Super Eagles camp.

Ighalo, who last played for the senior national team in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, where the team defeated Tunisia in the Third-Place match to win bronze, was named among the 24-man squad by the German tactician for the game against Liberia and Cape Verde.

It was the second time Ighalo would be exiting the national team following a vow he earlier made never to don Nigeria’s green and white after horrendous abuse and death threats directed at him and his family following Nigeria’s ouster from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Ighalo made 35 appearances for the West Africa nation from 2015 to 2019, scoring 16 goals in the process.

The Super Eagles will tackle the Lone Star of Liberia at the Grand Stade Tangier in Morocco on Saturday, 13th November, and then fly into Lagos for the final group game against Cape Verde’s Blue Sharks at the Teslim Balogun Stadium on Tuesday, 16th November.

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Despite the arrival of players to the Super Eagles camp, the former Watford star has remained silent on the issue , a situation which calls for concern.

Recall that he said that he won’t rush a decision to return to the Super Eagles even after coach Gernot Rohr threw open the doors of the team to him.

In case Ighalo fails to honour the invitation, what will be Rohr’s next game plan for the team? Will he recall Union Berlin striker, Taiwo Awoniyi back to the team as his replacement?


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • If Ighalo fails to turn up, blame it on unfair and sometimes vile comments from Nigerians, especially on CSN forum here. Dude may have be reading all the direct and indirect attacks and veiled threats here in the event he makes the simplest mistakes again – which will be overlooked without a thought when committed by their favourite players.

    If Nigeria fails to pick up the 3 points in Morroco on Saturday cos Rohr didn’t get the full complement of the tools he knows he needs – not the ones for forced/foisted on him by fans – these same narrow thinking fans must come out with their full chest to take the blames for crashing our Qatar 2022 hopes.

    Leave Ighalo to help. Stop e-harassing him here.

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      I share your opinion my brother, I feel many of the comments on is the issue is enough reason for him to back out. Many of us are bitter over his inclusion and it reflects in our comments.

      I wish Awoniyi was also called but I don’t have a thing against the inclusion of Ighalo at all.

      I strongly feel we should show support for him and every other player on the team.

      If we lose the game, we can’t blame Rhor, because we didn’t allow him to pick his choice players.

      • KangA 3 years ago

        I appreciate your point of view, but I beg to differ in some directions. I am not in support of Ighalo’s return, but I won’t lose sleep if he does so in a civil, open manner. Some fans are against the “backyard” system of crashing back into the national team. If he had announced the decision to rescind his retirement by playing the popular Naija card of “I had to bow to the wishes of my people”, he would have carried along a lot of fans, including me.

        But no. He was just being a pawn of Pinnick . . . and by tenuous links Oga Rohr. Ighalo is a professional par excellence, holding some enviable records. Why can’t he be his own man? And for Oga Rohr to be jittery with the pack of a potent strike force at his disposal?

        Ighalo will do himself a lot of good by shunning this dubious call-up.

      • @Chiodimi When we allowed Keshi to Pick his team for 2014 World Cup what happened???. My friend abeg with all due respect you had better just support the #NONEEDFORIGHALO cause.

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • excuse the typo *@Chidiomimi* I mean to say

          • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

            I don’t see anything wrong with Ighalo’s inclusion. If the coach feels he is needed in his team, let him have his way. If he doesn’t get us the result with Ighalo’s inclusion, then, we can crucify him.

        • Victor 3 years ago

          Keshi’s team got to the second round before they were knocked out by France. Descent achievement if you ask me. A win against France would have been a major upset. A coach is still responsible for his team. If he decides to go for experience so be it while you may descent still wish him luck and get behind the team as a fan. This is for coordination, After all there are so many ways of achieving an objective even if you were the coach you will have your own idea which would be different from many others and would want to be judged by the outcome.

