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2022 World Cup: Drama As Ghana Edge South Korea In Five-Goal Thriller

2022 World Cup: Drama As Ghana Edge South Korea In Five-Goal Thriller

Ghana revived their hope of qualifying to the knockout stages of the 2022 World Cup as the Black Stars defeated South Korea 3-2 on Monday.

Ghana opened the floodgate of goals in the 24th minute through Mohammed Salisu’s strike.

Mega Millions Naija

The Black extended their lead in the 34th minute thanks to a brilliant header from Mohammed Kudus to the delight of the Ghanaian supporters.


However, the South Koreans turned the game around as they reduced the scoreline to 2-1 in the 58th minute through Jo Gue-sung’s wonderful header.

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The Koreans later leveled parity in the 61st minute as Jo Gue-sung netted his second goal of the match with another brilliant header.

With the intensity of the game reaching a boiling point, the Black Stars made it 3-2 in the 68th minute through Mohammed Kudus’s low drive shot.

The goal was enough to earn Ghana the maximum points as they move second in the group H and will now face Uruguay in the last match.

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  • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

    We move ….

    They said we are the worst ranked team in the wc but we are gradually moving on and so far there’s not much difference between Ghana and the rest of the team 

    Again, most of our players are playing their debuts matches in this wc but we have shown enough tenacity, guile and unmatched determination and alot of people can appreciated Ghana for this!!

    We are moving and it can be possible …… 

    We have no one on our side but rather we have GOD!’

    WOTWOTWOFICATION isn’t happening tho! 

    Of all the African teams, Ghanas group is the TOUGHEST and there’s no too ways about that!

    • Oakfield 4 months ago

      Sharaaaaap there!!. Na bcs una got lucky today. Throwing away 2 goals in a particular half against an under strength team shows how technically weak your team is. That’s the trade mark of banku eaters. Look at the way you’re jumping around like a monkey in heat. Una go hear am against Uruguay.

      • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

        Dumb comment!!

        Lucky get legs to scored goals? Was it luck that scored our three goals for us? 

        What DIMWIT this boy is!! Lol

        Ur phat ass like ANCIENT CENTER TABLE haha 

        Under strength team? 

        Stop smoking weed bro lol

        Wish I have some a mixture concoction of FUNGICIDE to fumigate ur face haha 

        Stop the hate bro 

        • Oakfield 4 months ago

          Yeah, of course. It was luck. “Phat ass, center table, flat table, twerking” ,….bla bla, bla…thats all that come out of ur stinking banku eating mouth…i hope we ain’t dealing with a 9year old destitute here on csn

          • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

            Am 9 years old but smarter than ur DUMB ass haha 

            U have an iq comparable to CHAINED BABOON haha 

            Go and continue ur jerking session BABA ….. haha

            Such a NASTY PUNK haha

          • Oakfield 4 months ago

            Small boy dy come here dy disturb our peace with Ghana banku nonsense. When Nigeria won matches at past world cups nobody heard our voice. Bcs una win one match by luck u come here dy disturb our ears. How can a same team throw away a 2 goal lead in the second half. It shows that something is wrong but ur stupidity and foolishness won’t allow u to see it from that angle. Save for the last gap effort from one of your bankU eating brothers it would have been good bye awilo. Useless idiot without comparison. Dy there dy fool urself. U don dy feel say una don arrive bah?? Bcs una beat a substandard team. He he he.. Una don dy feel like brazil already….don’t worry, Uraguay go put una for your place. Na that time u go begin confession. Hahaha…ewu gambia ..

          • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

            Small boy but I can still NICK UR girl well well hahha 

            Bring her to me and let see if am small boy hahah

            Ur stinking mouth like CHAMBER POT haha 

            U said Korea ll WOTWOTWOFY us it didn’t happen and now u have switched haha 

            U FARTING IDIOT haha 

          • Monte 4 months ago

            Even when Ghana wins the world cup, you go say the world cup wasn’t competitive. Teams that Nigerians predicted they will humiliate Ghana have suddenly turned substandard. Ghana wins and it inflict pains on you, why don’t you stop hurting yourself

      • Echezona 4 months ago

        Bros I’m a Nigerian too but you should congratulate Ghana because they did well.

  • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

    Lets all spare a moment to applaud this Ghanaian Technical Crew of astute active top level coaches….Otto Addo (Borussia Dortmund – Germany), George Boateng (Aston Villa – England), Mas-ud Didi Dramani (Norsjelland – Denmark) and Chris Hutton et al (Seasoned EPL coaches)

    Not like the 9 dullards Nigeria assembled to avert the disaster they have currently sunk us in at the moment.

    Employ ex-internationals….employ ex-internationals, Employ quality ones with quality CVs, not the ones who lazy around wearing 100 caps tags begging for jobs at NFF gates.

    As my people say, Ajanuku koja mo rinkan firi……An Elephant is not an animal anyone can claim to have seen in a flash…..If we’ve seen an elephant lets admit we have seen an elephnat. Congrats Ghana…! A well deserved victory

    Well worked, Well won….!

    • Emecco 4 months ago

      Bro, earlier on you said Nigeria were eliminated by “The worst Ghanaian team in 5 decades”, Though I was pained to the marrows that we couldn’t make it to the world cup, but this Ghanaian team is not as bad as you claimed.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        This Ghanaian team is a rebuilt Ghanaian team.

        This isn’t the same Ghanaian team that needed a dubious penalty call to deny south Africa a place in the WCQ playoffs, nor the Ghana team that finished bottom of an AFCON group consisting of Comoros and Gabon.

        The last time Ghana’s national team finished bottom of any group in African football was more than 5 decades ago. So it’s very safe to say it was the worst in 50 years.

