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Amokachi Criticizes NFF Over Huge Compensation Clause In Rohr’s Contract

Amokachi Criticizes NFF Over Huge Compensation Clause In Rohr’s Contract

Daniel Amokachi has carpetted the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for inserting a huge $2m as compensation clause in the contract of Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr, who took charge of the three-time African champions in 2016, penned an extension early this year.

“For the administration to bring somebody like Oliseh and not giving him time because he’s Nigerian and they let go,” Amokachi told Brila FM.

“To bring in somebody like Amuneke and not giving him time then they let him go. Then you bring a new coach where those two coaches are far better than him; pedigree-wise and portfolio-wise.

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“But still, they gave the machinery a lot of money, $60 plus with all the bonuses, if they play two matches in a month, then you’re talking over $100,000.

“And then at the end of the day, you put a $2m clause on a coach that has never won anything. A coach that came from Burkina Faso to Tunisia then to Nigeria and you put a $2m clause, that’s the first I’m hearing such.

“If you were bringing Guardiola you can put $10m if he says he wants it because you know who he is; he has won laurels. But for a coach that has not done anything, not achieved anything and you put a $2m clause? There’s a lot of failure in that.

“I’ll not rate them (NFF) out of 10, but all these things I’ve broken down will tell anybody with common sense where I’m coming from.”

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  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Point of correction mr liar, amuneke was not let go but his tenure finished as a coach of the cadet team hence his ambition for a higher level in the coaching profession. Oliseh was not let go but ran away from the job when the heat became too much. What did oliseh win before he was given the job to coach the eagles??? What was his pedigree? Can u Cmpare his to that of rohr before he was given the job??? You are a very big liar. U said rohr has not achieved nothing but forgot to mention where he got us from to where he has taken us to. If qualifying us for the world cup and afcon with games to spare is not an achievement I wonder what they are? U have forgotten to mention that he won a Bronze medal which ur guardiaola failed to win for the country. Ilylu have failed to lambast the nff for owing the team and crew for almost 2 yrs but quick to ask questions about a clause in his contract. Liar!

    • delis yomie 3 years ago


    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Oakfield… Oliseh complained of being owed salaries long before he left the job. He was being frustrated coupled with how Senior Super Eagles members were acting very unprofessional… try to get the gist why Siasia fell-out with Mikel/Vincent, again Oliseh came and those two still acted in very unprofessional ways. Always listen to two sides of a story and not just one. Oliseh was maltreated after they did same to late Keshi, and at a time it was like they were trying to kill him with juju, he was befallen with a strange illness that doctors could not even detect in Belgium, it was clear it was spiritual manipulation… you think NFF administrators are not mostly people you dabble into occult and darkness? Such sensitive office in Nigeria comes with serious spiritual fortification to enjoy it, same as SUper Eagles… Oliseh was being spiritually attacked and only freed himself and got his healing after he resigned. Foreign coaches are always better treated than our own people… I think that was what Amokachi passed across and nobody can refute that! Rohr has a contract till 2023 and the man is already 68years… can anyone tell me everything surrounding re-hiring him considering our average performances and his age was the best for Nigeria seeing how we now have people within midst who could serve and also do a good job? If you are getting a foreigh coach then get someone with evident perdigree

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Excuses upon excuses. So Rohr is not or has never been owed salaries…? Rohr has not had “Senior Squad members acting unprofessionally”…? NFF has loved Rohr so much that they are always quarrelling with him….? The people that did juju to Oliseh have given their lives to Christ under Rohr abi…LMAO. Mr Man abeg quit all those sentimental ‘whataboutries’.

        Why will foreign coaches not be treated better than local coaches…? Do they go to desperately beg NFF for jobs like the local coaches…? or do they get employment by word of mouth, without proper legally binding contracts, like local coaches…? Do they try to FORCE respect from players or compromise their integrity with money for hand back for ground callups…?

        Enyeama and Mikel had been in the National team for years and didnt act unprofessionally but all of a sudden started acting unprofessionally under Siasia, stopped for a while under Keshi to win the 2013 AFCON for us, resumed their unprofessional behaviour under Oliseh and then finally gave their lives to christ under Rohr abi…??? I guess that is also the reason why both of them couldnt qualify for ordinary AFCON…LMAO.

