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There Are Few Strikers Like Osimhen In The World -Iaquinta

There Are Few Strikers Like Osimhen In The World -Iaquinta

Ex-Juventus star Vincenzo Iaquinta says its is rare to find a quality striker like Super Eagles forward, Victor Osimhen in today’s football.

He made this assertion during an interview with Il Mattino, as per TuttoNapoli, where he described the Nigerian international as a player with complete qualities of a super striker.

Iaquinta also noted that Osimhen’s speed, techniques an d eye for goals have made it difficult for defenders in the Serie A to checkmate him.

“For clarity, Osimhen does not argue: speed, technique, and power are the innate qualities of this extraordinary striker,” Iaquinta told Il Mattino, as per TuttoNapoli.

“Spalletti, however, when he has this type of bomber, goes to the party because he manages to enhance the attack to the depth with his way of setting the manoeuvre.

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“Osimhen has characteristics very similar to those I had: high and fast, he attacks the depth: there are few forwards like that. Today, with these qualities, there is only Haaland who has some crazy times.

“With Spalletti, Napoli got off to a great start, with an extraordinary place that can become enthralling: it is useless to hide, also thanks to Osimhen, they (Napoli) can aim to win the Scudetto.”

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  • KangA 3 years ago

    I’m short of words for this effusive praise. I thank God for gifting us Osimhen. And I thank Osimhen for not allowing these praises to get into his head. He still does his thing as usual. It’s as if his gray patch is burning off all these praise-singing.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      Well said @ Kanga A. Anyone close to Osimene should help advice him,to pay no attention to all of these praises but just set a target for himself, his club and SE/country n focus purely on these targets, with fervent prayer to God for HIS DIVINE GRACE.

  • Abeg..the hype is getting too much…osihmen still have alot to learn ,he’s not there yet..we’ve seen better strikers in the world,even in africa..osihmen will grow and become one of the best in africa and world…but for now u guys should allow hin grow..he is still average..hoohaa..
    I still love osihmen i want him to do great things both for club and for our country

    • MAJOR FLEX 3 years ago

      Baba, i agree that he still has a lot to learn, no cap there, but for you to dare use the world average when talking about osimhen, then you don’t know what you are watching, if i ask you to call strikers in Africa better than hom currently, you would start mentioning haller, ah Nigerians

    • @Van your head is average. My friend getat if you have nothing to say. You clearly don’t know ball so I won’t share my thoughts with you. Average LOOOOOOOOOOOLL, a player carrying a team almost on his back.

      Every player still learns Haaland doesn’t score every shot he takes.

      A Napoli player was really angry with Osimhen when he got the red against Venenzia his words were ” Of course it really hurts when you will Miss your BEST player for 2 games” and, you call him Average??.

      So let me get something straight. Insigne the best Player in European Champions Italy is rated second best to Osimhen at Napoli. But Osimhen is Average. Shows how much you know about ball. come o are you even watching Osimhen play? or, you just dey yab for yabing sake??

  • Enough of this praise jare!!!! Ejiki omolomo ri imu miii.

    Osiiii please concetrate.

    • MAJOR FLEX 3 years ago

      What makes it enough? It could be a source of drive, make we drop this mentality,is Osimhen older than haaland, fati,or foden? yet they get praises

    • @Yinkins They must praise him oo.
      Norway is not telling the media to stop praising Haaland, Neither is Salah being told by Egyptian fans to stop praising Salah it is only in Nigeria when people will not use there common sense and realise that it is different Media outlets in Europe and different ex Italian football stars that a praising the boy so there is something special, even Man City, Chelsea all big clubs instead of them to be proud they use there negative mindset and bring bad energy.

      @MAJOR FLEX Mark their names they will be the same ones debating whether Rohr should drop osimhen for Dessers yeye de SMELL!!!

      Don’t mind them they are not use a Naija Players getting such Star Dust attention.

  • The guy needs to concentrate! Too much of early praise may bring unnecessary pressure. We all know what the guy is capable of doing, He just started getting a little bit of cooperation from his over selfish team mates.

    Too much praise at this early stage may bring jealousy, abeg all these people should let the guy be.

    • EZOMO 3 years ago


  • When I was saying it people were thinking I was Joking OSIMHEN IS A MACHINE>>>> OSIMHEN IS LIKE TWO PLAYERS IN ONE, OSIMHEN IS A MATCH WINNER THERE AREN”T MANY IN FOOTBALL. OSIMHEN IS THE KIND OF ATTACKER THAT WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING SPECIAL IT HAPPENS. Osimhen can win a tackle in one side of the field and run to the other side and score in one move Osimhen is a rare talent.

