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BREAKING: NFF Retains Eguavoen As Super Head Coach, Drafts In Amuneke

BREAKING: NFF Retains Eguavoen  As Super Head  Coach, Drafts In Amuneke

The Nigeria Football Federation on Monday announced the reconstitution of the technical crew of the Senior Men National Team, Super Eagles, with Augustine Eguavoen staying as Interim Technical Adviser while former Nigeria World Cup star and former U20 Boys’ Head Coach, Emmanuel Amuneke drafted in as immediate assistant to Eguavoen.

One of the most garlanded footballers to have come out of Nigeria, Amuneke scored both goals that won Nigeria the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations final match against Zambia in Tunis, scored the goal that won Nigeria and Africa’s first Olympic football gold medal in 1996 and played in the 1994 and 1996 FIFA World Cup finals, scoring two goals in USA ’94.

As coach, the electrifying winger qualified Tanzania for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt and led the Taifa Stars in the finals. He is a Member of both the FIFA and CAF Technical Study Groups.

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“The NFF Board has approved a recommendation of the Technical and Development Committee retaining Augustine Eguavoen as Technical Director/Technical Adviser (interim) while Emmanuel Amuneke becomes the Chief Coach of the Super Eagles. Salisu Yusuf will be the 2nd Assistant Coach/Chief Coach of the CHAN team and Joseph Yobo will be 3rd Assistant while Aloysius Agu remains the Goalkeepers’ Trainer,” NFF General Secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi announced.

The reconstitution comes after the Super Eagles’ outing at the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations finals in Cameroon, and ahead of the potentially –explosive FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 play-off round against the Black Stars of Ghana next month.

Sanusi added: “We acknowledge and appreciate the interest that Mr Jose Peseiro has shown in Nigeria Football during our very cordial discussions and have absolutely no doubt about his capacity. We believe that perhaps in the future, there could be an opportunity to work with him.

However, in view of the positive performance of the Super Eagles at the just-concluded Africa Cup of Nations which has given hope to Nigerians and boosted our confidence in the present coaching crew to qualify us for the World Cup in Qatar, we have decided to accept the recommendation of the Technical and Development Committee to retain the Eguavoen-led coaching crew and strengthen it with the addition of Emmanuel Amuneke.”

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  • Alphonsus Gbefumu 2 years ago

    Finally. Congratulations Eguavoen, congrats Amuneke and other crew. We continue to think Nigeria first. Good luck SE!

    • They need a fitness coach with world class fitness drills…….look as Senegal they have an indigenous coach but their fitness coach is a foreigner who works under the indeginous head coach……..who says a white man can not work under a black man?……. Senegal has proved it’s possible even some countries adopted such method in this Afcon…….. Physicality is key in the modern game……see how quick the Tunisian play got to the ball as Iwobi miscontroled and Iwobi who was in possession of the ball was beaten to the ball thereby Making him commit a leg breaker on the guy……… Physicality together with the matured kind of game Nigeria is playing under Eguaveon will be a deadly combination.

      • Raphael 2 years ago

        You are funny and might have forgotten it is step by step. So Iwobi has no fitness trainer in Everton or he just started to learn the game before Afcon. It doesn’t even matter who is in addition so long as it a local Head coach that is taking us to the World cup.

      • Kenny 2 years ago

        Iwobi has been a flop both Everton and in Nigeria. He is clueless and does not know his position. Every time he is dragging for number 10 without knowing the rudiments of that position. His uncle Okocha is busy blaming Okoye when Iwobi is actually the problem of Super Eagles.

    • Seriously I have been drawing support for Amaju Pinick over this years not because he have actually helped matters when it comes to the management of our football federation, but base on the fact that I want a Nigerian to assume the position of a caf president one day.

      With the appointment of Augustine Eguavon as our interim coach I’m totally disappointed to not only Mr.Amaju but the total glass house (nff boards) this shows that they no nothing about football management, and as such do not have the nation at heart.

      I smell another another failure against Ghana, except the players bring out their mind to make it up to the fans else expect another terrible performance.