        It was Oliseh that acted professionally by asking hotel security to throw out the no1 keeper and team captain from the camp after just burying his late mum a few days before…? It was oliseh that acted professionally by stripping Mikel off the captaincy and replacing him with a crap home based midfielder who NEVER SMELT national team again after 1 match…? It was Oliseh that acted professionally by telling anyone who was not content with his decisions to quit the team, forcing our best and most inform no 9 at that time, Emenike to retire from the SE…? And you are claiming someone else does not know both sides of the story as if you were there in camp watching how everything was panning out in High Definition…?? Oga, these your super stories are becoming too much for comfort.

        The NFF has been the same since the days of Westerhoff…useless people leave and more useless ones take over…all the coaches who have succeeded have done so IN SPITE of NFF and not because of NFF. So any coach who wants to use NFF as an excuse for failure is just plain lazy…QED. There is nothing our local coaches faced in the hands of NFF that Rohr is not facing today….still the old man has managed to steady the team, has managed to at least build us a team that can last for another 10 yrs, has managed to keep our camp peaceful and devoid of any scandals and is still managing to get us so used to winning games that a draw nowadays always looks like a defeat. He is meeting targets under the same circumstances the rest crashed and burnt woefully…..IN SPITE of the NFF, the Sports Minister and Self-centered Agents

        • Zeeman 3 years ago

          Weldone DR Drey. you have said it all. Our local coaches have been failure and lacked the proper management of the foreign pros. Its been heartbreak of not qualifying for common afcon. Using our local coaches to prosecute the supper eagles management is the same as using our homebased players to prosecute supper eagles matches, its is equal to Heartbreak. Eguavon, Oliseh, Siasia etc are all failures. Infact Oliseh ran away from the national team duties as he foresaw he cant qualify for the afcon. All respect to Keshi, the big boss.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Now the magotts and flies from Amaju have come to perch on this news like flies on good shit.

          When I say fake Dr. Drey, and the many fake Amaju accounts and e-diots lack any sense of success in their DNA, this is exactly what I mean.

          You only see them come on CSN to comment once it has anything to do with their oyinbo slave master.

          You can declare independence from your slave masters, but you cannot remove the slave mentality from the slave… He can do anything for money including selling off their country.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Ignorance at its peak…!

    No1. Oliseh ran away. He wasn’t sacked. He abandoned the team and his job when qualification for ordinary AFCON was beginning to look like a bridge too far for him…. leaving the team in tatters after destroying it and retiring 0ur very best players (he even almost retired Mikel, stripping him of the team’s captaincy and confining him to the bench for a certain “young” home based Paul onobi who is no where to be found today, but Mikel is still very much active. He didn’t even have the decency of officially informing his employers before announcing his resignation on social media.

    No2: Professionalism is the name of the game….compensation clauses are nothing new in engagement of professional coaches. It’s a practise that has been there even before the turn of the millenium. Most times a coach’s severance package will include all his entitlements from the date of abrupt severance of the contract to the day the contract was expected to run out. THESE ARE STANDARD INDUSTRY PRACTICES.
    But the desperation of local coaches to get national team jobs is their biggest undoing….they even backbite, scheme and/or stab themselves in the back in order to get jobs from NFF. Ask Yobo to show you the details of the contract that made him Asst coach of the national team and I will be surprised if there was any contract signed in the first place. Ask Imama, Bosso, Amoo etc to show you theirs and it’s likely going to be same scenario. And when the NFF use word of mouth to sack them the way they used word of mouth to employ them, they start crying they are not being treated fairly. Even in the NPFL, they take jobs without written or with shabbily written contracts…..a big shame to say the least. So how is that Rohr’s fault. When local coaches start presenting themselves as professionals the way foreign coaches do, then they too will start being treated professionally. Even Amuneke was got severance package from Tanzania FA when his contract was abruptly terminated (albeit after FIFA intervention).

    No3. Rohr started with $30kpm 2 years contract in 2016…..same 30k Siasia and Oliseh were earning and $6k less than Keshi was earning. He was given targets (qualify for 2018 WC and reach semifinals of 2019 AFCON) and he met them…and duly got a renewal….pls how is that his fault….??? Na him say make guadiolas no fit meet their own target…..? He is being paid $50k plus currently but naysayers will be silent about the fact that he pays his assistants and scouts from his pockets, where as the NFF paid the assistants of all his predecessors.

