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2023 WWC: My Father Crucified Me For Pulling Off My Shirt Against Australia -Oshoala

2023 WWC: My Father Crucified Me For Pulling Off My Shirt Against Australia -Oshoala

Super Falcons forward, Asisat Oshoala has revealed that her father was unimpressed with her choice of celebration against Australia in the ongoing 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Recall that the Barcelona star pulled off her jersey and ran to the sideline to celebrate her goal with her teammates after scoring a goal to extend Nigeria’s lead to 3-1 against Australia on Thursday.

Her celebration has since generated debate among football fans in and around the country. While many see no issue with her celebration, others frowned at it.

The Barcelona Femeni forward’s father is among the latter, according to the footballer.

“My dad is definitely not happy with my choice of celebration but then again, life is a collection of MOMENTS,” the African Woman Footballer of the Year said in an Instagram post wherein she attached photos of the goal celebration.

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  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    Will be interesting to know what her mother had to say.

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    SORRY to SAY but I don’t THINK your FATHER knows the EMOTIONS, JOY that comes in SCORING for your COUNTRY…

  • Chris Ekpen Uhuangho 11 months ago

    Nigerians carrying religion to extreme What is wrong celebrating archivement in sport? All religion should focus their campaign towards unwanted killing,bad leadership, indiscipline and corruption in country.These are more serious issues that need attention of our clergy men and women of good faith

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      You’re dumb!!!

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      @Chris, Kpom!

      The worst thing about Nigerians religiosity I’d that it’s often HYPOCRITICAL and merely for public consumption! That’s why we ironically have so many churches/mosques simultaneously with so many criminals and fraudsters.

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        @9JAREALIST don’t MIND @CHIMA HE is among the FRAUDSTERS that’s why it’s PAINING him…

        But no CHURCH yet. HE just goes about with his DUSTY PAM SANDALS SHARING TRACKS and PREACHING in BUSES…

  • pompei 11 months ago

    Against all odds, the SF beat 3 tough opponents – the Australia team, the Aussie fans, and their biggest toughest opponent – NFF ONIGBESE AJEWOMASAN.
    The emotion of that moment was insane. By scoring that goal, she accomplished 2 things:
    1) Became the first African woman to score at 3 world cups.
    2) Scored the insurance goal that ensured victory against a strong opponent.
    To put the achievement of the SF in perspective, this Australia we beat are one of the favourites to win the world cup. They might still win it in the end. Beating them shows the huge potential this SF squad has.
    They will go far in this tournament if:
    1) Waldrum stays on top of tactics.
    2) The ladies continue to perform as they have been doing.
    3) Fortune smiles on us. You always need a bit of good fortune in tournaments.
    They are capable of accomplishing much if they avoid complacency and tactical errors. But if they allow themselves to get complacent and fail to get a point against the Irish, they might not even make it out of the group.
    So, keep pushing ladies! All hands on deck!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    So why did you do it in the first place?

    There is an air of sensationalism and “karimi” about Oshoala these days that I do not like at all! When she was younger and in her “own” heyday, Yes! her football did all the talking and it was good to behold, but she is no longer that footballer – I don’t care how many of you come and start telling me that she is the African GWOAT Footballer- Something I will not dispute simply because it “was” true and I am a proud Nigerian who will always support and fight for my “own” but she is no longer that player – Of course this is my own personal opinion but I am all about producing high quality and relevant output in a “space” if you want to remain visible in that space – otherwise stick to something else (anything else) that you are good at or have the capability to produce high quality content in – but all this forcing to remain relevant in a space where you clearly have no hold is just embarrassing and quite frankly a little disingenuous and shows a dearth of a certain quality or maybe I should put it another way – shows a lack of certain admirable qualities – I am trying to be as nice and complimentary as possible to our dear Asisat but I am afraid it is very difficult to do these days – Apart from the fact she is doing great work with our young girls and the future of our women’s football, which one would have thought is enough accolade to be going on – but alas – a typical Nigerian will never know how to exist in their own “space” with the dignity required even if they should be able to do so – Again there’s that missing “??” – The word that comes to mind is one I hesitate to use just from knowing how the brains and minds of many a Nigerian work.

