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Southampton, Brighton Chase Musa

Southampton, Brighton Chase Musa

Nigeria captain Ahmed Musa could choose between Southampton, Brighton and Burnley after West Brom reportedly turned down the chance to sign him.

Musa failed to secure a short-term deal at West Brom following a week’s trial at the club.

Three Premier League clubs including his former club CSKA Moscow are said to be interested in his services.

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The Express and Star say second-bottom West Brom tested out Musa but have limited scope financially.

That’s mainly because Allardyce was so busy adding to their wage bill in the January transfer window.

Versatile England star Ainsley Maitland-Niles headed the incoming list, on loan from Arsenal.

But four other players also arrived as the Baggies bid to bridge the 11-point gap to Prem safety.

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  • Anthony 3 years ago

    The tranfer saga of Ahmed Musa is gradually becoming so frustrating these days.

    If he eventually fails to secure a club before the list of players for upcoming afcon qaulifiers is out, i don’t think if he deserves to be handed a call by super eagles head coach (Gernot Rohr).

    For goodness he is our captian, and for him to be clubless at this crucial time, and at the same time not being able to play active football for the past three to four month now, is quite alarming, and something we all should be worried about.

    Well for me the best thing musa should do right now, is to make it possible to secure a club where he can get regular game time, i don’t care if its in the championship of even the low class npfl.

    He should always have this in mind, him being the captian won’t gaurantee him a permenant spot in the national team.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    CS stop the lies the headline these days are becoming too misleading just because you want to hype our players.

    How then will other players learn not to follow the footstep of a young man who went to Arab league and now at 32 or so he must undergo trial because of this decision just to prove he can still play at a top league. He was rejected now you come up with this headline that these two clubs who are performing better than Westbrom are chasing him common we need to stop this lies just to sell paper or take money from players to hype them!

    • @Chima, pls be factual with your fact before coming online, Musa was not REJECTED, the deal was called off because of the inability of the club to meet up with his wage demands, even after cutting his last wage bill by 60% westbrom still could not meet up.

      Secondly, Ahmed Musa did not go for trial as implies by @Anthony, he was there for medicals and he passed

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        May your days be long @ Ola. Infact failure shall never be your portion. Omo oko nie. Hehehehhehe….they will soon call you “I too know” now….LMAO. Same people who will say this website publishes lies and fake news…that website publishes news from mouth to mouth….that other one is a betting site…..wara wara wara….LMAO. But still come here to spread fallacies and hate, and argue aimlessly on top of it.
        And when they see their plot is beginning to fail in the face of true facts backed up with verifiable sources…???….your guess is as good as mine. Lolz
        Pls owe none of these pests no apologies. As for me, the measure they give is twice the measure they will receive….and I owe no apologies for that.
        Thanks once again for setting the records straight. Thumbs up to you.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          While we pray for Musa to get a club soon… He should only at most be allowed to act in capacity of solidarity by taking a bench advisory role if his situation remains unchanged by the end of February. He should hang around the team for peptalks only and Rohr MUST not name him as part of the squad not to create a potentially destabilizing situation in SE… Until Musa gets evidently active he should remain a ceremonious captain… Active players should be the only names to the squad… no Politics allowed in this matter.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            And IF Rohr names him what more can/will you do other than rant on social media. Are you the one who takes responsibility for the success or failure of the team…?? Are you the one that will get fired if the team fails…??? You are neither in control nor a superintendent of the coach…you have neither been a coach nor do you have the qualifications to be one. So face your own business and let the coach face his own. If he likes let him even invite the retirees of the 94 squad back to the SE. If you think its ideal for Musa to be left out until he sorts out his club issues…fine…awesome. If the coach thinks otherwise…fine….awesome too. He will get the credit for the progress of the team (if his haters will be sincere enough to give that to him) and in like measure get to bear the crucifixion that will come with the failure of the team.
            So hold your peace.
            We pray Musa gets it all sorted out soon, but till he bows out honorably, he deserves far more respect and appreciation than he is getting at the moment. Did we not have a time Papillo was virtually demoted by Wenger to be training with Arsenal Academy and yet was still an integral part of the SE…? Is it a crime to be a Muslim norther…??

        • Amen bro, God bless you @ Dr Drey

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        @Ola I am not here to debate I just said what I observed and point of correction the new took it not me that Musa will undergo trial at westbrom and even was even deemed below the standard of what they already have so they don’t need him anymore if they need him they will commit themselves by paying his wage. Common sense bro…. @drey go dey yarn with Toto I no get your time!

        • @Chima, am not debating with you, am only correcting your obvious misunderstanding of Musa’s situation.

          Football is business and so every club have a yearly budget which they placed their finances on, once they reached their budgeted limit, every other things will become permutations. So it’s not about not needing the services of Musa its about working within their budgets plan.

