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Dennis Sent Off As Watford Suffer Humiliating Home Defeat To Norwich

Dennis Sent Off As Watford Suffer Humiliating Home Defeat To Norwich

Emmanuel Dennis was sent off as struggling Watford were hammered 3-0 at home to Norwich City in the Premier League on Friday night.

The Hornets have now lost their last five Premier League home games and are winless in their last nine fixtures (eight defeats, one draw).

With the score at 2-0, things went from bad to worse for Watford as Dennis received his second yellow card for a challenge on Max Aarons.

The Nigeria striker, who has eight goals in 18 league appearances, last scored on December 28 in a 4-1 home loss to West Ham.

An Adam Idah deflected effort and a Josh Sargent double lifted Norwich out of the relegation zone in a which piled more pressure on Claudio Ranieri.

The result ensures the Hornets remain without a win since their shock 4-1 triumph over Manchester United in November, but have only now slipped into the relegation zone for the first time this season.

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  • Richie 2 years ago

    “What goes around comes around, what goes up, must come down…”

    (According to Alicia Keys) ..lol

    • Richie 2 years ago

      …and, who knows? If this guy had somehow found his way into Garoua, he would have caused a lot of needless disruptions and imbalance on that performing squad, this might just have been God’s divine way of keeping him & his club troubles and drama out of that camp.

      And, now that the competition for places is a bit stiffer, with every player dying to please Eguavoen, I doubt if his place would still be secured, post-AFCON….especially if these boys go all the way to Yaoundé on February 6!

      • Naija 2 years ago

        God works in a wonderful way. Just look at what the unruly behavior of Ayew caused the Black Stars.

      • 1416inno 2 years ago

        Indeed, you are correct. They should caused us a Red Card in our opening game against Egypt. He told Watford to to release him and pretended he did not know about it.

        • Richie 2 years ago

          Truly, his absence saves us all the stress and unnecessary drama

    • Wo don’t let me say something that’s harsh cause now am vexing you guys don’t have brain do you? If Watford relegates it would affect you than it would affect any other person you guys are the one that will suffering the cause but you do not know. Dennis won’t or ranieri, both of them are leaving thats for sure. That leave you with what? Ekong,kalu,okoye,tom dele, if they trigger the permanent deal of etebo. That’s five players you guys want to relegate. Looks like you guys don’t do math ehh?

      • Steve O 2 years ago

        Who cares , with his current performance and man of the match status , Ekong is already on his way out of Watford and with a good pay to go with it !!..the rest can find their way too!!.. Everything about the club and Dennis is good radiance to bad rubbish!!

        • Who told you he would leave Watford if na offer comes, he can’t leave because he is loyal no wonder you people are like this you don’t even know what is happening at your players clubs, ekong can’t leave Watford even if he is afcon best player

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    My Naija people please guys forgive this guy, I’m pleading on his behalf, he would make amends, please my ppls free him.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      He is bewitched just any other player who dump their fatherland overturn. He will never attain his objectives in his professional life. Nigeria will not look his ways again. Sorry, the Club must go down as we Nigerians put a cause on it in December 2021.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Wow if man was God…… Do u realise you are placing a curse on the young man for something he has a choice over? You might not be happy about his choices a football fan but he does have m his rights and a choice. You seem to be a very vindictive individual and your post is very disheartening. I’ve seen how you write about Ighalo and Osimhen because they are from Edo state but be careful what you wish others as it might come back to haunt you.

        • He can’t use his charms for something good. Look Edo man if Nigeria doesn’t win the afcon and world cup with your charm pls don’t talk about it here again

        • Chinenye 2 years ago

          Supported @Jimmyball

      • You retarded Hypocrite @ Edoman. Your curse returns back to you and your household in seven folds (Lam.3:37), unless you render an apology to Mr Emmanuel Dennis.

        Ighalo made the SE loose 1 slot in this 2021 AFCON but u didn’t see anything wrong wit it instead you looked for excuse to campaign for him post AFCON.

