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Eredivisie: Dessers On Target, Equals Feyenoord’s League Record

Eredivisie: Dessers On Target, Equals Feyenoord’s League Record

Cyriel Dessers recovered from a knock and scored in Feyenoord’s 1-1 home draw against Groningen in the Dutch Eredivisie on Saturday.

Dessers is now the second player ever to score five goals for Feyenoord after coming on as a substitute in a single Eredivisie season, after József Kiprich in 1992/93.

The 27-year-old striker came on in the 56th minute and equalized for Feyenoord on 71 minutes.

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Michael de Leeuw had given Groningen the lead in the 23rd minute.

Dessers, on loan from Genk, has now scored five goals in 19 league appearances for Feyenoord this season.

The draw saw Feyenoord (now on 52 points) miss the chance to close the gap on leaders Ajax, as they are five points behind the Dutch giants.

By James Agberebi

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  • Larry 2 years ago

    And one immobile and fake limelight loving Sunday-Sunday footballer is chosen ahead of those playing in top leagues..
    This is what you get when the head of nff who is supposed to be fair to all players is busy running after Ighalo’s money and imposing players on Nationsl Team Coaches..
    Can Cerezo tell the whole world why Ighalo is selected ahead of Awoniyi, Dessers and Onuachu..
    Similarly, another player who has not kicked the ball for his team in 6 months is selected ahead of those playing regularly.. How on earth is Etebo considered ahead of Bonke and Alhassan..
    To reveal how corrupt they are, another retiree playing Sunday Sunday division 2 football was smuggled into the team..
    The final list will reveal more about the team handlers…
    How do you reward hardworking and encourage players to aim for the best when you keep inviting players who areore interested in making money than being among the best and getting better..
    I was one of those that criticized Musa when he was getting invited while playing Sunday Sunday Football. If the captain of the team could sacrifice the huge money he was receiving for his career with the national team. Who is Ighalo and Onazi to think they can continue bribing their way to the team.. Musa is our leading scorer at the Wcup. His experience and humble lifestyle is enough to provide leadership for the young ones. Perhaps Balogun and Omeruo are still in the team.
    This shameful and corrupt act of not giving due recognition to players in top league needs to stop..
    Cerezo, I do understand your tight situation of getting bullied by Picnic but the bucks stop with you..

    • Presh 2 years ago

      @larry is so sad, Dresser for me will come to hunt us soon, he is still eligible to play for Belgium, how daft that federation is, i don’t know. Sad Amaju is doing all this. So sad. I agree with your analysis.

      • SE Supporter 2 years ago

        The ICPC sealed off Amaju’s mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos some years ago. What does that tell you?

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Larry, you are very wrong and ignorant here. Your knowledge of football is close to zero. This same Ighalo has scored 15 goals while your Dessers has only 5 goals this season. If Dessers is good enough he won’t be perpetually relegated to the bench in Genk behind Onuachu and now in Feyenoord as well.

      Ighalo was playing “Sunday Sunday football” in China when he became highest goal scorer in AFCON Qualifier and AFCON 2019 Championship, he was the reason we won the Bronze in 2019, what did your Bundesliga Awoniyi and La Liga 2 Sadiq achieve in 2022? A Round-16 knockout to a depleted Tunisian team. So please stop being a clog in the wheel of progress and let the coaches do their job to the best of their ability.

      However I will agree with you on Onazi, that man’s invitation on standby list beats my imagination and I couldn’t understand the rationale behind his invitation. Etebo on the other hand deserves a call back once he is fit enough, not kicking a ball for 6 months due to injury is different from not kicking a ball for 6 months due to loss of form, he needs to be back once he has healed from the surgery because we all know what stuff he’s made of.

      The team selected in the main list to me is good enough to prosecute the match successfully baring any mishap, so guys should relax and enjoy our potential Qualification for Qatar

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Dr.Banks… I disagree with you on Etebo. He is there because of Amaju Pinick. If he is fit an playing at his club yes he will be a part of the squad, but he has not played football since September 2021… so why should he be called up? Are the likes of Obinna Nwobodo who I think is better than Etebo (IMO) in that DM/CM role and Alhassan Yusuf not Nigerians? Let us stop with sentiments… Super Eagles should not be about who is close to Pinnick or not!

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          @JimmyBall, You may be right but he has played for Watford U-23 and remember the coaches were in London to interact closely with these lads and they must’ve seen him in training life hence they feel he is ready.

          Let’s not make everything about Picnic, let’s give the coaches a benefit of doubt. But Onazi’s case is unforgivable

      • Big ignoramous you are@Banks. Your “Dr” is questionable because you don’t know what is called “Team Chemistry and cohesion”. SAD.