      • My brother God bless you for your comments you nailed it don’t mind them so called NFF chairman Eguaveon again with this last Nations cup what we need is Emmanuel Amuneke finish

  • M. Abbas 2 years ago

    Thank you NFF for doing the country proud. Ghanaians must be peeing in their pants. With our domestic managers, the World cup is Nigeria. Congrats Eguavoen and his team.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Peeing in their pants with Agu as gk coach? March is not too far again.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Incompetent and compromised Alloy Agu again!!!

    • Stephen 2 years ago

      have complained about this guy a year ago and am still on my point that alloy competency is questionable.come to think about it alloy cannot be listed among the Great when talking about goalkeeping section of Nigeria but just as he enjoyed godfather support during his playing days for during those times many complain about him not been the best but somehow he retains his position as either the first choice or second. .If nnf don’t drop this alloy then believe me Nigeria will still not produce a good keeper.. once you are from Eastern part of Nigeria you are guaranteed a look in: Daniel akpeyi,Francis uzoho,maduka okoye,John noble,ezenwa,etc pls NNF give a closer look at this goalkeeping section now before is too late . Look at Egypt they gave there goalkeeping legends responsibility to train the keepers now see wat a fantastic keeper he discovered in Gabaski who many thoughts should have won the best keeper in the just concluded afcon and a local leaque keeper for that matter. But with the coming in of Amuneke I want to believe that fraudulent selection of keepers will stop. Alloy Agu all eyes are on you now.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    Firstly, congratulations to coach Egu and his assistants. There is no need rehashing what went wrong in the match against Tunisia at the AFCON. However, its important that LESSONS learned in that match should help in preparing for the play-off matches against Ghana in March. Telling the players to “go out there and express themselves” smacks of technical and tactical ineptitude. The play-offs is NOT AFCON. let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think Ghana is there for the taking. God bless our national team and all those who wish the Super Eagles well.

    • DiMastta 2 years ago

      His surname is Eguavoen. You guys should know it is rude and bad manners to shorten an African family name. If you cannot spell his surname correctly, then refer to him by his nickname, “Cerezo”.

  • Umanna H. B. 2 years ago

    Exactly my advice to the Federation and thank God Amuneke is on board. I will only advise him to give his oga every necessary support do that together they will put out beautiful country on the global map. Up up Super Eagles.

  • Pius Obemhen 2 years ago

    One of the best news from the Nigerian Football Federation. Many thanks to Amaju Pinnick and his members. Meanwhile I would like Amuneke to look into the Belgium Blueprint as well. All he needs to do is to use Google search because it is online. That should be cleared enough. God bless Nigerians.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      You people would not injure somebody with laff… The only thing wey concern you na Belgium blue print! This blue print has not won any trophy yet now.

      • Pius Obemhen 2 years ago

        I’m sure Amuneke would have visited fifa ranking to see the impact of the Blueprint. Belgium is no1 FIFA ranking.

  • Retain Eguaveon and Amunike and get them a world class physical fitness coach…….Get them a physical fitness trainer that can make the players move with very high tempo and intensity….. Only that way can the idea the coach has be fully interpreted by the players.

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • Very well merited. The brand of football under Eguavoen in the just-concluded Afcon was indeed heartwarming. What he now needs to add is the shrewdness needed to grind out results against all odds. My most significant observation is the midfield: playing 2 midfielders in-game will not take Nigeria very far. I think we will need 2 defensive/holding midfielders to offer adequate cover for the defence.

    Also, we need a credible goalkeeper. As Eguavoen attends NPFL games, he should be able to scour the length and breath of the domestic scene to unearth a credible goalkeeper for Nigeria. You have Stanley Nwabili (Lobi Stars), John Noble (Eyimba), Olorunleke Ojo (Eyimba) and Olawale Oremade (Dakkada).

    All in all, if Eguavoen can combine flair football with pragmatism, he will go places with the Super Eagles.

    Congratulations to the coaching crew. I wish them great success.

    • William d conqueror 2 years ago

      You are compromise as well, John Noble who has not play football close to a year now. Smh

      • Even Oremade is second choice at Dakkada but I don’t think this factor necessarily compromises their skills, attributes and potentials. It is not about being compromised as a Critic rather about widening the net and being savvy in finding the next best suitable goalkeeper for the Super Eagles.

