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RealFevr Premium: The beginning of a new era

Do you want to be Premium? Find out what you need to do.

RealFevr Premium has arrived and its launch marks a new era in the best fantasy platform in the world!

The Premium service is now available and, by subscribing it, you will be able to play all the best leagues in the world, without ads and with other perks.

Are you tired of seeing advertising whenever you enter the RealFevr app? You still don’t have RealFevr Premium and want to be one of the first to test it? Then this article is definitely for you!

If you are a fantasy lover and do not go a day without checking your team, find out how to play with RealFevr’s new Premium service. Follow the steps below and unlock a whole new experience:

1. Open the RealFevr app (Android or iOS), go to the menu and select the Premium option or click on the banner below.

2. When you enter the Premium screen, check out the set of advantages that you will be entitled to as soon as you subscribe it:

  • Advertising Removal
  • 3 Teams per Competition*
  • Pioneer Badge

In addition, as we work to always provide you with the best fantasy experience, we are preparing new benefits that will be included, very soon, in this service:

  • Assistant Coach
  • Custom Private Leagues

3. To find out all the Premium conditions, click on the image and join now.

4. Here you will find the four existing RealFevr Premium models, and it is up to you to choose the form that best fits your needs, as we do not want anything to get in your way in the race for the best fantasy coach title!

Here are the four Premium subscription plans available today: **

  • 12 Months Subscription (≈15% Discount)
  • 6 Months Subscription (≈10% Discount)
  • 3 Months Subscription (≈5% Discount)
  • 1 Month Subscription

5. After selecting the plan, your subscription process begins. Once you confirm the RealFevr Premium purchase, the payment will be made via your app store account (Apple or Google).

6. CONGRATULATIONS !! You have just successfully subscribed to RealFevr Premium and you’re now officially part of our Dream Team!

Will you miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock the best fantasy experience?

Activate RealFevr Premium, be a pioneer among your friends and show that you support the best fantasy in the world! #JoinTheFevr

The RealFevr team

*This rule has no impact on currently running competitions. However, it will impact future ones that are launched on RealFevr, since who’s not Premium will only be able to create 1 team per competition.

**Due to several economic and financial variables, prices can vary from country to country.

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