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2023 WWC: I Don’t Know Where That Came From —Ebi Denies Boycott Threats By Super Falcons Players

2023 WWC: I Don’t Know Where That Came From  —Ebi Denies Boycott Threats By Super Falcons Players

Onome Ebi has denied reports making the rounds that the Super Falcons players are planning to boycott this year’s FIFA women’s World Cup over bonus issues.

Unconfirmed reports have it that the Falcons are planning to boycott their opening game at the World Cup, after the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation Mohammed Sanusi told them their match bonuses for the competition had been cancelled by the federation.

But Falcons captain Ebi, has debunked the reports stating she is unaware where it came from.

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“Honestly I have no idea where it came from we’ve never had such conversation among ourselves so I don’t know where that came from we are only preparing for the World Cup,” she said in a video interview posted on the Twitter handle of the Super Falcons.

On how training has been since the team arrived camp, Ebi described it as as intense.

“Saturday’s morning training was intense, motivating the players are in good shape and in good spirit so we are ready to go. The training can speak for itself because we know this is what we bargained for, very intensive training.”

Meanwhile, Francisca Ordega is the latest player to arrive the Super Falcons camp in Australia.

The only player still being expected is Halimotu Ayinde.

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  • pompei 12 months ago


    If the ladies boycott the world cup that they worked so hard to qualify for, is that the best option?
    The ladies have to come up with other methods of protest that will achieve their objective of forcing the NFF to release their bonuses. There are many ways to catch a monkey, after all.

  • pompei 12 months ago


    Why should the ladies boycott the world cup, an event they suffered to qualify for?
    There are many ways to catch a monkey. The ladies will come up with other ways to force the NFF to release their entitlements.

  • Ebi looked quite convincing in the Twitter video where she rubbished the rumours about boycotting the opening match.

    Intense is how she describes their training.

    Hopefully the team can maintain focus for the tasks ahead. The original report on the planned boycott emanated from an eminent, longstanding and highly respectable media outlet in Punch newspaper. I hope they publish a retraction.

    Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Super Falcons to do well in the tournament despite all the administrative turmoil in the background.

    • Marvelous Sunday 12 months ago

      So what did you expect her to say. As a Nigerian they don’t have that balls to dare the NFF. How can they be happy or have intense training on hearing that their match bonus is cancelled? How can they have intense training when majority of their colleagues are owed two years wages or bonuses.

      Nigerian FA is most wicked, corrupt, clueless and heartless in the world wide world. They are the major reasons for our failures, not the coaches or players.

    • ” Nigerian FA is most wicked, corrupt, clueless and heartless in the world wide world. They are the major reasons for our failures, not the coaches or players.”

      You can say that again.

    • @Deo, I so love the way you have confidence in this Nigeria team. The girls are good no doubt. But, NFF didn’t help the team at all. Beside owning both the coaching crew and the players, no friendly match till now. A team that want to play in world cup should have played with two or three teams in the competition. Falcons are supposed to have played with other team in this competition that play pattern similar to other team in our group.
      As said earlier, the girls are good but the preparation is not there and it’s only God that can see them through from that group.

      I wish the girls best of luck.

    • @saheed, you have no right to tell people not to make their opinions known ke.

      Nigeria belongs to us all, if chance and opportunity happen to some of us (fans) here to become part and parcel of NFF we will run things far better than you guys are doing. If the news was rumor, are you saying wladrum statment too is rumor.

      Nigerians are not foolish as to give credit to NFF when due.

  • Saheed 12 months ago

    The adjectives you used about Punch being eminent, longstanding and respectable in this day and age where reporters glean for news via social media is laughable.
    There’d been many times that Punch shared stories that are unconfirmed.
    There’s nothing about being respectable or longstanding in media these days, they are all susceptible to the reach for clicks and views.

    Personally, I use my brain and take most stories I see with a pinch of salt, I also refuse to ventilate anger like some did here yesterday (bashing the NFF, country, and politicians) without verifying the story. We all need to relax, this is sports for crying out loud.

  • Saheed 12 months ago

    I don’t understand what we will achieve by wanting the rumour to be true. Does it add anything to us? And what if its true, does it bless us?