    Rohr is not the reason $1=N500 in 2020 compared to N120 in 2010. Neither is he responsible for the unprofesionnalism and failures of his predecessors.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… I follow your sentiments on Amokachi’s media chat on this issue of Rohr’s contract. If we remove all other needless emotions… it is just plain truth that foreign coaches are accorded better and preferential treatment than our home nationals as coaches. Berti Voghts coached us from Germany, we know the history from Thijs Libregths to Bora Milutonuvic… Rohr has been humble and shown more willingnes to work with us and I respect him for that. Other than certain questionable match decisions (switching players’ evident positions, not showing enough steel to drop some big boys who have been starters and regulars to bench to try more formidable options) I think Rohr has been decent, of course, any party to a contract looks for his own advantages first, but somehow NFF put us in a situation where it appears the interest of Nigeria was not optimally protected in that contract with the insane protective clauses for Rohr. On Paul Onobi… @Dr.Drey, he is my boy and distant relative from my mother’s side… I shared same training pitch with Paul Onobi in Makurdi, in 2015/2016 NPFL season in Nigeria he was the best midfielder, football careers have element of luck embedded especially club career. Paul Onobi in footballing terms is no push over I must tell you… he plays in middle east now (Saudi Arabia). Technically, Onobi is not inferior to Mikel Obi in terms of talent and skill. There are several factors that keep a player from the National team… Mikel Obi is a world renown midfielder but I can tell you that skill for skill, he does not dwarf onobi… I know Onobi down to his backyard in North-Bank, Makurdi. A world class midfielder like Sunday Oliseh does not just invite an unheralded player like Paul Onobi just to spite a maestro like Mikel Obi… some of us have followed Nigeria football and intrigues long enough to know that certain players are protected and helped to remain in the National team even though there may be others who are more sound and technically gifted. It is just sad and unfortunate that only when you play for a popular team in a popular league that you begin to command the respect of national team selectors and people begin to see and know of you… Amokachi making this kind of comment at this point is needless but to label him as ignorant, brother I think that is rather very uncalled for. Regards…

