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2022 WCQ: Rohr Must Play Ighalo, Osimhen Together To Subdue Cape Verde -Ikpeba

2022 WCQ: Rohr Must Play Ighalo, Osimhen Together To Subdue Cape Verde -Ikpeba


Former Nigerian forward, Victor Ikpeba has urged the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr to play Odion Ighalo and Victor Osimhen in the attack against Cape Verde in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers at the Teslim Balogun Stadium today.

The home side come into the game on the back of a routine 2-0 away victory over Liberia on Saturday. Victor Osimhen and Ahmed Musa scored penalties in either half to help the Super Eagles secure maximum point.

This will be the third meeting between the two sides. Nigeria have one win to their name while the other game ended in a stalemate.

Ikpeba, during Monday Night Football Show on Supersports, said that the German tactician must pair Ighalo and Osimhen to unsettle the Cape Verdian defenders.

“I think Ighalo’s recall will be a wake up call for the young lads in the Super Eagles. However, Gernot Rohr can decide to play both Ighalo and Osimhen in the attack due to their different features. One is tall and the other is strong on the ball due to his physical nature.

“The Super Eagles must score early enough to be able to control the possession of the game. This will also help to relax the nerves of the players if they score first.”

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  • Francis Eluba 1 year ago

    I would suggest 3.5.2 formation. This will also cause the Blue Sharks to do the running around all thru. The space play with 3.5.2 formation is what really fascinates me. This system of play creates an incredible amount of stability in the center with Aribo and Ndidi operating as defensive midfielders, while Iwobi rove around as a libero. Ejuke and Chukwueze play as offensive/full. back. Although this would increase opportunities to play out wide. Deploying a 3-5-2 system, our defense made up of Ekong, Balogun and Omerua, can be adjusted to a back five if necessary. In the MD, Ejuke and Chukwueze operating as offensive MD could also serve as wingbacks having a dual role of both winger and fullback supporting CD, this will however depend on how fit they will be in today’s game. With this, Osimhen and Iheanacho or Odion would find space for open play scores.

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      @Francis Eluba
      Nicely put.

      While the 3-5-2 is a great formation that brings balance, is utilization and positive outcome from such, is down to personnel’s traits. Do we have the players that can play the role?
      While I am down for flexibility,the 3-5-2 formation could be counter productive because most of the players might play out of character and thereby blunting our strength.
      For one, Ejuke and Chukwueze can’t be deployed as wing backs. They’re not known for their defensive stability. Making them play as wing backs , no matter how mouth watery it seems, might blight their attacking input thereby rendering futile.
      In the middle, a double pivot of Ndidi and Aribo is ok but could be better serve with an Onyeka in place of Aribo in that role. I feel Aribo is quality but underutilised playing that role in the middle. I think he would play more better further up the field.

      If at all, we insist on playing that specific formation and keeping a balance ; there have to be sacrifices made. Ejuke, Chukwueze have to be sacrificed as wing backs for Aina and Zaidu or even Simon. I would keep Aribo and Ndidi in the middle. But would push Aribo further up. So it means Ndidi has to do a lot of work covering. But that would be soothed by the fact that the boys upfront must press whenever off the ball. It would high tempo all through. Sacrifices.

      If we love to go in gun blazing; I would go for 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3.. both formation gives room for the utilisation of our attacking strengths from the wings in Ejuke, Chukwueze, Iwobi and even Simon playing his favourite role.

      Anyways, we leave it to the Coach.This is just ny two cents.

    • Highstar 1 year ago

      Chidozie Awaziem is your best defender

    • Can ejuke and chukwueze play as wing backs. They can’t be that effective. Offensively they will be great but defensively they will be poor.

      If we are playing 352, we should use either aina or zaidu onbtge left and Moses on the right. Moses is akwsy poor on the offensive. But he is still the best in that position for that formation.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    I expect the Blue sharks to come all out and that will be their undoing. They need a win so sitting back will not work in their favor….. This is where Nigeria can catch them on the slack. An early goal for Nigeria will destabilize Cape verde but a goalezs draw into the dying minutes will be a very dangerous game.

    • @footballfanatic the opposite will be the case……They will play a very defensive game in the early period and most likely park the bus at the back…..If they keep the game at a deadlock till 70+ minutes then they will come out for the kill……They will make offensive substitutions while we will most likely mentain the status quo…….The game will come alive late on and it will become a dog fight and Godforbid they score us it’s game over……It will most likely work because we play a conservative kind of football and our back line is sometimes shaky when under pressure……CAR did it and that is the best chance cape Verde has to get something in Lagos……To avoid this we need to attack them from the first minute…… Get a goal in the first half by all means then wait for them to come out then finish them up.