        Before Dessers joined Genks, Onuachu had blended with the team and the many times Dessers came in or started a match for Genk, he scored goals.

        Shame on you@Banks trying to defend the old retired and sluggish Ighalo (with big butts like a w….). Who plays retirement football at Saudi. I’m glad you aren’t the Coach else Ghana will disgrace you people. Yeye!!!…

        This was same way Rohr underrated Osimhen at 2019 AFCON bcos of a pretender but today what do we see?????? (Nigeria vs CapeV in Lagos is a quick and most recent reference).

        Wake up slumber and let the Coaches do their job.

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          You are such a retard @ Nosa, so you know about team chemistry but wants a player with no competitive cap to be invited for an important make or mar match against Ghana? And most importantly one that is only coming back from injury? Do you know that Dessers hasn’t played a match after AFCON until this weekend when he came in from the bench to score?

          You be mumu extraordinaire to call Ighalo “a retired and sluggish with a big butt who plays in Saudi”. He has scored 15 goals this season and even changed club but still banging in goals in his new team irrespective of your so called team chemistry problem. He was the highest goal scorer in AFCON 2019 (also in the qualifier) despite playing in China at that time, same Ighalo is the only Nigerian player to have played and scored regularly every time he started a match in Almighty Manchester United, you think that is a fluke?

          Yeye guy like you who knows zero about football just dey talk rubbish, you think you can buy experience from the market. Osimhen was a rookie during the last AFCON 2019 and still learning then, Rohr showed his prowess at identifying potentials and invited him to AFCON 2019 to understudy experienced strikers and now we are reaping the result but nonentity like you can come here to castigate Rohr for doing that, after all same Ighalo did a great job back then.

          You said my “Dr” is questionable, that further buttress the point that you have a deranged medulla oblongata because no one in his right sense should question a doctor based on his comment on CSN.

          Useless junkie like you have no place on this forum of intellectuals

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Dessers is the forgotten striker of Nigeria. There are too many strikers though. It would be good to see him in Naija colours again. Nothing spoil sha. If Nigeria beat Ghana, maybe they will invite Dessers for pre World Cup friendlies. Heaven bless Dessers and all fringe Super Eagles players.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    If anybody still in doubt about Dessers as the best striker we have currently, you better change your thoughts.

    Dessers is always fantastic and well fanterbulous in front of goal. Dessers quality is second to none in the Super Eagles. Osimhen is our main striker but when we are talking about go machine, none of our strikers can bench Dessers.

    When we are talking about strikers, in terms of positioning, intelligence, smartness and well calculative in front of goal, Dessers is the man. Had he among the team against Tunisia, the story might be different in Cameroon. We saw a little bit of Dessers against the same Tunisian team during the friendly match few years before.

    Dessers still wanted to play for Nigeria but coach Eguavoen doesn’t like him. That is what I can say. I will keep telling these our oppressors the bitter truth. Kanu spoke to Dessers recently and he even advised him to keep up the good work. If Kanu can recognized Dessers, why coach Eguavoen did not recognize Dessers?

    I said it here last week that Dessers was injured and Feyenoord has been struggling and loosing their matches since then and this is just his first match after the injury and he scored.

    Unfit Dessers is better than not having him in the team.

    CSN is not helping the situation. This is not the CSN I used to know back then. They used to communicate with our players home and abroad and coaches of the Super Eagles. Why now that it is a lot easier to get in touch with the coaching crew and players through social media?

    I am tired of copy and paste news. We need to here from the coaching crew and our players directly. Why Onazi, Ighalo Akpeyi again? These are the questions we want you CSN to ask the coaching crew. Amaju as we all know is behind this but we have to do something before something do us. We have to qualify for the World Cup.

    The midfield is very light. Etobo is not fully fit to play against a rough team like Ghana. We have Nwobodo that is solid and compact to hold his own against any team.

    People are bn talking about Eze Oliseh, these two players are very good but come on my people we have players every where now. Apart from these two players, we also have creative midfielder in Tosin Kehinde, a master class midfielder. His style of play is very similar to Jay Jay Okocha and Rabiu Ibrahim.

    However, our best players have been left out of the team and Super Eagles on is way back to Super Chicken under Amaju Pinnick.

    Shall we keep silent? Coach Eguavoen internationally left Dessers out of the team during the Afcon because of Ighalo.

    He, coach Eguavoen brought in Olayinka, Onyekuru, Sodiq and Awoniyi and we saw the way we were bn kicked out of the tournament.