    I remember the story of Brazil 1970 team….Their country was in bad shape under a military rule and the players along with Pele could have boycotted the WC, but the players weren’t foolish. That generation even had better balls than this generation, but they played their hearts out still for their national pride, bad government irrespective.
    Some of you need to outgrow all these petty ventilation over mismanagement.

    The same NFF had organized campings and top friendlies (Canada, Japan, New Zealand, competition in Mexico) for the Falcons in the past, they flew them in highly comfortable aircrafts to Australia; put them in a good hotel and reasonably good training facilities; handling their itinerary well…

    I may not be a fan of the NFF mismanagement, but I’ll take the good sides of what they’ve done and hope for improvements in other areas than for me calling them names.

    Besides, all the noises some of you have made in the past, what improvements have your noises brought to administration?
    Let’s outgrow such.

  • Omo9ja 12 months ago

    Typical Nigerians. That is who we are. Some people will say Nigeria is working smoothly for everyone because these people benefit from the government.

    “Saturday’s morning training was intense, motivating the players are in good shape and in good spirit, so we are ready to go. The training can speak for itself because we know this is what we bargained for, very intensive training.”

    Intensive training? How Ebi? Can you work without food in the belly?

    Upon what the coach Waldrum has said, Ebi? Who is fooling who?

    Crying and smiling, but in the end, the truth will reveal itself.

    No, be today now, edon teèeeee. I hope we remember Siasia’s Olympic bronze medal team? Mikel funded the bill of the team from his pocket while NFF did nothing.

    This is why I love Desir Oparanozie standing for her responsibility as a captain of the team then but as we all know, NFF hate the hot truth from the captain, the next the NFF could do is to excluded Oparanozie from the team.

    But I thank God on her behalf because NFF couldn’t do without Desire.

    Be brave enough to stand your ground, Ebi. We are Nigerians, and we know how things work. But you have nothing to lose kę. This will be your last tournament for Nigeria, but remember that a team leader is beyond the captain band alone, but the qualities of a leader are key at the moment.

    If boycotting the opening match against Canada will eradicate NFF mismanagement and mistreatment of all our national teams, then you ladies should go ahead to do so if NFF refuses to pay your allowances. Good luck to you, Super Falcons. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I don’t know how some people reason in this country especially those that call themselves fans. Imagine all the revelations raised by that poor man coach Warldrum or what is his name. Even aside this revelation, every sane person knows that the failure of our national team is not because of coach but purely administrative issue. What used to pain me most is that some fans will start castigating this coaches simply because they are white when they knew within themselves that our own is not any better than them. Imagine owing a coach for 11 months,players bonuses and even falsing players on the coach. People who doesn’t have any meaningful programs to improve the league but the only thing they can do is to false the coach to invite home base players so as to improve their league. Upon all these home base players falsefully invited by this coaches has our league improve?
    The same way they treated the foreign coaches are the way they treat local coaches too. Check those country that are doing well and see if there FA is as useless as our. Mark my word those girl will be bundled out in the group stage is not a curse or being pessimistic but reality.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    Hahahaha…..Onome does not want to be banned from the team like those b4 her who “disrespected” the NFF by asking for what is due to them….LMAOo

    NFF prefers the kind of scenario that played out with the Falconets some years ago under Solomon Dalung where the girls literally knelt in his front while he handed their bonus to them.

    I suggest rather than threatening their own enjoyment by boycotting the 1st game, the girls would rather wait till whatever game that will be their last in this tournament to stage a sit-in-protest just like they did in France in 2019, in Cameroon in 2016 and in South Africa in 2004.

    Cunnny man die, cunny man bury am.

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    Onome Ebi is doing damage control, as expected of a captain.But the story of a confrontation with the NFF is true.

  • Cyprian Tyodugh 11 months ago

    For as long as criminals are allowed to hold key positions in this country, we’ll surely continue to see the same display shameful and disgraceful attitude in the eyes of the world every now and then. So shameless set of human beings. Every body in that NFA (hiding under a forged name nff) should dishonourably resign and leave us for good. Enough is enough.

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