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Adepoju Tasks Simy On Next Line Of Action Amid Club Relegation From Serie A

Adepoju Tasks Simy On Next Line Of Action Amid Club Relegation From Serie A

Former Nigerian midfielder, Mutiu Adepoju, has advised Crotone striker, Simy Nwankwo to be decisive in his next of selecting a better club that will enhance his chances of playing in the Super Eagles.

Simy is one of the hottest strikers in Europe this season with 19 goals for his club Crotone in the Italian Serie A, but he last played for the Super Eagles in 2018.

However, on Saturday evening Simy’s Crotone was officially relegated from the Italian Serie A after losing 2-0 to Inter Milan.

The Nigerian international surpassed Obafemi Martins’ record of 28 goals for Inter Milan in Serie A, to become the highest-scoring Nigerian player in the history of the Italian league with 29 goals.

Reacting to Crotone’s relegation from the league, Adepoju in an interview with Completesports.ng said that this will afford the gangling striker to move to a better club in Europe.

“It’s a big disappointment to know that Simy Nwankwo’s Crotone has been relegated from Serie A despite the number of goals he has scored for the club.

“If he was playing for another top club in Europe I am very sure that such amount of goals could have helped the team to either win the league title or qualify for Europe. It’s just so unfortunate that it happens that way to Simy.

“However, this may just be the big chance for him to move to a bigger club where his goals can be of great value.”

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    “…Former Nigerian midfielder, Mutiu Adepoju, has advised Crotone striker, Simy Nwankwo to be decisive in his next of selecting a better club that will enhance his chances of playing in the Super Eagles…”
    How is this advice different from the one Rohr issued to Simy a few days ago…?? But people who know better than the coach went roaring like rabbied dogs all over the place….LMAO. People whom hatred has blocked their thinking faculty must accuse a man of raising dust even when he has just fallen into a pool of water. LMAO.

    Ask them to tell us how they would have handled the SE where they the ones in charge and you’ll be shocked to see them regurgitating the EXACT same things they insult the poor old man for….LMAO.

    Now that Crotone has been relegated, lets see if those who love Simy more than us all will offer pieces of advice contrary to the one they have insulted Rohr for….LMAO.

  • Eldridge Cleaver 3 years ago

    Ndi Rohr doesn’t like Simy but ex internationals are advising the same thing.
    Hatred is an incurable disease. Na person wey know, know.

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    @Dr Drey, no mind them haters. They simply do not want to hear GR speak on anything about their favourite players, they quickly jump to conclusion that GR doesn’t like him. They are blinded by hatred to see the good intentions of GR.
    I explained in a comment earlier below but then no wan hear word:

    @Jimmy, I am very impressed by your arguments so far but I want you to know that the gaffer also wants the best players to give him victory in all matches, his explanation about Simmy make sense to me and many other forumites, he said and I quote “Simmy I have seen and knows what he’s capable of doing, but Sadiq and Terrem I will like to see what they can offer hence I want to see them”. Simmy is still in his plans and he will be monitoring his progress and he even suggested that he moves to another team soon so he can continue to be under his radar. Abi do you want Simmy to go on relegation with his current team? Will he get a chance at all if he plays in 2nd division next season? So let’s appreciate GR’s advice to Simmy as a candid advice from a father to a son and not a way of putting him down my brother

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe @Dr. Banks. Common sense is indeed not as common as it sounds. You dont even need to have common sense to understand that statement/advice made from Rohr.

      Currently in the SE, we have an Osimhen who has grabbed his opportunity to naildown a national team place with both hands, legs, head and even his intestine to become the UNDISPUTED first choice no 9 for Nigeria. Osimhen did not score in open play in his 1st 7 or 8 matches or so but kept on being the 1st choice even for every fan…why…? Simple…his output on the pitch for the team. Nowadays, when he’s not scoring, he is assisting.

      We also have a Kelechi Promise Iheanacho the current 2nd choice no 9 who has found the Promise he once held. Lets not forget Nacho was Rohr’s 1st choice No9 in the earlier days of his tenure, before Promise started finding promise elsewhere other than on the football pitch and lost his way.

