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AFCON 2023: Musa Coy On Super Eagles Future

AFCON 2023: Musa Coy On Super Eagles Future

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa is not thing about retiring from the team yet, reports Comppletesports.com.

Musa has played peripheral role in the Super Eagles in recent years.

It is expected that the 2023 AFCON finals will be his last major tournament with the Super Eagles.

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The winger is however not ready to reveal when he will quit international football.

“It is my big dream to win AFCON again and also as a captain,”he said during his interaction with the media on Saturday.

“No human can predict tomorrow, we shall see what happens next.”

By Adeboye Amosu in Abidjan

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  • If younger ones cannot retire him, then he can stay there for as long as he wants

    • Papafem 5 months ago

      That’s if the younger ones are given the chance and are allowed to grow like he did. Good remark, though

    • Once beaten, twice shy. Having given a time that he would retire in the past, only to make a U-turn, Musa doesn’t want to make another rod for his own back.

      Yes, I don’t think Musa should be forced out of the door. He has paid his own dues hence should be allowed to hang his boots at a time of his own choosing.

      We need mature heads around younger players to provide a fatherly presence and a calm head.

      Musa’s presence accounts for just 4% of the entire squad. Why some fans will raise dust on such a minuscule quantity remains a mystery to me.

      The Coaches want him, the football administration respects him and his colleagues appreciate his contributions. Critics should put up with his presence for now.

  • Golden Child 5 months ago

    Even referees retire, chai na wa for us in this country! The ref from Gambia (A very good one by the way) retired recently. Musa is not there on sporting merit but for psychological reasons. What he is doing is disgusting because he broke into the team at a very young age because others graciously stepped aside. There are those who will make C Ronaldo comparisons but he is playing week in week out, same can not be said of Musa in a lowly rated league. Some will claim he is a good leader buy I beg to defer because the whole essence of leadership is to raise other leaders. Leaders are not selfish and do not block the path of those who follow them. A wise man once said success without a successor is a complete failure.

  • Tristan 5 months ago

    I have often wondered why Nigerians lay undue emphasis on experience. My conclusion is that Nigerians are always looking backward to a time their memory has dulled as being ideal. Whether in politics, economics or sports Nigerians are always looking back to when one naira was one dollar, and Nigeria’s then wealth produced world-class sporting facilities and events.

    You only need to read Mr Odegbami’s column in CSN to see this type of historical nostalgia. Even the national anthem alludes to the “The labour of our heroes past”, although if these heroes were indeed heroic one wonders why the present we inherited from them is so dismal. Now if I was Japanese or Chinese or even American I would shout at the top of my voice about the “The labour of our heroes past…”, but in Nigeria, the past has offered nothing to boast to the present.

    Other countries look forward and plan for the future, by investing in their young whether in sports or in industry. Experience is great when it epitomizes the highest excellence, but when it embodies mediocrity, corruption, and arrogance it becomes not just a burden but a corrupting influence. True leadership is sacrifice for the greater good not self-glorification for selfish political ambition.

    You know what is most ironic about Nigeria’s obsession with experience? Nigeria was at its most successful when it was led by young men and at its least in the hands of the old and so-called experienced.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    Let me look for some pipo’s trouble here.
    What if Musa starts today against EG and grabs a hattrick?
    What if Musa leads Nigeria to the trophy, and emerges as the Golden Ball and Golden Boot winner?
    What if after the Afcon, Musa’s form picks up even higher, and he becomes better than Mbappe and Haaland combined?
    Hehehe, if these things happen, I bet the pipo that want him to retire now will beg him to continue if he decides to retire.
    For me, Musa can retire whenever he likes. I put the blame on a BROKEN, CORRUPT SYSTEM that consistently fails to invite ONLY THE BEST PLAYERS.
    If Musa is one of our best players, he deserves to be in the team. But if he’s not, he should be left out. SIMPLE.
    If this simple rule is followed, players that should be in the team will be there, and those that need to retire will retire. QED.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Musa is an old toothless 37year Oldman now. We all know that…he is not even as young as the likes of Umeruo because we known players who played U-17 and can estimate their true age from there. Musa claimed to have played NPFL at age 18yrs and was top scorer… That’s a fat lie from the pit of hell because no true 18years old in that time can match function in the NPFL because you will just be physically frail and not sturdy enough even though one can already play mature football. Musa NPFL debut with his small frame must have been at an age of atleast 24years in actuality. So that man na confirm old horse wey no fit kick again.

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