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AFL: Enyimba Fall To Defeat Against Wydad Casablanca In Uyo

AFL: Enyimba Fall To Defeat Against Wydad Casablanca In Uyo

Enyimba face elimination from the African Football League after they went down to a 1-0 defeat against Wydad Athletic Club of Morocco.

Wydad Casablanca took control of the quarter-final contest in the opening minutes.

Captain Yayha Jabrane scored the winning goal for the Red Castle from the spot eight minutes before the break.

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Enyimba fought hard to get back into the game but couldn’t break down the opposition defence.

The Aba giants were reduced to 10-men when Alalibo Somiari was sent off late in the game.

The reverse fixture will take place next week Wednesday in Casablanca.

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  • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

    Finidi what’s the next excuse? We keep saying others are catching up with us when it comes to national team
    , yet our club sides has never caught up with the North Africans. They keep beating us for the past 10years and nobody is noticing that we are rather falling behind in everything that has to do with football. Nigeria’s achievement in the 90s is far better than the 2000s, that alone tells the true story and not the lies of small teams catching up whatever. The country needs overhauling and cleansing!!!

    • Abdul 8 months ago

      Did you watch the game? If you don’t, don’t blab. Finding did his job….the team lacks quality and they were wasteful. His substitutions were top-notch and tactically, he did well.

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        Finidi did is job, his team lack quality, who’s job is it to make a team of quality players??? We have seen good coaches or teams create a winning team and this has nothing to do with your excuses. You that watched the match and was able to watch it for 90mins I hail you!

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Is this the reason why they also couldn’t win 1 round of preliminary matches in the CAF CL….??? I thought the local league has enough quality to even supply the Super Eagles…LMAOoo

    • @Chima

      I disagree with your view that Findi George, the Enyimba is to blame for Enyimba loss at home.

      You and I know that Enyimba like several other Nigerian club sides struggle both home and away against the North African oppositions. After Enyimba’s glorious years in the African Champions League back in the days of Kadiri Ikhana whilst Orji Uzor Kalu was in power as the governor of Abia, the Aba boys have not been the same side again especially continentaly. They are on the road to recovery and are still work in progress, they’re not there yet, both in terms of quality of players and technical input. It’ll be most unfair to put the blame squarely on the coach. With the incoming of Nwankwo KANU, the team is set on upward trajectory.

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        Excuses again omg.

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        Very soon Nigeria will not be going to these African league because it’s by regional slot. North Africa have taken over football in Africa except for the emergence of Senegal. The only thing about Nigeria is we have individual players and come to think about it the individual players are yet to make a team of winners. Now ask for what reason are we not winning any trophy yet? Is it because the north are more talented or they are far more political because officials are on their side that we can not challenge or the NFF that has always been the same for ages??? We can make excuses but when are we going to start fix all these excuses including employing befitting coaches??? These a lot to ask daily!!!

  • Papafem 8 months ago

    They should try and get a few Nigerian players who play in lesser leagues abroad but with considerable European football experience. They should blend these players with the home grown talents. Only way we can challenge these North Africans for titles because it seems there’s a lot of money in the AFL. Investing in players who can challenge for AFL title is a worthwhile venture

    • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

      It’s almost impossible for any player abroad to want to comeback to Nigeria talkless of coming to play for local teams. For me Nigeria has all the talent and keeps producing more daily that the clubs do not need to scout abroad. All they need is to be honest from the onset about their dealings and have a clear football education given to these players and managers plus good welfare. This element is hard to find in Nigeria for whatever reasons and the coaches also choose to work in these environments so if blame comes they’ll have to take it and look for no way out after all they always boast before matches and not speak the truth of what’s happening behind the scene so even when they loose people will start taking note of their previous concerns.

      Instead everyone will keep their mouth shut and continue collaborating with a corrupt system just to keep a job that doesn’t make sense or adding values to the nation. We have been loosing for more than 10years to these North Africans be it from Algeria Libya Morocco Egypt just put north and forget the Nigerian team it’s that easy. 

  • Chudynak 8 months ago

    This Enyimba should just go and park well. The team is now a shadow of its former self.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 8 months ago

    The soup way sweet na money do am.lol
    .but if that game was played in the waydd home soil wil they award that penalty to eyimba . Fa fa fa fowl .in fact the referee wil give 1. Offside to eyimba. 2 yellow card for eyimba player for diving . There is politics here .

    • Abdul 8 months ago

      It was a clear penalty…I don’t know what you are talking about. If the referee was biased at all….I would say most of his decisions were in favour of Enyimba

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Hahahaha…there are many talents in the NPFL….LMAOoo, but now we have to go and bring back those who have played in Europe to be able to reach the semifinals of continental club competions in which we were finalist 10 straight years circa 90s….LMAOoo.

    Later they will try to drag us back with their “…Westerhof used home based players…” rhetorical.

    Enyimba couldn’t qualify for the group stages of the CAF CL in the frst place….they weren’t listed amongst the clubs worthy of participating in this inaugural AFL ab initio. I don’t know how much bribe they paid to get another team’s name swapped with theirs

    • Hi Dr Drey,

      Eyimba should have the upper hand in the return fixture due to home advantage. I didn’t watch the match but feelers have it that Eyimba just didn’t have the rub of the green in the first leg.

      Using this slim loss which might prove inconsequential in the second leg to hurl homebase players through the coal seems premature to me.

      Peseiro has giving himself the mandate to win Afcon and perhaps CHAN so just grab your seat and drink to wine of patience.

      We should shy away from slamming local players at the slightest opportunity. You will come back to praise the same players once the manifestation of all the hard work in the background yields all the continental cup trophy on offer including the Chan to boot.

      Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Apologies Drey,

      I just learned that the match was played at home. This doesn’t change the equation as home advantage is sometimes a two edged sword.

      Eyimba might just be poised on the precipice of a remarkable feat. Overturning a 1 goal deficit away will make the rest of the continent to sit up and take notice.

      It was a slim loss with Finidi’s fingers firmly on the fidelity of a formation that should help grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

      Write this Eyimba lads off at your own peril.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahaha, Try harder Deo, try harder…..LMAOoo

  • chuks haifa 8 months ago

    Wetin i no go hear here today. Write Enyimba off at your on peril!
    Is it the Enyimba i watched. I was just praying the wouldn’t be humiliated at home. For now Nigerian league is just like Nigerian economy with a free fall Naira. Enyimba is out and Nigeria should be seeded out next year. Nigeria should be replaced by another serious country like Zambia or even Kenya. No apologies. We all kept mute and let NFF destroy our football. The worst is yet to come.

    • You’ve got to have faith, bruv.

      Isn’t it the same match that Eyimba recorded 20 shots at goal with a 49% possession ratio?

      I have just come off seeing the highlights and, but for naive finishing, Eyimba could have had their victory in the bag.

      They appear to have kept a high defensive line which came back to bite them for the penalty that was nailed the match.

      My interest in the second leg has now peaked as something tells me that an upset might be in the cards.

      Watch this space.

      • Abdul 8 months ago

        In Morocco? Come on deo! you should know better. It will be a miracle to even get a goal there. For me, they are out already.

      • Bruv, I get a funny feeling about this one. Call it premonition or something but please don’t write Eyimba off.

        The penalty was unfortunate but the statistics and even the highlights suggested a near-even encounter.

        It just makes the second leg all the more fascinating to look forward to.

        Finidi says he is quite optimistic going into the second leg, so am I.

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