      • Glory 3 years ago

        Good talk @ Jimmyball and Dr Drey. @Jimmyball, after constantly reading most of your post, its becoming clearer, that you only seem to judge good players by their on-field performances, apologies if I am wrong. You seem to be neglecting the off-field attriburtes which is as important as the on-field ability. A Players character personality, influence/ relationship with other players, communication ability etc all combine to make a top quality player, the top clubs are looking for. Its in this off-field quality that most our home grown talents are lacking hence they struggle to reach the heights of their very talents.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… When Onobi was coming up and later went to Amokachi football clinic in Kaduna where he was picked to Niger Tornadoes, from where he went to Eyimba, Lobi and Sunshine starts we were already ones who have played pro and continue to train during off season in home amateur clubs for fitness close to home… I was in camp with James Obiorah, Igenewari George as a little boy with frail frame… I never said Dominic Oruma who was U-17 set of 1997. We used to include Paul Onobi in trainings at Northbank united to make up full training… He was a lot younger but evidently very mature in his game… this was around 2003 – 2005. Up till 2012 I was still very active in the game… I got a very nasty knee around 2004 and it never really healed 100%. You go two games back to back and you feel pains and swellings, got tired of. Injections and bandages. Whenever I make a. Comment you go talking about Ajayi and Nwakali. Yes, as at u-17 level Nwakali had more talent than most present day Nigeria footballers including Mikel at that age. The talent is always there but senior football is different from age grade… However Nwakali is on track. He is still only 21/22 and if Awoniyi who is a set older is making a case for himself after playing u-17 seven years ago, nothing stops Nwakali who played at that level only 5 years ago from reaching his potential. Mikel Obi had a turpsy-turvy conviction in super Eagles at the no 10 role. Till date he did a decent job for Eagles but you cannot say we have not seen better midfielders in Super Eagles before or will not see in the future… Messi is still playing and Cristiano Ronaldo for their national teams… I think it was clear that Mikel was no longer what we need as No. 10 before he exited… One love!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… my reference to 2015/2016 NPFL season was to state that it was the season they named him (Paul Onobi) as the best midfielder in the Nigeria League. He won the prize at season end, he was then the most paid player in the league. Those were the ratings coupled with being able to convince Oliseh in training when he came to camp for Tanzania game in 2015 that Oliseh started him. That was really the only Super Eagles “A” match he featured in… that CHAN team he went with was crap as most players were weak and only him could not have made a difference as some of us who know him would have wished… Mikel Obi is about the most successful Nigeria football till date at club level, we recognise that, but Nigeria has and will continue to have insane talents whether they make it to Super Eagles or not.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        @ Oga Jimmyball…I hope you know Onobi is still “27 years old”….so if you were training with him as far back as 2003 then you must have been training with a 10 year old. How that 10 year old was as prodigiously talented as Mikel (according to you) beats imagination. As at 2003 a certain 15/16 year old Mikel was already almost being signed by a top club, Ajax Capetown of South Africa after distinguishing himself in the same Nigerian league with Plateau United. As at 2003 Mikel Obi was already being courted by Manchester United of England (I hope you know how much talent a player will have before Man U will even look at you). As at 2003 Mikel was already the MVP of the U17 AFCON. I hope you also recall Mikel was MVP runner up to Messi at U20 WC (even Sepp Blatter called him “…the face of the future of African football…” in his review of the tournament) and almost single-handedly propelled our U23s to the Olympic gold in 2016. Which talent did Nwakali have at you level that no other Nigerian Midfielder has…go and watch Mikel in our 2003 and 2005 youth teams…..go and watch Rabiu Ibrahim in our 2007 U17s…..go and watch Ramon Azeez and Abdul Ajagun in our 2009 u17s…..lets not talk about Iheanacho in our 2013 team (a team which Nwakali was part of but COULD NOT MAKE THE FINAL 23 MAN SELECTION and had to wait till 2015 set)
        But the “…insanely talented…” Onobi whom you trained with couldn’t even cut it in finland league. All of a sudden all the other players in the 2016 CHAN team where weak (and by extension bad) players and that was why your super-talented onobi was kak in that tournament, but it was from that same CHAN team that Chima Akas, Usman Muhammed, Ifeanyi Matthew, Tunde Adeniji all moved to Europe and are still balling there but the Onobi that is as good as Mikel couldn’t even cut it in Finland before returning home and then heading to Saudi 1st and 2nd divisions. Issokay….I rest my case. Even if you say Onobi was better than Mikel…..I cease to argue anymore with you on this…..LMAO.

        But pls learn to respect Mikel…..after Jayjay and Kanu, has been the next best talent to come out of Nigeria since the turn of the millennium. We almost won u20 WC, almost won 2016 Olympics and won 2013 AFCON thanks to Mikel…..remove Mikel from all those tournaments and I doubt we would have gotten to the heights we got to. Everybody is better than Mikel in your eyes….Onazi is better than Mikel….we nor see the Onazi today, but the Mikel still dey ball. Nwakali is better than Mikel…..we nor see the Nwakali again…..Now it is Paul Onobi that was as good as Mikel….(what an insult). All the scouts in the world must have been blind as to not see the overwhelming talent in Onobi all through his career.

        Mikel don suffer for your hand….!

