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Live Blogging: Norway Vs Nigeria (Women’s World Cup 2019)

Live Blogging: Norway Vs Nigeria  (Women’s World Cup 2019)

Welcome to the Completesports.com’s live blogging of Nigeria’s Super Falcons vs Norway – a Group A game at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the Stade Auguite Delaune, Reims.

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  • Dennerby’s ladies are transitioning from defence to attack at lightening speed….

  • I will upload the full match after the game.

  • I hope Oparanozie doesn’t get herself sent off.

    4 years ago in the opening match, I seem to recall her Scroring the first goal – an own goal!

    There must be something with her and these first matches!

  • Norway draw first blood. Clever corner kick routine catches our ladies off guard.

    Let’s now see what Dennerby’s ladies are truly made of.

  • Ordega is our standout performer thus far. Her pace, power and positivity causing problems.

  • Oparanozie’s lack of pace robbed Nigeria of a possible goal scoring opportunity.

    Rita Chikwelu’s sloppiness almost gifted Norway a goal.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Norway 1-0 Nigeria

  • Poor pass by Ayinde. Ordega is a workaholic. Oshoala absent.

    Only one team appears to be able to score another goal and it is not Dennerby’s ladies (who are hanging on for dear life)

  • Oshoala’s first major involvement saw her sprint and cut back to near-deadly effect.

    She should be involved more….

  • It is now going according to script : Norway 2, Nigeria 1 and its a long way back from here.

  • Charles 2 years ago

    They are giving the ball away so easily,these girls dey make me vex, our captain is so weak

  • With the way our ladies are playing, you would think they were coached by Aigbogun.

    Norway 3, Nigeria 0.

  • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

    Its time to lay off all these old layers and start afresh with younger generation.

    But then corruption won’t allow it.

    Until we kill corruption, our football remains dead.

    If you like,hire angel Michael and angel Uriel as coaches.

    We are doomed football wise until we do the right things.


  • Pompei 2 years ago

    It was always going to be a tough game for us. Having said that, I did not expect us to be losing so heavily at this stage in the game. Naivety and absent mindedness are proving to be more dangerous to us than the Norwegians. I guess we can kiss the second round goodbye. Don’t see us beating France. What is the guarantee that we can even get past South Korea? Abeg make I go find something take warm belle jare.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Pls where the hell is Omo9ja….???

  • The strikers are playing attack and defence. Why is Ebi always lacking in confidence? The attack line and goalkeeper are good and I’m proud of them. Ebi, Chikwelu and Ohale are always suspects, consistently making misplaced passes.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    It looks like a mountain to climb for the Falcons. Let’s see how they react in the second half. 

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Bad night for Nigerian football. The Super Eagles boring draw with Zimbabwe and now this. @Deo don’t change mouth o! cuz with your write-ups prior to this game, one would think The Super Falcons are among the Top-3 for the trophy but now I see you are already making jest of them saying “one would think they are coached by Aigbogun”

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    And @OMO9JA

    At least Rohr drew against Zimbabwe and our over all play shows that they’ve not been playing in training only for that Nonsense pitch.

    But now your Dennerby is getting choked in France presently. Better come out!

  • Super Falcons are proving critics right so far that they have nothing meaningful to offer this tournament other than just making up the numbers.

    Make no mistake about it: this team has been woeful.

    They lack creativity in the middle of the park; they appear to have lost their physicality; they are all over the place defensively and look fatigued even at this early stage.

    So far, Dennerby is proving to be “na so so talk talk, no action”.

    The Falcons, just like the Flying Eagles, only appear to have one (lame) strategy : for the winger to make her way to the by-line and try the most uselessly predictable cross that you have ever see.

    Having shown a lot of faith in this team, I am left shocked and bewildered now wondering whether Dennerby actually knew what he was doing all along!

    Second round beckons. Let’s hope that they can conjure a performance that can at least save them some face.


  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    The defensive line is ridiculously porous. The midfield of Ayinde Okobi and Chikwelu is not helping the aging defense. The way the Norwegian are ghosting past our midfield is pathetic to watch. 