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

        Damnn…… I though about that too that they might wait till the latter part of the game to start attacking knowing that our defence can break under pressure. I hope there are changes to the defence line in this game and not holding the ball for too long.

  • Makes no sense starting them both as they are both Point men, I think let Iheanacho carry on the Momentum lest we forget they Osimhen and Iheanacho will be together in SE long after Ighalo hangs up his boots so it is better they build their cohesion now.

    Ighalo can come in from 70mins onwards. all these EX footballers with their poor advise. Victor Ikpeba please when Ighalo was playing in SE he had Midfield Pass master Mikel to provide so did Emenike. Rohr we don’t have that. YOu are not taking your Job seriously.

    I mean how the hell was Michael Olise allowed to chose Algeria ove Nigeria. Ebere Eze another Midfield Creator was not persude yes he is Injured but will be back this weekend and for Goodness sake Send a Invite to Ovie Ejaria or Kelechi Nwakali. If we scale through this Today. There is still March Knockouts and without a solid Midfield creator we are screwed if we jam the likes of Algeria , Cameroon.

    Here is a good point Victor Moses was solid against Algeria and Cameroon last world Cup qualifiers. If Rohr is serious about his Job he will make VM a Top priority if we Scale Through Cape Verde.

    Rohr you have to drop Musa and Shehu and give, Dennis a chance, Lookman for moses Simon and Awoniyi for Onuachu, Then Victor Moses for Shehu Abdullahi.. Gernot Rohr enough is enough. DO your Job if we get past Cape VERde. We need solid Weapons in our Bench March is not Childs play.

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      Victo has stated categorically that he is not coming back. I don’t think he is willing to come back no matter what..Rohr is not a developmental coach he looks for ready made players or players who want to switch nationalities. In the past we had coaches who mounded even certain home based players into suoer stars but now even our local league is an eye sore..

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago


        I don’t know the sense in removing the edit button. It’s like these complete sports people are on drugs or part of the people commenting here. Add stuff and remove it. Established websites don’t play these child games.

    • Indeed Nwanne well spoken!

      • @Iwunze I belive VM is need bro. Maybe He has stated that but he can’t come back but so did Ighalo, I think Rohr can try as hard as he try for Ighalo. The point is if Naija is serious they can convince him. I don’t think the NPFl have good creative midfielder because our best leave shore after one or two good season in NPFL for search of greener pasture. Nigeria league cannot retain the best players because at the moment we don’t have anything to offer dem

    • Ugo can we move forward. Victor Moses said he is not playing again. Ugo can you look at what we can do with what we have now to get a win. I agree we need to look for that midfielder who will bring that difference. But I don’t think we need to start forcing those who have gone for other countries. We are not going to move forward that way. Michael olise is not an okocha or even a Mikel. He has gone let him go. We are too bigba nation tonneg any player. It’s just that rohr has been rigid to bring in or give a chance to other midfielders that are willing to play for us.

      • Indeed we can bro @Christian Ministries Nigeria. What is done is done we need to do what you have highlighted above. But my main concern is March if we make it ” A Big IF”. If you read what I am saying the Problem is MARCH!!!. The teams are, Egypt, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco (Wey dey dish out 9-0 like eba), Cameroon/Ivory Coast, Congo DR just to name a few.

        If you think we can go there with our so called African Experience Sergio Ramos dem. You will be in for a rude awakening. Is all I am saying dis matta pass Who love Rohr Pass. Because at the end of the day Rohr himself will have his Germany and France at the World Cup. Look bro. Support what you must. But Victor Moses is needed for those games. the same excuse they gave for Ighalo with his Experience VM has a even Bigger case as he was more crucial for our World Cup 2018 qualification than Ighalo.