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… I have told you all you need to know about Paul Onobi from a personal point of view. It is not sentiments from me, neither is it misplaced emotions… we all know what Mikel Obi did for Nigeria and himself. I have given Mikel all the accolades I feel is due, he served us well, and please, do not make my submission a case of Paul Onobi versus Mikel Obi, I just made an obvious case for the young man because, he never invited himself to Super Eagles, he got called up at the back of being the best midfielder at that time in the Nigeria league where everyone talked about him from Kano through Makurdi to Aba… Nigeria is a country of millions of footballers, for an unheralded player to be called up by your most respected midfielder to pull-on the Super Eagles jersey till date in the person of Sunday Oliseh speaks volumes… If Oliseh had to choose any other player to start ahead of Mikel, there are thousands of options available… but Oliseh went underground and came up with Paul Onobi… give it to the young man, they call him “emeritus”… anywhere he has played because he understands midfield like eating roasted yam and palm oil… Paul Odeh was a stubborn player and made some hasty decisions and poor choices in his career coupled with not having a good agent at one time… you must know that once a player has played lots of regular seasons in the NPFL, foreign scouts term you as old because they will prefer to sign talented academy players from Nigeria and nurture them because of our trend with age reduction… Onobi will truly be around 32/33years at the moment. This writeup is not about him and Mikel… it is rather about the truth that Daniel Amokachi exposed… Rohr’s contract cluases left Nigeria with tight choices and very vulnerable. The truth no one can refute is that we accord whitemen more respect and better treatment than our own people… Stephen Keshi won AFCON and took us to second round of World Cup at first try… Rohr is not doing anything we have not seen before, rather, this is a time Nigeria has a glut of talents and his results shows that he still cannot get past his own abilities with a talented team… one love!

        • Simon 3 years ago

          Drey you can lie and Kelechi is multi talented, the day he does well you will lie and change your mouth and say somebody talk him down.

          You are a snitch and liar boy. We know you, shame on you. LMAO

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Good talk @ Oakfield. When we speak, they will conclude we are supporting Rohr. But is this how to get things working again for an already failed state Nigeria? Is it not because it’s a failed state, that foreigners will come and rule. Is the fighting amongst ex internationals and corrupt practices not factors of the failed system of things in our country? Why all these constant attack on this innocent man, whose team the SE n our basketball team are the only source of joy in our entire sporting community. How are all these nonsense talk going to help us sort our problems? Why can’t we work harmoniously with present management while in the process fashion out a long time and lasting solution to all these problems facing our football and finally ease off Rohr with words of appreciation for his time. Why do we always choose to do things in such barbaric way? Just ever so disappointing reading statement like this coming from ex internationals. Reason it’s difficult to believe they are not doing it for their own selfish reasons. What a shame, we always choose to do things the wrong way, wherein the motivation is greed and vindictiveness.

  • Some pple shar…

    Let me not say anything yet until their fellows come out to support this lies then i’ll bring out fact and stats to enlighten them.

    Rohr hasn’t archieve anything!

    This is quite absurd.

    Amunike and Oliseh is better than Rohr….
    Lies of the century…

    But wait o!
    Is Amokachi trying to deceive the gullible ones?

    Don’t he know that the pple in CSN forum are wise?

    Let us forget about the “AMATURE” football we’re playing in africa, what has AMUNIKE/OLISEH achieve in “EUROPE” as a coach that made them better than Rohr?

    Atleast ROHR left Burkinafaso and Nigeria (a big football country) employed him….
    Let our Aminke/Oliseh that is better than Rohr also get employed by other big footbal nation in africa now.

    So now who is tellin lies?

    Is it only the SE that our ex can coach?

    Can’t they coach CAMEROUN, GHANA, EGYPT?

    Somebody won U17 with age cheat players as we all know; by the time he move a little bit higher (@U20) he failed woefully and we are still clapping for him.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Na this eze nai we dey expect to come bench iwobi? And take no 10 role? I am not saying this because he refused to play for naija, but to be honest the guy is not good enough player, and he is not even close to iwobi in all round play. I can’t even rate him more than kalu musa or onyekuru in that his wing. The guy look really childish in his play and he doesn’t look determined or serious to show strong potential, he is kind of too relax like one allreadymade retiring ronaldinho(ronaldinho of ac milan) nor be mistake say the guy is benched in English u21. His father needs to urge him to be more serious and play harder on the pitch if not that guy will end like iheanacho, premierleague is not for lazy stylish play, freekicks doesn’t come all the time. u can’t be decorating the ball without nothing meaningful not even dribbles, I enjoyed the little time musa spent with Leicester than what i am seeing in Eze, I am not impressed at all he seems like the weakest link in the crystal palace team, the team was doing better before eze arrival.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    Some of our former footballers have their brains in their calf muscles. It took over a year to conclude Gernot Rohr’s new contract. Daniel Amokachi, Da Bull knew all along what every clause of it said but chose to keep silent and play opportunistic poker until now. Why are people so dishonest and flippant?

