INTERVIEW: Rohr Talks Up Eagles’ Readiness For Algeria Clash; On Lineup, Criticism Of Team

INTERVIEW: Rohr Talks Up Eagles’ Readiness For Algeria Clash; On Lineup, Criticism Of Team

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU was at the press conference room of Cairo International Stadium on Saturday and here presents the details of Super Eagles’ head coach, Gernot Rohr’s interaction with the media ahead of his team’s AFCON 2019 quarterfinal clash against the Desert Foxes of Algeria on Sunday, July 14 2019.

Rohr On Super Eagles’ Preparation For The Match Against Algeria

After a difficult game against South Africa, we had to recover and resumed training immediately. Some players had injuries and we have recovered them for this game against Algeria.

We trained the day after the South Africa game and had another session yesterday. Today (Saturday) we will have our final training. We hope all the players will be available for tomorrow’s game.

Thoughts Of The Algerian Team

The Algerian team have improved with each game . They are the best team in the group stage. They are more balanced now and improved tactically too.

My players did well against Cameroon and South Africa, and I trust them to do the same against Algeria on Sunday.

I hope we can win , but we have to be cautious and be more clinical in front of goal.


Rohr On Super Eagles Getting More Days Rest Than Algeria

I don’t think that is an advantage. Both teams have the same advantage in spite of the extra (one) day rest we had. The Algerian team have very good players with many of them playing for top clubs in France.

They are a solid team and I have some friends there. Tomorrow, that does not matter, it will be all about winning and I hope we can beat them.

On How Rohr’s Lineup Against Algeria Will Look Like

We made some changes for the Cameroon game and made two changes for the South Africa game. It is possible we might change again.

We have seven strikers and not everyone will play. We have used 20 players already in this competition and is a pity that our goalkeeper (Francis Uzoho) has not had the chance to play. Our team is young and some are here to learn. Tomorrow, we will play our best team against Algeria.


Rohr On Support From Egyptian Fans

We are all brothers. The Egyptian fans are our brothers and will always cheer good football. We don’t know why they supported us, maybe because of our kits or style of play. We don’t know if they will support us tomorrow, but we will do our best.

On Super Eagles’ Readiness For The Semifinal Match

We are prepared, mentally and physically, for this big game. The experience against Madagascar has helped us a lot. It actually prepared us for the tasks ahead. We know we can’t take anything for granted. It humbled and toughened us mentally.

Algeria are an experienced team and are also prepared for this game. So, it is important to be fit because the fittest team will most likely win the game.

On Who Are The Favourites To Win Sunday’s Semifinal Match

I said South Africa were the favourites against us in the quarterfinal because they beat the host nation who are the number one team to win the competition. Against Algeria, I don’t see us as the favourites as well.

Algeria were best the team in the group stage and remain the top favourites now. I also believe we have the four best teams remaining in the competition for now.
Algeria, Senegal, Nigeria and Tunisia are the best teams in the continent now.

Rohr On The Criticism Of Super Eagles’ Earlier Performances In The Competition

I don’t see any negative criticism. Everything is all positive. We have improved since the start of the competition. The game against Cameroon was a tough one for us, but we showed great spirit to come back and win it. We also played well against South Africa, especially in the first half.

There is strong solidarity in this team and we are working hard to get better with each game.

Photo: by Ganiyu Yusuf in Cairo

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  • nwaeze 5 years ago

    Nice one Mr rohr, you’re are always subtle in your assertions and that’s a good omen. I believe all things being equal the two west African teams should be playing the final come 19th July, though the Algerians are good but I thing we have enough in our arsenal to defeat them, with the right tactics and personnel and also a little bit of luck Algeria will be defeated. #soar super eagles

  • The powerful deceptive words of a warrior—giving credit to the opponent, then rising full height to slice them up into shreds. And you say he is a carpenter coach. Yes, I prefer a carpenter coach who wins critical games. 

  • Check 5 years ago

    Our coach always applying “48 Laws Of Power” and “Acts of Deception” is his speech…I love this man.

    • 48 laws of power indeed… but rorh should pls change Akpeyi.. and use enzewa . Akpeyi can keep shots ..North afrikas are known for shots and bullets..It is nididi and the host of defences that are be saving Akpeyi.  .If not let’s forget all this gra gra  .he is not a good keeper.