    Instead of him to think twice and make corrections to the mistakes he made in Cameroon, it’s even getting worse to the extent that he placed Onazi on standby and Ighalo on the final list.

    While Nwobodo, a rock bn ignored, Tosin Kehinde who has the quality of Jay Jay Okocha and our goal machine in Dessers who is eagerly waiting to hear from the coaching crew all bn left out again.

    Hmmm. Fellow Nigerians, how can Nigeria moving forward from this point?

    If Onazi, Ighalo, Akpeyi, Shehu can be part of the team, why Nwobodo, Adeleye, Osagwe, Dessers and Tosin Kehinde that used to be our best players at the moment have bn overlooked?

    Is there any hope in Nigeria that the level of corruption may be something of the past in few years to come?

    However, I need to say this. @Destar, you saw this coming and you have warned me. I can now agree with you. As I promised you few days ago, I will stop calling coach Eguavoen “Mr. No nonsense”. He doesn’t deserve the title.

    Lastly, it been a while I heard from Oakfield and Dr.Drey. I hope you guys are doing well? I missed you both. Please I need to hear from you my lovely friends.

    It is never too late to get Dessers involved against Ghana. Plumptre did it against Ivory coast and Dessers might be the main man against Ghana. Over to you CSN. Happy weekend to you all my people. God bless us all. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Sean T 2 years ago

      Last last Dessers will go and play for Belgium because other than Lukaku, any of their striker can’t be compared to Dessers. And watching few clip from their match today the commentator keep referring to Dessers as a Belgian. Na then SE Handler eyes go clear. If the guy get to play for Belgium today his profile will rise from been a squad member at his club side. I no just understand why Nigerian Leader don’t want the best for this country. They know what to do yet, they will just ignore

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        I agree with you both @Sean T and Presh. We might lose Dessers to Belgium soon.

        This guy can’t keep waiting for Nigeria forever. World Cup is coming and if Belgium call him now he won’t hesitate to join their national team.

        Well, Keshi has that mentality which is lacking in coach Eguavoen now.

        Amaju Pinnick does not hide his intentions over the Super Eagles at all. He has caged his employees. They have to bow down to his authority no matter what.

        He even went to meet with Ighalo and Ighalo knew he have to switched club before Ghana match which he did. He did that not because he loved his country but because of his selfishness.

        Now, Onazi have joined Ighalo. Only Victor Moses that has a class among the three. He keeps saying no to NFF calls.

        If we have all our best players available against Ghana, I can boldly tell Nigerians that the 6 points is guaranteed but the way it is now kai, please limit your expectations Nigerians. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Presh 2 years ago

      @ omo9ja Late Keshi would have called Dessers, i swear, he would have, that’s why he is called the big boss, he doesn’t tolerate their nonsense in that house. i say Dessers will come to hunt us and the pain will be so painful, he is Nigeria, and a Belgian, he wants to play for Nigeria, and you lots in the federation know what to do, stop this nepotism, Etebo isn’t fit at all, is so sad, Nigeria politically and even sports refused to see that the bright side of our masses. Invite Dessers now. CEREZO AUGUSTINE EGUAVOEN, EMMANUEL AMNUNIKE. Your reputation is better than the now, i saw how stressed you were just after 10 minutes into the tunisia match i saw your face on tv, i knew we have lost it, the lads weren’t playing to your instructions i dunno, but a coach with tactical dept knows what to do, learn from you mistake, and stop this….

    • I totally cannot understand what Onazi is doing on the wait list for such an important game as this against Ghana for Qatar world cup qualification? Is this a joke or what? Onazi has not played for Nigeria for several years and many of us thought he was even retired or semi-retired. Cyriel Dessers of PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands needs to be given a chance in the Nigerian super eagles for the Ghana game and also to fight for a striker’s shirt for the world cup if Nigeria is able to finally qualify against Ghana to encourage more competition among the current striking crew for positions in the Super Eagles, if the current Nigerian coaching crew of Eguavoen/Amunike are to be taken seriously. Nigeria should ensure the best players available to her are used, devoid of any parochial sentiments or corrupt practices.

    • Yes dessers really deserves to be there but how many goals has dessers scored since the nations cup or even during the nation cup. Have we thought about that? The story says he had a knock…was the knock during the match or before the match. Was he injured all this while?

      I have stopped making the noise that so so players will do the magic for the team because of my experience during afcon. I expected more from awoniyi and sodiq.thry were painting Europe red with goals. But at afcon, it was a below par performance.

      The reason why I am not shouting at the roof top about ademola and Dennis. Let us see what they will do first.

      So omo9ja, stop the raving about players, let them come first and let us see.

      On players selection. The bad was putting onazi on standby.