          • @Victor Sorry bro I remember clearly prior to the World Cup the mandate was out do the previous position set by Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal and it was at the time unthinkable that Ghana and Senegal achieved it in thier first try this was before we all got used to mediocrity of course. quarter finals at least was acceptable. And mind you France was very beatable as we stood the to toe with them until an inform Onazi in his prime got injured and we all know as was well documented the bribe vs Agent Saga we had no bench and Ruben came the rest my brother is history. But France was Beatable and round of 16 was not the mandate. Looking back Germany would have knocked us out but we had France and Keshi’s tricks caught up to us( us because Nigeria SE belongs to Nigerians)

            @Chidiomimi no bro thats the whole point we have Crucified coaches enough. And if you remember clearly if you have been on CSN for long, I foresaw this Whole thing with Players getting imposed on the coach come crucial World Cup time. And boom I was right bros hence my Insipid anger and frustration towards the whole situation. But No not this time it can’t be so. This is our Striongest generation since the 90’s and I will be damned if 2014 happens all over again and this team is jeopardized especially when I feared it would be so.

          • @Victor you also forget so quick we were defending Champions of Africa going into that tournament. Emenike was in hot form, Victor Moses same. Mikel just won the champions League with Chelsea 2 years prior and was having probably his best run in his entire Chelsea career. Ahmed Musa (yes Musa lol) was painting Russia with goals, Not to mention an exploding Ezekiel Imoh (Main Casualty of the bribing shenanigans) painting Belguim red with goals much like Onuachu is doing now. Man we had hope. Nosa Igiebor was having an explosive year in Spain, Victor Anichebe was doing great at Everton( another Casualty of Bribing at the time). Man there was real hope prior to the realise of the list. Even after the hope remained we would go far. The mandate was outdo Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon that was our Mandate in 2014 to refresh your memory

          • Victor 3 years ago

            It’s nice to believe in your team. I agree with you but when you are doing a review of the team performance you throw everything on the table. Firstly, France was ranked number 10 in that year FIFA ranking while we were number 41. Fine they were beatable but like l said it would have been an upset. The quality of players in that French team was better. Talking about mandate, the mandate would always be to have a better performance but when you can’t surpass it but you maintained the standard I think such performance should still be commended and remember your team also beat a well stocked Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zedko yanic etc)to qualify for the second round. We were the only African team that qualified for second round even star studded Cote di voire couldn’t make it. Fine there were lessons to be learnt but they deserve more commendation that stick. It still doesn’t take away independence in team selection. More importantly the coach had delivered a shock win of the nation cup with 40% local players against tournament favorite Cotedivoire.

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      IF the opinion will not help the team, it is not needed.

      We blame the coach for every mistake and the man is saying, you didn’t give me the players that I need.

      The natural way to respond is to show support for what the coach is doing.

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        An opinion doesn’t have to be needed it is a form of freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their and that’s why we can state our opinions on this complete sports forum and have arguments for and against. Now it is left to some to either want to read it or not but no rule stating some can say this and some can say that..

      • @Chidiomimi oga sir, with all due respect who do you think you are???, Telling us not to air our opinion. Didi you realise that World Cup is around the cornor. And the last time Nigeria coach accepted Money for players it was really shown in a nasty way when Onazi got injured and there was no one with quality on the bench to replace him. So we air our opinion because from past experience I can safely say that 80% of Nigerian Fans don’t actually follow Nigerian players abroad but, rather follow thier teams instead i.e . Man U, chelsea, Arsenal etc. so naturally they will take the coach word on players legitimacy for being selceted.

        well Bros with a repeat of 2014 on the horizon it is wise that we air our views and hop the coach takes note. Thank you. On the Ighalo matter I hope he resinds his decision and Awoniyi or Dennis is quickly drafted in.

        • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

          @Ugo, while I don’t take offence at your response, I will also state that the best we can do as fans of the Super Eagles is to show support.

          Our various comments and criticism are causing more damage than good. it is natural for Ighalo to want to see the reactions of Nigerians before jumping on the train.

          the Coach feels Ighalo still have some unfinished business, why not give the coach our support? then, we can punish him if he fails. This is the point I am making.

      • What player does he need. He had igalo at the last natikns cup and world cup

    • Thanks @Chidiomimi. You get my point.

      @Footballfanatic, lol. You’re quick to use the ‘F’ word, and you’d not even done up to 3 paragraphs. You just exactly confirmed my point.