        Dennis Watford will not be relegated by the Grace of God and Emmanuel Dennis will bounce back stronger and better and would even make the SE squad pre-World cup, God willing.

        Goodluck to Watford and Dennis and every other SE in Watford!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    The only player that is guaranteed starting shirt in this team are is Osimhen. Dennis is not benching Awoniyi, he’s not benching Iheanacho, he’s not benching Simon and he’s definitely not benching Chukwueze in this SuperEagles front four. Though he will still be a member of the team, but it will be very difficult to displace even Onyekuru at this point. He will still be on the bench anyway even if he goes to the AFCON. I wish him and Watford all the best in surviving relegation.

    • Richie 2 years ago

      The sad part is, they’ll be dragging the incoming Okoye into their mess, and that hurts

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    Denis get pride

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      Praise God!pride goes before destruction.If you are in doubt,ask Rehoboam(Solomon’s son in the bible)
      Pride and sustained progress don’t go together

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Make una leave this guy abeg… If not for his stellar performance at Watford who saved his situation from Club Brugge… Would Nigeria have looked his way? He was doing well but often ignored… He was not even listen in the initial 40man sqaud… You all should direct your anger to Rohr who was taking kickbacks from agents and inviting their players… Have you watched Peterside Idah’s interview on Channels where he exposed Rohr was working with agents in the end? Emmanuel Dennis was maligned by his national team coach and when you know you deserve to be invited and are being deliberately ignored in professional football it hurts… You all wishing Watford get relegated remember… Ekong, Kalu, Etebo, Okoye are their players….too and will likewise be going down! Nigerians are not often the most objective people… His club stopped his AFCON participation and that’s it! Direct your anger and frustration to NFF and Rohr… Please!

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Nobody is frustrated about Dennis as the SuperEagles are just fine without him. Ekong and Okoye including Kalu and Etebo plus the Dennis himself can go play for Udinese if Watford get relegated in fact with Ekongs performance in this AFCON itself so far making his critics eat their words. He could be on his way to a better club. How do you know Rohr collect kickbacks?? Why can’t you provide us with evidence of where and how you saw him taking kickbacks. Why do People just like making assumptions of what they don’t know? At least we all saw how Osimhen still drag Napoli until Covid stop him so please stop with that abeg. Where is the patriotism all of you are crying about?? He has made his decision and he should live by it.

    • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

      Rohr did not include him in the forty man squad but nwakali that is name was never mentioned before the nations cup has played three matches. Also you accuse rohr of collecting bribe from who, okoye, balogun, ekongo, Collins, aina, ndidi, aribo, iwobi, Kalu, chukwueze, simon, victor, ighalo twice highest goal scorer in qualifiers and 2019 nations cup, may kelechi, musa, sanusi, Paul, ebuchi. Pls who among them did he collect bribe from, if you cannot prove here that rohr did not include Dennis in the 40 man squad and that rohr also collected bribe from players than other people we be the one to enjoy your labour, you will be accuse of offences you know nothing of

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Douglas John Ufuoma… tell us what Caludio Ranieri said about invitation of Emmanuel Dennis? Take ur anger out on NFF and Rohr, atleast Amaju Pinnick was open enough to say Rohr never included him at first… we have not read any rebuttal from Grandpa Rohr asserting the contrary…

        • Douglas John Ufuoma 2 years ago

          and what type of invitation do they send to ebuchi, olayinka, ekong, ajayi. why did the coach quickly include and send invitation to nwakali is a bench wormer which his name was not in the 40man list? oga fear God oooo

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @JimmyBall my man, your lies hasn’t stopped even in 2022 ba?

      Where is your evidence that GR is collecting kickbacks? Peterside Ndah is a lying Pastor as he likes peddling untrue rumours so we can think he’s well informed but they are mostly unfounded stories

      Dennis made his bed and he is lying in it now, that’s Karma for you. If what he did was right, why is he being repaid with failures? Our Lord is a just God that pays evil with misfortunes so no one must be blamed for Dennis actions and the consequences thereof, well deserved.