    Chaii!, sometimes I regret that I am a Nigerian almost as much as I love it! I can see why so many – even among our own fellow Africans really hate our guts! – And for any idiot who lacks reading or comprehension skills and wants their own idiotic ten seconds of fame – this last bit is not about Oshoala, so don’t you dare come at me because it is people like you that the last paragraph is exactly about and I will not hold back on you!

    • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

      Lol! She’s no longer that player because she’s now an out and out striker unlike her younger days when she plays from left wing and cutting in to score, more like Ronaldo. 

      She scored 26 goals for Barcelona last season and won the Champions League despite not being fit for much of the season. For her class is permanent and you can see that when she came in to game. She won the corner for the second goal and top it up with her signature goal to seal the victory. 

      She may not be that player anymore, but she’s heads above every player in the team today. However, I like her demeanor for putting the team first. She’s the first African woman to be nominated for Ballon’dor. Put some respect on Hajiyas name. Like most people of my tribe ‘Karimi’ is part of our culture and no body can take that away from us. 

      • I agree with all you said. Karimi is part of who we are, whether Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa. It is in our DNA! We spray naira for party. Oyinbo don’t spray their dollar or pounds. But naija people spray dollar and pounds for oyinbo man country. Does it mean we disrespect their currency? Far from it. Nigerians do this because as you said, karimi is part of who we are.

        A lot of people don’t understand the emotions that came with scoring that goal. Before that goal, a section of Nigerian fans have condemned Oshoala, saying she is finished. But she came bad and scored that wonderful goal. So, for Oshoala it was more like, “I’m not finished. I’m still here.” So, we can not blame her. That was a high tension game that Nigeria won hands down despite the referee contriving to ensure Nigeria did not win. So, pulling off a shirt should eally not be a matter for discussion.

        • Ignatius Abo 11 months ago

          Josh men. Quite an age. You stopped commenting on the Super Falcons after Waldrum started doing well. You are still one of the few people that make me come here.

          • It’s good to know that you really take note of my position on Waldrum. Been away for reasons other than Waldrum’s current good performance. He is doing well now no doubt about that. But are the reason why I criticized him still not there? Well, they are there. But it seems he has learnt one or two things about Nigerian female football. The NFF allowed him to use the super falcons as guinea pig to horn his trade as an international female coach. So far so good he is reaping the benefit of this opportunity. Hope he takes advantage of this opportunity to the full benefit of super falcons.

          • Ignatius Abo 11 months ago

            Josh Men! I dey always enjoy your views. May you walk and never stumble. Truth is though, Waldrum has simply proven you and Football Fanatic wrong. Just accept it and move on. No need for tales by moonlight, na face u just dey save (lolzzzz) . By d b You are highly regarded my guy.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


          so it is you who understands abi? lool!

          Only you understand tehehehe – you people self!

          • They say Oshoala is the Africa’s GOAT. That alone is a pressure on its own. So for Oshoala not to perform would have been a dent on that assertion. So, deep down within her, she was out there to prove a point. So far she has done that. So, I’m hoping we all will cut her a slack when things don’t work for her the way we all expect.

      • Collins Id 11 months ago

        Oshoala can take off her shirt she deserve it and i deserve it too, at list i have been a secret lover for too much longtime, i was able to see some parts of my emotional investment in a very emotional situation, but if she had pulled off the internal inuenus, there would have been a state of emmergancy, a drastic reduction of marreige transfer market price,.

        I love how she responded to.our criticism and she pops out strong,
        That is if i critisize her egusi, she will set up a table of eforiro/poundo in the present opponents.
        Africa player of the year should be a testament of skills, high value impact in the field, i still urge oshoala to improve more on her general performances, she seems to lack understanding with the othe team mates, her passes and ball work has to be parded with confidents and commands. at list let us win this medel, befor we proceed on our wedding

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago







      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        Look at this uncouth miserable imbecile Lmao!! Na now you just Dey wake up?? E no go better for your generation bring it on lets start the vawulence ko ni da fun e Ati awon to ni e Asiere. How old do you think I am?? I’m not an old fool at 50 plus like you na Lmao!! Werey alaso. 