  • Even the “progressive Regressive” knows that this is pure lies….
    See how silent and muted they are….

    I was expecting @omo9ja and his company of progressive and regressive to come out and spew their normal confusing view….

    @omo9ja abeg make una come make we light up this forum oooooooooo….

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    I don’t talk because of colour or tribes. We have to be realistic in this country. This is not the issue of racism. I don’t do that.

    “If you were bringing Guardiola you can put $10m if he says he wants it because you know who he is; he has won laurels. But for a coach that has not done anything, not achieved anything and you put a $2m clause? There’s a lot of failure in that.

    “I’ll not rate them (NFF) out of 10, but all these things I’ve broken down will tell anybody with common sense where I’m coming from.”

    If you read this and you still don’t understand where the Mr. Amokachi is coming from then, we have to leave that way.

    Oh well, I love CSN one thing. Whenever they noticed that the forum is so quiet, they brings something spicy on the top for us to talk about. Hmmm, it is well o lolz.

    Nonetheless, we can’t have the same thoughts but for me Oga Rohr have tried and I appreciate him so much.

    His very best not enough for Nigeria. If we don’t have players that is different but we have abundance players every where.

    I’m not sorry that I’m saying the truth.

    We don’t have what we can call a team that everyone can be proud of as a Nigerian.

    If Oga Rohr can get the job done no problem but if it is our ex players that are more qualified to handle the team from now on, I think NFF should decide before it is too late. I won’t say more than that. Happy weekend my people. Stay blessed and have great weekend my people. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hohahahahaa…..We didnt have players when qualifying for AFCON used to be an impossibility abi…LMAO. “…NFF should decide now b4 its too late…” e be like say NEPA cut your light when NFF chose to stick with Rohr until he fails to meet the targets they set for him…..LMAO.
      You dont have a team you can be proud of…..LMAO…biko go and form your own team….are you not a scouter…? We we are proud of the team we have now….a team which can easily be our u23 national team but which is still feared and respected as one of the top teams on this continent.A team whose future is looking brighter and brighter by the day. A team which will still be there for another 8-10 years. A team the likes of Brazil, Netherlands, Ukraine and Algeria want to use test their own national team. Anybody who is not proud of this team should turn off his TV whenever we are playing….or better still go and get Benin republic citizenship.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        LMAO. Fake Drey, you are dumber than a door knob. LOL

        It seems the more you post the dumber you get. Who says curses don’t work?

        You mean you actually sat down thought, and posted this thing up here?… LMAO.

        Just continue jumping everywhere using my name, I bet you before New Year the madness transformation will be complete. LMAO!

  • Amokachi either has dementia or he is a very sick and perverted human being if he truly said all these. If CSN is actually quoting him correctly then either of the two submissions MUST be true.

  • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

    Amokachi spoke his mind which is true. Rohr has failed. There was no need to insert such a hefty get out clause into his contract. Even if they give the coach of Mountain of Fire and Miracles FC’s coach Tony Bolus half of what they are paying Rohr, he will move mountains with the Super Eagles. Nigeria has been qualifying for the World Cup and the Afcon

  • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

    Amokachi spoke his mind which is true. Rohr has failed. There was no need to insert such a hefty get out clause into his contract. Even if they give the coach of Mountain of Fire and Miracles FC Tony Bolus half of what they are paying Rohr, he will move mountains with the Super Eagles. Nigeria has been qualifying for the World Cup and the Afcon before Rohr came so he has done nothing special. I will choose Festus Onigbinde, John Obuh and the coach of Kwara United Mr Biffo Abdullahi ahead of Rohr. They are all far better than him. Never has any Nigerian coach been treated as well as Rohr yet all we get from him is mediocrity. All of those indigenous coaches will achieve more with less of what Rohr is getting. If Mr Biffo Abdullahi took Nigeria to the world cup in 2018, walahi we would have reached the semi-finals. Instead Belmadi’s boy turned Nigeria to Croatia and Argentina’s whipping boys. Amokachi, ride on sir. Those who disagree with you can make love mannequin. Na dem sabi.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      The brilliant Dr Koyemi Oderinde, I troway salute!
      I agree ooo, all these coaches you mentioned are far, far better than that yeye coach called Rohr. Even Mr Ibu of Nollywood will do a better job than Rohr, if he’s given the chance! Hehehehehehe!
      Dr Oderinde, I just dey gbadun you this weekend. Thanks for bringing us much needed comic relief!