      He is now the ultimate loser in this whole saga, I won’t pray for Watford to be relegated but I hope the club will do the needful and sack Ranieri for poor results so Watford can rise again. But Dennis must forget about any future SE Invitations.

      The rascal boy has always been a problem laden player and that explains why Rohr was never a fan of Denis. He was once deployed to save U-23 together with Osimhen and Awoniyi but he felt too big for that while Osimhen went ahead to score a hat-trick to help them qualify for U-23 AFCON. Then again he questioned why Rohr refused to start him against Sierra Leone as if he was the boss. Lack of respect for his coach, fellow players and to his fatherland will never go unpunished my brother

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Dr.Banks… why dont you take it up with Mr. Peterside Idah? You were one of Rohr’s worshippers who taught the Grandpa with outdated and Shackling football tactics was the best thing to happen to Nigeria since Agege & Ewa became a delicacy in Nigeria. That some of you have not buried your heads in ashes and go about in sack clothes now really surprises straight thinking dudes like myself on this forum after all your doomsday prediction and dismissive characterisations on the tactical solidity of Eguaveon… Oga vamooze! Rohr had agency dealings with DW Sports Management… is it little wonder a Bundesliga 2 player was benching an FC Porto starter? God just shame you and all like-minded negative Rohr ass-sniffers… according to you: “Peterside Ndah is a lying Pastor as he likes peddling untrue rumours so we can think he’s well informed but they are mostly unfounded stories”… should any serious football fan take those with jaundiced views like you serious? I expect you to be watching cricket now rather than watching our brilliant Nations Cup… we tell una say Africa Football different from whitemen softballs… Lol. How far see things with your eyes? Olisah Ndah is this and that… how can he be in the squad ahead of Akpoguma? Your eyes don clear abi? Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi generation of ball watchers will come to argue ball with one when they did not Matthias Sammer, Stefan Chapuisat, Brian Laudrup, Lakdar Belloumi, Rabah Madjer, Thompson Usiyen and the likes of Dragan “Piksi” Stojković… just stay humble hear and listen and learn like in church when dudes like us write and share opinion… have you seen Nwakali gathering momentum? Have you seen what warhorse Peter Olayinka did in less than 45minutes? I dont just call players names and push their inclusion for nothing… “Ball Know im People”

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          *”Agege Bread & Ewagonyin”…

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          My friend you always get things twisted, Collins started playing under Rohr when he was playing in Bundesliga 1 (rated higher than Portuguese Liga) and has not put much foot wrong since. He has been in the SE before Zaidu came on so he is senior to Zaidu in SE. He lost his spot to Zaidu following his team’s relegation and when he wasn’t getting enough game time at his club.

          Now he got back his starting jersey from Zaidu at the time Zaidu was going through a bad patch struggling with form in his club and not featuring. Then luckily his replacement in club got injured and Zaidu regained his club starting jersey and Rohr rightly invited him back but hey Collins has been performing well during his absence and you don’t just change a winning team overnight so Zaidu has to bid his time which he did.

          So bro, stop twisting narratives just to suite your wayward assertions. This is 2022 please stop misleading this forum with your lies, Lai Mohammed has nothing on you @JimmyBall, you are a Masters holder in LIELOGY!!!

          Everyone of us knows that Rohr did his best and we were right to support him because we have the best interest of Nigeria SE at heart. The timing of his sack was what we were against as we believe it was too short for a new coach to install his playing philosophy on the team but Eguavoen proved wiser and showed us all he is a genius by asking the Boys “how will they like to play in this tournament?”