      • Look at the case of Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal. He was a bench warmer for a long time. But when 1st choice Bernd Leno lost form, it paved the way for Ramsdale who is now proving to be one of the best England national team goalkeepers and one of the best goalkeepers in the English Premier League. My point is that just because a goalkeeper is second choice in club football doesn’t necessarily mean he is a waste of space.

        Unlike outfield players, reserve goalkeepers do not always get the opportunity to be substituted in-game unless the first choice is injured. That in any way doesn’t mean the reserve goalkeeper is incompetent.

        The likes of Noble and Oremade might just have more to offer than you think.

      • That guy @Deo knows out to spew jagons, he is an expert in that

  • So who is the technical director, and who is the chief coach? Who stays by the stands when the Super Eagles are playing? Surely, we can’t have 2 captains in a ship.

    Please coach Amunike think well before accepting this trap of a job.

    • Larry 2 years ago

      Cerezo is the head coach. He picks the team and takes the shots.
      Amuneke is the first Assistant Coach and he is most likely going to be in charge of the CHAN (home based Eagles) team.

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    “However, in view of the positive performance of the Super Eagles at the just-concluded Africa Cup of Nations which has given hope to Nigerians and boosted our confidence in the present coaching crew to qualify us for the World Cup in Qatar”
    So basically positive performance is judged by 9 POINTS IN THE GROUP STAGE?

    Apart from EGYPT what performance are we expecting from that team against SUDAN and GUINEA BISSAU?

    Had it been the coaches and these NFF will be decent enough to resign when they fail it would have been better , but i doubt it, another story will pop up, so why bothered.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. My question is Agu has been gk coach for over 5 years now and Nigeria can not boast of a decent gk. As a matter of fact, Nigeria has been ousted from 2 afcon tourneys as a direct result of goal keeping problems. It is obvious they did not learn anything from our exit so another disappointment awaits.

    Congrats to Eguavoen and Amuneke!

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • Ndubest 2 years ago

    A good combination but this Agu of a person is the only dark spot. He hasn’t done anything to deserve that position. I watched Egyptian keeper head coach closely i saw his positive input in their games he’s inspirational. Agu na siddon and look. I was expecting him to be replaced.

  • Positive performance indeed. The person who qualified the team for the competition scorecard was negative performance but getting bundle out in second round by a depleted team is a positive performance! How laughable. Now they are 10 let’s see the excuses they will come up with..

    • Tayo, i wonder why you are still bitter over the ouster of Rohr, that man was not interested in the growth of our team, for Christ sake he spent six years with the Super Eagles in a period God blessed us with a surge in the area of young talents yet ROhr was so inept that he could not mold these talents into a crack team. Besides, he was corrupt, it is only corruption that will make a National team coach to ignore numerous players while holding unto some selected players even when his team is under performing. It is a shame that we as Nigerians were so blinded with Rohr’s skin color to the extent that we never accused him of corruption, if a Nigeria had done half of what he did by presenting lopsided list again and again we could called him out.Besides, can you imagine the embarrassment he brought on us as a Nation for allowing CAR to beat the Super Eagles in front of home crowd? Siasia, our Ex international was booted out for play a 2-2 draw with Guinea at home but it was okay for a white man to perform woefully and still retain his job for six years.

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        @Frank Smith,Siasia was relieved of his super eagles job not because he played a draw at home with Guinea,rather it was because he didn’t qualifying for the nations cup.
        You aren’t fair with your judgement.
        Rohr’s super eagles got beat by CAR at home but redeemed their image winning by an improved scoreline away against the same team it shows the loss was a fluke victory for CAR.
        He drew at home against the Cape Verde just like Siasia’s ward against Guinea but the difference was,while Siasia’s team failed to qualify Rohr’s qualified.
        That’s a huge and visible difference.
        You said he ignored numerous players,really!so who where this players?Are they better than the ones invited?I know for sure Rohr has a standard for inviting players,and this standards are applicable in major footballing countries.
        He looks at the league you play your performances also you must play regularly for your team, apparently,his selections usually generates less controversy perhaps Musa is the only questionable inclusion even at that he has reasons for including Musa even Eguavoen took him to Cameroon.

