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AFCON 2023: Super Eagles Deserved More Than Draw Against Against Equatorial Guinea — Peseiro

AFCON 2023:  Super Eagles Deserved More Than Draw Against Against Equatorial Guinea — Peseiro

Super Eagles head coach, Jose Peseiro claimed that his side deserved more than just a point from their clash with Equatorial Guinea.

The three-time African champions were let down by their poor finishing in the game.

Napoli forward, Victor Osimhen salvaged a draw for the Super Eagles cancelling out Ivan Salvador’s opener.

Peseiro’s had other chances to win the game especially in the second half but failed to convert them.

The Portuguese who expressed disappointment with the result accepted that poor marksmanship cost his side’s victory in the game.

“I’m not happy with the result. I’m sad, my players are sad. We are all sad because we deserve to beat our opponent,” Peseiro said during his interaction with the media.

“It’s normal to miss chances in football, I hope next time, we create less chances and score more goals.

“We played well and pushed our opponent back. I just hope we can maintain this same attitude in our subsequent games.

“Today, the result was not good for us, but we played really well. If we play like this in subsequent games, then it will be difficult for any team to beat us.”

The Super Eagles will take on hosts Cote d’Ivoire in their next game on Thursday.

By Adeboye Amosu in Abidjan

Photo by Ganiyu Yusuf

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  • Oakfield 5 months ago

    I agree with u coach on this. It’s not your fault. Your boys let you and us down big time! They are a disgrace! Pls guys, lets turn up the heat on our players so that they’d sit up.

  • Today’s Super Eagles failure has nothing to do with the coach. The boys are just not serious enough.

    • It’s only Yusuf that plaid with passion and all seriousness.

      • Oakfield 5 months ago

        Correct!!! U are there

      • Papafem 5 months ago

        The question now is why did it take the coach so long to discover this Yussuf? I doubt if Peseiro monitor our players at all in Europe. I really doubt it. A coach in his normal senses won’t put Aribo in the list of 25 players and throw Yusuf away for an AFCON competition that requires so much energy, tenacity and robustness. The match between Barca and Antwerp should have convinced Peseiro. But did he watch it? Nope! Do you know bro, that Yusuf wouldn’t have been in this AFCON if Ndidu wasn’t injured? Isn’t that funny? And someone in telling me this coach normal. How? He’s not only lazy, he’s a useless optimist looking for validation.

        The thing is, as a good coach if you have problem in any area of the team, endeavor to address the issue by throwing your dragnet wide. It doesn’t matter where the player is coming from, NPFL, MLS, Eredivisie, Super League, Jupiter League, Serie A or Bundesliga, anywhere in Europe or elsewhere where Nigerians ply their trade should be combed. That’s how a creative midfielder which the team currently need should be looked for. All we see is the same set of players in the midfield every now and then with no creativity and tenacity. Does he even know all the team needs now is that balance in the midfield where the team will be able to assert itself and feed players like Osimhen enough balls to score? How exactly does he want to win matches without ball playing midfielders? What is the technical department of the Nff doing? If they can’t solve critical problems the team is facing, what exactly are they still there for? I just don’t understand.

  • Prophet H 5 months ago

    The coach is clueless. His body language shows he has prepared his excuses for a 1st round exit. Every time Nigeria has won the AFCON they did so with significan contribution of Home League players who have ability to adapt to African Football. Team has no dead ball specialist, no natural holder or distributor. They hope to just turn up and win because they are NIGERIA. They will be knocked out after the next match.

    • Oakfield 5 months ago

      How is the coach clueless. Should he have entered the pitch and have the ball thrown into the net when our players failed to live up to expectations????? Pls. Answer? I’m now beginning to see the truth …..

  • Yusuf was business like,he had hunger, passion, and verve in his game. Others were chilling, nothing seemed at stake for them. I pray to God that Yusuf gets fit for our next game,and if not, God help us!

    • Oakfield 5 months ago

      I pray he rocovers soonest. He’s the only marker we have at the moment. At least to assist onyeaka

    • Others have always been chilling from time immemorial because there are no competition for places in the team. That’s why I always say its mafia like for the team.

      My pain is that those unserious bunch are still young like they still have multiple afcons placement to fight for.

      They have come to stay. Saddening. Yusuf has not been “poisoned” yet. Them never show am the way.

      If players in spite of their “perpetual inconsistencies” still have to not fight for a spot in our national team, they will always churn out such shambolic performances.