    • pompei 3 years ago

      BTW, Dr Oderinde, please give my regards to your esteemed learned colleagues –
      Professor Iwebiyi Iwesanya
      Dr Asikombe Emasefaji
      Professor Omosetan Omon’rele
      Dr Mogbomoya Moferege (aka African Guardiola)
      Dr Oleku Miosemo
      Dr Omowase Omorise
      and Dr Aderanju Bolekaja
      just to mention a few 🙂

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    I find it funny how you give a man a set of targets, he met it but let you still label him a failure. I find it very funny. For example, let’s say Mikel arteta is sacked today, what do you think will be the target given to the incoming manager? To win the EPL this season? Of course not. That’s because it’s unrealistic to expect such from a team that is battered psychologically and otherwise.
    That’s the logic behind Rohr’s first contract. Super eagles had failed to qualify for afcon back to back, though they were champions before such nightmares happened. What’s the logical and realistic target you give to the incoming manager? Qualify for world cup and reach the semi finals of afcon. And Rohr passed with flying colors! On that note, tell me why his contract shouldn’t be improved during renewal? I’ve said it before: it seems Nigerians are allergic to progress!
    Now to this ex-international. “For the administration to bring somebody like Oliseh and not giving him time because he’s Nigerian and they let go”. Why would a man of such repute lie this blatantly? We all know Oliseh ran from the job. The factors Oliseh mentioned for doing so is the same thing Rohr is experiencing today. Unpaid salaries – checked. Unfair criticism – checked, etc.
    NFF is the problem not Rohr. Guardiola may not fair well in this our kind of atmosphere.

  • Simon 3 years ago

    Nigerians can easily be brain washed was Keshi and other coaches who won Laurel for Naija give two million dollar payout clause? Some I too Sabi has succeeded in making majority of you guys think like mugus. Rohr does not deserve even one million USD payout. Naija wake up make una get sense for once there is something fishing.

  • Since Rohr has been coaching Nigeria, have we won anything? He is an average coach. The likes of Bonfere Joe, Philippine Troussier are far better than him. If NFF wanted a foreign coach, they ought to have gone for a very sound coach who will not be leading 4 nil against a very lowly team and still concede 4 goals. A coach who would be leading 2 nil against Ukraine, yet cannot wrap up the game and win. Against the Algerian side, you saw how Nigeria lost the game with a poor positioning of the goalkeeper and he couldn’t take the game to the extra-time? Rohr does not have the charisma to win tournaments.

    All of you watched the Atlanta’96, AFCON 2000 and so on, you all saw how brave these coaches handling Nigeria were? Yes, we will qualify for next AFCON, World Cup but won’t achieve anything. It is true that our football was down before he came. But over four years of coaching the Super Eagles, the team still does not have a playing style. The NFF would have brought back the Dutch man, Bonfere Jo, by now we would have been playing a wonderful brand of football and of course, winning at big stage.

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      King S, this write up is somebodies opinion, it full of falsehoods. The Pinnick & Co were charge to court eary last year & the case was thrown out because there was no evidence to backup the allegations. The true situation is NFF is currently broke. Govt subvention to them has vastly reduced. Go & watch this below:https://youtu.be/TQZPHJ042Jw.
      You’ll get a better appreciation.

      • Chimdayo 3 years ago

        So why then will they give Rohr such a high payout clause when he is yet to win a major trophy or broken a major record? He has to earn it if he does something extra ordinary and we can play more attractive football and win like champions.

        We are easily over run sometimes by our opponents,we are loosing great talents to England everyday because of poor management, nobody wants to risk his career for Nigeria, only few have pride to play out of just strong patriotism but who no like better thing England that is why we keeping loosing great talents, now Eze is almost lost and we are compensating ourselves that he is not better than the present players because he is not accepting to play for. If he is not good why are we talking about him? Let’s be real a great gem Saka has also been lost.