          The boys answered that, “please boss, kindly allow us to continue our playing style under coach Rohr with a little bit of more freedom to infuse what we learned from our various Clubs into our game” and viola………….the guys were unstoppable

          Even Eguavoen also credited Rohr with the teams performance so far so who are you to castigate Rohr here

          Ndah better than Akpoguma? What are you smoking bro? If your coach is sure of that let him start Ndah against Tunisia tomorrow and you will see calamity.

          Nwakali hasn’t done anything spectacular, he has only been playing it safe so far bro, side passes and back passes to nearest player is not what we are looking for in him

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Dr.Banks… you wrote a fallacious statement up there!!! Jamilu Collins made his debut under Gernot Rohr alright in 2018 against Liberia in a friendly but SC Paderborn were in Bundesliga 2 then and not Bundesliga… correct yourself baba!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          You were 6 years old in Abidjan 84, but the same you watched Thompson Usiyen who last featured for Nigeria in 1978 All Africa Games……LMAOOoo.

          Please with which TV did you watch Thompson Usiyen….???? LMAOOoo.

          Or did “your uncle who used to work for NITEL in the 80s” also hot-wire cable TV for you to watch Usiyen play collegiate soccer in the US, the way he hot-wired cable TV for you to watch Ikpeba in the French league in 1993 whereas multichoice only open in Nigeria in 1995…??? LMAOoooooo.

          I wouldnt be surprised if you also watched Thunder Balogun and Ewa Henshaw too…..LMAOOoooo

          The devil will become a baptized catholic before some people quit telling lies…..LMAOoooo

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            *…only opened in Nigeria…*
            Before “Englishian” who never makes mistakes will invalidate all my academic qualifications because of typographic errors….LMAOOoooo

          • mercy 2 years ago

            Wow!!! God bless you Dr.Drey!!! I am about to say that. How will someone who claim to be 44yrs old, watched Thomas Usiyen who plays for Naija in the late seventies?

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… see how you misinformed yourself. Is it only with DSTV people could watch football games in the past around the early 90s? Free-to-air satellite decoders full everywhere since 80s oga… na wa o. I tell yous ay no be everyone grow for Ghetto…

            I never told you I watched Thompson Usiyen… I did not need to watch him but people did and passed the the details to us… Infact I have watched Christian Chukwu interview where he said Thompson Usiyen is the most talented striker to come out of Nigeria that he know although he did not play for long in the national team before leaving for US to study and continue football as the most profilic collegiate footballer in the history of US Soccer. Chairman Christian chukwu said Usiyen was far more superior in all ramifications to Gangling Rashidi Yekini… meanwhile this is just for the records. I thought “NA SIDON LOOK YOU & YOUR MINNIONS DEY?” Una don resurrect again? Hahahaha… Rohr has suddenly found his confidence to proclaim Super Eagles favorites… less than a week ago before competition started he said Nigeria had no players in Real Madrid, Liverpool and Barcelona so cannot compete… his melody has suddenly changed since he witnessed naked African Football Mentality where even the so-called small nations have ben thumbling results and expectations against the same National Teams he feared… his “Young Team” has suddenly matured under Cerezo… wonders shall never end truly!!!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….are you Chairman christian chukwu now….??? LMAoooo.

            Or what does this quote mean…?

            “…Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi generation of ball watchers will come to argue ball with one when they did not Matthias Sammer, Stefan Chapuisat, Brian Laudrup, Lakdar Belloumi, Rabah Madjer, Thompson Usiyen and the likes of Dragan “Piksi” Stojković… just stay humble hear and listen and learn like in church when dudes like us write and share opinion….”

            FAT LIAR has been busted once again, he has switched to Christian Chukwu….LMAOOo…See plenty whatabouttery just to save face….LMAOooo.

            What has Rohr and Eguavoen got to do with your FAT LIE of watching Thompson Usiyen before you were conceived…..LMAOOoooo. Pathetic pathological liar looking for ways to save face….LMAOooo

            So it is because we are sidon looking that you decided to blow another big lie for us this night thinking we are your illiterate younger brothers in your village…..??? LMAOooo.