  • Davido 3 years ago

    I agree with Laquinta

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Osimhen should be careful. The world is a treacherous place. If you are very talented, people will be praising you left, right and center, not because they wish you well, but to put pressure on you. If you then fail, these same people that praised you will now come out to finish the job, by destroying you!
    All these praises coming from all over the place are very interesting indeed. It’s like OPEN SEASON for praising Osimhen. Osimhen is now like a fashionable accessory. If you don’t associate yourself with an accessory that is in vogue, people will say you are outdated, unfashionable, archaic.
    Every football person wants to be seen and heard praising Osimhen because at the moment, it is the fashionable thing to do. If you’re not doing it, eyebrows will be raised at you.
    Big Vic is without a doubt one of the best center forwards in the world.
    However, whether you praise a lion or not, it will still show the qualities that make people call it THE KING OF THE JUNGLE.
    Osimhen should completely zone out of all these noise, and focus on the task of improving himself as a player. At this rate, I see him achieving what George Weah achieved, winning the ballon d’or. This will not happen if he allows all these praises to get to his head and he loses focus.
    Messi and CR7 were praised effusively too, but look at how they managed their fame! Till tomorrow, these two guys remain EXTREMELY HUNGRY. They are still seeking to be better at their craft. That is the hallmark of greatness. This is what Osimhen needs to do.
    Keep your shirt on, Osimhen. STAY GROUNDED!

    • @ Pompei from osimhen’s club history in Europe so far I noticed that he excelled where he was really loved and made to look special…… Osimhen does well when you make him feel special…… osimhen does well when you give him game time….. Osimhen does well when you give him responsibility…… Osimhen does well when he knows the Borden of scoring the goals for his team is on his shoulder…… Osimhen likes high profile games……. Wolfsburg did not give him this things hence he didn’t do well there….. Charleroi loaned him with caution but gave him responsibility and he delivered…….Lilli signed him and showed him love and made his look special and he showed the world what he is capable of doing……..Now Napoli want to take him to a whole new level by launching him higher…….Napoli want to make him feel loved and special like he has never felt in his career……Napoli want to make him feel the club weight rest on his shoulder…..Napoli want to unleash osimhen…….Napoli want to bring out the beast in osimhen.

  • Anyone saying this little praises here and there will make osimhen relax does not know football……. You need to see how the Napoli fans worship osimhen……They have even developed a song for him before the season started…….they love him so much and rate his so highly that even me I start to wonder if it’s our Nigerian osimhen they honor like this……I watched Mazzari’s interview before the season started and he rated osimhen higher than Cavani and higuain…… Mazzari is a veteran coach who signed higuain and Cavani for Napoli also taking them very far in UCL subsequently……..This people see osimhen playing every day in training and in matches and they have seen many rear qualities in him that has woooowed them…….not even goals yet because he has not really delivered on goals yet but they still rate him so high……This lad is special because the white man doesn’t just praise a foreigner any how…….So osimhen is not new to praises and hype because he get overdose of it in Napoli and they only make him more hungry to work harder to repay the fans that have shown so much love and faith in him

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Osimhen’s quality is there for all to see. Mazzari rating him higher than Cavani and Higuain is not unusual. Most people current in football knowledge will do the same, based on current form.
    My top ten number 9 players in the world at the moment, based on current form, are:
    Mbappe, CR7, Lewandowski, Haaland, Suarez, Kane, Osimhen, Marc Antonio of West Ham, Diogo Jota, and Lukaku. This list is not in order of quality. Messi, Sterling, Chiesa, Salah, Mane, Mahrez and players like these are excluded because although they are deadly forwards, they are not number 9 players.
    So Osimhen’s praise is well deserved. However, all the praise in the world will not improve him if he does not keep training hard or stay focused. It is not the love he received at Lille or Charleroi that transformed Osimhen into a goal machine. He has always had it in him, it was obvious at the U-17 world cup. It was his hard work in training that has improved him to what he is today. And he still has more work to do. He misses chances that he should be converting. He needs to work on his finishing.
    I mentioned the example of Messi and CR7 earlier. These guys train really hard, and are usually the last to leave training sessions at their clubs. You find them still there, practicing one thing or the other, when others have gone home. And even in their leisure time (which I don’t like), they still train. Training is their leisure! I once saw CR7 in a documentary at his home, and he was “relaxing” in the gym with his son. They started on the treadmill, then switched to lifting weights. Osimhen’s praise is a drop in the bucket compared to the praise CR7 has received. Yet, the guy remains extremely hungry and grounded. If CR7 has scored 5 goals in a game, and the opportunity for number 6 comes up, look at the way he will approach that opportunity! He will go for it as if he hasn’t scored in 10 years!
    That is the hunger and desire Osimhen needs to become great. He needs to forget about all the praise and keep working hard.

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