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      The real “Karimi” is a self-designated ‘field marshal’ reasoning like a ‘private’! LOL!!

      Have any you ever scored a WC goal? When you do, feel free to return and share your own emotional reactions. Until then, abegi comot road and feel free to turn off your tv if you’re not happy with what you’re seeing. SMH

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

        LOOK AT THIS COCKROACH TALKING – ANOTHER “10 SECONDER” #DUMBASS KNUCKLEHEAD 9ja (underbridge) suffer head fake unrealist TWAT


        WHAT A RETARD!

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        Don’t MIND them @9JAREALIST IT’S OBVIOUS that they are not FOOTBALLERS or been in such MOMENT before…

        They only come here to COMMENT GARBAGE with their FREE MB from STARK. If that one FINISH na OPERA MINI go be their SAVIOR

  • Omo9ja 11 months ago

    Pulling her jersey off after scoring is uncalled for. She overdid it, and as a female, she needed to respect her body for God sake.

    Even a male footballer decided to expose his body on the pitch and have no respect for himself. There’s something called dignity, and if you don’t have that, you can talk any how, doing any how. No religion allows that and humanity also against it.

    This is why Oshoala has to stay humble. Kanu, who scored the first goal of the match, did not do such, and she has been making history by scoring against host countries such as Australia in this tournament and in Morocco at Wafcon.

    When they interviewed Oshoala about the celebration, she said it wasn’t planned she just did it. There’s something that men can do that women can not do, but in any situation, think of who you are first before you proceed to do whatever you want to do.

    I am happy that her dad called her attention to that scenario. We are culture, and we need to have control over our emotions at all times. I wish you, Oshoala, “Agba baller,” and the entire team of the Super Falcons, a very successful outing in this year World Cup. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Sexist and primitive viewpoint. SMH

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        Very SEXIST and PRIMITIVE OPINION my brother

      • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

        I am not surprised that the two of you have indecent moral upbringing that is why you’ll not stand up for good values, yet the clown is supporting a motion disrespecting spirituality. Many are called few are choosen only baby Christians will generalise false religious leaders( pastors) as all the fake. Omo9ja ignore them

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

          @ Chima & Omo9ja – you guys are some of the only real people on here who are true to their selves – not just running around here trying to build up some sort of cerdibility online as they have nothing in their own lives outside of this blog – Let’s continue to stay true to our own selves and our own thoughts and feelings and leave all the lifeless saddos to be led by their blind moron of a master that Slave MUGU calling himself great lool!

          • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

            Lol! Are you scared to call me out?? Go ahead na you sef know me ask your fellow puppets they will explain to you. I haven’t abused or said anything derogatory to anyone I only made my point, but if you want to toil that line I can guarantee you will regret your life on this forum. Be warned. 

        • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

          LMFAO. Look at this DUMB PIECE of PIG POO.why you no go tell SWIMMERS during SWIMMING EVENTS Especially the FEMALE once to dey wear HIJAB,(MUSLIMS) while the CHRISTIANS should be WEARING NUN CASSOCKS or CHOIR ROBE before DURING and AFTER SWIMMING…

          O yes START from there FIRST…


          If your HOLY HOLY no fit WITHSTAND her taking of her SHIRT while don’t just CELEBRATE the GOAL and TURN your TV OFF..

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

        9ja (underbridge) unrealist MUMU
        You stupidity is beyond words…I feel sorry for the dumbasses who raised a borntroway like you!

        Piece of shit plank!

        • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

          @Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob I wasn’t RESPONDING to YOU o…

          You are not NEW on this PLATFORM so you should know that my COMMENT is for @CHIMA…

          But if you still wan put BODY. NO WAHALA… You are WELCOME

          Everybody on this PLATFORM know that it is my HOBBY..

          I mean They can tell you how many people WRITING and COMMENTING SKILLS I have KILLED on this PLATFORM

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            Monkey Post – My bad!


          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            Monkey Post -But wait o!

            I hope you also know that I am not among those you can kill sha?