            Free to air satellite TV full everywhere in the 80s when digital broadcasting had not yet commenced in most countries in Europe……LMAOOooo.

            Once again please tell us, with which TV did you watch Thompson Usiyen o….??? LMAOOoo.

            6 year old in 1984, graduated from varsity in 2003, but could count from 1 – 1000 at the age of 7 when he had barely started primary school……LMAOooooo

            Pathetic Liar….!

            The devil will become a Christian priest before some people quit telling lies…..LMAOoooo

        • Douglas John Ufuoma 2 years ago

          Ndah better pass Akpoguma, hmmmm. pls stop what ever you are smoking, if he is that good why didn’t he travel straight to europe. moses simon, paul, frank and others took that root. i pray the devil do not push the coach to use him. eh, eh eh

  • Ojugbeli 2 years ago

    That’s the price of ingreatly dumping your father’s land he should thanking God its not out of season injury

  • 1. Can I really blame those who are angry about this guy? Though I won’t support placing a curse. Football is one of the sports that still make us happy. Dennis was insensitive and foolish. He preferred Watford to Nigeria. Ranieri said it all.

    2. A case of bad decision again from a Nigerian player. I remembered it was the same obafemi Martin in 2004. He just broke into the first team of inter and was doin well. He was invited to play afcon in 2004. He turned it down govin a foolish reason that he would like to focus on inter and cement his place. Martins woukd have lighted up that year’s afcon. That would have driven his ratings up and would have probably gone to another club. I don’t think he even has one afcon goal.

    3. The case is clear. Wisdom is justified by her children. Dennis has destroyed something about his future and ratings. He got injured. Now a red card. They can’t even beat Norwich.too bad for him.

    4. For those defending Dennis, I want believe you don’t like him. He is an indiscipline guy. He needs to get his priorities right. He needs help. Rohr did not invite him because of his reactions and outburst in our match against sierra Leone. If you are the Coach, will you invite him when you have other talenrs.

    5. We haeard he asked for automatic shirt. Even the great okocha, KANU, amokachie, siasia etc did not do that. He is indeed very foolish.

    6. If Watford go down, that’s their luck. Heaven will not fall. Our other boys will either go to another club or even remain. That dies not reduce their quality. Ekong played second division football and was still relevant in eagle. Ajayi played like a warrior in the last match. Omeruo did a great job in first two matches.

    6. I wish Dennis well but something tells me he may not recover from his actions. Nigerians don’t forget or forgive when you stab their happiness like that.

    We are Winning the match against Tunisia by 3 goals to nothing.

    • Steve O 2 years ago

      Well stated bro!!

    • MuYiwa 2 years ago

      Hmmm. Life. The same people tongue lashing Rohr for not inviting Dennis are now changing tune. It is now u know that he lacks discipline. He is now a bad guy because he got a red card. Osimhen also got a red card in his first match of the season, yet u didn’t throw sticks. It’s all right o.

      • Muyiwa it’s likely you have not been reading my comment. I never supported his actions in camp. No. Just because I criticised rohr does not mean I won’t appluad whatever he did right. I don’t support or criticize blindly.

        Rohr received sticks from me because he changed from his good path. I hope that replied your comment. I wish Dennis well and I hope he survived this foolsih action of his.

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Don’t compare orange to apple. Dennis has defiled his own Nation. He who defile Israel will not see the promise land. He had opportunity of a lifetime; he blows it away. Like all those foolish enough before him, he will live in regrets for a long time. Nigeria 3 Tunisia 0 in tomorrow’s match.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Guys I know you guys are angry with Denis about the foolish decision he made,I really like the guy I think he got what it takes to explodes, but u can’t reject a call to serve ur fatherland. An American NFL player once left the league to defend his country in Iraq, serving a fatherland is a noble course,Denis must tender an apology ASAP, I hope is management is reading our comments.