      There’s @Chidiomimi who admitted he too opposed the Ighalo, but you can the ways he expressed it.

      You know, there’s ‘airing your view’ on one hand and on the other hand, there are also abuses, threats, bullying and F-laden ‘criticisms’ – some which are actually criminal if the target decides to take it up.

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        You can’t outrightly blame people on here for his decision. Have you gone on Instagram, or watched other sports shows online to see the amount of people who are opposed to Ighalo coming back and also those who support his coming back but for you to claim the vile comments here are responsible is just being economical with the truth. Maybe you think the whole Nigerian soccer community revolves around completesports. An opinion is an opinion and it is freedom of speech that’s why u have the same right to reply. If he knows he is in the right he will come back regardless of any vile whatever he might have heard or read but if he is not comfortable to come back respect his choice and don’t blame the fans that also want the best for the Nigerian team.

        • Abdul Handsy 3 years ago

          @footballfanatic: I love that response from you brother. For long Rohr is free to invite whomever he deems it fit,the fans are also entitled to their respective opinions..for me,I am not really comfortable for his coming as he was not forced to retire and secondly we have capable hands in the names of Osimehn, Awoniyi and Iheanacho upfront..

          I don’t even know what we are really clamouring for in ighalo that’s special, I repeat once again, ighalo scored 3goals in his 1-15matches with the super eagles and why can’t Rohr be patient and trust these avalanche of deadly strikers we are blessed with these days na?

          But I had long accepted the coach decision to extend an invite to him hence it is for all and sundry..but if ighalo decided not to come to this party for me, no one should be blamed for it… That’s his personal decision and it should be respected besides if we are being afraid of loosing to a lowly ranked team like liberia because of ighalo’s absence what happens when the real deal comes up without him guys???

          For me, Rohr is just being too over careful if not I don’t see any cause for panicking with the absence of ighalo in these matches if actually our home work is well done!

          Rajevac, the Ghanaian coach just invited an 18yr old Gyan Afena to the Ghanaian national team and it will surprise you to know that Afena has not featured up to 90mins for AS Roma in this his first season with the senior team.
          Ghana situation is even more dicey than that of Nigeria in the table standing…

        • @footballfantastic you are right. Blaming the fans was another dubious accusations to the wrongs of rohr and pinnick

    • @kel what you just said is definitely below your standard. You are trying to dodge the really issue. You don’t beg an unwilling horse. Rohr definitely missed it here. Because you support him deos not mean you shouldn’t hand him the sticks sometimes. This is a big mess.

  • Mr Hush 3 years ago

    I have vented my opposition to the re-invitation of Ighalo. I feel he isn’t needed cause we have the tools to do the job.
    We should be focus on other areas that need strengthening; the midfield in particular.

    I believe everyone is entitled to share their opinion as long as it is constructive, honest and not vile. Everyone, no matter our stance, wants the best for the team. No one loves the Eagles more than the other.

    That said , the deed has been done.Ighalo has been invited. It is in his prerogative to honour the invitation or not. Nigeria is his fatherland and it is always a honour to have a dedicated servant heed the call no matter our differences and positions. For now we can only wish him and the team luck. I would hope he does what he does best of given the chance; afterall, it is for our good.

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      While I don’t have anything against your point, but I feel it is not in our place to choose the team for the coach. The man called Ighalo because he needs him.

    • Thanks for your civil expression as always @Mr Hush. But you do recall situations when Cameroun had to recall Roger Milla, Sweden Ibrahimovic and even recently France Benzema – despite the embarrassment of talents at their disposal.

      You really think the current strikers – with the exception of Ighalo – have the capacity, experience and hold up abilities of Ighalo? The highest goalscorer at the last AFcon and WCQs? I’m surprised at the number of the nays here. Wow. Anyway, I hope before tomorrow, Ighalo shows up. I trust Pinnick and his board must be following up on him.

      • * with the exception of Osimhen.

        • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

          Look at where Ibrahamovich is playing at his age and where Benzema is playing at his age and then compare the league where Ighalo is playing. Na wa ohh even Vardy or Milner isn’t even considered for the 3 lions…

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Footballfanatic that was a brilliant response. @Kel if it was Manchester Ighalo nobody here will complain but comparing the situation to Zlatan and Benz of Madrid is out of order seriously speaking I know say we never agree before but I’m not here for a fight!