            I am sure you know so don’t go there – I had already even apologised before I read your full post

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

      Which one is she OVER DID IT?LOOK I REMEMBER during the NUGA GAMES then our FIRST OPENING MATCH that WE WON I didn’t know the JOY that came over me at that MOMENT as I ran straight and LIFTED UP a SECURITY PERSONNEL ATTACHED to the EVENT with the RIFFLE, TEAR GAS and everything..

      And no be me score but imagine the excitement I pulled…

      So my DEAR everybody gat his/her own JOY and MADNESS in MOMENTS like that..

      That is HER own, so let her be…..

      And only FOOTBALLERS will UNDERSTAND what am talking about…

      My own is just NUGA GAMES o(but at my level then it was my own world cup)

      Talk more about her own that is the real WORLD CUP

    • Omo9ja 11 months ago

      @9jaRealist and MONKEY POST, really?

      Do you both think her reactions after scoring the goal against Australia wasn’t immorality?

      Religion apart, women’s bodies are not built to be exposed, but Oyinbo has deceived the world mentally to execute immorality, and immorality is now good behavior, ba?

      Why does Oshoala get a yellow card after pulling her jersey off if what you guys were saying is good? Even men get a yellow card as well when they show up their bodies.

      I believe none of you people supporting
      Oshoala’ celebration would be happy had she
      been your child. I believe Oshoala comes from a good home. “Ranti ọmọ ęni ti nwọ se”.

      Africans should respect themselves so that other people can respect us wherever we go.

      @Chima E Samuels and Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob, many thanks to you both.

      Africans are now adopting immorality because of civilization. Let’s fear God and also not to give indisency a room to operate wherever we are. I hope Asisat will learn from this. Happy weekend, my people. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        OMO9JA abeg REST your MATER don TIRE me…

      • akintola kunle 11 months ago

        Before the coming of the Europeans , some Africans dress almost half naked, tell those that define them a sinner?. See the Middle Eastern countries are still facing this problems of religion while Western countries have over come it. Football is a culture that supercedes every other culture. The joy of scoring a goal can push you to do the unthinkable. What Oshoala did , do not demoralise. We are not in position to judge any body.

  • Oshoala may yet have another cause to grace our screens with yet more outlandish goal celebrations.

    According to a number of media sources, qualification to the knockout rounds of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup will produce financial boost for NFF and individual Super Falcons players.

    Participation in the group stage has already earned each Super Falcon $30,000 (about 24 Million Naira) each.

    The Round of 16 orbit is clearly in sight should Oshoala and her colleagues avoid defeat against Republic of Ireland Monday morning.

    A place in the Round of 16 will guarantee each Super Falcons player $60,000 each (about 48 Million Naira).

    More games, more goals, more wild celebrations to debate on their ethical appropriateness.

    In the process, the post-Pinnick cash-strapped NFF will also pocket $1,870,000, which is an improvement on the $1,560,000 had the Falcons run at the World Cup terminated in the group stage.

    Players’ individual bonus at 2023 World Cup in U.S. dollars

    Group stage – 30,000

    Round of 16 – 60,000

    Quarter Final – 90,000

    Fourth place – 165,000

    Third place – 180,000

    Second Place – 195,000

    Champions – 270,000

    Participating member nation payment
    Group stage – 1,560,000

    Round of 16 – 1,870,000

    Quarterfinal – 2,180,000

    Fourth place – 2,455,000

    Third place – 2,610,000

    Second place – 3,015,000

    Champion – 4,290,000

    • On the eve of the tournament, FIFA said the payments will now be made by member associations to their players since it would be difficult to pay 736 international players. Hopefully, maybe NFF agreed they will NOT TAMPER with this windfall for the players if only they get to forfeit their match bonuses and they agreed.

      Even FG gave NFF another $1.7m for the tournament

    • Oga Deo, did you forget that the super falcons are dealing with an NFF that don’t like paying their gbese? Instead they will punish any player that dare to protest nonpayment of their duly earned money. I pray all the money you itemized will not be a mirage for the girls.

  • Top 5 Women’s Jersey Removal Celebrations:

    I have compiled a list of 5 female football from England, Italy, USA and Nigeria who damned the consequences in the heat of the moment to show the world that expression of joy cannot be suppressed.