      • Who told you am bitter about his sack? They said positive performance, is the performance really positive? was this how Rohr started after taking over the team? And did you said corruption? Bring any evidence to show he is corrupt in all the over 5 years he spent in Nigeria,in fact it was 2 of your so called our own that was involved and was prosecuted by FIFA and to make matter worst one of the is still among this consortium of coaches, isn’t that funny? Pls tell me if it had been any of the foreign coach that took us to the Nations cup not world cup and exited in second round in that manner and the FA will come back after a lengthy technical report that it was a positive performance. You and I know that they are only playing the script sports ministry headed by that yeye minister Dare

    • John-I 2 years ago

      Amunike is a great addition, he has the right mentality and impressive CV as well.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    And Yobo retains his ball boy role once again…..LMAOOooo. To think someone campaigned for him in 2020 to be named SE substantive coach to lead us to Qatar is still laughable….LMAOOoo. Even the NFF who employed him are yet to gather to courage to hand our CHAN team over to him…..LMAOoooo

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    …yet to gather enough courage to…

  • Good move and well done NFF.

    The next thing is to get foreign trainer to assist both Eguavoen and Amuneke just like what Senegalese did in afcon.

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      So you, bro, you think it was the physical trainer that gave Senegal the cup? Are they the only team that came with a physical trainer? Who told you Nigerian players were physically weak? What gave Senegal the cup was their very strong determination and consistency. They Played every match like a final, be it against Egypt or Burkina Faso. That hunger is what I didn’t see in our team against Tunisia. The Nigerian team needs a psychologist than a physical trainer. They went into the game against Tunisia with some pride and disrespect and only woke up when that guy rifled that dhit home. Senegal would never allow that Tunisian goal scorer play that shot from that vintage position. Never! The defence would be all over him until he loses possession. That’s the major reason they conceded only two goals in 7 matches. Eguaveon should tell the players to approach every match with utmost seriousness. You can’t blow hot against Egypt and go to sleep against Tunisia. Super Eagles should find consistency. That has been a major headache about this team, honestly. It is only the Eagles that will play a draw against Brazil but get beaten at home by CAR. They only raise their games against a team they are considered to lose to or inferior to, but take off their legs off the pedal for any team they are better than.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    No more Aigbogun. Lolzzzzz. You ever heard of the dream team, this is the mean team. These guys mean business. Football is coming home. Good riddance to bad rubbish in Gernot Rohr.

    • isaac 2 years ago

      The NFF have no respect for our indigenous coaches. What is Amuneke and Eguavon ‘s Financial contract

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    WorldCup ticket or nothing. If the crew can give us the WorldCup ticket they should take the team to the WorldCup, but what do I know it’s the NFF. Just go with the flow. Let’s see the call up for the all important playoffs then we go from there.

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • Alex Osale 2 years ago

    Kudos to the Amaju Pinnick led NFF board for retaining Eguavoen and bringing in Amunike. I believe this is one of the best decisions ever taking by this board. Cisse of Senegal was giving enough time and today Senegal is Afcon Champion. In the same vein, Eguavoen and Amunike should be given time to raise a formidable team for Nigeria. Both of team must form a united front, because this is a test for home grown coaches and there is no room for failure.

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      Good but please get a sound gk trainer,remove Agu and yobo and add a good physical trainer and a video analyst

      • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

        You also need a good scouting coach for good/eligible home and foreign based players.let’s be sincere for once

      • Why do we always very critical of our Ex internationals? What is it about Yobo that some of us cannot stomach? This is a guy that represented us at the U20 levelthen to the National team , captained the National team and led us the win African cup of Nations in 2013 . His SV qualifies him to be a part of our coaching crew and i don’t see any reason why any Nigerian should be bothered about that.

        • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

          Good but what are his coaching credentials and track record.what are his coaching licences and what clubs has he coached in the past.You don’t achieve success with sentiments

  • What a total waste of time.
    So Eguavoen’s reward for getting outfoxed and out smarted in the 2nd round of AFCON is for him carry on as coach.
    Nigeria will not qualify for World Cup with tactically inept Eguavoen as coach. Period.

  • Presh 2 years ago

    Pay them when due, NFF. They are our heroes, also pay the players as well.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Lol bunch of jesters, these guys will definitely bring back nepotism, sentiments, and corruption, These fraudsters and not coaches but player agents, you guys are praising them now, time tell.

