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Spanish Segunda: Sadiq Bags 10th League Goal In Almeria Home Draw

Spanish Segunda: Sadiq Bags 10th League Goal In Almeria Home Draw

Umar Sadiq found the back of the net once again for Almeria but it was not enough to secure all the three points, as they were held to a 2-2 draw at home by Sabadell in the Spanish second division on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

Sadiq has now scored 10 goals in the league and takes his total tally to 12 in 20 appearances in all competitions for Almeria this season.

Sunday’s goal means he has now scored six goals in his last three games.

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He scored with 14 minutes left in the game to put Almeria 2-1 ahead before Juan Hernandez made it 2-2 in the 84th minute.

The home draw saw Almeria remain third on 42 points and are just three points behind leaders Espanyol in the 22-team league table.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Abdul handsy 3 years ago

    Keep the fire burning Sadiq!
    Up super eagles!

  • Im not surprised. Your the real deal. Keep it up. Keep on scoring. You will be a super eagles player very soon.

  • Anthony 3 years ago

    Umar Sadiq am so proud of your goal scoring prowess this season, you are really an amazing striker.

    The fact that paul is still ahead of you when it comes too number of goals scored by super eagles strikers based in europe, does not mean he is better than you, if am too be the coach of the super eagles today, i won’t hesitate to pick you ahead of paul onuachu to lead the striking force of the super eagles in any of our matches, cause you will be a torn in the flesh of any defence in the world due to your style of play on the pitch.

    Am saying this because its the plain truth, and not that am being too sentimental with my opinion, towards the kind of player you have groomed yourself to become over the years.

    And how you will always have a special place in my heart. Just keep working hard, cause i believe in the nearest future you will get your long awaited chance with the national team of Nigeria. I wish you injury free career, and also good luck in you career endeavours.

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    Sadiq Umar over Onuachu anytime any day! If Oga like he should score 30 goals this season, Super Eagles is not for him!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Last season – 17 goals, 17 assists….This season 18 goals 6 assist (or thereabout). Sadiq wouldn’t need 7 matches in the super eagles to successfully, hold up play or control an aerial ball from the air to his feet and lay a successful pass to his teammate….not to even talk of assists or goals. Sadiq is almost 2m tall just like Paul, but he wouldn’t need us to change the lyrics of our national anthem, the colours of our national flag or for all our wingers to go back to academies to learn to play crosses they have not been playing since they started playing football, to become useful to the SE.
      Sadiq over Paul any day any time. Even Paul’s biggest fans cant argue this one.
      I go personally fight Rohr and NFF if Sadiq doesn’t get called up this March.

  • Technically, paul doesn’t have more goals than sadiq this season. Remember, he scored about 6 goals for partizan before joining almeria. So if you add those goals to the 12 he has now it will be equal to the number of goals paul has scored this season.

  • Abdul handsy 3 years ago

    Nawao why is FIFA delaying this much to sanction the nationality switch of Lookman, Adarabioyo and Ejaria na? The trio switch is taking too much time than necessary fa!

    Pls FIFA do it quickly and free them all for us Abeg na!

    Thinking of our next call up like:


    1. Francis UZOHO
    2. Maduka OKOYE
    3. Daniel Akpeyi


    4. Leon Balogun
    5. Troost Ekong
    6. Semi Ajayi
    7. Tosin Adarabioyo
    8. Ola Aina
    9. Kingsley Ehizibue
    10. Calvin Bassey
    11. Sanusi Zaidu

    12. Wilfred Ndidi
    13. Oghenekaro Etebo
    14. Joseph Aribo
    15. Alex iwobi
    17. Frank ONYEKA


    18. Victor Osimehn
    19. Umar Sadiq
    20. Taiwo Awoniyi
    21. Samuel chukwueze
    22. Samuel Kalu
    23. Ademola Lookman
    24. Chidera Ejuke
    25. Osayi Samuel

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Good list. However, I will add one more “player” to this list. That is A GOOD PITCH.
      Imagine Lookman, Ejaria and Adarabioyo and others on a millet farm pitch, and you will understand why I added this very important 26th player!

    • Unique 3 years ago

      Good list but it’s incomplete without Fatai Gbadamosi.

    • Shomu 3 years ago

      Fifa is not delaying anything. If the players don’t want to play or represent Nigeria then they don’t want to play. Osayi represents Nigeria and still hasn’t been called up. But Kevin Akpoguma did a switch overnight to represent Nigeria than Germany, your claim is broken. Some of the players rather be on a wait list for England than play for Nigeria.

  • Dr Toto 3 years ago

    Bhuari is better than Biden.

  • Hmmm the goalie choices are obvious.
    In the defence, awaziem should be there, between ajayi and adarabioyo one has to go. Calvin isnt a possibility yet and with aina and sanusi the left full back position is covered.
    In the midfield, I dont think Rohr has even heard of obinna nwobodo, so I dont see him making the cut. Hmm frank again, this guy reminds me of mikel agu. Shehu seems more likely to be on the list. Chidera seems to have lost form since moving to russia. Osayi is an unknown. The one player who stands a chance of walking straight into a starting shirt is ademola lookman. Otherwise the list is ok. Only that Rohr has his own different list so we may not yet get to see some of these players.