        I am not here to debate this I know what I am talking bro. WE need VM NFF should make it happen

  • pompei 1 year ago

    3-5-2 is a good system.
    My line up will be:

    Awaziem, Ekong, Balogun
    Aina, Ndidi, Iwobi, Onyeka, Sanusi
    Ighalo, Osimhen

    Ndidi and Onyeka will sit in the midfield and protect the back 3 center backs.
    Iwobi will roam the midfield in an AM role, and exploit spaces in the final third.
    Wing-backs Aina and Sanusi are there to provide width, bombing forward at will, and utilizing their dribbling skills and pace to create opportunities to deliver crosses into the box.
    Osimhen will do his usual job of being a total nuisance to the opposition’s defense. Ighalo will be the “fox in the box”. He can play with his back to goal, and bring in other players into the attack. His trickery and physical strength will keep the Cape Verde defenders busy.
    These 2 will be a handful for most defenses, but the key is for them to work together unselfishly.
    If 3-5-2 is not working, we can switch to 3-4-3.
    In this instance, one striker and one central midfielder comes off, and in their place, two wingers come in. Select 2 out of Ejuke, Chukwueze and Iheanacho. If Iwobi is the midfielder that is removed, the 2 wingers and the wing-backs can provide the creativity for the team.
    Question – Can Ejuke play as a wing-back? It’s a judgment call for Rohr to make. If the answer is yes, big plus for Nigeria.
    Final word. No room for complacency! Business should be handled in ruthless, business-like fashion. Let’s go for goals. Niger beat Djibouti 7-2 yesterday. Nigeria would have scored one goal, and then gone into hibernation, only for Djibouti to equalize in the dying minutes! That needs to stop. Let’s be hungry for goals throughout the match.

  • @Footballfanatic I belive VM is need bro. Yes Maybe He has stated that but he can’t come back but so did Ighalo, I think Rohr can try as hard as he try for Ighalo. The point is if Naija is serious they can convince him. I don’t think the NPFl have good creative midfielder because our best leave shore after one or two good season in NPFL for search of greener pasture. Nigeria league cannot retain the best players because at the moment we don’t have anything to offer dem

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      I can’t believe that we can’t find an attacking midfielder in the whole of Europe…. A player that we can mold into a solid 10. Not every AM has to be in a top club but definitely can be of great benefit to the national team. I think this also boils down to Rohr now wanting to do away with certain players he has in the team as the inclusion of a new midfielder will mean a dropping some of his regulars and bringing in a new boy. The fact is that he will have to do this sooner or later. Assuming Ebere or Ejaria decide to play for us, one of the current midfielders will have to be dropped or …… idk.

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

        I can’t believe that we can’t find an attacking midfielder in the whole of Europe…. A player that we can mold into a solid 10. Not every AM has to be in a top club but definitely can be of great benefit to the national team. I think this also boils down to Rohr not wanting to do away with certain players he has in the team as the inclusion of a new midfielder will mean a dropping some of his regulars and inviting a new face which he said he won’t be doing for now. The fact is that he will have to do this sooner or later. Assuming Ebere or Ejaria decide to play for us, one of the current midfielders will have to be dropped or …… idk.

  • sssalm 1 year ago

    Rohr will most likely use 4-2-3-1 as that allows onyeka and ndidi to kill any attack before it materialises and they can be countered.

    3-5-2 might work with ndidi and onyeka

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 1 year ago

    The variant attacking potency that gives all the players attacking options is what stands 352 formation out. However, it needs to be used in great effect requiring a highly mobile wingbacks and the DMs must be ready to join the attack at will and equally be able to foray backwards to defend incase of counter attacks which the system is prone to.

    What coach Rohr would benefit from this is atleast a player constantly positioned in the wide area which would stretch the pitch to its limit, creating plenty of room for passing in the middle of the park, and Iwobi or Ejuke with ball holding power thrive on this. Ejuke pinging balls out to his feet in the wide position and launching attacks down the left side will take pressure off the entire team. I somewhat buy into Francis Eluba’s option and would advise Rohr to play Chukwueze or as @Highstar would have it, chigozie Awamzien (preferably Awamzien) running down the right flank in both the defending / attacking mode. Our forwards should ordinarily make it counts.

    There is a caveat however, should Cape Verde deploys 433 as their tactics, that could give us some problems because the system benefits defending from the front or in MDF to counter attack as the shape can be set up to be aggressive in the press or in MDF to regain and be closer to the Okoye in goal. It can also be utilised for a high press, particularly throwing us into traps set up centrally. Coach Rohr must prepare our Oyinbo wall and whoever would assist as wingbacks for any counter. By and large, we should have the day.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    This is why ighalo was recalled. The lads we have up front are to young and inexperienced to play at this level of african football. We need aggression in front. Someone with experience who can bully defenders and get desired results. Osimhen can’t do it alone but with his partnership with ighalo, I think we shall get the needed results. Some people on this forum think they sabi more the coach but we can clearly see that the chips are down.