  • obilor francis 5 years ago

    Nigerian coach is a wise man, doesnt look down on any opponent, doesnt expose his opponents’ weakness even though he knows such. He talks a little bt does much in d field. Great coach

  • Aquilani 5 years ago

    The ‘carpenter’ coach with a high winning mentality is far better than a boastful one.
    All the way SE!!!

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    I just read Mr. Segun Odegbami’s views about this coach. And the comments from the fans too.

    The Rohr worshipers are all pissed off by the article! They are using abusive words on a legend of our nation!

    Why are Rohr fans so abusive?

    Let them learn from Omo9ja. As critical as he is, he never abuses anyone on this forum despite the abuses they rain on him.

    In order to piss them off the the more, I want to repeat some obvious truth here:

    All the fans of Mr. Rohr are mere noise makers. I am glad that the intelligent minds like Odegbami and co. who can influence things at the top think differently.

    Mr. Rohr will not be here in 2020. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that. In fact, he may even be looking for a job right now. After all, we have helped to upgrade his CV. For the first time, he is at the semi finals of the nation’s cup after trying out with Niger and co.

    I hear Lesotho needs a new coach and they have a ‘young team’.

    Ha ha ha (pause for breath), ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Hehehehehe….you forgot to add that rohr has taught you some lessons in humility too…LMAO.
      Throughout last week, you were ranting all around the forum raising your shoulders like a cockerel that is on heat. But i noticed you were hardly even commenting this week. We must have been in pains…Lolz.
      “After all, we have helped to upgrade his CV. “….sorry bro…I think its the other way round…He actually did the upgrading of our football from 14th IN AFRICA to current no 3..and i’m sure we should climbing to no 2 after the AFCON. From not qualifying for ORDINARY afcon 2ce to being title contenders.
      So tell us…in your heart of hearts, who has upgraded who now….?

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        …you must have been….

        • Bomboy 5 years ago

          Dr. Drey, I actually posted this here because I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist commenting. I was right!!

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

          Please go and answer Uncle Sege and all the other legends of Nigrperian football.

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

          Good night!

          • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

            HHehehehe…I never knew you have added lies to your vices
            “Dr. Drey, I actually posted this here because I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist commenting. I was right!!”
            Really….is that so…?
            So why will I be able to resist responding to you on Uncle Segun’s post and not be able to resist responding to you here…? Is it not the same post..? Is it not the same writter..? is it not the same CSN…???
            Now I understand your plight….and why you think the way you do. I wouldn’t hold it against you anymore.
            First and foremost, this news thread is fresher than Uncle Segun’s article, so it natural i read this first. If you hadn’t implicated yourself now, I wouldn’t have known that you have been disgracing yourself all over the place with posts like this. Not knowing who has upgraded who between rohr and Nigerian football in the last 3 years is really a shame. It smirks off complete ignorance.
            Secondly, I read his initial article about firing a coach in the middle of a competition just because he lost one match, and I was really ashamed for him. So when I saw the title of his latest article, i knew it was going to be a chronicle of a man who has just finished eating a huge pan of humble-pie. So the usual urge i normally have to read mathematical’s articles first just melted away.
            Really, I was ashamed for him with his last article because he just completely ridiculed himself in that write-up..pls where in the world is a coached sacked for loosing his 3rd match in the group stages after securing the maximum points in his first two…? LMAO. Typical Okada man mentality…same mentality all these crook politicians use in running our sports aground.

            I watched him online on channels tv too (as i’m always hooked on channels tv since its one of the few sensible Nigerian stations I can watch online) and saw how those small boys on channels where laughing sarcastically at him while interviewing him for such a ridiculous statement and I just was feeling so bad on his behalf, because he just completely ridiculed himself in the eyes of the world and will sure loose a lot of respect over the nearest future.