  • pompei 3 years ago


    Fatai is a really good midfield player. It is Rohr’s decision to make.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Fatai keeps the game flowing. A smooth operator in the midfield. Keeps it simple, yet very efficient with the ball. And he is good with freekicks and shooting at goal from distance.

    • Unique 3 years ago

      @pompie my brother there’s no need for debate on Fatai Gbadamosi, he’s combo with Ndidi will make super eagle mild field fire. He’s a top player to watch out. I hope Rohr will invite him.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your clip @Pompei.
      But here is where I have problems rating players with youtube clips. When your team is already 5 goals up and your opponent is already dead and buried and just praying for the referee to separate the fight by blowing his final whistle, why wont a midfielder operate smoothly…..LMAO. 1 goal from long range doesn’t also confirm him to be a long ranger snipper….infact that was the only long range attempt in the entire video. It would have been nicer to see him take 10 long rangers, score 5 get 4 on target and 1 off target, thence one and conclude ah this one is a ballistics expert like a Sunday Oliseh or a Taye Taiwo. Anyone who watches LCFC vs Chelsea last week’s highlights would think Ndidi is a long range expert, but in reality only about 1 out of 15 of his long range shots end up being on target.

      Managers of our local players should do more in this area of marketing players. I would have loved to see more successful long rage attempts, more successful free kicks, more tackles, more interceptions, more take ons, his passing range over a long distance, how he handles the ball when his team is pressure and when he is in tight corners, assists and pre-assists and so on. These are what would have made him look like a really special player. Otherwise, whoever compiled this clip has not helped in showing fatai as more than any other ordinary midfielder.

  • Goodnews FIFA approves 6 of 8 change of nationality switch for Nigeria…other 2 still in process

  • Good news!!!
    FIFA approved 6 of 8 nationality switch for Nigeria other 2 in process


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      No vex brother…ya comments dey come…dem dey inside traffic for 3rd mainland bridge. Lolz

  • Unique 3 years ago

    @Dr. Drey. I use to think you can spot a talent when you see one. Do you expect a defensive mildfielder to score 5 in every 10 attempt shoot on goal? Haha you talk as If scoring is easy. Tell me a defensive mildfielder that scored or can score 10 goals in a season? I doubt you can mention 10! You expect more successful free kicks, take on, assist and pre assist from a defensive mildfielder before you can see a special talent in him. Hahaha You are a indeed a specialist!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      First of all did you really read my comments well or are you just in a hurry to reply bcs its Dr.Drey…? Pls show me where I said a DM must score 10 goals in a season before he can be classed as a special talent. So in all Fatai’s career….he has hit only one shot into the net from long range and he has instantly become a special talent….?? So the day a player hits one shot into the back of the net or scores one freekick he has become a specialist…??? Or has he only played 1 season of football all his career…??? Mr man….if it is based on this video clip alone I will list tens of Nigerian players even in the domestic league who can do exact same stuff. Consistency is what makes a man. Doing same thing over and over again with success is what makes a specialist….and by extension a special talent.
      If you want to market a player with video clips, you can do better than showing a clip of just 1 match were he scored from outside the box and another match where he made side passes when his team was already 5 goals up and under no pressure. What has made him a super talent from the clips shown above…..?? Nothing. I might not be able to mention DMs with 10 goals in a season, but I can mention 10 who will score 1 goal from five long range shots. So if you cant hit target with 5-10 attempts you cant be classed as a long range specialist. I am sorry to disappoint you…..but from that youtube compilation there’s nothing that shows that guy to be a special talent. There is a reason why clubs watch a certain player for many matches….and sometimes many seasons b4 deciding to splash money on him to sign him.

      Now compare Fatai’s clip above with this one below and tell me which one best decribes which player as a specialist and a super talent


  • SUNDAY OLISEH! As much as I like and admire NDIDI, OLISEH was class ahead of him (So was mikel).
    who is Fatai Gbadamosi? He Doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary to me (with all due respect to him). We need enforcers in our dm, no nonsense defensive midfielders that can stand against the best of the best in the world. He looks home based. Still, he will have to be an exceptional talent to play in the Super Eagles. Doesn’t look like he is, based on his video clips.