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Abeg make dem try, make score nor reach 6-nil ooooo. Our basket wey we carry come world cup, I no sure say e dey big enough. And is it too much to ask for us to try and score a goal? All this gra gra football barring intelligence may be enough in Africa, but will not work at this level. Makes me wonder what exactly Dennerby has been up to all this time.

  • Well, we still stand by the team and then conduct an inquest if this turns out to be a very shambolic tournament for the Super Falcons.

    Let’s hope they do something. Go girls.

    Dennerby, this is where you start earning your wages.

  • When I see our ladies hoof the ball into the air aimlessly, I am left to wonder what Dennerby’s strategy actually is!

  • This is what happens when you refuse to change. During the qualifiers, Chikwelu was no where near fitness and played very poorly Yet the coach used her throughout the tournament.
    Today we are playing shot 2 because the same Chikwelu is not fit for this match (made a mistake that led to one of the 3 goals). The second player, Ayinde, also has no business in this match (she also made a mistake that led to one of the goals).
    You already have two midfielders that have no business in this match, the next thing to do is to remove one of them and try to shore up your midfield to reduce the pressure on the defense.
    Also if your strategy is to play through ball to your attackers, the best thing is to use the fastest player you have as your point woman. Let her run them ragged and even create more chances for the very exciting Ordega and any other player to score. if that was the case, Oshoala would have been in the position that Oparanozie found herself and would have outpaced the Norwagien defender and probably scored.
    But our coach has decided that there is no need to change pattern.

  • Heavy touches, poor crosses, lethargic runs, no vision, poor shape….

    Things aren’t looking good.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Umotong that would have been an option in the attack was dropped.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      My brother… That was what I was about to say o. Could Umotong and Dike have been of help at ds point…. Who knows…. They could just have been.

    • Niranye 2 years ago

      And the two players that scored 5 goals in one match were not considered good enough for the tournament.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehehe….. Omo9ja….wia u dey o. That your opele wet dry give you false prophesies to come talk for days forum Don get F9 again o. LMAO.
    I hope you will still be able to praise Dennerby to the highest heavens after tonight. Lolz

  • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

    Oparanozie off

  • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

    Oshoala couldn’t score after rounding the keeper.


  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Abeg leave these girls alone. What type of structure and support do they have? They are playing to the level that they have.  Did anyone see anything in the qualifiers that made you think they would produce anything different from what we are watching? There’s nothing in place that supports a sound structure for producing fundamentally solid women footballers (or even men judging from our u-20 and u-17 teams) in the country.  Getting to the world cup should be hailed as quite an achievement when all things are considered

  • The truth is the girls are aging, and so, they are becoming weak. I think the coach should have played to the team’s strength. They had about 2 or three look on goal. If only the coach had the fastest player in the team as the point woman, probably, they could have scored. He really didn’t do anything different. looking at the way they played in the first half and second half.
    I don’t think Norway were far better than Nigeria. They were more organized and took their chances. Well, the girls tried but I think they could do better.

  • Why pay a foreigner when a local coach can give you the same result?

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    The way we struggled to breakdown Cameroon and South Africa during the qualifiers suggests that we will struggle against top oppositions in the global stage. In truth the SuperFalcons matched the Norwegians stride for stride, but Norway are just so organized and very disciplined in the way they approach the game.

    We created a lot of goal scoring opportunities just couldn’t finish them off especially in the beginning of the first half and mostly in the second half. I don’t know why the coach only select players playing in Sweden and Norway only. Umotong exclusion was criminal and also Dike.

    Osarenoma Igbonovia could’ve done better in that midfield instead of Rita. Anyway I expect them to get a favorable result against South Korea. As it stands we can only continue to dominate on the African continent. However, South Africa and Cameroon are closely knocking on the door if we don’t take our football development seriously.  

  • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

    Bad day for African football.
    South Africa women lost,Nigeria women lost and just now Senegal U-20 got stupidly knocked out.

