Done Deal: Troost-Ekong Joins PAOK Thessaloniki On Three- Year Contract

Done Deal: Troost-Ekong Joins PAOK Thessaloniki On Three- Year Contract

Super Eagles vice-captain, William Troost-Ekong has linked up with Greek Super League club, PAOK Thessaloniki.

Troost-Ekong who joined the former Greek Super League champions from Sky Bet Championship club, Watford penned a three-year contract.

PAOK paid around €1m to secure the services of the centre-back.

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The 29-year-old Ekong spent the second half of last season on loan at Serie A club Salernitana, who did not trigger the option to sign him permanently.

Troost-Ekong played nine times for the Garnets and scored once.

PAOK finished fourth in the Greek League last season and will compete in the UEFA Europa Conference League.

They will face Beitar Jerusalem in the second qualifying round later this month.

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  • Ipetu Madu 12 months ago

    Ekong has done well. He will be back in the super eagles starting 11 soon. Him and Awaziem are the best combo for Nigeria. Good luck to you Ekong in Greece. This is a great move.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    The worst Nigerian CB ever (according to some charlatans….LMAOooo), one of the last men standing from the 2016 Olympics “not-so-U23 team”, will be playing in Europe this coming season after his loan stint in the Serie A.

    Ride on Troost. Never mind your detractors. They can all continue to cry. You’ve got nothing to prove to them anymore.

    Their Van Dijks are not performing any better than you whether at club or international level.

    • Ipetu Madu 12 months ago

      Absolutely @Dr Drey, Ekong and Umar performed well in the Olympics. He will play regularly in Greece next season which is good for the Super Eagles. Ekong has plenty of top flight experience, he has nothing else to prove.

      • @Ipetu Madu Must you people agree with everything Dr Drey says?.. So because he has lots of top flight experience he should keep his place in SE even if his form and overall abilities is dwindilling evident by this downward trajectory move and constant injury woes.. Listen if you people rely on other peoples opinions to cast your own rather use some sense. Super Eagles don’t need players who are moving backwards in their careers rather we need established stars Ekong is too young to be regressing it just beens he does not have longevity BABA Madu.

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          Hahahaha…it is paining this mad dog that people agree with Dr.Drey…..LMaAOoo.

          Na juju Dr. Drey dey use na.

          A 29-year-old central defender is too young……LMAOOo.

          And he wants people to agree with him…..LMAOoo

      • @Ipetu Madu When last has Ekong given an assured Performance in SE did you see how he was been run ragged in Seria A last season Moreover did you even watch his games for Saleritana?, even omeruo who is older than Ekong has given better performances than Ekong in the last Year and half or so. Ekong is not good enough at the moment SE will be better off, Capping Tosin, try to work out a paring either betwen Ajayi, Bassey, Tosin. Bring back Aina, Ebuehi try and convince Udojie Destiny. e.t.c We have many options if the NFF and Coach does the right thing.

        I am not sure you Nigerians Understand what happens when European teams count on experience they do so if the Player is not regressing and still has a lot to prove and the gauge this by that players cliub performances.

        Nigerians will come and tell you if Portugal can still rely on CR7 it is the same situation as Musa or they will start Comparing Van Djik to Ekong. Deluded bunch of people you lot are.

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          Name one CB that has given back-to-back assured performances in the SE in the last 2 years.

          The fact that we dont have a steady CB pairing in the SE at the moment says it all…..LMAOOo

          One moment its Omeruo and Ajayi, the next moment its Bassey and Akpoguma, the next moment its Bassey and Akpoguma, the next game its Akpoguma and Ajayi.

          Not one of your current CBs have been able to tie down a shirt permanently at the heart of the SE defence in Ekong’s absence…..LMAOoo. Let not even talk about a Central defensive paring like the famed “oyinbo wall”…..LMAOoo

          Which CB in the current SE is standing heads and shoulders above any of our past CBs including Ekong…..LMAOO. Even Calving Bassey is still not showing consistency in the SE central defence yet.

          It took only 1 lob by guinea bissau to beat your jet engined central defenders in Abuja….LMAOoo

          It took one outstep pass to beat your jet-heeled central defenders in Monrovia…..LMAOOo

          Omeruo should have used his “better performances” to secure a loan move to the Seria A to help rescue a relegation-threatened club na…..LMAOoo

          Ekong was ran ragged in the Serie A…….LMAOoo. The last time I checked, its in ordinary Dutch league a young Bassey is struggling to cope and is about to be willingly offloaded by Ajax after jsut 1 season. I almost burst my lungs with laughter when the Ajax sporting director watched Bassey take 24 hrs to make a 360 degree turn vs feyenoord……LMAOoo

          I’ve said it many times……tell your “so-called better defenders” to go and test themselves in the leagues and at the level Troost-Ekong has tested himself and lets see the outcomes…..LMAOoo.

          Troost-Ekong is so bad, yet he has played at higher levels than his peers and still keeps making positive club moves even at the age of 29….LMAOoo

          • You compare Van Djik to Ekong at 29 Years old Van Djik was Ballon Do’r Contender. What was your Ekong doing giving water Yansh performances for SE. Ekong can’t even be retained by a Relegation struggling team in Seria A and moves downward to a lowly Turkish Club and you speak of Experiences I won’t get into a debate with you. After all it was your Mumu mouth that was ranting if CR7 can still play for Portugal so can Musa for Nigeria.