        Take a look at the playing and coaching personel now and you will see a Ghana team that may reach the final of the next afcon.

        Wether we like it or not, all 5 teams from Africa will come back from this world cup stronger than Nigeria.

        We are in deep soup for not qualifying for this world cup. Our FIFA ranking will take a deep plunge in coming months up till March at least and we will no longer be top seeds for a while

        Next time yall will listen to the voice of reason.

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago



    GHANA thank you…

    This VICTORY means alot to WE NIGERIANS…

  • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

    Playing against QATAR, Serbia and even Switzerland isn’t the same as playing against PORTUGAL, South Korea and Uruguay that’s why Ghana can surprise alot of people!!

    The platform is so quiet now lol 

    We are peaking at the right time and we ll eventually hit the mill with some scintillating performance 

    Thanks to those who supported us here!! 

    • tancosport 4 months ago

      congratulations to the Black Stars. well deserved victory.

    • Tristan 4 months ago

      Ghana has shown real tenacity and is gaining in match confidence ready for the Uruguay decider. Well done Ghana, now get the job done!

    • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

      Congratulations to Ghana. I am sincerely excited. Africa is not a push over after all. This is victory well deserved. But don’t talk or brag too much, so we don’t have a heartbreak if a grave unexpected happens in the final group match. Please caution.

  • Dcardinal 4 months ago

    Is it by winning South Korea..win Uruguay and qualify na make we see.

  • Congratulation to Ghana @selfmade i see you.

  • Richie 4 months ago

    That KUDUS guy — He don use that match take open market for himself, BIG CLUBS would swarm all over him like hungry bees after this tournament, regardless of where the Black Stars drop off.

    He’s now like hot metal in the hands of Ajax; they won’t be able to hold him for too long anymore

  • It’ll never be a crime if we’ve 3 or 4 African representatives making it to the next round (round of 16 for the first time if I’m not mistaken).

    As it stands, we’re sure of two…..

    Morocco will surely make it to the next round….

    Ghana is going through…..a draw between PORTUGAL & URUGUAY paves way and throws the group open for any team to finish as group leader….

    Senegal can still make us proud…..
    Beat Ecuador and qualify isn’t a big task for our TERANGA LIONS.

    At least a team from these 3 would surely do us proud by reaching the quarter finals or even the semis.

    Africa is marching….. One day we’ll get there….


  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Good win I wasn’t surprised because I predicted this after the match against Portugal on the live thread of Ghana Portugal.

  • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

    Congratulations to Ghana. I am sincerely excited. Africa is not a push over after all. This is victory well deserved. But don’t talk or brag too much, so we don’t have a heartbreak if a grave unexpected happens in the final group match. Please caution.

  • Ndubest 4 months ago

    Congratulations Ghana you guys did well but its not over yet Uruguay may present a bigger challenge.

  • marvelous sunday 4 months ago

    Ghana really deserve this slot. As a sincere Nigerian I wish Ghana well and all west African teams.

  • Fetch 4 months ago

    It was such a tense ending to the match. This Ghana group is tough

  • South korea is the weakest among d 3 teams paired with Ghana. Good job today, Ghana will be on a revenge mission against uruguay in their next match and gyan won’t be their to lose the spot kick but… I’m afraid suarez is still playing.

    • Tristan 4 months ago

      South Korea is not weak, they’re very organised and like Japan tend to do well against teams especially European teams that have an organised football culture.
      In short, these Asians teams can out-organise European teams. Where they fail is their lack of physical presence, stamina and intimidation.

      So against African and S. American teams that are physical and instinctive, they fall short. They actually play like North African teams but unlike them, they’re not used to playing against sub-Saharan teams and are unaware that N. African teams use guile and diving to blunt the physical supremacy of sub-Saharan teams.

      This is good news for Ghana because S. Korea would be a match for Portugal’s passing and organisation. They will definitely match Portugal in that department.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

        You’re very observant you’ll make a good team alongside renowned Deo. The north are benefiting from coming across tough West African teams even though most of their wins are manipulated by officials.

  • Glory 4 months ago

    A big congratulations to Ghana. Might seem impossible but I pray an African team wins this world Cup.
    Ghana can, Cameroon with little more belief can, Senegal has everything to win, Morocco can. Only Tunisia I can’t really put a bet on.
    It’s time Africa won the world cup if only to tell the world we have come of age in the game of football. That will make foreign clubs start respecting all of our African football competitions especially AFCON.

  • Edoman 4 months ago

    Congratulations to our brother, Ghana. They deserve the slot. Nigeria, unfortunately, sacked the right coach who would have get us there. Bring Rohr back or get a coach better than him. Currently, Nigeria don’t have a coach but a pretender who is far below the one they fired.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      Edoman from New Jersey no dey leave life go back o. Which one is bring Rohr Back??? Instead of thinking of something better and learning from Countries that have a blend of highly technical and winning coaches with exciting style of play. You want us to go back to CAR or Sierra Leone beating us right in front of home fans.

  • Sunnyb 4 months ago

    Thanks Ghana for making me smile to the bank, i knew the black stars wouldn’t be pushover, I saw the determination, the motivation and the leadership qualities in this team, something our team lacks. Though I refused  to blame our players, it makes no sense to risk ur life for Nigeria. We better support Siasia, is the only local coach with vision and unbiased selection. 

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  • Home Base Ko Home Base ni, Ahmed musa Kooooooooooooo Ahmed Musa Niiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

    Ghana does not Live in the past they built for the future. Kudos to Ghana Teach this mumu Nigerian FA how it is done, in modern day football