      We now have also a Paul Onuachu whom Rohr dared to make his 1st choice going into 2019 AFCON ahead of the more established and inform Ighalo only for Paul to flop badly during and after the AFCON, now waking up to battle for 3rd choice no9 after seeing like 5 other hungry strikers lining up behind him….I guess he has stopped
      listening to sycophants who wanted him and us to believe he can only be useful to us when Finidi and Elaho are re-called from retirement.

      All these 3 CFs have 1 common denominator……GOALS…they’ve all got goals in them and are also performing for their clubs and country…which is good for the national team. 3 proven, standing goal scorers already for the national team. I say with boldness it will take a massive loss of form or plain uselessness/underperformance for the SE for 2 – 3 or more matches, or something special on debut for any other striker to displace these 3 for the foreseeable future. Even Rohr’s strongest critics cannot name a SE starting XI for a key match without Osimhen and Iheanacho in it. That’s how hard these ones have nailed their places in the national team, while the jury is seriously still out on Onuachu to see if he will return to the Onuachu of 2019 AFCON, the one who started in the friendly vs Algeria and was yanked out after 65 useless minutes OR continue to be the Onuachu VS Benin in Porto Novo that played like one possessed by the gods and even almost sent his own teammate to the hospital in a state of coma.

      Enter 4 others…Simy, Moffi, Sadiq, Ugbo…..all proven goal scorers too. Fortunately or Unfortunately, the latter 3 (whom we have not seen in the SE yet) bring a whole lot more than goal scoring to the table compared to Simy who has been around for a while and was even with the team at the last world cup and subsequently. And the coach has even admitted to knowing his capabilities, but also wants to see what these other younger promising proven goalscorers too can offer the SE since they even seem more to be the breed of CFs that will not need recalling Okosieme and Femi Okenla or 10 opportunities before they can blend with the current SE’s style of play or be useful to the team. And simple advise, your team is serie B bound make sure you change clubs so you will remain on the radar while we are trying to also see the likes of Moffi, Sadiq etc….naim some people nak grammar for ground begin rant for days o……LMAO.

      Simy has scored 19 serie A goals…awesome…I for one had always rated Simy over Onuachu, but unfortunately, the top 3 choices in the SE currently do not look like they are ready to relinquish their positions. Unfortunately too, Simy’s 19 serie A goals isnt the caveat for demoting any of the already establishe 3 ahead of him in the SE no9 position….he will also need to join the queue and work his way to the top if he so desires. Unfortunately still, there are others too who are also knocking on the same door, who also deserve to be on that queue and whom the coach graciously also wants to give the opportunity to come to camp to show what they can do….which is VERY VERY VERY normal. But guess what…some people must talk…not because they have something to say…but because they have to say something….anything….LMAO….people who need attention….LMAO

      Moffi is currently courted by Dortmund and Leipzig, Sadiq is currently courted by Bayern and Sevilla….should these moves happen and these guys start delivering, for their clubs and also when they start getting their chances in the SE, to whose advantage will it be for Simy to listen to Rohr’s advise….his’, his sycophants’ or Rohr’s haters’…??? LMAO. People wey wan rant can continue ranting for the sake of it. If Simy is wise enough, let him listen to the voice of reason.

      I rest my case…!

      • King S 3 years ago

        Dr. Drey, I give it to you. You too sabi, you dey write. I love how you input humour in your write-ups. Wahala for who no like you ooooo. E be like say to write well, I must reason PhD too o (Laughs)

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… What you have written has lots of facts I must agree… but again, Kelechi Iheanacho since moving to Leicester some 3years now is just coming into his element, I hope you have not forgotten he flopped at WC 2018 and sunk even lower in the leadup to AFCON 2019. Once again I do not think we should be making the mistake of calling Iheanacho a centre forward… His youth coach Manu Garba has said he is a support striker, meaning he could flourish in most systems requiring a twin-strike partnership… I will always list centre forwards and omit Iheanacho because using him as one almost ruined his career… Just to add to what you have written though and again… Can we all agree that if Simy makes a switch to a more illustrious club in Serie A and continues his business… then there must be no question of excluding him any further?