    • Terry 5 months ago

      Lookman did very well bro.

  • Tristan 5 months ago

    First of all, Equatorial Guinea was too rough. The referee allowed Equatorial Guinea to get away with rough play. Some will say this is African football, but a failure to protect professional players worth multimillions will lead to them being stopped from appearing in African competitions.
    No professional footballer is going to give 100% when referees refuse to protect them against amateur players with nothing to lose. An injury can end a career, and what happened to Yusuf is instructive.
    Nigeria assembles a multimillion-dollar talent that attracts audiences worldwide to the competition and CAF just allows them to be hacked to the ground.
    Had this game been played in Europe Equatorial Guinea would have ended the match with 8 players. Meanwhile, our coach is not saying anything about this.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Look –

    I’m going to be true to myself and tell it as it is – F**k all the BS and double psych all done because of the MASSIVE BS that obtains on this website CSN and particularly the punters on her (not all of course) but a HUGE majority!

    This is like casting pearls before swine and I can guarantee it might as well be falling on deaf ears- because most here do not even have the capacity to reason on the required levels and neither do many have the refinement, exposure or succesful, upwardly mobile mindset required for this type of high level reasoning and information breakdown and dissemination -However though and at the end of the day, it’s needs must – Nigeria is my country and it’s the only one I have!
    And so here goes a summary from today –

    Truth be told – Peserio is workable and I can actually stomach the guy – if we had intelligent material to work with we could become established with him – but alas, we are blessed naturally by the Most High, so we have the physical attributes but I won’t say we don’t have the mental acumen as that would be disrespectful of me and who am I?, How dare I to disrespect the Master Engineer? His works are perfect and I recognise that very much, and so I will not say we don’t have the mental acumen because He has given unto each a measure with which to have dominion over beasts and all His other creation, the trouble with Nigerians is that this area is not their strong point en-masse, yes the brilliant ones are outstandingly so and renowned the world over but things are unfortunately different on-ground and many if not most are criminally guilty of not using that resource that the Big Man has given to each – To cut the long story short, many of our people do not use their brains and are even more stupid than malu!

    Peserio is no longer the problem in my view as I can see his fruit and (by their fruits, ye shall know them) – See how he clued up sharply about Calamity Frank? That even whatever it was that bound them together he completely forego’ed when push came to shove – See as he very staunchly, without any shaking dropped Uzoho (without making a song and dance about it?) And the way he did it even – all the way leading up, he made the right noises and the outward “play” was that he was standing by his man, but he knew what he had to do and did it.

    People, Peseiro is not the problem joor! I mean look at Osimhen? How can you miss the kind of sitters he missed today and without shame, try to say that you won best African player when maybe deep inside you know it’s long – you have that impostor syndrome eating away at you and yet you refuse to do anything to improve inside of you? How can any well respected striker of world repute (let alone an African best) miss such gilt edged chances??

    Look – Peseiro is not the problem – the problem is Nigeria and Nigerians.

    I won’t waste any more time on this!

  • Gritty 5 months ago

    1. Coachie, your players are easily bullied by African opposition (Iwobi, Semi Ajayi, Aribo, etc are good examples). Didn’t they train hard for fitness and stamina???

    2. Your midfield is weak. You need to introduce a playmaker who can confidently receive the ball anytime and dictate the game from the middle, dribble through the middle, play quick intelligent passes, shoot and score goals. Behind that playmaker should be two rugged and hard tackling midfielders like Yusuf and someone else but not Aribo or Iwobi. (Remember the days of Onazi, Etebo and Mikel).

    3. Coachie, which of your players can play hot shots, i.e thunderous bullet from anywhere around the other half? Who is your free kick specialist or strategy? Who are your penalty specialists…..etc. You must begin to find and pick players with certain unique characteristics no matter where they play their football (A good coach must be able to identify great talents and qualities E.g Taiye Taiwo, Sunday Mba, et al.)

    4. What are the role of your wingers in crossing in the ball from the flank? Thanks to that lovely Lookman’s cross for our equalizer…. More of that.

    Talking about wingers, Moses Simon should go watch Victor Moses style of dribble and crosses especially around AFCON 2013. Victor Moses will push the ball on the run and outrun/muscle through the defender and still cross that ball or end up in the 18yard of the opponent.
    Moses Simon and Chukwueze should strive to play purposeful football, dribble forward. We don’t need showboating and killing counters…. (Chukwueze pls bring back your last AFCON performance against SA & Cameroon).