  • Olujimi Morgan 2 years ago

    Good decision to retain Eguavoen and his technical team, although a change in goalkeeper coach would have made the decision better.

    There is a fudging of the roles of Eguavoen and Amunike. One who was Interim Chief Coach is now Interim Technical Adviser, whilst the other comes in as Chief Coach. I hope both can and will work well together as a team, and that the NFF will give them all the support needed to qualify for the WC, and produce our best results ever.

    The team has obvious weaknesses – poor goals conversion ratio by all the players including Osimhen, no commanding or merely consistently effective offensive MF, still occasionally questionable central defence although they played well at AFCON to give them their due, no effective no 10 who has high successful pass rate. And sadly, our vaunted wing play didn’t show up at all on the right.

    Most glari g weakness is the lack of a good goalkeeper. Please let’s try out the Adeleke in the Israeli league.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I am so sorry for you NFF. Is this the best you can do? Why Agu again? We got knocked out twice just because of incompetent goalkeeper trainer.

    “The Nigeria Football Federation on Monday announced the reconstitution of the technical crew of the Senior Men National Team, Super Eagles, with Augustine Eguavoen staying as Interim Technical Adviser while former Nigeria World Cup star and former U20 Boys’ Head Coach, Emmanuel Amuneke drafted in as immediate assistant to Eguavoen”.

    NFF should be ashamed of themselves for this. Interim coach again? Why Amaju Pinnick is behaving this way kę? So, coach Eguavoen do not deserve to be a new coach of the Super Eagles while coach Amunike will be his expert?

    Mr. Eguavoen and Mr Amunike should watch their back. This is why our local coaches have to stand their ground. NFF have no respect for our indigenous coaches.

    Akpeyi failed to rescue Nigeria against Algeria in Egypt while Okoye under the same coach Agu has failed to bailout Nigeria against Tunisia in Cameroon so, Super Eagles were eliminated again because of Okoye. What is going on NFF?

    This is the best combinations as we are heading to the world cup qualifiers against Ghana.

    Amunike and Eguavoen Kai, Nigeria will rule the world of football again.

    I am not satisfied. I am not pleased with this Agu. He have to go. Apart from Agu, Amunike and Eguavoen are the best for the job because what Oga Rohr was unable to attained during his time with the Super Eagles, our own will get the job done in few months to come.

    Under the former gaffer, Oga Rohr, Super Eagles failed to find a reliable keeper. Ighalo and Akpeyi were the chief landlords in his team without winning a tea cup. Winning bronze medals to Nigerians its nothing to Nigerians.

    I hope in the end, NFF ONIGBESE and AJĘWOMASAN the debtors won’t hire a foreign coach.

    Our own should be in charge of the Super Eagles at least 5 years. We need our best indigenous coaches to represent Nigeria.

    Salisu Yusuf have no place in that team anymore. Aigbogun? Good that he’s not longer there with the team.

    Yobo? hmmm. Well, is okey he’s learning and he will get better as time goes on. Is good now that he’s not the second assistants.

    Congratulations to our own. You people have to work hard to justify your work, quality and superiority. Can’t wait to see our own in Qatar.

    I also congratulate we patriotic Nigerians for supporting our own. Bravo.

    Oga Rohr followers, how market? Let’s support our own and the best time to do this is now. It is our time and it is now or never. We will rule the world of football again in Qatar. Just watch out.

    As I promised you people total football before Afcon, we saw the best of Eagles in Cameroon. just a week in charge of the team, our own have did well.

    If Cisse could win silver and gold medals for Senegal, Eguavoen and Amunike can win Afcon and world cup for Nigeria one day. Just believe that impossible is nothing. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      Did well.

    • Kai this team has been crying for an Amunike. He knows the Nigerian football Eguavoen is preaching so very well, even better than him I think so.
      Amunike knows the midfield game very well and that will help complement Egu. Again ehn,you need a winner as part of a coaching staff at times. To win ehn,you see top coaches like Pep,Klopp,Mou tell u about “luck”. They know what they are saying. That is what we call “grace” here. See ehn, we could have won Tunisia,na just small thing remain. But u see that has been the case with Egu’s coaching career, he has knowledge but lacks grace at certain times. You need a man wey get “oil for head” to be by his side.