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          …and if Moffi and Sadiq too move to “more illustrious” clubs and continue “doing their business”, we should ignore them because we want to pacify you, Simy or anybody else…? We are currently in a position where we have 7 proven goal scorers vying for 3 CF positions in the SE….if you understand what “competition” means, then you should warn anyone who will need Finidi and Amunike b4 becoming useful to the team to tighten their seatbelts. You’ll need to offer more than goalscoring to get a place on the team bus….why…all the others too can score goals…so…? What else are you bringing to the table…? What’s going to be the ‘so-what’ about you…??

          All things being equal, of all 7, only Osimhen and Nacho are guaranteed drafts….those ones are x-factor strikers no one can argue that…we all know them. We can only ‘hope’ Nacho gets drafted as a CAM/SS so that the remaining 5 strikers vie for the 2nd and 3rd (and possibly 4th) choice CF positions. And mark my words, 1 of those 2 positions already belongs to Sadiq….you have to respect any player that catches the eyes of Bayern Munich playing in a 2nd division….even 30 goal jupiler league or 19 goal serie A strikers have not caught the attention of clubs of such pedigree. If you think its just Sadiq’s goals that caught Die Rotten’s attention, then you will be heavily mistaken. What Sadiq has is what we have been missing in the SE since Kanu retired….we all say it at the Olympics.

          God bless them all if Ighalo meets the 3 caveats laid down by the gaffer for the return of any retiree wishing to come back into the SE.

          But till then….we are all gonna keep fingers crossed. A month is a long time in football. This time last year the noise of Dessers and Ejuke wouldnt allow us to sleep on this forum. Its so shocking how these 2 arent even mentioned in y’all’s 23 man sqauds anymore.

          The Onus lies on the gaffer…..its is job….he desires victories more than anyone else….and its his prerogative to choose whosoever he feels will give him victories. But once again till then, we keep fingers crossed.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Some times, I’m wondering why something like this is very complicated for few people to understand.

    It is better to give advise to someone but the way you present the advise must be logical which Oga Rohr failed to do.

    Mr. Adepoju did not say Simy have to switch club because of Nigeria but he have to make the move because of his career.

    We can see the difference between the two.

    However, something like this happens in life but your reactions to the challenges makes the difference.

    For sure life doesn’t end there, Simy will move on and every disappointment is a blessing.

    The gaffer will do the same thing after the Afcon in Cameroon.

    We can not continue like this. A mechanic should be able to know how to use is tools to fix vehicles.

    Instead of destroying and recycling the same vehicles, I think his employer should letting him know that if he fails to impressed in Cameroon that is the end of the road.

    As I always said, we patriotic Nigerians are here to help our players and our country Nigeria.

    I wish you the best Simy. Remember that they did something similar to this to Onuachu but the lanky striker have putting them where they belong to.

    You can do the same and we patriotic Nigerians are ready to support you and God is in control. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Simy does not need needless advice from anyone. He is an adult and a top professional. His club management has assured he is not going down with them and deserves better. Is it rocket science to know there may already be concrete offers from one of about four Serie A clubs who have shown interest… When he moves to a more illustrious club, then we will see what the next excuse to continue to exclude him will be… One love! As far as I know no one is telling Sadiq that his team should be promoted before he hopes for an Eagles callup! We still know how it was for Ighalo and Ahmed Musa… in the latter’s case… Rohr is still so sure he is the messiah SE needs despite boasting current high-performing other centre forwards… We are the way we are as Nigerians yet cry that our country is shit and dead… The country always reflect the culture…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Pls go and slap Bayern Munich hierarchy for being linked with a mere “worthless 2nd division” striker or Manchester United hierarchy for going all the way to china to sign “the messiah” Ighalo when they were suffering a striker crisis.
      The management of 2 of the greatest clubs in the world must definitely be blind for seeing anything good in these 2 PROVEN goalscorers when there were/are Nigerian strikers littered all over Europe (including your GOAT in Egypt).

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