        I feel this is not the best Nigeria. We are still looking for Glory days where we play beautiful and attacking football with Joy and flair.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Adisboy… everybody has a defence even when caught redhanded…catch a man and a woman on bed, they will blame the devil… forget Amaju and his cronies, if Pinnick, Dikko and Salisu are not defrauding all the FIFA grant, why is taking two years to use a firm (Phillip Consulting where they would have paid fees to the tune of hundeds of thousands of dollars) to appoint U-17 and U-20 coaches, you take Imama Amapakao who is attached to Super Eagles and give him CHAN and U-23 where he failed on both assignments… yet even Rohr seems to be part of the whole Kumbia-kumbia, Rohr continued to insist he wants Imama Amapakabo at that time, you wonder why, if a more technically sound and exposed coach who understands the flow and ingenuity of our traditional playing style is attached to Rohr, you know Rohr will need to make some concessions in his own often non-flexible approach. Why is no age grade squad faring well in the juinors? Everyone is now defeating us… Ghana, Niger, South Africa and CIV. They take coaches who often just call managers of academies from their affiliates in lagos (mostly), Kano and Owerri to suppy them players… when you go to all the regions to invite players and screen, asking eligible ones within the bracket to come to the political regional headquarters… take 2weeks and screen with pitted scrimages for all them… you will raise 5 world class u-17 and u-20. From NFF to all these frequently recycled old school coaches are all in a marketing business together… check u-17 and u-20 from the 80s to mid 90s and see how the players were picked from near, far and wide…the rot and “pay-your-way” and “connections” started from the late 90s, mostly that Nigeria ’99 team and till date… we are only managing to get it lucky atimes… only when a brand new coach is appointed who wants to make a name… John Obuh started, did well, when he got to u-20, first time was ok, then he started recycling players… because some players like Kayode Olanrewaju went to two u-20 world cup in 2011 and 2013.

  • Oga @doctor Koyemi….

    If u want us to take u serious, tell ur world best MFM COACH to guide his MFM FC to CAF(CL/CC) group stage first b4 he thinks of moving mountains with SE….

    No.2; u said nigeria use to qualify for tournament b4 Rohr came on board right???
    U are 100% correct… and i wouldn’t argue or doubt this point….
    But the last time i checked, we couldn’t qualify from a group that has (CONGO, NAMIBIA, SOUTH AFRICA…. AFCON2015….. Infact we finished 3rd) also in a group that has (EGYPT, UGANDA…. 2017)…..

    Even b4 this time….. b4 we qualify from our afcon qualifying group, some pple are already having BPs bcos of how “MINOs” in football will quickly turn super stars against SE….

    At times we need calculator to do the maths.

    Some times we have to wait for “ARSENAL TO BEAT BAYERN; THEN BE HOPING KANO PILLARS FORCE BRAZIL TO A GOALESS DRAW” b4 we qualify…..

    Whether nna “doctor or nna dokintar Koyemi”…. We nor need all those heartbreaks again…. We’re above that….

    • Chimdayo 3 years ago

      But are we in the best stage of all time and has he done what no other eagles coach has ever done that he had to be given a high payout that he doesn’t deserve, how do you rate his performance? Now how do you sack him if he continues to fail? Will he make us richer or wiser if he keeps failing? Hmmmm………..

  • Dapsy 3 years ago

    If we do not change our attitude and behavior,our coaches will not be accorded the desired respect.when back in Naija,i followed an ex eaglet skipo to a scouting trial at Gateway stadium Abk.The Ex eaglet skipo who works with an academy owned by an ex int goalkeeper.He came with 2 academy players and they really justified themselves.After the days trial,the team manager then,a known ex footballer ask the ex eaglet skipo i followed that, what did he bring for him in other to include the guys in the team.i was dumbfounded.That was that.when i relocated to the US,have gat alot of ex internationals that we are friends on FB and even present national teams handler who was asking me if i have a particular player abroad or in naija who i want to be invited to the national team.i was baffled,really this things were going on?With all these,how will coaches be respected or even come out and stamp there feet that a proper standard contract that is given anywhere else in the world should be given before taking up any job,but they are quick to any peanut rough paper or verbal contract because of their mind set of always collecting money from players for call ups and selections,With all respect to few who are upright and straight forward coaches and managers.Respect will always be accorded the expatriates.

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