    • pompei 1 year ago

      Some people are replying their own comments. Hehehehe, nothing wey person no go see for CSN.
      The person made a comment and replied his own comment, trying to make it look like someone else buys his ideas, but laughably forgot to remove his name. With no edit button, he has been exposed 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Lool!! Pesin wey feel say him get sense, Maga you still get mouth. HAHAHAHA. Mr Genort Rohr puppet Lool

        That comment was meant for @FootballFanatic it was an honest mistake @Dr Banks I mean @Pompei. You think say everybody na u?. gbafuo ebea Onye ezuzu!

        • pompei 1 year ago

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        • pompei 1 year ago

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      • Patrator 1 year ago

        Funny asf

  • pompei 1 year ago

    If Rohr elects not to use 3 center-backs, then we might as well go for broke with 4-4-2.
    Aina, Ekong, Balogun, Sanusi
    Iwobi, Ndidi, Onyeka, Ejuke
    Osimhen, Ighalo
    Controlling the midfield is crucial. That will set the stage for a good outing.

  • My take in today’s game.

    1. We didn’t have the bulk of the regulars in caoe Verde and we defeated them. We were in control of that game because the players were hungry.

    2. So hunger is the Factor that is lacking with the regular players..

    3. I feel the Caoe Verde match will be the easiest for the eagles. I believe caoe Verde will ignorantly come out to attack and they will be punished. The CAR ganebwe lost made them believe we are beatable.

    4. Now that ighalo is back, u think he should start with oshimen ehuke iheanacho comes in the secind half.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    @Ugo Uwunze Na by force person say he no dey play again u say make den go persuade him. Since your wahala is too much on recalling VM maybe you go convince him by yourself.

    • @tayo, yes na by force o na by force!. but come o Oga. sense dey your head?. so the Ighalo who was absent for 2 years, dey camp today. Who is to say with a little bit of persuasion VM no go fit reconsider?. Guy infact your own dey too much. Bro abeg. No call my name from your mouth again till you find some small sense. As if you were not here when NFF was exposed for not following up on players switch. this your blind following of NFF when will it end bro?

      VM can play for NG if NG put some effort in the right channels.. Ighalo is good in hindsight for Onuachu. But Moses Victor must be there in March if we want to scale through a tough opponent, every weapon wey Naija get must be unleashed. No time for carrying people way no warrant am to 150 caps abeg. If we qualify! a Big “IF”

      If you were Rohr will you call your strongest assets in March or not?.

      • It really depends on what made him to leave in the first place. You see, till today nobody knows why VM left the SE. It is still a secret up till this day. Perhaps, something very bad happened. And from my observation, Rohr has never mentioned anything about recalling him despite his great form. I’m very sure something happened

  • Mutum 1 year ago

    See wetin Rohr cause abeg… common cape Verde d give us sleepless nights.team wen we suppose trash hands down. If we d fear cape Verde,den let’s forget about the next round of qualifiers where big names r waiting.Tufiakwa!!!!!!!

    • Saskay 1 year ago

      Cape Verde is a good team they beat Cameroun at home 3-1 afcon qualifiers

      Even though it’s a small country most of their players have Portuguese academy back ground.

      Their strength is wing play and their danger man plays no20.

      SE is better than dem in Attack and defensive

      If we stop their midfield that is it and wing backs don’t
      Overly leave gap

  • Dafe 1 year ago

    There are no longer minnows in football Worldwide. Recent results had attested to that fact, so, a coach that knows his onions mustn’t leave anything for granted. If Rohr is playing Odion today, I think we should win the match

    • Solomon 1 year ago

      Are you insinuating the fact that If he doesn’t play Odion we will lose?

      • Dafe 1 year ago

        Odion is already in my brother, upping the game is to advise the coach.

  • Harriet 1 year ago

    Oseodion, 433 system of play is not quite balanced, so I don’t see any caveat unless of course our midfielders and defence wall relaxed allowing the Blue Sharks to dictate the pace of the match. I don’t see that happening. So if we have agreed that 352 affords the wide midfielders opportunity to play high up the pitch, which is sometimes akin to playing with four strikers, the Blue Sharks will be confined to their half and wouldn’t be able to counter attack. And even the distribution of space in the center of midfield provides a lot of opportunities in terms of linking SE team mates together which almost all our players are good at.