          One more thing, the word “common sense” you used referring to my comments is an insult, it’s not deserved.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha…..’holier than thous’ never see their first blows until you return the favour, then they will go about sanctimoniously crying like bush babies that they have been insulted and want to place tags of filth on you. Pls move on from these ones. A leopards never changes its spot. If they say education is expensive, then they should enjoy their ignorance.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Which sane person conjures up malicious stories just to force hatred and other innuendos about someone else. You just sat in your kernel and conjured up “observations” (based your your heavily prejudiced tribal hatred for Musa) which are non-verified and you come here slandering a media house that has been in existence before you even knew how to answer comprehension passages from Macmillain’s primary English. You should bow your head in shame…but I know you have none. I have read from tens of sources and none….NONE ever said Musa was heading to Albion for trials and eventually failed trials. But typical of lairs….its either their witnesses are in heaven, or they will simply “not have time to share” the source of their information after they have been caught red, green and blue-handed. I challenge you to share the source of your so-called “observation” here and my position will not be far fetched.

          Since Musa canceled his contract in Saudi (by mutual consent) because of his desire to return to Europe and maintain his relevance in the SE as younger rivals continue to emerge, a lot of lies have been spread about him by bigots like you who hate him just because he is a northerner. Even while he was playing games with his club till beyond the October FIFA window, you and your likes claimed he wasnt. And its not like there’s any benefit you have been to mankind other than having the tongue of a serpent and the arrogance of a turkey. Despite the public and online domains being awashed with valuable information, you and your likes still go around with you arrogant ignorance acting as if you own anything better than the key pads you use in spreading your falsehoods….and have no shame in referring to those take advantage of these media to update their knowledge as “I too know”….LMAO. Better being an I too know than being a complete empty barrel constituting public disturbance.

          A word of advice though…..Change your ways or pay dearly for it!

          And may you NEVER have time for me o…because the day you do, you will be stripped naked. That’s a promise.

          • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

            Lack of father figure in your life is what has prompted you in choosing the thuggery path of life. It’s easy to insult a superior just to give you a feel good effect so ride on son I won’t trade words of insults with you as I know you have nothing to loose. Your fellow Dr friend Simone will be with you when he is done from work so I leave it to him to treat you!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…look at this child of regret….LMAO. Empty barrel always making noise…LMAO. Its way better not to be have a father figure than to be an unwanted child born by a harlot, dumped in a refuse dump and raised by street urchins. Its very evident even in your comments that you are a child of hate who struggled to survive in life and hence sees himself, even in his intellectual barrenness and wretchedness, as a superior to everyone else. Your wretchedness is what has followed you up into a public forum where you shamelessly come to tell all sort of lies to feel good and “Superior”.
            You have never achieved anything meaningful in your life but you have the effrontery to open your filthy mouth and empty brain to slander a reputable media organization that has been in existence long before you could even construct a simple correct sentence in English. You have never been a superior and will NEVER be one…..even on this platform. We will rather believe CSN 100 times b4 even believing you if you say ‘Good Morning’ That is why riffraffs who name themselves after a woman’s genitalia are the ones that you flock with. Ndi ala

            Hahahahaha…bastard has been caught red-handed with his lies and now wants to look for someone to drag down with him while he is drowning….LMAO.

            “…Owngoal is a site that publishes lies and fake news…” I pasted THIRTY (30) of their immediate past headline here for you to tell us which one is a lie…till today you have gone deaf and dumb….LMAO.

            Now its “…Musa will undergo trial at westbrom and even was even deemed below the standard of what they already have…” ngwa give us the source of your news…..streetdog says he “doesn’t have time to share sources…” but he has time to come and call himself a superior….LMAO. Superior kpangolo…LMAO
            Later he will claim his words were “twisted/manipulated” LMAO. Cheap and shameless liar. LMAO

            I thought you used to boast here that you are close to top football managers in Europe….LMAO….was it your “top managers” that told you the fat lies you came here to spill…??? Lying bastard.

            Its so unfortunate that someone somewhere calls a person like you daddy…! its so so unfortunate.

    • Jones 3 years ago

      Old man Chima doesn’t think before talking. Iheanacho has 1 goal in premiere league this season and Musa has none… Not much difference if you ask me…

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        It’s easy to call names these days, I don’t have time sharing source or links most of you guys talking at me is not worth the talk.

  • Still passing ooo

  • Better than better than

  • There isn’t any need rigmaroling over this Musa issue. The story around his botched transfer to WestBrom is explicit enough and it is not about Musa being found wanting.
     It is basically rather about WestBrom trying not to add to an already seemingly bloated wage bills.
     I understand some frustrations about Musa’s inactivity, but we must learn to keep our calm and not blow a fuss, lest we start weaving mischievous meanings and imputations around innocuous stories. 
      That other clubs are as well interested in him shouldn’t nudge flaks in his direction. Let’s wait and see how it pans out, hoping for the best for him.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Though musa is the captain and he deserves some respect, considering what he offers to the team before. But for now I don’t expect rohr to invite him in the nest afcon qualifier, he have to get a club and also prove to be inform before he can get any kind of invitation, if rohr invites musa in this clubless stat, it will be a big shame to Nigeria football and it will also be an insult to other Nigeria professional players who are inspiring to get a chance with the eagles, musa have played alot games during afcon 2019 till the present afcon qualifications with no goal nor something special to show for it especially from that left wing, the only time I enjoyed that wing play was when kalu plays. The likes if onyekuru and ejuke deserves their chances now, until musa start to show class in is awaiting new club.

  • Eldridge Cleaver 3 years ago

    Even Junior Ajayi deserves to be invited because he scored at the club world cup. Junior Ajayi is a quality winger.

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