            If he was so Good why can’ he keep his place in Italy or be retained by Watford. POAK and Super League is not good enough Ekong has become a perenial Bench warmer. anyway i won’t try make you see reason your dead Brain always clamours for Perenial Bench warmers and you are so stuck in rewind that you come with your experience talk..

            Look Dead brain all experience players of the past 4 years a no use because we have achieved squat with their experience.

            Experienced legs will only become valid again when the likes of Osimhen and Chukwueze are at Ekong’s and Musa’s age then we can count on thier experience.

            Mr Experience for Perenial Bench Warmers.

            Guy you are the Biggest Dumbass on this plat form let me tell you Okponu

          • Do and look at what the likes of Vlahovic did to Ekong last season and this is still when Vlahovic had his worst season in Seria A to date.

            Seeing as though your mediocre mind can’t see as far as your nose.

          • I mean *Greek team POAK* super eagles have had many good Greek league players in the past?. Brown Ideye is the only one that comes to mind in recent times that did okay and that was because he was not a perenial bench warmer like your Ekong and also because we didn’t really have better options than him at the time. we have a lot more promising Defenders now to call upon and cap than your sideward or rather downward trajectory Ekong

          • although they play different positions Osimhen and Van Djik are of the same calibre although Osimhen is probably of a higher calibre because even Van Djik couldn’t hit the heights Osimhen is hitting at Osimhen’s age. So Ekong and Musa and finished legs like them can kick dust and must be shown the doors out of SE, because in all honesty out of both Oyinbo wall Balogun will even be more reliable than Ekong now. and Balogun himself is also surplus to requirements talkless of Ekong

            Nigerian’s we have to start aiming higher Now we have a player like Osimhen as far as i am concerned he has set the mark that any future SE player should be aiming for if you want to say you are a legend of experience as far as I am concerned Osimhen is even more expereinced now than Ekong and Musa combined.

            so let us rather do away with avergae players and build on the talent we have now around the likes of Osimhen, Chukwueze, Lookman, Ndidi, Sanusi and co. in a foward thinking country this should be the experienced players and then the youthful exuberance should be built around them this is if Nigeria is really wanting to succeed. we have many players of high calibre and as i have highlight enough players who are entering thier prime and are showing qualities of a much higher level than the so called experienced heads in some deluded minds

          • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

            Useless fool. Your drugs are beginning to tamper with your brain in this hot summer…LMAOoooo???

            Please show me where I compared van dijk to ekong or ekong to van dijk in all Ive written here.

            Born bastard of a liar. Please copy and paste where I ever said “…if CR7 can still play for Portugal so can Musa for Nigeria….” LMAOOO

            Musa’s name must really be escalating your insanity by the day…..LMAOOo.

            That was how you disappeared like fart the other day when you couldn’t prove your cheap white lie against me that I said we have Musa so we dont need saka.

            The fact that you cant beat Dr.Drey doesnt mean you should resort to cheap lies. We already know you are a lowlife drug rehab escapee….you dont need to validate that fact for us
            again and again

            Ekong was signed on loan by Salernitana to cover up for a centre back crisis in the club at a time when they were faced with relegation. He joined them and swore to svae them from getting relegated and he did, despite being out with a knee injury for almost a month just as he was getting into the team.

            Its still on record that the got the winning goal that confirms their Serie A status for another season……go and drink rat poison if that pains you.

            Does a player not getting signed on permanently after a loan deal means he’s not good enough…..?? Has Lukaku signed permanently for Inter Milan now…? Has Sabitszer signed permanently for Man U now….? Has Joao Felix signed permanently for Chelsea now…..?? Has Cancelo signed permanently for Bayern now…..?? I guess those players are not good enough too. Common Sense is indeed not common.

            Your Omeruo that is better than ekong was jumping from one loan to another for the larger part of his career till he ended in 2nd division with leganes. Why didnt Salernitana go and sign him to help them escape relegation instead of Ekong….?

            Please what did Vlahovic do to Ekong…..LMAOOoo? A Salernitana player misplaced a pass, Vlahovic was put tru on goal and he shit the ball before Ekong reched him….please what is extraordinary in that, that hasnt happened to any other Central Defender before….???

            Was it not an unknown S/L striker that left your Aleessandro Nesta Omeruo biting the dust just a few weeks ago…?? LMAOOo

            Wasnt it an unknown quantity that turned your “kalidou koulibaly” Bassey inside out in the dutch league that made the Ajax sporting director vow to offload him ASAP….?? To think Brighton is bidding at a cheaper rate than what Ajax paid for a 23 yr old defender after just one season says a lot.

            Your drug addiction must be making you think you know more football than the sporting director of football clubs……LMAOoo.

            I agree I am brain dead……but as brain dead as I may be, I still make sense to people 100 times more than a bastard like you does…..LMAoooo. Heck you couldn’t even hide your jealousy at the fact that tonnes of people always agree.

            Ekong is bad, Ekong is bad but he still remains the only SE CB to play in both the EPL and Serie A since Taribo West……LMAOOoo.

            At 29, PAOK still sees Ekong good enough to boost their squad as they storm Europe in the coming season…..Mr “Brain Alive” says Ekong is too young to move to PAOK…….LMAOOoo. Please tell us where his peers in the national team are playing at the age of 29……LMAOoo.

            Once again tell your “so-called better defenders” to go and test themselves in the leagues and at the level Troost-Ekong has tested himself and lets see the outcomes…..LMAOoo.