          • @Chima, even when he was at ManU and there were suggestions for him to return to the SE, some fans were still vehement that he should stay retired.

            It sounded like a personal vendetta or they feel Ighalo will take the spot of their preferred players. In any case, we all want the best for our team and everyone looks at the same issue from different angles. We have a long way to go – the big deal of the 2nd round. I pray we scale through. That’s the koko cos a 2-legged knock-out (unlike a league format) is always dicey.

            Last time CAF tried that format in 2014, we were lucky to be pitched against Ethiopia. This time around, there are heavyweights everywhere. The pro-Ighalo crowd are not panicking, we’re just cautiously concerned.

          • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

            Let him come so that we can rest but Coach Rohr needs to be careful because that Idowu news over Bassey yesterday was really annoying that is why fans vex even more plus Noble invitation over other qualified goal keepers. Shalom!

      • Iheanacho banged in Two goals against Liberia and the follow up vs Cape Verde he had to leave along with 8 other players from England. Who is to say he would not have banged in 2 more against Cape Verde with the momentum from the Liberia game?.

        So @Kel yes we have the QUALITY to do so. Infact the attackers we have now. Osimhen, Awoniyi and Iheanacho/Dennis /Chukwueze do you understand that FIFA is saying the Nigeria has the scariest attack in AFRICA?????? guy do you watch ball?. What experience does Ighalo bring was he prolific at world Cup?.

        am I missing something. Why not let guys with More Quality than Ighalo had at their age, playing in Bigger Clubs than Ighalo did at their age go there and do the Job. What the hell makes you think we can’t when we Drew 1-1 with Brazil without Ighalo and 2- 2 with Croatia without Ighalo and beat Argentina 4-2 without Ighalo. What makes you think we need Ighalo. are you for real @kel.

        Igahlo is coming to senses and you are there asking some weird questions nawa o

  • Sean T 3 years ago

    I don’t want him in the Eagles period. He is done and his business with the SE is finished right from when he retired. We have more than 4 strikers far better than him. So Rhor we don’t want a liability like him, Musa, Simon,and Samuel Kalu around SE. We already have more than enough average players in the likes of Ekong, Balogun and Collins. Rhor pls give Awaziem, Semi Ajayi or Omeruho more chance bcos they are more agile than sluggish Balogun. Also it seems pple are not noticing our central backs are not comfortable with the ball when they hold possession reason why they make opponent and wrong passes most times. I fear for the so called Oyinbo wall if the Eagles meet a formidable team. Yobo no do pass dem b4 Nigerians label him calamity

    • Edoman 3 years ago

      May your wish come true. I do not want Ighalo to play for Nigeria again but since a lot of Nigerians do not want him to come out as well. Ighalo, my dear fellow Nigerian and a real Edo son, in the wonderful Name of our Lord, and our Edo ancestors, do not show up to play for Nigeria again. Nigerians do not want you to come out. They are so afraid of your success that some Nigerians are planning to born down your lovely Lekki Home. They hate your styles, your overall capacity to score goals. They can’t handle your wonderful life styles. Even though the coach knows your real worth and Nigerians knows your abilities to strike fears on your opponent, and since those things are not good enough for them, l am joining millions to beg you not ever show up again for the ingrates. Lets see how they can qualify for this World cup when they could not beat CAR in their home ground. Ighalo, as an Edoman, l beg you , do not show up. You hear me soooooo. They may or may not scale through in Morocco, everybody knows that Lagos and the Balogun Stadium is their own Waterloo.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


    • TUNDE 3 years ago

      IGHALO, with much respect sir, please GO. 99.9% of Nigeria doesn’t want you in Super eagle again in Super eagle.