    • Why are you guys not saying the same thing about ighalo you guess are hypocrite

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        Ighalo really wanted to come and play AFCON, he tried every tricks to get his team to release him to no avail while same cannot be said of Dennis…………….he was given the final say on the matter but he chose Watford over Nigeria, he said he needed to help his team stay in Premier league but so far they have lost all the matches played during this AFCON period and now red carded yesterday …………….so in other words he has been rendered very useless to his beloved Watford during the entire period of AFCON………….Karma is a bitch lol.

  • What do u mean@Banks? So wen Ighalo came to play the last two WC qualifiers they did not stop him unless the AFCON? Those stories are just media deceit. We are wiser.

    Fans, recall Mr Rohr once mentioned that he begged some SE players not to boycott the AFCON after his sack; Recall also, the senior players who wrote a letter to NFF before Rohr’s sack, kicking against the idea.

    Ighalo is only a pretender and wanted to pay the NFF back for sacking Rohr and also felt the team would flop since some regulars like Balogun, Osimhen … opted out for various reasons (IMOO). Ighalo should simply stay retired and let younger, pacy, energetic and experienced strikers take over (QED).

    • Collins Id 2 years ago

      @jimmyball, i will spare you on this my first observation, be warned! Dont you ever in your Life involve people ethnicity in your insult when you are dealing with an individual, either in football or in every other aspect of life, (its not everything you feel you must say, There are things you can say to your mind and save your mouth a slap) i demand you apologise for your insult on Edo people, edoman is an individual and he is entitled to his angry expressions, his causes cannot do anything to watford or dennis,(nor be him born dennis na) though it is right for you to attack him on that arrogance, but involving Edo people and image simply reduced your personality and you risk more causes on your head than the Edoman you are trying to correct. be carefull how you Adress an entire ethnicity. As for Edoman, i kno you like dennis That is why it brakes your heart when he didnt show up, but its not enough to start laying causes, its very harsh and childish. As for dennis and others that keep rejecting their fathers call, i can assure you that most of their story will always end like The story of jonah and the wale. Imagine The last five games lost, watford may have won games if their team didnt have dennis jonah, england may have won The euro nations cup if saka jonah did not disobey his father to obey arteta, he even lost penalty, tammy name would have been raining in africa if he Had listened to peakmilk, so on and so forth, its just my observations and i hope the up coming players learn from it.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Collins id… I apologise to the people of Edo with my blanket characterisation but ask yourself if what is popular views can be pushed away atimes. Is cultism and prostitution not sort of a culture in Edo State… prasies are showered on daughters and female children who go to Italy and most other European capitals to “make it” and come home to build mansions with the proceed… is cultism not today a menace in the larger Nigeria society but has a deep root in Edo and Rivers? Is these characterisations true? But I aplogise if what I said hurt your ego somewhat… Lol.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          See the menace of Nigeria mafia championed by Edolites in Italy lately… sometimes what is proper is not for us to hide and cover our shame… but between I know Edolite are educated, smart and very progressive but that does not take from the ills that have bedevilled the youngs of Edo and continues to be even more popular… Forumites should just be encourage to jettison tribal sentiments here! Did Ighalo ask Al Shabab if they were comfortable with his rescinding International Career Retirement before giving Rohr the go-ahead to call him back?

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Al Shabaab (like Watford) has stated TIMES WITHOUT NUMBER in the media that Ighalo was denied turning up for Afcon due to late arrival of his invitation letter and not because of his contract. But some people are still hell bent on peddling lies and falsities…..LMAOoooo

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      They tried to stop him then too, that was why he came into camp 4 days late trying to convince the club to release him. NFF should’ve seen the red flag then and do the needful to establish a raptor with the team.

      Ighalo signed the contract with that team at the time he had retired from National team and Osimhen was banging in goals so he never thought there will be any need for him in SE for the foreseeable future at that time

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        Correction***…..establish a good rapport with the team

  • mercy 2 years ago

    Congratulation to Eguavoen and his team of technical crew on their success so far. My observation is that the coach seems to know the strength of each of the SE players from afar even when he was the technical director of the NFF. So, it was an easy transition for him as a coach.