  • JimmyBall 12 months ago

    This guy no be am… forget all the washing. So we should start celebrating Greek league now also? Ekong na English Championship player at best. We don’t need locomotive Engine players in Super Eagles anymore. Jittery like who get Parkinson disease… Hahaha.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    They are rearing their heads from their holes like hedgehogs one by one.

    They must know more football than the Sporting Directors of the clubs that keep signing Troost……LMAOoo.

    Non of their Van Dijks ever get to make the types of career moves Ekong keeps making even at the age of 29…….LMAOooo.

    They should go and “wash” their jet engine defenders too let us see which clubs will come for them.

    The last SE central defender before Ekong to play both in the Serie A and the EPL was who again…LMAOOo…?? Taribo West….over 20 years ago…..LMAOOo.

    Abeg William, borrow them soap to use “wash” their Franco Baresis that they claim to be better than you biko…..LMAOoo

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      The racist in them lied WTE was getting national team call-ups simply because he’s biracial.

      He has since gone on to play in the EPL, Serie A and will play in Europe in the coming season.

      There must be something this dude is rubbing on his skin for club scouts and sporting directors to always be interested in him ahead of other Nigerian CBs…..LAOOoo

  • Playin in top 5 leagues in the world really exposed his deficiency in fundamental attributes of a defender.
    Lowly rated Watford saw nothing good in him.
    Chop bench wella for lowly rated Salamanca after the usual initial gra gra.
    Hopefully, he gets to improve on his calamitous performances at non-top 5 league PAOK..

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Hahahahaha…..your “better than Ekong” SE defenders couldnt even make it into the top 5 leagues before clubs started seeing deficiencies in them.

      Omeruo wanst even good enough to sit on Chelsea’s bench and couldnt get an EPL club to accept him on loan all through his stay in England.

      Calving Bassey couldn’t even graduate beyond the U23s at Leicester. It has only taken 1 season in the dutch league for Ajax to know they

      Leon Balogun didnt earn 5 caps in the EPL at Brighton

      Awaviem has been hoping from loan to loan for ages before landing in Croatia

      Akpoguma despite being a Hoffenheim youth product is still 1 week on 2 weeks on the bench at Hoffenheim at the age of 26

      Your Van Dijk Semi Ajayi has not been able to attract any club, be it in the EPL, the Serie A or the top 5 leagues.

      Indeed, Watford saw nothing good in Ekong. That’s why they spent so much to bring him from their sister Serie A clubs to help them gain promotion and even handed him their captain role on many occasions……LMAOoo

      No wonder he will be playing in Europe in the coming season while your better than Ekong defenders who will shut out goals in the SE are languishing in different bottom sides in Europe.

      I wish all our CBs can have “deficiency in fundamental attributes of a defender” like Ekong so that they can be catching the attention of club scouts and sporting directors in Europe even at 29 years of age…..LMAOOo

      I wish the current clubs of our SE CBs will start seeing nothing good in them and start selling them to clubs that will enhance their profiles the way Ekong has been moving.

      The harder the charlatans and their wailing come, the more progress Ekong keeps making in his career…..LMAOOO

      And its not like he has Mino Railo as his agent o……LMAOoo

      • Always trying to create distraction from the subject matter. Nobody here is hailing other defenders but if you want to compare.. Let’s compare Apples with Apples.

        Ekong and Semi both foreign born and similar age

        Semi Ajayi played 33 EPL games and Ekong played less than half

        The market value of Ekong is half of Semis’

        Ekong has gone from 5M to 4M to 2M and now 1M.

        Ekong’s peak was at the Olympics, like his performances, his market value has continued to depreciate..

        Numbers don’t lie..

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          Hahahaha…Have you ever heard of the law of diminishing returns at all……LMAOOo or have you ever heard of stress, strain, creep and fatigue in material and sports sciences….??

          Nobody is creating distractions here….just admit simple facts have once again been used to shut your gut…..LMAOoo

          Or what this supposed to mean in context…”…Playing in top 5 leagues in the world really exposed his deficiency in fundamental attributes of a defender….” LMAOoo. As if any of your current better than Ekong defenders have even played in the top 5 leagues yet before getting exposed……LMAOooo.

          Depite playing 33 games in the EPL, your Semi Ajayi is still rooted in the championship at Wes brom while Ekong did enough in 16 EPL games to earn a move to the Serie A……..LAMOoo. Aparrently, Van Dijk Ajayi never got exposed in the EPL…no wonder he cant find a way out of the Championship. So please tell us, who is lowly rated now…..LMAOoo???

          Indeed, nobody here is “hailing other defenders”

          and please where was your Semi Van Dijk Ajayi when Ekong was peaking…..LMAOoo. I thought they are supposed to be of the same age…..LMAOOoo.

          When will he ever peak and start churning out Oyinbo Wall-worthy performances for the SE…..LMAOooo….?

          At 29 and with 24 caps he’s still not an undisputed starter in the national team…..while Troost is already winding down a distinguished national team career that will be remembered for his “famed oyinbo-wall” solidity and will also be playing in Europe in the coming season at that same age…..LMAOoo

          Once again tell your “so-called better defenders” to also go and test themselves in the top 5 leagues where Ekong has tested himself and lets how their careers will turn out…..LMAOoo.