    1) Chloe Kelly (England): after years of playing second fiddle to their counterparts on the continent, England were at the precipice of greatness last year.

    Playing bitter rivals Germany in the Women’s European final, Chloe Kelly whipped off her England shirt, revealing her white sports bra, on having scored the eventual decider in front of another record crowd in the Wembley stadium.

    England lifted the trophy for the first time in front of home fans.

    That celebration courted controversy after the match and earned Chloe a yellow card in game. Does she care, I don’t think so.

    2) Valentina Giacinti (Italy): The last AC Milan player (male or female) to score four goals in a derby was Josè Altafini, who did so on March 27th, 1960.

    So, when Italy international Valentina smashed 4 past bitter rivals AC Milan in 2021,the jersey had to come off. What we saw was abs out of this world nestling under her back sports bra.

    Even if she became a target of the mafia afterwards, Valentina couldn’t give a damn, she bagged her goals and showed the world what hours in the Italian gym can do to your stomach.

    3) Brandi Chastain (USA): The 1999 World Cup final between the United States of America and China at the Rose Bowl Stadium was a political as well as sporting clash. The team that won will generate visceral jubilation and victorious euphoria that transcended the world of football.

    So, faced with the weight of national expectations on her shoulders, Chastain tore off her jersey to reveal her black sports bra and adorable six pack after scoring the winning penalty to gift USA its second World Cup title before being swamped in celebratory hugs by all of her team mates.

    4) Omamuzo Josephine Edafe (Nigeria): The Flamingos (Under-17 women’s) were the only team in the history of Nigerian national team football across age and gender never to taste a podium finish by 2022.

    So, qualification for the semi-finals of last year’s World Cup in India would navigate the team closer to that elusive pot of Gold at the end of the Nigerian rainbow.

    It all then hinged on one last penalty against powerhouses USA.

    As Edafe stepped up to take her kick, she would have thought of her mother, father, friends, community, coaches and the entire national glued on her, and she said to herself: ‘I must not let these people down’.

    As she crashed the net, she ran off, tore her shirt in wild jubilation, knowing fully well that her people and coach would disapprove of the whole world seeing her lovely white sports bra and voluptuous flat belly.

    Her teams mates ran to shield her but the damege was done. Coach Olowookere was incensed but Nigeria had reached the semi-finals for the first time and Edafe had no qualms facing whatever retribution might come her way: she has made history, that was what counted.

    5) Asisat Oshoala: And now to the latest entrant to the list. It is one thing to qualify for the semi-finals of an under 17 world cup – Asisat has been there and done that in under 20 – but totally a different thing to beat the co-hosts in front of a packed stadium.

    For arguably the most high profile player, male or female, in the history of Nigeria’s national team footballs, Asisat has endured a torrid time for the national team in recent seasons. So much so that a sizeable, I mean sizeable number of Nigeria fans, are starting to see her as an overrated one dimensional player who only thrives in club football.

    So the stage was set. Coming in as a substitute against hosts Australia, the growing crowd of Oshoala-Critics said here we go again.

    As Payne lobbed over to Oshoala who profited from Australian defensive miscommunication to bulge the back of the net, the shirt had to come off!

    The echo of disapproval from her dad rang loudest in her mind than the noise in the stadium. But she would later pick up the phone to him and say: ‘Papa don’t preach! I have made up my mind, the world had to see my green sports bra and beautiful abs to show that made in Nigeria products and gyms are as good as any out there!’

    Disclaimer: sorry for any grammatical errors spotted.

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      Very entertaining piece according to imagination of the real intents behind the shirt off. 

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Zambian goalkeeper Hazel Nali took off her shirt after saving the Senegalese’s last penalty and scoring the last for Zambia in the last AWCON as they qualified for the world cup for the first time in their careers

      Effionwan Ekpo yanked off her shirt when after smashing into the roof of the net the winning goal vs Ghana in the 2002 AWCON there in Warri Stadium in the full glare of 20,000 passionate football fans.

      The lady that scored Brazil’s golden goal freekick vs Nigeria in that pulsating 4-3 extra time win in the Qfinals of the WWC in 1999 in the USA also yanked off her shirt in wild jubilation.