    In one of my comments, where I described Nwakali as a good playmaker but not a good attacking midfielder. My criticism of the young man is that he loves to sit too deep at base of the midfield. But reading some of the report from the team, where it was said that the coach always encouraged him to be more dynamic when the team is with the ball gladdens my heart. Now I have no doubt (that with a little bit of club fortune) the boy will in no distance time be our nos10. He is a complete package. Special thanks must also go to Jimmyball and Omo9ja for always clamoring for his inclusion.

    Also, I want to apologies to Simon Moses. I have been one of his critics. I am always of the opinion that he was one of the reason, SE performance has been terrible in the last reigning days of Rhor. Little did I know that it was the GR tactics that has turn the young man play unenjoyable.

    Lastly, it seems that 442 formation is in our DNA. I hope the coach continues with this formation. Afterall, if it not broken, you don’t fix it.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Mercy.. your hand dey up. It is never easy to come into a team and have full acceptance at the get-go… Nwakali will explode once that feeling of newbie leaves his mind… he did okay so far and we must know that he was asked to play from a defensive midfield position and did a good job against Guinea Bissau… he broke a lot of their plays and never received any card… the good thing is that he will get a better club latest this season end because his contract with Huesca SD is almost at the tail end and he has refused to sign an extension… he plays really well for Huesca and from a central midfield position… once he adds tackling to his game in time Nigerians will sing his name again… he is natural ball-playing individual with an eye for a good pass and great deadball skills… No mind those here who think Nwakali should start out immediately like a Caseimiro or Xavi Hernandez… Eguaveon must believe in him to have him named in the squad and that is all that matters… Haters gonna hate anyways…

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        I thought Kelechi Nwakali was better than all SE midfielders including Mikel……LMAOOooo.

        Now Nwakali isnt expected to “start out immediately like a Casemiro or Xavi Hernandez” anymore……LMAOoooo….as if we didnt tell you he is not even a John Ogu yet when you were licking his diapers here for years…..LMAOooo.

        Lets hope the marketing endeavor that has seen him get minutes at this AFCON will at least earn him some Turkish or Belgian love to bail him out of the Spanish 2nd division, otherwise on the balance of what he plays at Huesca, he would be lucky to get another Spanish Segunda Liga club to look his way.

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 2 years ago

        so nwakali is no longer better than all our midfielders are, so he need to settle down. i thought he was the new okocha, so aribo, iwobi, ebuchi, ola and others stayed for ten years before they adopted to the super eagles. God will judge you, keep on using the super eagles as your marketing ground. were is your best local league player that went to tunisia. that one still need time. that one money done finish so you want to cash out of Ndah, sadiq, nwakali. so this is the reason you hate rohr

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          Hahahaha… @Douglas Ufuoma and @Dr.Drey… really?

          Whose mentioning Iwobi who only himself believes he is a natural born No. 10… Same Iwobi whose uncle Jay Jay Okocha is on Super Sport marketing him to Eguaveon that Iwobi is being played out of position…

          The whole world is no longer fooled by Iwobi’s fancy footwork with no end result. Eguaveon knows Iwobi is Low Energy and has no eye for goals at all… he played on the right wing and you could see the entitlement mentality he has frowning all through the game…

          That guy Iwobi only wants to play football on his own terms and is not ready to put in work. You call yourself a midfielder yet can’t shoot, have no stamina, can’t tackle, can’t show any grit and has no goals at all… No one needs a guy who can’t convince that he can bail his team every now and then… Iwobi never ready let him be there… Once young Amoo… comes on stage now he is history.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Meanwhile… I am watching Obinna Nwobodo for Göztepe vs Instanbul Basaksehir… The dude is working the ball very well in midfield!

    anyone who cares should join through the link below so that you can have substance to reference when you mention players.


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