          • Hahaha.. you’ve gone back to your old tactics of trying the bully tricks. You know it can’t work for some of us on this forum
            The oyibo wall is a distinguished National team career indeed.
            Balogun’s injury exposed the secret behind the oyinbo wall..
            The secret behind that wall is Balogun..
            The coach of Sierra Leone exposed the guy no be small..
            Semi can’t find a way out of championship team but his salary never got slashed by 50% like Watford did to Ekong.
            Semi got his contract renewed because his team believes he can help them gain promotion (his injury affected the clubs fortunes). Ekong at the same age and under similar situation got his salary slashed by half, rented a studio on Watford bench, shipped to Italy. Like EPL couldn’t withstand the rigor of Serie A and now banking on a Greek gift for survival..
            As a defender, at 29 he should be at its peak if he is that really good.

          • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

            Hahahaha…lie of the century.

            A leopard never changes its spots ey. Huge sign that he’s are already losing this plot….LMAOoo

            Semi’ salary never got slashed by Wes brom after relegation…….LMAOoo. The devil should please come and see someone who is bigger at telling lies than him. Actually, I we should all apologize to the devil now for always calling him a liar……LMAOoo

            West Bromwich Albion will implement drastic pay-cuts if they fail to avoid relegation back to the Championship, it has been reported……Brimingham Live

            And if, as is looking likely, Sam Allardyce’s side finish in the bottom three, players face pay-cuts of up to 50 per cent, reports The Telegraph…..The Telegraph

            “Telegraph Sport understands many of the other players will have pay reductions of 40 per cent, while a number of departures are also anticipated if they fail to secure survival.”

            It is now common practice in football for players to receive a pay-cut if they are relegated. And it is understood Albion’s players will see their wages slashed by either 40 or 50 per cent as on the terms of their contract….Express & Star

            “The drop in turnover was due in large part to a fall in media-related income, from £102 million to £52.8 million, as a result of moving from the Premier League to Championship TV deal. Furthermore, if the club remains in the Championship for a prolonged period, this will have a direct impact on the trading practices and wage structures to which the club will adopt and commit…..Business Live

            All news outlets report pay cuts, only bloody liar here who manages Ajayi reports that his salary never got slashed after relegation.

            Incredible. Ive never heard this from anywhere else in my life….that a club gets relegated and the players still retain their wages……LMAOoo

            It seems Ajayi plays in Wesbrom for peanuts or for free…..LMAOoo. That is why he’s still earning in the championship what he earned in the EPL 2 years after relegation……LMAOoo.

            To think Ekong earns over 25k depsite his 50% wage cut…..I wonder what Van Dijk Ajayi Earns at west brom to have made a pay cut insignificant to their finances……LMAoooo.

            Sierra Leone exposed Ekong no be small….LMAOoo. Bloody liar has forgotten that it was his Van Dijk Ajayi that replace Balogun and couldnt mark Sierra Leone well for their 3rd goal and the eventual equalizer…..LMAooo. Not to talk of the 1st goal we conceded against Lesotho away when he couldn’t put his tall-for-nothing height to use.

            The videos are all there on youtube for all to see….LMAoo. Y’all see why its not good to tell cheap lies….??

            Ekong was supposed to be a super human who will man 2 CBs position all alone…..LMAoooo

            No wonder he has languished in the championship for 2 years and will still remain there next season despite playing 33 EPL games, while Ekong with his 16 EPL games has since been bought by clubs participating in the upper echelon of club football in Europe in the Serie A and the UECL…..LMAooo. The Directors of football and scouts of these clubs must be daft…..they should come and learn from the chief lair on CSN.

            The boy had to renew his contract when nobody came for him after 3 years at the club……LMAooo. He should move to the Seria A lets see na. Or he should play in Europe let see…….LMAOoo

            Central defenders peak at 29……LMAOoo. Wetin we no go see for CSN. You will tell us how many CDs make their biggest career moves at the age of 29……LMAOoo

          • Hahaha you spent hours to surfing the net yet this is all you came up with.
            Go and search for Semi’s wages at West brom like I said the club has never slashed is salary till date.
            Ekong whose wages have been slashed by different clubs at different times because they realized they paid too much for him after initial gragra like he did with SE before Balogun’s absence exposed him.

          • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

            Hahahahaha…..I knew its those false facts that you saw that drove you to fooling yourself thinking you can fooling the rest of the world….all in a bid to try to make Ajayi look to be more distinguished as a CB than Ekong……LMAOooo

            What you saw in your waste of effort surfing of the net was amortized wages all based on the initial figures quoted in signed contracts. Go and ask your financial advisor what that means if you have any….LMAOooo. And go and learn how finance is structured in football in these days of FFP…..LMAOoo

            Use the same websites to search Ekong’s wages, you will discover that his own wages too have remained constant despite promotion to EPL and demotion from EPL……LMAOoo

            Either ways it still proves you to be a cheap desperate liar…..LMAooo

            No club pays its players the same amount it was paying after promotion to the elite league. And no club pays its players the same amount it pays in an Elite division after demotion to a lower division….even if you are Cristiano messi…..LMAOoo

            Lets even believe your lies that Ajayi’s wages have never been cut……LMAOoo, Ekong with his 50% wage cut still earns close to double what your Ajayi earns…..LMAOoo. How valuable…?! LMAOOo

            At least Ekong uses Initial gragra to seal deals in Serie A and EPL and UECL campainers. He also used his initial gra gra to form an oyinbo wall in the SE for 6 years.

            When will your van Dijk Ajayi who is far better than Ekong who does not attract any interest from any club nor command a guaranteed starting shirt in the National team with 24 caps start doing some “gra gra”.