  • The fear of the knockout stage..we don’t have to fear. The knock out stage with hime and away games will be different. Play first away get a goal away as an away goal advantage in a 2-1 loss, seal the match at home with a one nil victory. A lot happens at knock out stages like this.

    Even Senegal and Algeria may fall out of qualification. It’s positive..

    I am not scared of caoe Verde match and I am not scared of second round. The players akwsy grind out results despite the rigidity of rohr and his style. That’s usually the style of german teams. But rohr needs to do more to win afcon I do well at the world cup whne we qualify. At tournament stages, something will just expose you at a certain stage.

    • True @ Christian ministries. But you know there was a time nobody misses a heartbeat with these kinds of scenarios – at home even. The debate was usually if the scoreline would be wide. People don’t fear home loss or even entertain the thought.

  • The real reason why Rohr reverted back to 3-5-2 was because of what happened in our first leg against CAR.
    In a 4-4-2 formation, the defence is made up of two CBs and two FBs while in a 3-5-2 formation, the defence is made up of three CBs and two WBs. However, no matter the formation used, the pillar of a team’s defence is the CBs. They are the fulcrum of a team’s defence.
    Since the last World Cup, Rohr had been using the 4-2-3-1 formation which requires two CBs in defence. When available, Ekong and Balogun are Rohr’s first choice for that position. However, for a long time now, that partnership seems to be cracking as the day goes by. The pairing is no longer as strong and impregnable as we used to feel it was in the past, because our opponents now break through them easier than before, and they now make a lot of costly school boy errors.
    The last minute goal scored by CAR was squarely their fault. Even though the signs of the cracks had long been there, it was that last costly blunder against CAR that broke the camel’s back and forced Rohr to go for a 3-5-2 formation, for more stability and solidity in our defence. That was how Awaziem was introduced into the Oyibo wall to provide more reinforcement to the cracking wall. Apart from his defensive skills, Awaziem is very good with long balls and has used that skill effectively to support our attack in our last two matches.
    Obviously, Rohr has a preference for two CBs in defence, especially 4-2-3-1 formation, but this is definitely not the time for him to experiment to see if he could get a stronger two CBs pairing (may be, if pairing Akpoguma with Awaziem, Balogun with Awaziem, Ekong with Akpoguma etc will be stronger than Ekong and Balogun partnership). This is not an experiment a coach is expected to conduct in the middle of a WC qualification.
    For today’s match, baring injuries, I don’t have any doubt that the three CBs will be retained. In other words, Rohr is going to utilise a 3-5-2 formation. In fact, the last line up will remain the same except that, Iheanacho will be dropped for Ighalo. Ighalo will lead the attack and will be supported by Osimhen. Iwobi will be the play maker. Aribo will be the box to box midfielder and will also assist Ndidi in the DM. Collins will be the left wing back who will be expected to help the three CBs in the defence when we lose possession, and join the attack when we are in possession. This is also the expectation from Simon who will be on the right flank. Collins and Simon will be preferred to other players who can also play their positions not because they are the best in terms of offense and defense seperately, but because they can do the combined job better than their competitors. LWB is just like a combination of 3 and 11. That is, one person playing 3 and 11. The player will switch to 3, when the opponents attack and switch to 11 when his team attack. Similarly RWB is like a combination of 2 and 7.
    With our three man CB defence, I have no doubt that we will celebrate at the end of today. I don’t know whether we will win or not, but I’m sure we will no lose. Penetrating through that three man wall, is not a child’s play. You could go past one of the CBs, but there are two others to stop you. Scoring against us now won’t be a child’s play.
    No Nigerian should fear over this match. Just go, buy chilled beer or popcorn and enjoy the match

    • Wow!! I think I will have to become the next SE coach after Rohr’s tenure…… lol.
      Since we can’t afford to experiment at this point, I came to the conclusion this morning that……that line up using 3.5 2 formation is our safeat bet