      So faulty. So foolish.

      Rushing in etebo… So foolish and so stupid. Bonke should be here.

      On ighalo… Though I believe onuachu should be here… But I want to believe they are thinking of the experience with the team. Because onuachu has had many chances and he has not really delivered. Awoniyi was below average for me at afcon.. I expected more from him….at club too he has not really done so well since afcon.

      Ekong is match rusty… He should have been left out. But I hope he is not made to start.. that will be disastrous. Though he did well at afcon.

      On Musa, you all know what my stand on this. If we quality for the world cup, he will be there. Only Nigerian president can stop this. He us even match fit anf he us scoring too. So tell me hwy he should be left out for these green horns who may not do well on the pitch and who will not add anything to the team off field.

      At least, let us rejoice that we have Dennis, ademola, amoo. We have all clamored for them to be invited.

      One last question: when will they stop inviting akpeyi to the team?

  • Kenny 2 years ago

    Eguaveon does not like Dessert. Wake up Coach and do the needful,

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Omo9ja , thank God you have now realized my persistence warning that Eguafon is an upgraded local version of Oga Rohr, though we cannot take away the credit his team sublime performance at Afcon, but a leopard never change its colour, he is Mr Yes-Man and far from being Mr Nonsense you erroneously ascribed to him in the past .

    @Larry , @Presh and others , I will advise, you stop gloating over inclusion of the retired Sunday- Sunday 32 years old footballer Igahalo (who was a total flopped in his last game against Cape Verde)at the expense of better and younger players like Dessers , Awoniyi.

    Though, we may not blame Eguafon completely; did any of you cares when last Eguafon’s salary was paid and how much ? Only God knows when last he is paid and the shameful salary that a division 3 player in Egyptian league would not be proud of ; therefore, how else could you have expected Eguafon to survive if he based his team selection on pure merit ? What the Sunday- Sunday footballer like the retired Igahalo can’t give to SE team , he can help out his Coach and fellow Edo Man Eguafon by given him enough bribe that will sustain him on the job.

    My worry is , Pinick and bribe takers plus selfish Igahalo are killing Nigerian football, because Igahalo don’t have to be in the team before he help his former team SE and particularly his fellow Edo Man Eguafon, after all great players like Drogba , George etc used to help their country team financially

  • Larry 2 years ago

    @De-star, it’s really pathetic and shameful the level of nepotism being perpetrated by people in power..
    From Alloy Agu’s ontinued recycling of his village people to Picnic’s imposition of his warrian Etebo and ATM Ighalo & Onazi..
    How do you reward hardworking players who went through all manners of discomfort and discrimination to get minutes in top teams in Europe ?
    At the last nation’s cup, Senegal selected their best players from top teams in Europe and the result is clear..
    Similar scenario played out under Roar where some players were smuggled into the team, it is now obvious that Picnic is the problem..

  • Highstar 2 years ago

    omonaija the same dessers you’re masturb*ting on left Genk cos of onuachu.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Etebo should not be in the list and left to Eguavoen & Amuneke, I think he would have been left out. His inclusion is purely based on Pinnick’s insistence.

    The worrying thing is onazi on the wait list, I suspect the big wigs must have wanted onazi in the team but the technical crew must have reached a compromise to have him on standby.

    It is quite apparent that Pinnick is the biggest threat to the progress of Nigerian football, not because he means harm but because he assumes he knows everything. What we see also is the Nigerian system at work ( Man know Man).In this part of the world, sentiment is embraced and meritocracy is discarded.

    I suspect that the reason why we have a more balanced team is because of the inclusion of Amuneke. Back to Onazi, the technical team needs to stop playing politics with the midfield as this is the most important department of any football team. How is onyeka starting ahead of Bonke who plays regularly for his club (In my opinion, he is the best backup to Ndidi in the dm position )? How is onazi on the waiting list and Alhassan Yusuf is not.Etebo has not been in a competitive match, how does he make the list? When will we put our best foot forward? What is the gk coach doing to have a solid number 1? You can not win tournaments without a dependable goal keeper. Have they sounded out the arsenal goal keeper Arthur okonkwo? How about tobias lawal? There was even a Nigerian goal keeper for the Japanese under age team. More questions than answers.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      The gk in Japan is Powell obinna obi

    • @Golden Child, great analysis! I agree with you on almost all your points. The case of young goalkeeper Tobias Lawal is kind of complicated, I think. I don’t think Austria allows for dual-citizenship. It will be unfair and inconsiderate to try to persuade the young man to renounce his Austrian citizenship to play for us. Remember, it is Nigeria we are talking about here.

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