            Ekong has stepped aside for all your “better than Ekong” defenders but we are still witnessing continuous chopping and changing of CBs due to both their individual and collective incompetence….LMAOoo

            Please tell us in which of his 24 caps he was the standout CB…..LMAooo.

            Cheap liar like you has always come here to blame Ekong for Goals conceded by Ajayi’s inefficient defending even when Youtube videos say otherwise.

            I still cant believe that He replaced Balogun against S?L in Benin and all 3 goals we conceded in less than 25 came from his sluggishness and confused demeanor…..LMAOooo.

            A player who hasnt been able to tie down a guaranteed place in 24 caps is being compare to one whose place was unthreatened for 6 years…..LMAOoo

            Wonders never end on CSN.

  • JimmyBall 12 months ago

    Left for any central defensive pairing accommodating William Troost Ekong, we won’t even get past Cape Verde to square against Ghana at the last world cup playoff.

    It was the masterclass of Awaziem and Umeruo that held Cape Verde at bay in Mindelo putting us in good position such that the draw in Lagos against them in the return became inconsequential. Had Ekong played that game away to Cape Verde, we would flatly have lost.

    Moses Simon, Joe Aribo, William Ekong and Samuel Chukwueze shouldn’t objectively, be starting Super Eagles game anymore… infact I will draft-in Toochukwu Nnadi and Ebenezer Akinsanmiro into that midfield and retire Joe Aribo who can’t play African Soccer permanently.

    If we get Tosin Adarabioyo and Jordan Torunarigha, alongside recalling Awaziem, still keeping Umeruo, Akpoguma, we have more than enough weapon in central defence for hopeful AFCON winning run.

    Ekong, MUSA, Aribo should be told to go face club football.

    • Chima E Samuels 12 months ago

      Good talk Tosin will be an excellent addition but I don’t see him playing for Nigeria, a move to Tottenham as per rumours will only make him feel above Nigeria and dream of England. As we speak Nigeria’s Defence and Goalkeeping department is nothing to write home about after the exit of Yobo and Enyeama. The average coaches have been unable to replace these guys because of incompetence and many nonsense going on in the football house. Nobody is talking about Benjamin Fredrick and co after the u20 WC and this is exactly where we fail as a nation because these guys will fade away like they never happened before you know it. Wafu cup is ongoing from 7th July for u20 and broke NFF gave a new excuse why the team will not participate. The complains in Nigeria is becoming a major headache and distraction of life to sports lovers if care is not taken. I will be observant with low interest from my corner!!!

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      “…..Left for any central defensive pairing accommodating William Troost Ekong, we won’t even get past Cape Verde to square against Ghana at the last world cup playoff……”

      The best central defensive Nigerians ever had after 1994 was nicknamed the “oyinbo wall”. That defence ….

      ….QUALIFIED US FOR THE 2019 AFCON with a game to spare despite losing our 1st match
      ….and also QUALIFIED US FOR ANOTHER AFCON with 2 games to spare which remains unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football.

      That Central Defensive Pairing consisted of a certain Leon Balogun another young Dutch-gerian called WILLIAM “KING KONG” EKONG.

      Fellow Nigerians and especially the younger folks….dont let some people tell you fables later in the future like they told some people India beat Nigeria 99-1 or that somebody was voted by FIFA as the best no 7 in the world.

      Nigeria beware of liars and false story peddlers…..!!!!

      • JimmyBall 12 months ago

        Hahaha… You mean the same Oyinbo wall that one anonymous 4th division player Karl Namnganda disgraced in Lagos? Hahaha… A whole stalwart Balogun got the disgrace of his life because of Williams Troost Ekong’s jittery defensive play… go watch it again. WILLIAM Troost Ekong have seen better days in Super Eagles. What left of his football these days is not good enough. He is a nice guy no doubt and I like him but we are speaking in purely football terms here. Ogwuche and Frederick should matter with senior football confidence properly in about two years baring no downhill turn in their club fortunes… Right now in the absence of Tosin and Torunarigha… Umeruo/Awaziem/Semi/Akpoguma/Bassey will do the job at centre back.

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          And who disgraced your “better than Ekong” fleet-footed Omeruo in Monrovia….??

          Who dusted your jet-heeled Bassey and fast as a turbo-rabbit Ajayi in Abuja…..???

          Indeed, Umeruo/Awaziem/Semi/Akpoguma/Bassey are all doing the job at the back…..LMAOooo

          That is why we can’t have a guaranteed central defence paring yet in the absence of Ekong…..LMAOoo. They are really doing the job….LMAOoo.

          No wonder Peserio ran to Europe to go begging Aiwu and Torunarigha despite having 5 centre backs Umeruo/Awaziem/Semi/Akpoguma/Bassey who are already “doing the job”…..LMAOoo.

          The fact that you are sincerely struggling to single out any one of those 5 or and pairing of those 5 says alot.

          Incase you missed it, let me remind you of what the pairing of just 2 stalwarts Balogun and KING KONG Ekong produced for us in the now famed “oyinbo wall” in Nigerian football folklore


          2….QUALIFIED US FOR THE 2019 AFCON with a game to spare despite losing our 1st match.

          3….and also QUALIFIED US FOR ANOTHER AFCON with 2 games to spare which remains unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football.