      Those who have never done anything monumental in their lives can continue to cry about Oshoala taking off her’s.

      I guess they also have problems seeing Tobi Amusan, Ese Brume or Blessing Okagbare burning tracks all over the world with what would ordinarily pass as a bra and a pant. Or seeing ladies wearing bikinis by the poolside or on the beach. Or seeing ladies wearing jumpers and bum shorts in the gym.

      What is on Assisat’s body that has not been seen or imagined before on another woman that is making these perverts and sexists pee in their pants…???

      Very silly bunch of hypocrites….!

      Asisat herself has said it, It was unplanned. It was in the spur of the moment. Goal celebrations are something means by which player express relief at previous protracted frustrations.

      Asisat only made this world cup by providence…..she has been battling fitness issues for most of the season. Assisat hasnt scored for Nigeria in a competitive game for only God know how long now…..2 years, 3 years…?? I’m struggling to remember if She has scored in a competitive game since Wladrum took over. She comes off the bench, sinks the final nail that would bury the host and probably lead to their crashing out in the group stages and celebrates as wildly as her head directs…….and all of a sudden, she has become a candidate for hellfire to some charlatans.

      One pharisee is even here refering to someone else as a “baby Christian”…….LMAOoo. Ndo oh, Ancestor Christian……LMAOoo.

  • Collins Id 11 months ago

    Now that the coaches have copied my formation to difeat australia, it realy shows how much the coach is willing to progress, so we will always give him expo from here, i remember when keshi was struggling with the eagles in group stage of afcon 2013, that he was almost sack before the cotedvoir match, everybody expected us the lose that match, but keshi came up with what i expected from him, by simply bringing onazi and mba to the midfield displacing fegor and igiebor who was pregnant that time, but to be honest we have always produced talents in football, this period of denarby and waldrup shows that coaching has been the issue of our football, because we have paraded more talents than this present falcons, but those girls go to wcup and they will be totally bullied by almost every european and america teams, but now the gap is coming closer, i dont think its because of our current players because those old girls where tecknicaly better,
    Same goes to supereagles, part of the reason we havnt reached semis in wcup stage is because we hire carpenters and school principals like genort rohr and pesero, why cant we afford a sound coach that have renoun reputation, even if the fedral goverment will have to pay him direct.
    Going forward to the nest match against ireland, i expect some players to be tested, i dont expect plumtre to start that match,imuran will come in, omunomu will step down for desire and kanu will sit for big sister atisat this time, in absent of abiodun and halimatu in the midfield , i will advice the coach to play a 4 4 2 that will become 4 3 3 we defends. format againt ireland



    Ajibad,uchebe,payn, j echi

    Oparanozie atissat

    Omunomu,kanu,giftmonday and esther okoronkwo should be available for second half. Ordega will be usefull in our midfield than the wings, she can be a cover for payne.

  • Arara Kumbie 11 months ago

    @Field Marshall John Boobs (lolzzzz), you are still here fighting people up n down. Which one is better, your foul mouth or topless goal celebration? For a self confessed Christian, your pastor will be disappointed with your abusive utterances on this platform. Take a chill pill John Boobs. Dr Drey don talk am finish, nothing new in what Asisat did.
    Emancipate yourself from mental, none but you can deliver your mind.

    • The guy na big mumu, i imagine how a grown up man would be acting like a fool in public forum all because you wanna prove a stupid point, that guy need urgent therapy like seriously.

    • After you rant and all here, do you ever go back to re-read the trash you put out there? Do you ever think why all forum member detest ur person? I pity ur immediate family though because they deserve better, if I’m in anyway related to you, I won’t think it twice to disown you, a complete disgrace to humanity, get a life little boy. 

      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        The fool is a product of a torn condom. Let him keep it coming he will meet us here. Omo to ba ni iya oun o ni sun. Oun na o ni fojukorun. Okan iyalaya e o nibale. 

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

          great slave lool!
          Ode- epe to mo o!
          Of course now and you will always be there! lol!