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Guys, am not sure what all the fuss is, sincerely. Yes we played poorly but grinded out a result (3 valuable points), thats the hallmark of a good team. Could the team play better and win? Absolutely. We all know the loss to CAR was a one off that on a normal day wouldn’t happen. So guys chill and enjoy the game today, 9ja is winning regardless of any formation the gaffer decides to implement. I never thought I would say dis but today’s game is a game that I believe onyeka is needed (I personally think he is too rash in his tackles and is prone to committing fouls that might cost us). But however his presence in dat midfield today will be critical to break up play like most gave stated. His tireless running will be crucial but he must be cautioned to be very careful with his tackling anywhere in and around our box. Fouling in the center circle is ok but no where near the box. I also believe that Iwobi will want to redeem himself today after a subpar performance against Liberia, so I will play him, ndidi and onyeka in a 3 man midfield with iwobi in an advanced role with ndidi and onyeka shielding the defence. I will play a 3 man forward with chukwueze, osimen and ejuke as we need to be on the front foot. Recall 1sr half of 9ja vs Sierra Leone, guns blazing thats what we need. As for the defense Aina, ekong, balogun, and saidu. Our fullbacks should do dia jobs which is defending and leave the attacking to the forwards only foraying forward on occasions. My preferred formation and lineup 433 with the following players to execute it. Note tge only reason awaziem is missing out is just due to the fact that balogun and ekong have played together for some time and a crucial game like today’s requires familiarity.

    Aina Ekong Balogun Saidu

    Onyeka Ndidi


    Chukwueze Osimen Ejuke

    In the 2nd half u can bring in ighalo (personally not a fan) for Ejuke and move osimen to the side and have ighalo be the point man with both interchanging. Bring Aribo later for Iwobi as iwobi will be tired for like 60 mins. My only issue is balogun being a lil too slow due to age, so when he tries to carry the ball forward and gets dispossessed, that will make us vulnerable. He just needs to keep it simple and move the ball swiftly. All those long balls by him and ekong should be stopped, they have ndidi and onyeka to help transition the ball to our forwards, those long balls especially from ekong are wayward and easily interceoted.

    Also people scared of the 2nd should calm down, all the other teams are peeing dia pants of the thought of meeting 9ja even at our lowest point. They know that we are force to reckon with. Moreover, we can’t meet the likes of Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco as they are seated. The likely teams will be play against are Egypt (nothing special), DR Congo (good but very beatable), Ghana (nothing special, fortunately to escape a very poor SA team), Mali (young and talented but very beatable) and finally cote dvoire or cameroon (experienced and have pedigree, they will pose the biggest threat but are very beatable).

    I see us winning today by a score of 2:0. Just my opinion tho.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

    There are a few sayings which should describe how I feel, because I have made many points on here and even Kickoff Nigeria (Is that even what it was called? It’s been that long that I cannot remember again lol!) but anyway each and every one of my assertions are always proved to be correct and later on I see others coming round to my points-of-view or realising by themselves what it is I have been saying all these years on the same few topics – Fact is we all see and understand football in different ways and some see and understand it better than others, period!
    Coaches are the lucky ones who chose the right career paths from early on and get the privilege of being able to mould great teams with their ideas and personalities but that does not mean that the average “Joe” cannot see the game or be a potential football manager too, it’s just how things are biko nwanne mu
    In Yoruba, the saying goes – Oro Agba, biko se Lowuro, ope titi ase lojo ale.. Ejo ti won o fe ki Baba gbo, Baba ni yo si pari re
    Nna I nor fit shout o
    Oya…where Cape verde a begi? Ehnnnn? Where dem dey!! Today today dem go hear wehn!

  • Dennis 1 year ago

    We need to try and score early. I believe Cape Verde will try and sit back with the aim of playing on the counter. If they manage to keep the scores godless till the 75th minute, they would then come out to attack. Ola Aina as well as sanusi should be our full backs. Moses Simeon can’t cross to save his life. We need the pace and trickery of chukwueze and ejuke to pile pressure on the defense of our opponents.
    Iwobi didn’t impress me against Liberia but we know what he can do
    My prediction would be 2 0 in favour of the super eagles

  • pompei 1 year ago

    MC Hammer na dancing machine.
    Ugo Iwunze na LYING MACHINE.
    Person wey dey comment, dey reply his own comments!
    Hahahaha! Is that how fickle you are? Jonesing for attention? Sotey you’re ready to pretend to be other people, liking your own comments multiple times, disliking other people’s comments multiple times, just to make yourself look good?
    Hahahaha! Too funny! Guy go and sit down somewhere. Taaaa!
    Onye iberibe!
    Na you kuku take your stupidity expose yourself. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oya, if you get sense bro, who you feel say I be? or rather who be dis person you dey para say I de form as?. Make we see if you get mind to badu de kin insult dem go scatta you wit today. Lool!!!!