          We are talking of a partnership of strictly 2 MEN….not an X/Y/Z/A/B/C nonsense…..LMAOOOo

          Tell your Umeruo/Awaziem/Semi/Akpoguma/Bassey to get clubs in EPL an Seria A if they are that good. At least that shouldnt be too difficult for anybody who is better than the worst CB Nigeria has ever had…..LMAOoo

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Why not also dream of getting David Alaba and Antonio Rudiger……LMAOoooo.

      • @Dr Drey. Antonio Rudriger is of Serria Leone decent.. Alaba wanted to play for Nigeria its no secret. But for Bribery and corruption on Keshi’s part

        The sort of Corruption going on with Orban exclusion And Musa’s constant invite OKPONU!!!

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          Useless fool…mad dog.

          of course I know Rudiger is from Sierra Leaone….sicne y’all have senseless loft dreams I wanted to suggest even loftier dream fro y’all.

          If you are finding it hard to get those ones you can try getting John Stones and Thiago Silva too…..LAMooo.

          You bunch of rubbish.

  • Ekong is the worst CB i’ve seen played for SE. Not a super eagles material at all.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Of course. Infact he’s the “worstest”. No wonder he marshalled our defence to win Olympic bronze, AFCON bronze and 3 fantastic major qualification assignments.

      You definitiely cannot be a SE material if you’ve played your game at the level of the Serie A and the EPL…..No ways.

      SE materials are in South African league, Croatian League, English Championsip etc.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    A soldier who has never been deployed to quell street riots telling a soldier who has been to several war fronts that he’s a better soldier ……LMAOOo….no need to argue with him….let’s wait till he too gets deployed to fight at the war front….LM<AO

    Top 5 leagues exposed Ekong….LMAOoo…I wonder which defender never gets exposed playing in the top 5 leagues.

    Once again they should tell their your “so-called better defenders” to also go and test themselves in the leagues and at the level Troost-Ekong has tested himself and lets see the outcomes…..LMAOoo.

    The closest they ever got to Ekong was Bassey moving to the Netherlands……LMAOoo….we all know how that has panned out so far. Even that has not earned Bassey a guaranteed place in the SE Central Defence in the absence of Ekong…..LMAOoo

    Everybody seems to be better than Ekong, but its Ekong that keeps making the better club moves……LMAOoo.

    Something must definitely be wrong somewhere. Its either Ekong is bribing his way into these clubs or just getting himself in there just with his skin colour…..LMAooo

    Bunch of Jokers…..!!!

  • The closest they ever got close to Ekong was Bassey’ Bassey at a much younger age has achieved more than Ekong in club career.
    Ajax will never sign Ekong.. no ball playing skill, lack of concentration, own goals specialist..
    Bassey at a much younger age is better than him. Bassey is currently the most valuable Nigerian defender and top 5 in Africa.
    The closest thing to Ekong is Uche Okafor. Playing Okafor’s style in this age is disastrous.
    Ekong is not in the class of Keshi, Okexhukwu, Nwanu, West, Yobo, Okpara, Balogun..
    Though the current defensive SE needs improvement, no sane coach will puck Ekong ahead of Akpo, Ajayi, Omeruo, Bassey.
    The potential integration of Aiwu, Tosin, Osho, Frederick, Ogbu, and Ogwuche will send Ekong to retirement.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Hahahaha….and Ajax are regretting signing Bassey at the moment. Ajax sporting director said Bassey takes 24 hours to make a 360 turn and his ball control is like that of a trampoline….LMAOoo. A 23yr old bought last season for 23m is about to be gladly and willingly of loaded at less than 20m.

      I thought you were gonna also list the names of Nigerian defenders who have played in both the Serie A and the EPL……LMAOooo.

      The sane coach that has picked Akpoguma, Ajayi, Omeruo and Bassey ahead of Ekong is still scratching his head can still not find any of them who performs better than Ekong….and can still not settle for a permanent defensive partnership after 1 year in charge……LMAOoo.

      It has lead him to go to europe to plead with the likes of Aiwu and Torunanigha to come and help save his career.

      At 29 Ekong can still make moves to a European campaigner….let me see the sane coach that will not restore him into the SE starting lineup when he starts watching Ekong playing continental football in Europe.

      What you should do now is to continue to praying for Ekong’s downfall as you have been praying (but to no avail….LMAOOO)…..because you remember what happened the last time he walked into the SE and took Omeruo’s shirt…..LMAOoo….6 good years, omeruo didnt smell starting shirt again…..LMAOooo.

      To say we dont have any CD who is head and shoulders better than Ekong in the SE now (except Leon Balogun) is to understate a glaring FACT…..LMAOOoo

      Once again tell your “so-called better defenders” to also go and test themselves in the leagues and at the level Troost-Ekong has tested himself and tie doen a permanent shirt in the SE with Onyibo-wall-ish performances first and lets see the outcomes…..LMAOoo.

      Mr A is better than Mr B no be for mouth…..LMAOooo

      • Bassey.. 23 yrs
        UCL experience, UEFA cup finalist..
        At Ajax, 25 matches 1 goal and 3 assists no yellow card, no red card in the Deutch league .
        Though Bassey is still WIP, he is not doing badly based on performance at his young age.
        Waiting for Ekong statistics in the last 2 years..
        I’ve provided the statistics of the two other foreign born players..