      Some commentators say we missed Nwakali(Amunikes boy) in that Tunisia match. They have a point there.
      Amunike won us the age grade World Cup, playing the typical Nigerian way and normally such a coach should continue with his boys. Some of them, like Osimhen have now graduated to the national team and look this decision to draft Amunike in is such a beaut. Amunike is world class and I don’t say this because I am a Nigerian, I am saying his knowledge of the game is world class, he can easily coach any club in the English league. That’s an international coach even, because he has coached a country’s national team before. We are even getting him for cheap

      On the Goalkeeper trainer we might need help there, though I have not done my research in that area

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        Well spoken @Oge. Yes we missed Nwakali in that game. We also missed Ejuke, Adeleye and Dessers as well.

        I hope coach Eguavoen have learned his lesson from that match.

        I am very elated that coach Amunike is now joined the team. Fingers crossed. Hmmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ambiga 2 years ago

    What is Yusuf doing there? He should be sacked and replaced with Jose Peseiro. Alloy Agu should also be sacked and replaced with Vincent Enyeama.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    Everybody is talking about good goalkeepers, but please where are the world class goalkeepers?, the truth is that we have none at the moment; they are all the same.(they are ok).

  • Kingsley 2 years ago

    I pity Nigerian celebrating the appointment of an inept Equaveon as coach.What is the coaching record of him? 2003 UN 17 first round exit, UN 23 failed to quality for Olympics, formal super coach 2006 usual 3rd place, Enyimba Coach( Nigeria league cannot be used to judge how good a coach is because big money makes you win league) and 2022 super eagles 2nd round exit and we are saying he has done well..He has never ventured outside to test his capacity. We cannot have articulated long term plan just emotional appointments..If we get elimiinated from world cup qualifiers, he will go back to his civil service (un)Technical director job and if we qualify, usual first round elimination and start afresh again..Expect more of strange invited names on the world cup roster with the sole aim to put them for big moves..you think Olisah Idah was invited to improve the team?? You necessary do not need a world top top class coach..Go to Ligue one get coaches who have been there and you can attest to their style of play..Cameroon won nations cup 2000/ 2002 not with any top top coach..Formal Senegal late Bruno Metsu that took Senegal to quarter finals WC was never a top coach but good tactically ..In the fullness of time we will see Equaveon was a bad choice and inept tactically wen you come up against strong oppositions not like most Africans teams that is all power and strength not tactics..

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    Agu lost two of his front teeth while playing for Nigeria. Maybe the NFF gave him the job as compensation.

    I can’t think of any other reason lolz.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      ROTFL….lol hahahaa, that cracked me up!

      • Marvelous 2 years ago

        Confused set of people. Why not keep Equavon as Technical Director and Amunike as the head coach, employing a capable assistant for him (whether black or white)

        I see internal fighting between Equavon and Amunike. Who calls the shot at the stands, who invite players. Most Equavon have a say in the team? Is super eagles his only business. That’s why am always of the opinion that he was also behind Rohr sack so that he can have a grib on the team.

        NFF should redeem their already damage image by doing what is right. Appoint Amunike as the Chief coach and let Equavon falls back to his lazy Technical Director duty.

        We need to change our goal keeper trainer. Carl Ikeme or V.E will do.

        Who is the team chief scout?

        Who is the physical trainer?

        Who is the team psychologist?

        Who is the video analyst?

        Brothers let’s be sincere for once, every good teams in the world have these personnels. You can’t keep pouring new wind in an old jar and expect a fresh test. This is a 1970 set up by the NFF in 2022. Teams in Africa are fast advancing, WE CAN DO IT!!!! Pinnick try get sense or borrow it from Senegalese FA.

        Lastly I have this 10 apostles of coaches won’t be owed salaries. Lol I laugh in Swahili.


  • We Nigerians are now comparing Senegal’s Local Technical crew with Nigeria’s. Will we
    be patient enough like Senegal for the number of years they retained the same local coaches ( Cise & Co ) to get this great team and result ? That is my sincere question. After all the most successful Coach of Nigeria ( Westerhof ) attended three
    Afcons before clinching the cup in the third.

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