How To Read Football Betting Odds At W88 Bookie

How To Read Football Betting Odds At W88 Bookie

Odds are something that anyone participating in football betting needs to know. Understanding how to read football odds will help you calculate the exact amount of winning or losing. The article below from the expert of W88 online bookie will show you how to read football bets correctly.

How to read football odds on W88 bookie effectively

Asian Handicap

In the way of reading football odds, the Asian handicap is also known by another name, handicap. With this bet, the top team (team A) will accept the bottom door team (team B) a certain score. The current smallest handicap of Handicap is 0/0.25 and is called a half goal by bettors on W88.

On the odds table when playing Asian markets, you will see that the sign (-) stands in front of the top team. On the contrary, the sign (+) is used for the bottom team, the decimals in bold represent the payout percentage.

Example of Asian Handicap

In the match between the two teams Man City and Burnley, W88 bookie put the odds at 1 – 1/4 on the rafters table. Explaining the football odds in this case means that Man City handicap Burnley 1 and a half goals.

In particular, the bookie puts the odds of 0.95 for the Man City team at the top door and 1.01 for the Burnley team at the bottom door. Players bet 100$ on one of the two teams will have the following results:

  • If you bet on Man City and that team only wins by 1 goal, you lose half of your bet, which is $50
  • Bet on Man City team, the result of the team winning by a difference of two goals, the player enjoys the amount: 100 + (100×0.95) = $195
  • In case you bet on Man City but the final result is a draw or loss, you lose all your bets
  • If you bet on Burnley and that team wins or draws, you will receive: 100 + (100×1.01) = 201

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European Handicap (1×2)

When learning how to see football betting odds on the W88 online betting site, you should definitely not ignore the European bet. This market is denoted as 1×2 on the odds table and is often bet by newcomers. The reason is because European bets are easy to play and almost anyone can read the odds.

Unlike Asian Handicap or Over-Under, you can win half your money or lose half your money. The European Handicap only gives players 3 options to bet on: home team wins, away team wins and draws. When playing 1×2, you do not need to worry about the number of goals in the whole match.

What bettors need to do is choose the team that you are sure they will win. You rely on the symbols in the rafters to choose the bet door as follows:

  • 1 – Home team: The player who chooses this door means that the home team will win
  • 2 – Away team: If you choose to enter door 2, it means you believe the away team will win
  • X – Draw: You believe the match result is a draw

Odds Over/Under

Besides Handicap and European rafters, Over and under is also an indispensable bet at W88 online bookie from W88site.com official. It is marked O/U (ie Over/Under) on the odds table for players to choose from. The principle of this bet is that the bookie sets any number to predict the outcome of the ball game.

Players participating in O/U bets will bet on the over bet if they believe the number of goals is greater than the number offered by the bookie. On the contrary, if you look at the bet and see that the goal is less than the number of bookies offered, place the under bet.


Above is the most basic information and the most overview on how to read football odds on W88 online bookie. Keep an eye on the odds table regularly, you’ll soon get used to it.

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