    I’m really really sad!

  • Where is that idiot called @omo9ja that was spewing rubbish here the other time that coach Dennerby make changes to his goalkeeping department and as a result, was insulting Rohr for sticking to the same goalkeepers for years, I think u can see that your submission is always wide the mark and only God knows the kind of weed you always smoke before rushing to complete sports page to write rubbish

  • Afeez 2 years ago

    Certainly, there was nor….way Nigeria could have got back in the game. There were no defense splitting passes. The midfield did not support the attack and the defence has been the worst ever in this tournament. I laughed when the coach said his team would be difficult to score against. This is world cup and you have to learn how to better manage your expectations. Where is Omo 9ja who only believes in a coach that can sound his Amber’s on roof tops. Does the result now corroborate his mouthfulness. An empty vessel makes most sound. Eat an humble pie and support Gernot Rohr and his boys.

  • Afeez 2 years ago

    ambers, I meant.

  • Oshoala brilliant as I expected, the best of them all today.
    Oparanozie may have just lost her starting berth today.
    Midfield was weak but the greatest challenge today was lack of confidence.

    Do we still have a terrific coach? Definitely yes! He’s ONLY had one year, ONE year and few months to prepare . Playing against teams that took FOUR years or more to prepare.
    So in context, they were impressive today. Let’s be measured not to be overly emotional. A loss doesn’t mean the team wasn’t impressive.
    Pochetinno for example ddnt start his first season in Tottenham by winning something, but the club saw that he was gradually building something. That’s how football works anywhere.Has he really won anything till now? But during his time with Spurs,he has turned down Madrid and ManU.

    So the Falcons didn’t surprise me after today’s performance,how much time was the coach given to prepare?Ofcourse and it’s not like you have the players at his continuous disposal, they are all in clubs. He’s building something and I can see that.He has since spoken of making the team younger, but you can’t do that in one yr and few months.
    With what he has now, we can still qualify out of that group. We can dispatch S/korea,then go with confidence against France and try for a result. So very possible.
    Yet even if it doesn’t turn out that way, I’ll be okay if I see that there is a frame work the coach has erected.
    That’s how I view football.

    For example I won’t grant Rohr that concession in this years Nations cup bcos he’s had more time to prepare plus he knows the African terrain so well.In any case,getting out of the group stage, won’t be so much of a challenge for d Eagles.
    Go Falcons, nothing spoil.

    • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

      Omo9ja has finally resurfaced in the name of “Oge”.

      Bro there is no need hiding under a disguise.

      Your foreign coach has nothing to offer different from what our local coaches have been offering.

      In fact since his tenure, the falcons have been finding it difficult to score goals.

      His team selections ahead of tournament is very suspect.

      Is there any rationale behind dropping Courtney Dike and Umotong from this team bereft of dynamic midfield and attack?

      So one full year isn’t enough to scout for younger defenders to gradually replace these ageing and tired old legs that can only divert balls into their own net?

      My bro, leave sentiment alone and speak the truth.

      We are no longer a force to reckon with in African football at all levels.


      • “Omo9ja has finally resurfaced in the name of “Oge”.”
        You work with the CIA?

        “We are no longer a force to reckon with in African football at all levels.”
        Oh is that so?

        “The coach of South Africa is barely one year in the saddle but her team is far more technical than ours.”
        Oh,is that right?

        I don’t do sentiments sirs. I believe todays match clearly shows the meaning of my comment above.Please you can peruse again.
        You may also visit the live blog of our match Vs South Korea and digest my brief take on that.
        I am also talking to you @Steve.


    • Steve 2 years ago

      You are very sentimental, that coach has nothing to offer to Nigerians, he has failed .The coach of South Africa is barely one year in the saddle but her team is far more technical than ours.The Falcons played like a headless chicken yesterday , I don’t think we will get out of that group !!

  • Edoman. 2 years ago

    Let them come home after the two games remaining. Nigeria football is headed for the south. U17, U20 and this. Nothing to write home about. May be the NFF is not as solid administration we think they are.