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          Your chimpazee father is the one you’re referring to. Barbaric scalawag. Uncouth nincompoop 

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

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    • Like seriously that guy no normal, nobody shd tell me otherwise.

      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        Oloriburuku Ayelala Ati Ṣọpọna lo ma fẹjẹ irandian ẹ wẹ. Nincompoop of the highest order. Must everyone agree with your useless opinion? Who you be?? O ni jere. 

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      Na you and your father and mother craze – big fool! Backwards slave mentality slow coach – A=agbaya

      what a plonker lol

      You are so backward and primitive that this is literally the last time I will bother to reply to an imbecile like you
      LOL you have dedicated your time abi lool!- I mean you even said it yourself – any fool should be able to read between the line ke?
      You are a mad man – kolobi mental – your mind has bolted from it’s box – you are indeed the last man, a mad, crazed old fool

      Always talking about paraga joints and crack lool! Tha say it all, you are not even in this century – you are locked up! trapped in natnia where you and your crack crazed mind have no hope of even joing these times – Go and kill yourself! Do the world a favour fool! lol

      That is enough – if you like bring your naked mother here, I will not respond to a dog like you anymore

      Let me deal with that Cockroach lol calling itself femi – insignificant twerp loool!

      • My son just bring the phone and ask a very sensible question, he was like dad you told me this forum is for men and adult with sense now, I was surprise but immediately I realize it’s ur comment he is literally referring to, then I laugh and ask him to ignore you, boy grow up and stop been a fool, go to IG and FB to display ur stupidity, we need men with intellect here and not moron like you.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

          God punish you, your “son” and all your generations!

          MUMU you think anybody believes a poor cockraoch like you has a son abi? lol

          If you do the Ha! Woe betide that littel one to have a father like you – last man – Depraved animal lol

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          God punish your miserable generation and unborn generations will continue to carry the cross Asiere radarada. O ma Sanku ni. E no go better for useless animal generation. Bring it on. Oni oniribatise. 

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          You’re a uselessly stupid Ediot. God punish your worthless generation. Babanlaku Awon Ẹranko to fi gbogbo ara jona that bring a disgrace like you will continue to weep every time they see you Asiere. 

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    You’re a barbaric agbero Olodo Olosi jatijati. Onikuure your miserable useless animals that birthed an he goat like you is who I blame. They for don use do sacrifice teeeteh Werey pataki. 

  • Lol! Field Marshall Awon Ole!  Sir Johnbull. Lol! I doubt if your parent and extended family used to be Happy whenever they see you.
    For your mind, you can fight 20 battles lol! Were Leleyi o! 
    You are the real definition of Mental Problem.lol!

  • Arara Kumbie 11 months ago

    @Field Marshall, what’s wrong with you. Leave this matter please. It’s been many days now. Don’t you have a sense of humour. You keep fighting everybody just because you are wealthy and wise. relax bro.

    • @kunbie did I hear u say wealthy or it’s a typo? That fool no get shishi.

    • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

      Lmao!! Person wey dey hustle for data before he was able to reply after a week Lmao!! Person wey hin Mumu na follow come. I’ve been watching him abuse and insult people on this forum when they counter him with facts. Like seriously we are here to discuss football and everyone will always have a contrary opinion. Who do you think you are to just descend so low to denigrate people? 

    • @Kumbe scope man lol! That’s your own way of calming a mad dog to sleep? I understand you. 
      But Mother Teresa once said and I quote “ Don’t try to teach a fool, he’ll make fun of your wise words” it’s also in the Bible (Proverbs 23:9)

      You call this one that is always angry a wealthy man? May be you’ve forgotten that “Hungry man is an Angry man” lol!

  • Ode ni iwo bobo yii, reason my son ask if we’ve started having nonentity in the forum, you r a disgrace to ur generation, I know we given you unnecessary attention that you crave for, you think say everybody is irresponsible like you, my eldest son might even be older than you judging from ur write up, I know blame you, na CS join erako with human cause all this see finish.

  • Arara Kumbie 11 months ago

    Guys let’s kill this matter. Remember, @Field Marshall is a pillar of this online community. His analysis has no rival.
    Anyways, let’s return to football matters my people.

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