  • Unique 3 years ago

    You wrote “It would have been nicer to see him take 10 long rangers, score 5 get 4 on target and 1 off target, thence one and conclude ah this one is a ballistics expert like a Sunday Oliseh or a Taye Taiwo.” How do I get you wrong? However, if you can’t mention 10 DMs who can score 10 goals in a season, then tell me 10 best DMs who can score 1 from 5 long range shot attempt? The last time I checked, I do not see scoring goals as one of the compulsory attribute a DM needs to be one of the best. Moreover, If you watch the clip very well, you will see that he doesn’t get much live coverage for us to see more of his highlight, so we shouldn’t quickly write him off. I have watched him live twice, In my on view, Fatai Gbadamosi is a not an ordinary player as you rated him.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      @ Unique, Fatai is a very good footballer. Senior national teams need rare talents( exceptional players) if not at least 300 players will be arriving along with Fatai to play in that his position for SE. But take nothing from him,hes got that potential to be exceptionally good in future hoping he is as young as he claims.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      “It would have been nicer to see him take 10 long rangers, SCORE 5 get 4 on target and 1 off target, thence one and conclude ah this one is a ballistics expert like a Sunday Oliseh or a Taye Taiwo.”…..so how does that imply SCORING 10 GOALS IN ONE SEASON…or how does it imply ALL THE SHOTS IN THE CLIP MUST BE IN ONE MATCH??? Or you just want to create an argument where there is none…??? The 3 clips contained in the video where they all in 1 season…??? Did Oliseh and Taiwo become specialists in 1 match or one season…?

      If you have ever heard names like Bouba Diop, Vieira, Oliseh, Xabi Alonso, Casemiro etc…..those ones will guarantee you 5 goals in a season from long range shots. So it is not in anyway an impossibility for someone who is tagged a SPECIALIST and a SPECIAL TALENT. Your numbers tell how special you are…..Ndidi is definitely not a long range specialist, but he is a tackles specialist and a special talent….so even though he doesnt give you tons of goals per season, he gives you enough to make him a special one…and if we were to search clips of Ndidi on internet, they will definitely contain tens of scenarios where he made successful tackles and interceptions.

      You have watched him live 2ce…..playing against world class opponents right….that is why he is no ordinary player…and that is why his clips are so few that his managers/marketers cant get a decent compilation apart from just 1 long range goal and many side passes when not under pressure…in a 5 minute video clip??? He must really be no ordinary player. There must be no other DM in the local league who can do as much as that. You dont test/tell a good player by pitting him up against mediocres…you test/tell a good player by his performances against the best of the best.

      I just showed you a compilation of Oliseh….almost the same length as the one of Fatai Gbadamosi….and that was just when he was at Liege (in Europe) and was probably same age as Fatai. Even an blind man can tell a special talent from both videos.

      Fatai to you is an extra ordinary players….so be it. But he’s not any better than the fringe players in the SE at the moment. Hell he didnt even make the U23 team that played at the U23 AFCON that same year. How Imama could have dropped such a player who is “No ordinary player” for the likes of Azubuike and Nwakali beats imagination. He must be “No ordinary player” indeed. In level high pass those ones level.

  • Hmmmm…..

    Wahala dey o!!!!

    IKE UGBO(pending)
    10(ten) out-and-out strikers….more are still coming…..

    …. And the coach can’t pick more than 3……

    It’s well shar…..

    • Samchi 3 years ago

      You no add iheanacho abi him don retire’
      Even Chuba akpom na stricker.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @UBFE, please stop using this phrase “Wahala dey o!!!!”

      It is not good for our country or ourselves.

      We are still battling with Fulani herdmen and Covid-19 pandemic still, you are still asking for more trouble? Please we don’t need more wahala. Hmm. Akoba gafara oo.

      However, this is not a problem. The gaffer can not use all the strikers at the same time.

      This is an opportunity for Oga Rohr to invite one of these strikers and it is also depends on his plans.

      But I don’t think the gaffer will extend his invitation to many of these strikers because he’s very rigidi.

      There’s no way we won’t bring Oga Rohr’s name into this because we are talking about the national team issues here.

      Lampard for instance, “coach Egbo said something about him few days ago because he was a black man that was the real reason for him bn fired and Lampard was still the manager of Chelsea FC upon his poor results and nothing has happened to him because he’s a white man likewise Oga Rohr”.

      But today, Chelsea FC have fired Lampard because he can not taken the club to the promised land while NFF still deceiving Nigerians because they knew that we have players but we don’t have a set of coaching crew that can use the tools we have to attained what we haven’t accomplished in football before now.

      Look at the list of strikers you lined up here and compare that to Leone star team?

      That should tell you we have no problem in terms of players we have but why having a good coach for the Super Eagles should be a problem?

      Think about it.

      This is the only issue I’m having with NFF and coach Rohr followers.

      You people are boasting of having fantastic players but how about the coaching department?

      Are they good enough to deliver the results we are demanding from them?

      I don’t have time to expaciate this with you my people because I’m very busy but a word is enough for the wise. Ire o. God bless Nigeria

  • …Behold @OMO9JA has spoken….

    Who’s me to revolt against a soccer AFICIONADO?

    What do i know if i may ask?

    The chief of comical, sentimental & bias soccer connoisseur has once again live up to my expectation…. He never dispoint me…
    Thankiu oga…..

    Omo9ja bathalion over to u….

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