            If he is singing a new song now, I am not suprised….he has only been taught lessons on humility (just as Rohr has taught you too) and his only trying to save face. I will definitely read the full article right after now, but I can bet, he wouldn’t have anything tangible to write against rohr…apart from his 2 losses in 3 years on African soil so far. And if those will be his major reasons why he wants him sacked, then I’m not surprised he has continued to fail in his bid to become NFF chairman.
            We sacked Thijs libregts in the middle of Nig 1999 and we got dumped out right afterwards……we sacked Amodu and co b4 2002 world cup and we got a worst worldcup team and performance we ever had. We sacked Amodu again b4 2010 WC and also got our next worst wold cup performance ever…..so if in all his wisdom, Mr Odegbami thinks it was a sensible thing to do if he were FA president to sack Rohr after the Madagascar defeat, then there goes his NFF presidential ambitions perpetually. Its for reasons like these he will never be NFF president.

            And now that Rohr humiliated him and people like you with his middle finger…..im not surprised if you try to save your face somehow someways.

            Good night and sweet dreams.

        • SENBABZ 5 years ago

          In Ror I see a man who talks less and allow the results to fill in the gap.

          He only needs to up his plan when it comes to substitution .

      • Mufutau Samuel 5 years ago

        Pls change the goal keeper for the sake of Nigeria, not for your own choice, i and Nigeria know your choice of keeper is not good at all, thank you, one naija.

  • Prelate Udo Nwa Olise 5 years ago

    Egyptian fans supported you against South Africa because South Africa defeated Egypt.

  • Abdulrazak 5 years ago

    In 1989, when Clemens Westerhof was appointed to the post of Technical Adviser to the then Green Eagles as the national team was called, “knowledgeable” sport writers like Ikeddy Isuguzo and Paul Bassy wrote all manner of negative stories and outright lies about him. Why? Because, they could no longer get their cronnies into the national team. Wise counsel prevailed and they and their cohorts were ignored by the powers that be. Westerhof stayed for five years and gave us perhaps the best Super Eagles team.
    Odegbami and his journey men can no longer get their sponsored players into the national team and for this, expect poisonous articles, purportedly written with hearts dripping with patriotism.
    Wise counsel will prevail, the mathematical one and his ilk will be ignored and Gernot Rohr, will roar on to give us a formidable team for the world cup in 2022.

  • Oakfield 5 years ago


  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 5 years ago

    This is not the time to exchange words.You people should start praying ernestly for the Super Eagles because of the revelation l had early hours of this morning. I saw Nigeria struggling to score a goal that will keep them in this competition which they couldn’t achieve and l woke up. Pray for the Super Eagles to avert that ugly situation. Rohr should stay with the selection against South Africa. Any step to make changes to that team is invitation to failure to progress to the finals. Temptation to bring in Mikel, Shehu and another person to replace Chukwueze and Simon will be counter productive. To give Algeria BLOOD AND THUNDER, stay with the team that defeated South Africa and put a man on Mares,and also close up the back. The Algerians May want to use high balls to get into our vital areas as well.

  • Bomboy, I think you have allowed the defeat against Argentina last summer grow a seed of hatred in your heart for Gernot Rohr.

    I think you have allowed that to distort your perception about the coach – shame.

    I make no secret about it: I am not crazy-in-love with Rohr. Having said that, that man has done great things for our football.

    Just look around you: fans are happy, fans are very happy. Yes, there are recommendations for certain areas of improvement but, by and large, fans are happy with the results.

    The feel good factor in our football is back, we have reclaimed our position as a top 4 African team, we have dumped out 2 of our bitterest rivals out of Afcon in Cameroon and South Africa, we despatched with Burundi and Guinea and the only team that won us are out of the competition.

    What else do you want?

    Your dislike for Rohr grew so great that you decided to take on Dr Drey…. Ha, you are either brave or suicidal!

    Bomboy, please realign your perspective by uprooting that seed of hatred of Rohr from your heart because it is clouding your judgement.

  • Mikel might start tomorrow because we need an experienced player who can hold the ball for long in the midfield in other to slow down the Algerians and prevent them from playing their fast and slik football. And we know Mikel is the chief ball holder in that aspect. So GR might start him.

  • Muyiwa 5 years ago

    Wheither we win or not tomorrow, Rohr n d Super Eagles have performed well in this Afcon. I will always support Rohr.

  • I think we will win today.

    • **Correction ** I believe we will win today in open play. I would not want it to go to penalties.

  • Chibueze ughonu 5 years ago

    Naija all the way

  • Surely we shall win,’go eagles’,with a 3-1 scoreline.

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