  • A blessing in disquise divine intervention if you ask me…. Draft in Awoniyi or Dennis Sharp Sharp. I think Ighalo has come to his senses and knows that Majority of Nigerians would rather have Awoniyi in the team. Thank you Ighalo you are proving that you favour development of youth over Personal gain KUDOS!!!!!!!! to you if you have absconded Rohr’s hasty panic decision to include you because of lack of tactics

  • Stanley 3 years ago

    Wao Wao Wao! In this instance, Odion Ighalo becomes an ace up the sleeve. I can assure footballers that he is on his way not the way of how the cookies crumbles but the way of d jokers in the park this is solely for the fact that I have an ear to the group.

    • Francis Eluba 3 years ago

      You too much, applying breaks like a break dancer. Why not let’s make some more poetic noise? Hahaha Odion trendy on Google search hahaha we are waiting to see, stay glued to our csn channel46

    • Mercy 3 years ago


  • And if he refused to honor the IV, what is the big deal. Don’t forget Odion is the most famous of them all.

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOLLLL bro. I can assure you that Victor Osimhen ( Way toooo Hot), Wilfred Ndidi, Kelechi Iheanacho, Alex Iwobi are more famous than Ighalo now World Wide. I would have said Sammy Chukwueze but he is not in England yet

  • William d conqueror 3 years ago

    Anyways they are not going to qualify. You heard it here first.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    I reckon the coach had talked him into coming out of retirement or was he invited without a talk/meeting with the football authorities?If the later is the case I hope they have someone standby.
    Well could be the reason the list was increased to 24 from its original 23 should Ighalo not turn up.
    However,we have Osimhen,Nacho,Onuachu and Musa.This aforementioned players are good enough to prosecute this games in the absence of Ighalo so no qualms.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Complete Sports we know your plan keep releasing the season film because we know all this antics na only una mugu go dey buy this drama wey una dey unfold just to make him look exciting. SMH!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    CSN fans has made me proud honestly next time any serious player who believes he still has unfinished business in the national team will think twice before going to obscure league. Ighalo I don’t hate you but you brought this upon yourself the moment you went into retirement league!

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Completesports think we be mugu for real. Other outlets are even reporting how they have agreed to let Osimhen keep the no 9 while Ighalo wears the no 25 and CSN dey do stupid suspense. Lol Ighalo will show up in camp very soon .

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Of course he will show up we know na them just wan do am like pride wey dey enter event last. The news don tire me infact I have been forced t accept his coming and hope for the best for Nigeria in the end.

  • I wonder why we can’t see that sodiq Umar will do a better job than ighalo. Even awoniyi if given their time I eagles. These guys have been around the national team in the past. Sodiq played at the Olympics and he was good.

    Rohr messed up this. How can you paint ighalo for us as if he is yekinini or siasia or amokachi or aghahowa.

    I think this white should be investigated. I used to support him as a clean person but this decision was clearly very bad.

    So we can’t beat Liberia and cape Verde without ighalo.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      You are right but all this will happen after we have a sound coach who can make use of technical players. Rohr has a problem with highly technical players. That is why he can’t play Anthony Izuchukwu,Bassey, Ovie, Amoo, Nwobodo and lately Awoniyi.

  • Gypsrun 3 years ago

    See the way y’all are worked up. It was just a mere deception that is actually meant to distract our opponent game. It football, it called a game plan. Odion is flying in straight from the UAE first thing tomorrow. Get ready to welcome him.

    • Gypsrun 3 years ago

      See the way y’all are worked up. It was just a mere deception that is actually meant to distract our opponent. In football, it is called a game plan. Odion is flying in straight from the UAE first thing tomorrow. Get ready to welcome him.

      *override my first post.

  • Please Ighalo just remain in the dark because nobody is in the dark with you……If Ighalo returns then it will be very shameful….. Ighalo please toll the path of honor and stay in retirement like others……I am sure other ex internationals like okocha Kanu and some reasonable ones among them have called him to advise him to toll the path of honor…….We know Ighalo is the best striker in the world but we don’t need him back in the team simple.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    So if am getting this right, without Ighalo Super Eagles can not win a match?

    We found ourselves in this situation because of corruption and selfishness of NFF.

    Oga Rohr have no excuse if Nigeria fails to qualify to world Cup.

    With Ighalo or without Ighalo, Nigeria have so many talented players that can represent Nigeria so, this is not an excuse.