        Bassey at a younger age is more valuable and has achieved more than Ekong in the past 3 yrs.
        Semi at the same age is more valuable and has been more consistent than Ekong the past 3 yrs.
        Ekong seems like a nice guy but it is wrong to reserve spot for any player at SE.
        I’m beginning to believe that Musa and Ekong are in the team to cover up for the lapses of nff. They won’t try it with players with self pride.
        The SE needs a new set of leadership and buffering with more talents.
        CDs peak at old age. at 29 he should not be commanding regular action in top 5 league and not tossed around by lowly rated clubsides..
        I believe Pesseiro has seen enough too.

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          With all these, you 23yr old Bassey hasnt still tied down a guaranteed SE jeresey……LMAOoo. He hasnt still been about to form an history-making defensive partnership for Nigeria…..??? He hasnt still won any medals for Nigeria……LMAOoo.

          What a tragedy of many dimensions……LMAOoo

          A person who is better than Ekong should be playing in leagues better than Ekong has played. Its simple basic common sense……LMAOooo.

          • Can you tell us the top league Ekong has distinguished himself the past 3 years ?
            If Ekong is better than Bassey, why is Bassey 20 times more valuable than Ekong ?
            Why is Semi value twice as much as Ekongs’?
            Why is Semi able to have twice as much EPL match experience as Ekong ?
            On current form, who is Ekong better than in current SE ?

  • pompei 12 months ago

    Ekong is the reason Nigeria government removed fuel subsidy. In fact, as soon as Ekong retires from the national team, the Naira will automatically appreciate against USD, and the Naija government budget will balance immediately.
    Ekong, Ekong, Ekong. The spotlight is on Ekong, when the truth is we just don’t have any stand out center backs currently, as we did in the days of Uche Okechukwu and Taribo West. The current center backs are trying, but they are aging. Omeruo for instance helped us win Afcon in 2013 as a rookie, and he’s been doing the business for us for the past decade. As age catches up with players, performance levels drop. It’s normal. Hopefully, Fredericks and Ogwuche will help to fill that void soon. And we do have other options Peseiro is looking at. Gabriel Osho, Emmanuel Aiwu, Tosin Adarabioyo (if his England ambitions don’t re-emerge), and others.
    Online coaches, why not allow Peseiro to make the decision? Let him select the center backs he wants to work with.
    Ekong obviously has his problems. But he’s not alone in this. All our current center backs have their own weaknesses too. Blacklisting Ekong and pushing for his retirement from the SE is not the way forward. Let the coach decide.
    The bigger issue on ground is will NFF give Peseiro a free hand to make his selections?
    Instead of blaming global warming on Ekong, let’s be realistic. If the coaches feel they still need Ekong, let’s respect their decision. If not, let’s support whoever is drafted in to replace him.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Leave them…Ekong is the problem of the SE…..LMAOoo

      Every goal that the SE conceed is Ekong’s fault even when its glaring other defenders are at fault….LMAOOo

      Thank God, Ekong was not playing wehn a simple lob beat the SE defence vs GB or when S/L strikers ran rings around them in Monrovia.

      No wonder Mr Peserio cannot find an effective CB paring 1 year after…..LMAooo

      I will say boldly again that dont have any CD who is head and shoulders doing better than Ekong in the SE now (except Leon Balogun). And that’s a FACT.

    • Ipetu Madu 12 months ago

      You are right. All our current center backs have their own weaknesses too. Blacklisting Ekong is not fair. His partnership with Balogun was one of Nigeria’s best defensive pairings if we are to tell ourselves the truth.

    • My Man you are wrong we all know your likes you will always support anything your Father Dr Drey says.

      Guy man look here joor, awaziem, Omeruo, Bassey, Tosin(if he choses) Ajayi are all better than Ekong currently if Ekong comes in then sure he can be a bench warmer on SE at least his case will be better than Musa’s Invite but to sit there and make this seem like we are saying Ekong is the problem of Nigeria is tantamount to being condescending nobody said this all we are saying is it is high time we rely on guys who already in thier career’s club that is are showing alot more promise than Ekong did at their age. so why fall back on the regressing Ekong? Why?.. Is Ekong Fantastic

      Already if Bassey moves to Brighton from Ajax he is already miles ahead of what Ekong achieved. so please jare this is no debate at Ekong’s age and his decline in form ability and club career we have better options you hear!!!

      Nigeria’s biggest problems of the past is complancency we just explained how we lost Alaba. Let this coach and NFF be proactive and scout better options of Dual Nationality than relying on the likes of So called Experience. i can bet Ekong will warm the bench in POAK!!

      • pompei 12 months ago

        Last time I checked, I’m not the only one in the forum who often agrees with Dr. Drey. If you Mr. Iwunze make sense in your arguments and back up your positions with facts and stats, many including my humble self will be inclined to agree with you too.
        The thing with you is that your main weapon for arguing cases is insults and childish tantrums.
        Let the coach decide! Are you the coach?
        What if Peseiro decides that he needs Ekong? Ekong may not be needed as a starter, but as an option from the bench. Does Peseiro not have the freedom to make such a decision?
        Whoever Peseiro decides to invite, THAT IS HIS CALL TO MAKE. Not yours!

        • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

          Hahahahaha…its paining the idiot that people agree with common sense…….LMAOooo.

          The Drug addict is begging people to agree with his madness and cheap lies…..LMAOoo

          • I don’t need Rohr illiterate to agree with common sense moreover what do ya’ll know anybody that can agree with a raging lunatic claiming that Ekong is on the same level as Van Djik is just as Insane as the Psychopath that made such embarrassing assertion.