    5. If I were the coach, I should have brought in Osayi in second half for Aina. Also, Zaidu was found wanting in his defensive duties (he hardly recover fast from overlapping). Bruno may do better.

    6. Omeruo or Awaziem may do better in Central defense than Ajayi especially against a physical opponent.

    7. Coachie, see their game plan;

    Stop and bully SE wingers, don’t give them the space to play.

    Catch them on the counter

    Shoot from anywhere around SE 18yard

    Dominate the midfield.

    Break the legs of their foreign pros and make them scared to play….

    9. Pls Coachie, rest Iwobi in the next game if he will not improve as an AM (Aribo is not an option, he is not strong and rugged for African football). Use Lookman or Iheanacho as our AM.

    10. Tell them, all midfielders and wingers must mark well and not just escort the opponent like *****

    Everyone should be up and doing the entire duration of the match.

    11. Is it that our wingers don’t know how to cross the ball?? If they will not cross the ball, don’t bring in Onuachu… Onuachu needs fast wingers and full backs who can whip in the crosses sparodically, then you see the beast in him. He doesn’t chase the ball like Osimhen. Every striker has their style.

    12. Finally, SWOT Analysis…
    Know the Strengths and weaknesses of your players and know when and how to use them. (QED)

    Shalom! My 1 Cent!

  • Truth be told the pitch was bad. The guinea were rough. But besides that everyone noticed our players were not calm in the box. Sometime u have to balance or shoot or push ball a little to shoot. They didn’t relax to enjoy or feel the ball so they were missing plenty goal scoring opportunities. I see osimhen want to give 120percent but not relaxing and calm as a professional Especially osimhen These little things the coaches has to tell them during a match. We could have scored 2 or 3 in first half.Success to them in future

  • Respect is Reciprocal 5 months ago

    It is high time we understood that laying tiny countries in Africa is more difficult than playing against countries like Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria , etc. what these nations lack in individual star the have it in team cohesion and their FA are also supportive to their course. Nigeria played well today and the coach really surprised me with his selection. With the way Yusuf played today i must say Nigeria should no longer invite players based on the top five leagues rather players that are active should henceforth be invited. If Ndidi was on the pitch today he would not have played better than Yusuf , imagine having three Yusuf in eagles with that kind of energy .

  • Please with due respect nobody should say they player are not serious .its not easy in that hot weather and having the mind and pressure of 200million plus condemning you immediately u miss a chance. The pressure was real on them. Sometimes word of encouragement from the manager to calm,position to balance ,enjoy the game when they are tense and missing plenty opportunities. U have to tell them.

  • Home-based equitoria guinea even played in this match against SE.

  • Empire 5 months ago

    Not until the coach start doing the right thing…. Iwobi, Aribo, onyeka have no business in the Super Eagles: Nigeria hâve players that are miles ahead of those headless chickens. Obinna Nwobodo, Ifeanyi Matthew, Onyedika, and Yusuf can fix our midfield crisis. You can’t win any tournament without strong midfield. Like the saying goes, strikers scores the goals but midfielders and defenders win the trophies! 

  • Larry 5 months ago

    Pesseiro, as one of your critics, I applaud your players selection. However, I’ll advise you to drop any player that are below par in the match. Onyeka, Iwobi, and Simon should be made to start from the bench and replaced with Awaziem or move Aina to defensive midfield, Aribo, and Chukzy.
    Ajayi is a right footer but played out of position to accommodate Ekong, Bassey as a left footer will be more comfortable on the left side of CD.

  • Lordavid onyeka 5 months ago

    A lot of you blame iwobi and only one person blamed osimhen iwobi produced to lovely assist osimhen missed three clear chances it’s clear most of you don’t watch football or are just blind

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    @Larry, thanks bro I ve been saying this for years, move Aina to our attacking midfield bench Iwobi, Aina is more skillful and robust anyway, and he’s better passer, Chukzy  and Onyedika has no business in this team, But sentiments and corruption. I said here several times, this tournament go separate boys from men. To u  guys talking about one region has the monopoly of soccer in Nigeria, how Market? Aina, lookman and Yusuf were our best players today.

  • Afolabi David 5 months ago


  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    4th match in a row no win let the excuse continue I will also join the party and not blame the coach that doesn’t work on sitters in training. After Guinea Bissau game make them enter road and let the coach even continue with the team for the qualifiers. You people don’t know Peseiro ask Saudi Arabia?

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