    I will advise you again Ighalo, don’t come back.

    It is a shame we don’t know by now. We are playing Liberia we are relying on Ighalo experience but what of if we are playing Egypt, Senegal, Algeria, will Oga Rohr and Pinnick will ask Okocha and Kanu to come and help Nigeria when we have capable replacements for Ighalo and other key players in the team?

    Can you see now that Super Eagles doesn’t have a coach nii?

    I have to call a spade a spade at this stage. Super Eagles is a big team and Eagles is bigger than Oga Rohr, Salisu Yusuf and Oga Agu to manage period.

    No hidden place for Oga Rohr and Amaju.

    Ighalo, stay away from this team. I appreciate you a lot because you have done your very best for Nigeria.

    We have better replacements for Ighalo but we don’t have better techniques and game plan to win matches in Oga Rohr.

    This why I said our players are the one winning matches for Nigeria not the gaffer. I think is more clearer to you all now that backing the coach?

    Why forcing Ighalo to return to the Super Eagles when we have Dessers, Dennis and other strikers?

    Nigerians should wake up now. Enough of this kę. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Derrick 3 years ago

    Best time to leave is when the ovation is high.Ighalo has tried but there is no need of him coming back, the attacking dept is least of our problem now.we have issues with creativity, yet the retard coach we are forced on, says the coming back of ighalo is what the need.the high time me needed to move on from Rohr, the better for us.

  • Coache 3 years ago

    Ighalo is better and more productive than Musa, I will drop Musa and invite Ighalo 100 raised to power 100 times

    • Edoman 3 years ago

      Ighalo playing for Nigeria at this time, is not worth it if they are ready to set his house ablaze for doing so. Let millions and millions of Nigerians join me to beg Ighalo not play for Nigeria. Please.

      • KangA 3 years ago

        I’m absolutely against turning violent against someone who intends to offer his services for his fatherland. But the powers that be in NFF pushed this project in a dishonest manner, forcing people with less restraint on their emotions to begin to issue threats. To offer threats against Ighalo is really, really shameful. This is the result of pushing a selfish, dishonest and regional agenda by Pinnick. And he successfully coopted Rohr into this scheme. How do you list a retired player who has not announced the decision to come out of the closet as a member of your squad? This is a national team and not a village, family team.

        Why can’t Ighalo come out openly and anounce that he intends to come out of retirement? The debate would have been different. I would have stood behind him.

        The child with soiled hands cannot dine with the elders, my people say.

    • Sean T 3 years ago

      @Coache…Both of them are not good for the SE. Though Ighalo far better than Musa if we’re to analyze it but none deserve to be in the team. Including Moses Simon and Samuel Kalu who excuse himself from the 2 matches. Simon and Kalu end product is awful. They both lack technicality. I know many whom were deceived by Kalu dribble skill will argue this bcos they’re not seeing the bigger picture. What is the essence of dribbling if you can’t be creative with it and also cost issue for the team becos he get dispossessed most times he attempt dribbling. Go check his stat even at club side for his total assist and goals b4 u argue. Even simon self is more productive for his club but not the national team. That young Ejuke is an upgrade of both. He dribble too much but atleast he’s more creative and can score goals than any of them. What he only need is to reduce his dribbling a bit and concentrate on giving defence splitting passes to strikers then he will be unstoppable.

      • Coache 3 years ago

        Yea, if we don’t have Ighalo and the Eagles did not qualify, Rohr will say his young team. Let him have Ighalo and besides the players like his VIBES. Kalus problem is his village people, they use to switch him off and on at will. Most coaches are careful because of this fall fall.

        There are incredible folks who are TAKING MY WARNING AS A THREAT. LAGOS IS NOT EDO and RIVERS, if they keep messing up yaws go gass. THIS IS A WARNING. Saying they can burn their houses is the hallmark of WARNINGS! IRATE FANS MISBEHAVE BECAUSE THE STSKES ARE HIGH AND FOOTBALL IS MORE THAN A GAME.

        He does not seem happy at his club. Otherwise Good morning to you all house

  • it seems Nigeria Have become the laughing stock of the world because of the Ighalo Matta. Nsobu dey o.

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