            @Pompei states he does not agree with my assessments because I don’t back up with facts and then in the same statement he says I hail Insults yet he is Collaboing with the most vile mouthed lack of upbringing piece of dog shit on this platform you @Dr Drey.
            I mean what more fact do we need of Ekong’s decline than his SE performances in the past 1year and half and his Dwindling club form and Club decline

            We all have jobs if you say I am a drug addict At least I have the funds to fund my drug addiction. What of you key board worrier Tosin (@Dr Drey). You piece of shit was it not you inboxing me asking me for Money a few month ago?.. it is only Ogun that will judge you you rat.

            You have not even finished your job your constant backing of Musa where has that brought SE. Now you want us to cement the place of Ekong in SE until he is 300 years old like your Godfather Musa abi?. Lie lie e no go happen alaye. Okponu like you Fraud piece of shit.

            If your mama born you well you better get some respect broke ass Key board warrior

          • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

            Hahahaha….the mad dog has resorted to his lies again…..LMAooo.

            Please copy and paste where Dr. Drey ever claimed “…Ekong is on the same level as Van Djik…”

            If we ask you to provide proof now, you will vanish into thin air like your destiny……LMAOoo

            You see why nobody wants to associate with a rabied lunatic like you…..LMAOoo

            Ekong has really declined in the last 1 and half year…..no wonder he has made moves to the Serie A and a UECL campaigner in the same last 1 and half year….LMAOoo

            Can you see how common sense is far from you and you far from common sense….??

            It is you Omeruo and Awaziem and Ajayi that has advanced in their careers in the last 1 and half years kwanu…..LMAOoooo

            Hahahaha…..idiot now claims I inboxed him for money……LMAOoooo.

            Please where did CSN find some of these imbeciles that comment of this forum sef……..LMAOooo.

            Go and die when the SE invites Ekong into the SE na…..LMAOoo.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 12 months ago

          Very TYPICAL of the IGBOTIC elements @POMPEI…. aggression and childish tantrums!

          I do not always AGREE with @DR DREY (it’s OPEN SECRET) but I don’t resort to AGGRESSION and whipping up of childish sentiments to advance my argument which is something I have come to notice with most iGBO commentators (I am truly sorry to say this)

          EKONG we all know is an AVERAGE defender but FACT is FACT….non of the current PACK of CBS is doing better or playing for a better CLUBSIDE of rather CHURNING out better performances for the SE than EKONG!

          I won’t bench a fit EKONG for an OMERUO or AKPOGUMA OR SEMI AJAYI and certainly not BASSEY too (on current form and team Chemistry)

          So, yes….as per SE; EKONG will always start unless we GET TOSIN ADARABIOYO!

          I won’t even start an OJOKOJO ahead of EKONG…he’s just making BELGIUM (which TROOST has since conquered) home

      • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

        FOOL UGO IWUNZE how is OSIMHEN more EXPERIENCE than MUSA?AHMED MUSA PLAYED in 2 WORLD CUP, OSIMHEN yet to PLAY.AHMED MUSA PLAYED in 3 AFCON FINALS OSIMHEN 1 or NONE.. HE has PLAYED in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with CSK MOSCOW many times won their RUSSIAN LEAGUE 3 TIMES, OSIMHEN just once with NAPOLI.. should we talk about the appearance both club and country?

  • pompei 12 months ago

    SE is nobody’s personal property. SE camp no be Ekong papa compound.
    If Peseiro no invite am, Ekong will not force his way into camp like Boko Haram want to force their way into Nigeria. He will stay back home with his lovely family.
    If Peseiro invite am, that is his decision. He is responsible for his decisions as SE coach.

    • Ipetu Madu 12 months ago

      The truth is bitter my brother…. Ekong is the best centre back for the Super Eagles. None of the others even come close. It should be Ekong and Awaziem combo for the Afcon next year….

  • Troost-Ekong is one of our most fully dedicated players in the national team. He has served with distinction as far as total commitment is concerned.
    In terms of footballing abilities, he is lacking in some key areas at the top-level.
    However, the rah-rah personality he brings to camp is what he has going for him. My only worry is that the continued invitation of some of these players, now past their best could hinder the involvement and growth of some of our young talents.
    I still maintain that now is the time to introduce players such as Igoh Ogbu and Benjamin Fredricks into the senior national team. There may come a time when it becomes a bit late to do that.
    To set the records straight, Kenneth Omeruo did play and play brilliantly in the English Championship for Middlesborough fc on loan from Chelsea. And when he went to Leganes fc, they were still playing in La Liga.

  • JimmyBall 12 months ago

    With the way we fans like to allow mediocrity a place in our national team… We will be humbled in Cote d’Voire. A team that can’t play convincing football, with a dead and toothless midfield.

    We go know whatsup for Cote d’Voire teams like little Comoros are even a force these days because they have effecient players who grew up in France and abroad, most of the players in their ranks went through good football education in EU academies.

    We see these players who are rooting for Peseiro, it’s all for selfish reasons because a new coach will test other budding talents who will give them a run for their spots. Our team has not improved since 2019 AFCON.

    I won’t be surprised Odion Ighalo gets selected for AFCON 2024, if Ahmed Musa is still collecting bench-caps as nonplaying captain… Who says Ighalo can’t tag along?

    Evil team selectors stagnated careers of Junior Ajayi, Peter Olayinka, Ezekiel Imoh just like they did to Wilson Oruma, James Obiorah as well as Mike Obiku and Richard Nwobuokiri back in the days. If you see a real footballer, one match is enough to clear doubts.

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